The Importance of a Healthy Car Exhaust System

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The Importance of a Healthy Car Exhaust System

By: Terry Brown

Many people tend to disregard the exhaust system of an automobile. They may think that the exhaust system does nothing more than to discharge the waste products of the combustion process. Although this is exactly what the exhaust system does, the way these waste product is discharged out of the engine is essential to the performance of the engine. A gasoline engine involves three processes: combustion, mechanical drive and exhaust. If one of these processes is impeded, the condition of the engine will depreciate.

The exhaust system has three major functions, the first of which is to channel out the waste products of combustion out of the engine to allow it to continue to burn fuel unhindered thereby ensuring that the engine runs smoothly. An efficient exhaust system allows the waste gas and compound to escape quickly out of the system. If these waste products do not escape from the engine immediately, they may choke up the engine thus causing it to break down.

Another function of the exhaust system is to reduce the noise generated by the engine. Noise is one of the "wastes" produced by the engine. The exhaust gases leave the engine at extremely high pressure. If these gases escaped directly out of the engine, the noise generated would be tremendous. Thus, to minimize this noise, the exhaust system lets the exhaust gases pass through metal plates and tubes called the muffler. As the gas passes through the muffler, the noise is reduced.

The third function of the exhaust system is to clean up the emissions that are harmful to the environment. When the engine burns fuel, it produces gases that pollute the air such as hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides. The exhaust system, through the Catalytic Converter, cleans up the exhaust gases by breaking down the harmful gas compounds. Chemicals in the catalytic converter act as catalysts, changing the highly hazardous gas compounds to less harmful ones.

Because air pollution is a major environmental problem that affects us all, catalytic converters are a necessity. In fact, it is illegal in most states not to have a catalytic converter. Replacing defective catalytic converters is not only an ethical necessity but also a legal requirement. If ever your car needs a new catalytic converter, you should purchase a new one and have it replaced as soon as possible. A catalytic converter is essential for the better performance of any exhaust system.

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Terry Brown is a 32 year old from Houston Texas, and an enthusiast for anything auto related. He is currently employed as a market analyst by one of the top car parts company in the area. His automotive articles provide valuable source of information for auto enthusiasts like him as well as to those in need of automotive research.


Lf2iii 12.04.2007. 02:09

Another Ecology Question? What are the effects of Man on the ecosystem with emphasis on examples of international importance (tropical rain forests, oceans, important rivers)


Admin 12.04.2007. 02:09

Mans effects on the environment

Almost impossible

the Indians or local people would cut everything down and burn the forrest to replace it with harmfull short term farming killing the soil in no time

expanding populations and expanding farming ,that has to keep pace with the expanding populations are very strong forces that encroach upon the rainforest's
clearing them for farming and settlement areas .

that and the giant networks of roads that have exchanged forests for asphalt all over the planet

In Mexico is a famous jungle that the Media has been trying to save for years
the Naturists ,and the government ,keep watch .laws are made for protection the wild and to forbid logging.
TV put out a series of documentaries
there are campaigns in the News papers
and all of this has not made the slightest difference

Rainforest's always are in third world countries and always in third world countries corruption and the need for money s highest

the jungles gets smaller by the day
more and more farmers move in .and burn the trees
it is an impossible situation
as long as there is poverty and an increasing birth rate in these regions the destruction will continue

they are too easily tempted to sell of exotic animals to the unscroupelous people who buy them.for the markets that exists

Deforestation occurs in many countries in fact everywhere where there are or where forrests and wild life:
in Africa (because of poverty and war as well as greedy farming )
Borneo because of the expensive timber
india ,China ,Mexico ,South Americas Amazonia,
Europe because of civilization,USA,Japan because of overpopulation,

Madagascar a botanic paradise is now destroyed
the exotic animals sold or killed ,the forest slash and burned for agriculture ,the coastal water poluted by topsoils washed fronm the denuded moutains by the rains.

we must look for ways to improve economic situations on the edges of Nature .

the only way to preserve the forrest is to devellop eco tourism under strict control that has limited acces ,and use the local people in the concept as guides ,hotel staff and get them to start home industries of artifacts .

