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Congratulations !!!! You got the deal you were looking for. Now is the perfect time to mention to the dealer that you are looking to trade in that car you are currently driving. This way they cannot jack up the new car costs and offer you more for your car to make it seem like a better deal. If your trade-in is in good shape you should be looking for a price somewhere between retail and wholesale. If your car is spotless make sure the dealer knows he will not have to recondition it. Most research sites list trade-in value in the pricing reports, this is a good starting point. If your trade-in is less than perfect don't expect more than wholesale price. The dealers will take clunkers but they end up on the auction block the next week.

Once all the numbers are crunched and the papers are filled out double check everything before you sign. Also look out for extras, which you do not need. Rust proofing is rarely needed as most manufacturers already offer a rust warranty. Also window etching, extended warranties and accent packages are highly overpriced and sometimes useless.

Now would also be a good time to inspect the vehicle one last time. Check for paint blemishes, how much gas is in the car (some dealers will actually empty the tank leaving you just enough gas to get to the closest station) and that it is the exact model you test drove.

Now sign the papers and drive home in your new car. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done.

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C_me_dance 15.11.2008. 07:12

How to attract new customers and close deals? I'm having trouble closing deals and attracting new customers for a wireless network Verizon. I work out of the kiosk so its different than a store. I like to learn and see how to close deals and also do something to bring foot traffic to the kiosk. Please I need some opinions. I am also new at this.


Admin 15.11.2008. 07:12

At first you deal clearly and quality product without cheat. Then provide anything to your customer with punctuality means the delivery time will not be late and do any event about your product and Concern name and advetise on Net and Papaer then you will be success, Thanks From Dulan, Bilaspur (C.G) India, Mob.: 09826103240


Andrew 30.04.2012. 17:06

need advice on how to gain customers and close deals? I work for a paper records retention and destruction company. I've been gaining company awareness through various organizations but I'm having trouble closing deals with people. The initial meeting is usually good but for some reason I just can't get people to sign the dotted line. Could it be the industry (paper storage is kind of dying) or is it just that I'm not trying hard enough?


Admin 30.04.2012. 17:06

I am sure you are trying hard enough to get a call from the customer but its just that you haven't been able to close. Well i would recommend the following simple steps:

1) Preparing for the call: Make sure you understand the needs of the person you are addressing. Also make sure you are walking up to the correct person. One of the biggest issues that we face is that we don't address the right person who has decision making.

2) Summarize the situation i.e. Why you are here, what the macro picture is.

3) State the big idea: Your product/ service vs. others

4) Reinforce the benefits for the client. What is in it for them? Make sure you are addressing the individual's Key Performance Indicators as well e.g. if they are part of procurement & have a cost saving target to meet then you deliver that or if they have a quality target then you meet that.

5) Explain how the agreement could shape up

6) Close the call by putting the offer to sign today. With corporation with multiple level of hierarchy it would be a a bad idea to put an incentive for closing the deal today because no matter how big the incentive you cant close the call without going through the process.

Best of luck hopefully you are able to close more deals.

Salesperson 10 years & counting :)


amyann16 14.09.2006. 21:00

What benefits would a mortgage company have to delay the closing of a home sale? We have been trying to purchase a home for the last 5 months. We are being told by the seller's realtor that the seller's mortgage company is not responding to their repeated attempts to finish the closing deal. The seller's realtor is faxing the paperwork 2 times a day, calling and getting the run around, etc and getting nowhere with the company. Two weeks ago the mortgage company did respond and said they were missing a form from the realty company, which has now been completed and still no response. Are there possible reasons why this mortgage company is not responding? What do they have to gain by not following through with the sale?
In response to the posting that said I was being misleading. Yes, this house buying process has had many roadbumps--too many to include in this 1 post w/the amount of space I am allowed. Many of the issues I had previously posted had been resolved (or so I was informed); The Lis Pendens (we were informed by the seller's realtor that it had been negotiated off); the sellers did owe $ over what they accepted on our house offer (we were told that they negotiated w/ their mortgage), possible foreclosure in progress (we were assured by the realty company that they had not received any notice that a foreclosure was in sight). That being said, these last few weeks what we have been told was that it was the lack of communication back from the mortgage co. that was creating the roadblock, not any previous issues. When I posted this question, I was merely trying to ascertain if there was a reason a mortgage co. would delay the closing (possible shady company?); Thanks to those who answered.


Admin 14.09.2006. 21:00

You are being lied to for some reason or another. If you have a signed purchase and sale agreement with yours, the seller's and your respective representatives. Then there is nothing the seller's mortgage company can do to stop the transaction. In fact they have nothing to do with it. Once your lender has completed the loan packet and the appraisal, the approval, title searches and inspections are done. Then it's just a matter of drawing doc's. That is when the escrow company will get a hold of the current lien holder on the house and get the appropriate payoff's.

