Global Positioning System

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Global Positioning System (GPS)

Innovative and affordable vehicle tracking solution. A GPS system is an excellent way for you to manage and monitor your cars, trucks or vehicles efficiently. GPS tracking will allow you to monitor your employees and vehicles with complete confidence. Know where they go! GPS tracking system gives you the facts you need when you need it.

GPS vehicle tracking systems provides you with high technology and affordable vehicle tracking solutions. GPS tracking technology is the standard in fleet management. It's an excellent way for fleet owners and managers to monitor cars, trucks or vehicles precisly. With tracking systems in your company you will find a better way to conduct fleet management and track your vehicles. Whether you have one truck or one thousand, the global positioning system gives you the exact information your looking for.

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Daisy 12.08.2011. 00:20

What two coordinates is the Global Positioning system based on? What two coordinates is the Global Positioning System(GPS) based on?


Admin 12.08.2011. 00:20



Milo B 28.05.2008. 00:02

GPS: Global Positioning System. If I buy a GPS system do I also have to pay a fee to find addresses? GPS: Global Positioning System. If I buy a GPS system do I also have to pay a fee to find addresses?

There are already so many monthly bills to pay I'd hate to add yet another monthly or yearly fee to my already expanding budget.

Milo B

Admin 28.05.2008. 00:02

No fee, but you may have to buy map updates every couple of years.


jeffery z 27.09.2007. 03:44

How global positioning system operates to locate your position within a few meters? how global positioning system operates to locate your position within a few meters??????

jeffery z

Admin 27.09.2007. 03:44

google "navstar gps" and you will get tons of hits on how the system works. In a nutshell, it times how long it takes for radio pulses from the satellites to reach your receiver. From that it calculates distances to the satellites. Once it knows where it is in relation to several satellites, it knows where it is on the globe, since it knows where each satellite is. Sort of anyway.


c4444 01.05.2012. 08:19

Is the global positioning satellite the same as the global positioning system? im doing a report on this and i accidently did my report on the global positioning system rather than on the global positioning satellite. and now i have to start it over again i was just wondering if they were the same so i dnt hav to start the report again.


Admin 01.05.2012. 08:19

The Global positioning SYSTEM consists of 3 parts.

1) the groundbased part that sends information about the current time a\nd the accurate position and orbit of the satellite TO the satellite by radio

2) the satellites themselves which continuously broadcast their own position, the accurate time and a dopplar tone

3) the receiver / computor, that is the little box in your pocket or on the dash of your car or inside a ship, an aircraft or cruise missile that receives the broadcast and computes your position.

Hope this helps, Alan


AmazingMan 25.02.2010. 19:52

Why was the Global Positioning System invented? Just for my physics assignment, i need to know why the Global Positioning System was invented?

Thank you.


Admin 25.02.2010. 19:52

The United States Department of Defense developed the system to aid in navigation of airplanes, ships and ground forces. The system is also used for pinpoint accurate weapon systems. Ultimately, the GPS system was designed as a tool for the U.S. Military.


AmazingMan 25.02.2010. 19:51

Why was the Global Positioning System invented? Just for my physics assignment, i need to know why the Global Positioning System was invented?

Thank you.


Admin 25.02.2010. 19:51

To provide an easy and precise way of finding positions? :)

Just look at the ways used to determine a geographic position before satellite navigation and you'll realize why it was a revolution. (Hint: they were slow and complex.)


manisha15 06.12.2008. 05:19

Our institution wants to purchase Global positioning system. From where I can purchase it? For VVIP movement knowledge of longitude and latitude is essential for Helipad. So our institution wants to purchase Global Positioning System. From where I can purchase it.


Admin 06.12.2008. 05:19



onetwobam 15.04.2010. 02:59

How exactly does a GPS monitor the volcano to see if it is deflating or inflating? GPS Global Positioning system

please explain in a detailed but simple term
because i can't find a site which is easy for me to understand..


Admin 15.04.2010. 02:59

So, I'm assuming you don't know how a GPS works (which you might, but bear with me, this makes it easier to explain). A GPS can tell you where, at any given time, you are on the earth and what your altitude (how far about the ocean) is.

Imagine a volcano --any volcano. Now, around the caldera, or top, put a bunch of random dots netted around it. Those dots are all GPSs. Each of those dots is saying exactly where that particular GPS is located and how high it is. And all of them are doing that constantly, or can be accessed at any time to find out that information.

Say you look at the data today, and then you look at it again tomorrow and most of the GPS's are reporting that they are a few meters higher in altitude that they had been (this is extreme, normally it would be mm's to cm's). This would mean that the volcano is inflating.

Conversely, if they all suddenly were to say that they were a few meters closer to sea level, then it would be deflating.

I hope this made some sense.


Theorymaster 10.11.2007. 00:15

How to convert a mobile phone to GPS device? I want to track my location using Global Positioning System, through my cell phone. Are there softwares available to enable such a feature. Lastly, how do these softwares detect my position.


Admin 10.11.2007. 00:15

I know some people who have used this and liked it:

I guess they locate you by your position relative to cell towers.


Mark 20.09.2006. 05:07

Have you ever heard of the Solar Positioning System? My idea is to develop a positioning system giving the location of any object within the solar system as does the global positioning system (GPS). Once this positioning system is place, travel to and from the other planets will be easily charted, even if it is not yet easily accomplished. And, let's go to Saturn, guys--what's so interesting about Mars anyway?


Admin 20.09.2006. 05:07

You can only accomplish making a "SPS" by putting a couple of satellites out side the solar system, and that takes 25 years. And even with extra satellites there would be a time delay of the signal for a few days, so you could hit an asteroid and it would say that everything's clear. Also the resolution would be crappy as. Oh, and mars is closer and can be terraformed completely in a century.


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