eco tourism is the only concept that profits by a healthy back ground with out harming it

now with the mass deforrestation(decrease in bio mass)coupled to the increase in carbon emissions,industrial chimneys,aerosol cans,motor cars,burning of plastics and tires to name but a few ,the carbon production by far exeeds what the bio-mass and the waters can handle,and so effect into global warming and the destruction of the ozone layers,


in Mexico( but similar happens in many countries )acidic coffee husks are dumped into the rivers that kill many fish,gravel beds that are breeding grounds for shrimp and fish are removed to be used for concrete.millions of women do their washing in the rivers with harmfull detergents ,
sewage systems all lead into the waterways ,
and agro chemicals get washed into the rivers by the rains because f the deforestation and the lands dry out making the top soil vulnareble to wind and water erosian

Mono cultures using vast quanties of the same specie exhaust the soil because the plants all require the same chemicals from the soil

and contaminate the soil because all have the same chemical output,

on top of that herbicdes and pesticides and fertilizers are used which kill the normal micro organisms that build soil under organic circumstances

the original ploughing does this as well by opening the top soil and letting the sun kill the micro organisms

desertification is also a result of bad agricultural methods and deforrestation
in the dessert the nights are freezing cold and during the days you burn up

the sahara is growing by 7 kilometres every day.

two major desserts in northern china are growing together making one giant dessert and,causing dust storms so making thousands of people refugeese

in the days of the dinosaurs this planet was under an aquiferus manta ,a mist that covered the entire earth ,and there were very few desserts .

Count how many there are today,and most of them are as a result of mans actions.

the sahara used to be forrests
arabia ,irak ,iran used to be fertile lands in biblical times
Ghengas Kahn burned all the forrests here and filled the well with water and so turning vast lands into dessert.
the Spanish Armada deforested Spain
.the Phoenician fleet deforested Lebanon


so to counter act these fatal processes we must reforrest and at the same time reduce our carbon emissions.
most governments are aware of these and many first world countries now include programs to reduce their carbon emissions.

the world bank pays large subsidies for farmers to plant trees especially a tree called Paulownia elongate carolinia,because it is one of the better ones that capture carbon.


Alyssa_Mulisha 20.03.2008. 20:48

Protein Diet? I'm 19, 5'7 and about 119lbs, I dont have alot of mucsle, I want to gain muscle and tone up..
What can I eat along with how much excersise?
Any advice will help, thanks!


Admin 20.03.2008. 20:48

Using a muscle develops that muscle. If you walk on generally flat ground certain muscles will develop in your feet, legs, hips and thighs. If you go up on your toe as you stride along, the muscles and ligaments learn to hold the joints apart, not letting them grind on each other and destroy the cartilage. People in sedentary lifestyles, desks at school, desk jobs, riding everywhere in their cars, sitting and watching tv, tend to let the knee joints crush together, destroying cartilage and bone.

The big muscles burn a lot of energy (calories), until they get in better shape and then they demand less energy. Hiking on hilly or uneven ground uses more muscles and uses them differently, so they develop, and develop differently. Older people, given uneven surfaces to walk over, improve their balance. Swimming uses more major muscle groups than any other exercise.

For your upper body, doing body exercises, pushups, chinups, and/or light weight training can be beneficial. Women don't get bulky muscles from weights and exercise, like men, unless they use steroids. But they can become very strong with natural exercise. The dance-move videos they sell seem to have very sound principles about them, as to muscle use for development.

You sound like you want health, not a physique to compete with bodybuilders. Just about any exercise you can incorporate into your lifestyle, and keep there, can be beneficial. It is a lifestyle change to become more active, more a user of the muscles than merely the owner of them. If you make them serve you they will be able to serve you better. You will never regret improving your health, but most of us regret not having done it, letting it get far out of control, and the problems we suffer with it as we age. Making moving and using your body a part of your lifestyle is a good move for you and those you can teach to do it too, children, friends, parents, family, co-workers, employees. We've developed a 21st century lifestyle that has lots of other things to do instead, and we suffer for it. You're on the right track.

On PBS I saw a show that said keeping your mind fit can be done best by moving the body, more than just doing mental exercises like crosswords, etc. Not that those aren't stimulating too, but the physical exercise of a long walk actually creates new cells, I think it said, new neurons and brain matter.