So agree with what the other person said, that perhaps they are trying to hold out for another offer. However if you have a finalized purchase and sales agreement then they are putting themselves at risk for a law suit particularly if you gave them Ernest money with the P&S. It also sounds to me like you are not working with a Realtor who acts as your buying agent which is a huge mistake. Never ever under any circumstances deal with a selling agent without obtaining the services of a realtor to act as your buyers agent.


Andy 08.05.2011. 04:45

What issues does the book "Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close" deal with? I have to write a paper on an issue that extremely loud and incredibly close deals with. I'm having a hard time coming up with any. Does anyone have any good ideas?


Admin 08.05.2011. 04:45

It touches on 9/11 tons. The effects of 9/11 on a child especially - and how the loss of a parent affects a child. Oskar tries to "fill the gap" of losing his father by going around and searching for the meaning of the key in the vase. He keeps himself preoccupied with the mystery of the key in order to continue to remember his father.

So, some issues the novel deals with are:
- the effects of 9/11 (on a family and on a child)
- the effects of losing a parent (on a child)
- how a child would cope with these problems


just me 34 23.06.2009. 13:35

Can I close the deal on a new car before entering the dealership? I want to call several dealerships to get the best price on a new car. Can I close the deal on a new car before entering the dealership? I want to do this so they won't increase the price after I drive hundreds of miles to meet them.

just me 34

Admin 23.06.2009. 13:35

Stop calling.

Your best shopping tool is right in front of you. Contact the internet sales department for the various dealers you are interested in. Typicaly, the internet sales department has the ability to cut to the best possible deal with minimal hassle. They know that internet shoppers can compare literally hundreds of dealerships at once, from home.

Once you have made a deal with the internet department, have them fax or email you a buyers agreement with all the numbers on it. Take that agreement with you when you go to see the car and sign paperwork. Should be relatively painless.


Foxfang4 16.11.2011. 05:21

How long should you talk to a woman before closing the deal? I always seem to talk and talk and talk to them at pubs for 1-2 hours. It goes nowhere. I never know if they're really interested (they kind of seem bored after awhile). Do women generally wait for the guy to close the deal and ask them out for a coffee later or something?


Admin 16.11.2011. 05:21

If she likes you, yeah, close the deal then. She's out, drunk and looking for companionship. If you were smooth, she should invite you back to her place.


Michael 09.11.2011. 16:10

Anyone know who was the best closing Realtor In Richmond Va and how to contact them? Looking for a real estate broker or agent who is also and investor and active in closing deals they purchased for their own portfolio. The real estate professional I am looking for knows how to run close listing reports to find top agents for pacific zip codes and how to run cash buyer reports in the MLS. Broker must have experience working with other investors and able to think outside the box, not it can't be done, but how can we get it done attitude.


Admin 09.11.2011. 16:10

I have no idea what Dave is talking about. Lawyers can't do a single thing on your list.

The real estate board has this data and will give it to you freely. Here is their website:


Mark 04.07.2013. 16:43

How likely is it for a seasoned salesman but new realtor to close one deal per month with Re/Max? I've been recruiting for the National Guard for 7 years. It's second nature for me to convert leads to applicant to enlisted soldiers. I feel I could easily uncover the needs of buyers and sellers and present them with value and convert them the same as I convert leads I work for the National Guard. I'm very confident in my abilities.

I'm considering joining a Re/Max broker. He knows that I work full-time for the military. This Re/Max broker seems like a great mentor, like he would really do hos best to help me make money on a part time basis by working with the limited time I have to offer myself to him. His desk fees are $340 a month. This covers the training, desk, E&O, advertising...

I would like to know, how likely is it for me to close 1 house per month to cover the cost outlay. I don't want to spend $340 a month for months without making any deals. Is it hard to close one deal a month? Keep in mind, I'm new at RE but I'm a great salesman.
The split is 70/30 with a cap at $21,000, after that it's 100% or 95%


Admin 04.07.2013. 16:43

It is hard to work part time since most the work takes place m-f 9-5. Selling to a buyer is the easy part, the main part is closing the deal, dealing with lenders, inspectors, appraisers, etc.

The average sales is .5 a year. Most agents are not selling more then 2-3 a year, none the first year or two. It is really unlikely that you would manage to close 12 properties a year for a few years.


Lord Donald Farnsworth 25.06.2012. 17:27

An old lady at work keeps giving me the eye. How do I close the deal? She looks to be about 50-something but she has a fit body. I always catch her looking at me. Tips on closing the deal....
I don't want anything serious. I just want to see how an older one feels.

Lord Donald Farnsworth

Admin 25.06.2012. 17:27

try and get some alcohol in the mix...its pretty much the only way.


M G 26.01.2008. 18:17

How can I be open with my business partner related to spending concern I have? He spends without asking me sometimes. He does not open up completely about business deals sometimes he does. This keeps me away sometimes from involvement because I feel I may not be wanted in closing deal.


Admin 26.01.2008. 18:17

Sit down and speak frankly but not in an aggressive manner, and do not whine. Schedule a time to meet and talk about then when there will be no distractions, and it's not when you're upset. (Works great for marital issues as well.)


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