Observe babies and the exercises they do to build their muscles. They really find natural, feel-good exercises, rocking on their hands and knees for example. And the left-right motions of crawling are beneficial to reading skills development later. Aren't we interesting creatures? We are the spirits that live in our bodies, so caring for that place we live is of vital, strategic importance. Someday we'll leave the body behind, hopefully after a long healthy and joyous life. It's almost never too late to start improving your health.

Your cardio-vascular health (heart muscles/lung muscles, blood, blood vessels, kidneys that clean blood) will improve and serve the entirety of your body better, oxygenating and deacidifying your blood and thereby, your tissues. How many times a day do your kidneys clean your 4 quarts of blood? It depends on how much you use your body and pump it through them, doesn't it?

Oxygenating yourself is a way to avoid all the diseases that plaque humans breathing, drinking and eating in the industrialized world. Your lungs have a two-cell layer, one of blood vessel cells, and one of lung tissue cells, through which your blood drops off carbon dioxide waste, and picks up oxygen. Your whole respiratory system exists for that one purpose. If carbon monoxide is present, like that coming from a cigarette or car exhaust, you have one chance in 200 to get oxygen. Your blood has 200 times the affinity for carbon monoxide as it does for oxygen. Breath good air when you can. After a rain washes the dust out may be a good time. And drink good water if you can find it or make it.

Stay alkaline to stay healthy. Cancer grows in the absence of oxygen. A man named Warburg got a Nobel Prize proving it. You should be able to research and find that out. Calcium and magnesium (minerals) taken with vitamin D are very acid-neutralizing.

But plants can't make minerals. If they're not in the soil they won't be in the plant. Since we harvest them away from the soil, carrying off the leaves, fruits, vegetables, milk, they don't recycle back into the soil. After 100's of years of growing food on the same ground and carrying away the minerals, the ground is depleted. A 1936 Senate document said it was so in 1936. You'd have to eat 8 of 2008's oranges to get the same nutrition you'd get from one in 1963, someone said. Copper keeps tissues flexible and prevents brain aneurysms, and heart attacks of that nature, where a blood vessel 'balloons' out and fails to serve your needs. What food source can supply it? Cashews may, if there's copper where they grow. Who knows?

Calcium can prevent and, some say, cure cancer (Robert Barefoot). Where can you get it? You just about have to take them as supplements, vitamin and mineral tablets or capsules. Dr. Joel Wallach, the Mineral Doctor, says he met a guy who ran a portable toilet company. They hosed out the toilets after renting them and had to put a grate over the drain to catch rocks and stuff people threw or dropped in. He said he found vitamin tablets, and named the brands. "How do you know that's what they are?" Wallach asked. "You can still read the name," he explained. They had passed through people, giving up so little of their substance as to still be legible. He showed a small mountain of them to Wallach. Test yours in a glass of water to see if they dissolve. If you find some that do, take those.

Nutrition is strategic to muscle development. And so is rest. Your body and mind demand sleep to be healthy. People with good cardio-vascular health sleep better, deeper, longer, breathing easily through the night. Jumping jacks are a good indoor cardio-vascular exercise.

Keep studying the issue, reading articles, books, talking to people who seem to be healthy in the way you want to be. Beware the source. Some articles and tv news promote things that look like objective news reporting when they're actually paid advertisements to sell you something. Find your way. You'll know what's right and what's wrong. You'll feel it.

Right now your diet is the biggest threat. It's full of fiberless carbo-hydrates, volatile substances like white sugar, white flour, and the ubiquitous corn. ABC news had a story about some college students who documented how much corn is scattered through your food supply, some with names you'd never suspect. Apples may have a corn wax on them. Read your catsup/ketchup label. It's not tomatoes; it's corn. It's in chips, hotdogs, buns, ice cream, cole slaw, baked beans, everywhere; ubiquitous. High fructose corn syrup didn't exist until about the 1970's. When sugar prices when up in the 1980's they started using it instead. Soda pop consumption increased 300%! Cha-ching! $$$ Then, 1990 to 2000, diabetes increased 60%. Cause and effect?

Good luck. Enjoy yourself as you get healthy. You'll never regret the effort.


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