The Secret To A Good Tan Is In The Bulb

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The secrets out! Tanning bed bulbs in salon tanning beds, are a big part of the secret to that perfect tan. With the wide range of bulbs available for tanning beds you can have any depth of tan you desire. There are deep tanning lamps, bronzing bulbs, facial lamps, and plenty of other choices. These high tech lamps have utilized the best technology known to man, to safely tan you.

And best of all there is a bulb for every skin type. From fair to dark, the tanning industry has got you covered! You can have a soft tan, a golden tan, a bronze tan, or the deepest darkest tan you could ever imagine. As your tan progresses you can change to a lamp that will provide more amazing results. From beginner to pro there is a lamp for you.

A tanning bulb is like mother nature in a tube. In fact it's better! These bulbs are built with the highest standards, always keeping your safety in mind. The tanning industry and the FDA have set strict guidelines to keep you safe. So you can feel confident you'll not be risking your health to look good.

The UV Rays they emit are well within safe limits to ensure you stay healthy and tanned. And you've got plenty of choices ranging from UVB and UVA combos to straight UVA. You choose!

So cheat a little! It's allowed. Pick your bulb, pick your bed, and get your dream tan!

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fenixtxbabe182 28.03.2006. 04:12

What are the best tanning tips? I have a couple questions...first, which are better, tanning beds or boothes?(I use boothes right now and i can't tell if it isn't working cause the bulbs are old or b/c they just aren't as good) How can I get a quick tan but also one that lasts(not just with tanning sprays/lotions)? I can never seem to find a good lotion and I hate when they fade and I look even more pale than before. Plus a lot of times they fade blochy on me and I have to exfoliate and start my tan all over again.


Admin 28.03.2006. 04:12

Please know that tanning , IN MODERATION, is actually good for you. This is called light therapy or heliotherapy. The light helps your body produce Vitamin D among other things.

There should be a tanning schedule on the bed and also the salon where you go should have one that shows the correct amount of time you should stay in a bed/booth based on your skin type and tanning background. Please follow that schedule, burning only damages your skin and stops the tanning process. You should not attempt to tan after burning unless the burn has gone away completely. In my salon, we will not tan anyone who is burned.

As far as bed/booth... that is mostly preference... although for a more even tan alot of people like the booth, because you have more movement (I have a client who dances to the music in our booth)!

Unless you have a dark skn color already, you most likely (I am not saying this is impossible) tan quickly. For the healthiest tan, you should follow the tanning schedule. It might also be helpful to find out if the employees in the salon you go to are certified or if they are just high school kids looking for free tanning with their employment. Employees who are certified have been through tanning training and will be much more helpful in helping you obtain a beautiful, yet healthy. tan.

You probably should start with an accelerator lotion, Secret Rapture by Designer Skin is very good. Then you can work your way up to a bronzing lotion if you would like.

But the best way to keep a tan is to keep up with your appointments... once you have the tan you want a once a week session should help you keep it. Also, very important to keep you skin exfoliated and well moisturized at all times.

I hope this is helpful!


Astroid 21.04.2009. 01:35

How to become more prettier in 3 days?
see i have a lot of pimples
*my hair is curly and poofy and i am in middle school

*the thing is i am already losing weight


Admin 21.04.2009. 01:35

How to become more prettier in 3 days I can give you tips!
For soft touchable skin:
Egg Mask
Step 1: Crack the egg and use the white stuff
Step 2 : Apply it fully on the face, let it fully dry.
Step 3: Rinse it off with warm luke water
For soft lips:
Take a toothbrush and brush your lip in circle to take the flaky dry skin or whatever it is called
Change your hairstyle into something sexier example Curled hair with volume or sexy beachy waves

how to get curly hair :
1.Wash the hair with shampoo and conditioner that are specifically made to add volume.
2.Start with curlers if you have naturally straight or lightly wavy hair. A curling iron adds waves but will not make the hair curly. The curlers should be put into wet hair. Once the hair is set in curlers, spray the hair lightly with hairspray or spray gel. Don't spray enough to make the hair stiff, which can weigh it down, but just enough so that the curls will last.
3.Let the hair out of the curlers once it has dried. The curls will look a little unnatural at first, so they should be brushed slightly for a more natural look and more volume. Brush the curls upward to gain more volume. Brushing them downward will make the hair limper. Use a brush with widely set bristles or use a wide-tooth comb or pick.
4.Use a blow dryer on hair that is already curly to give it more volume. To do this, hold sections of the hair up and point the dryer upward. This will set the roots in a higher position, keeping the hair higher and making it look fuller.
5.Try a volumizing product. There are various gels and hair tonics on the market that are made to give hair more volume. Try putting one of them onto the hair while styling it for a volume boost.

more tips:
How to minimize your pores:
Start by reducing the amount of oil on your skin, which can clog up your pores and make them look bigger. Wash your face twice a day with an exfoliating cleanser that contains ingredients like salicylic acid to slough away the gunk in your pores. Follow that up with an oil-free, noncomedogenic moisturizer (use one with at least an SPF 15 during the day since sun damage can stretch out your pores). Once a week, use an at-home microdermabrasion or chemical peel kit to remove dead skin cells so your skin looks smoother and your pores are less noticeable.

Glowing skin secret:

Slathering on full-strength self-tanner may impart too much color and look obviously fake so early in the season.

Instead, mix a quarter-size worth of your self-tanner with the same amount of your regular daytime moisturizer. The lotion will dilute the self-tanner and give you just the right level of radiance. Repeat every few days to build up to the shade you desire.

Makeup Application:
To ensure your foundation and color choices are true to your skin tone, try installing full spectrum light bulbs in your bathroom or wherever you apply your makeup.

These light bulbs mimic natural daylight; allowing the true color of your cosmetics to come out instead of seeing the yellowish cast that incandescent bulbs can often give.

Get super soft skin:
Use a dry body brush on your skin every day to boost circulation, remove dead skin cells and create a healthy glow from your head to your toes

Create Instant shine:
Rinse your hair with cold water to make it extra shiny. The chilly temperature will close the hair cuticle so light bounces off strands, creating a gorgeously glossy effect.


Dee 24.06.2008. 03:54

Tanning Tips? I am quite pale, especially when it comes to my legs, and I don't seem to get any tanner. I have tried staying outside in the sun for five hours, and I barely got a tan.

Does anyone have any tips on how to get tanner faster?
Are there any products I could use?
Are tanning lotions/sprays streaky and make me look too 'orange' (I just want to look naturally bronze)?
Are there any safer ways / products to tan?

Reccomended brands or tips are appreciated! =)


Admin 24.06.2008. 03:54

Tanning salons usually will say that if you dont get much color out in the sun you wont get that much ina tanning bed as well. However, this is only half true. There are tanning lotions called "bronzers" that you can get at a salon. If you are trying o get a quick tan you can go to different dimensions of a bronzer (i.e. single bronzer, double bronzer, triple bronzer etc.). This is a very good way to get a fast tan. This tan is only temporary though and won't last nearly as long as a real tan will because you are adding artificial color to your skin. A lot of bronzing lotions designed specifically for tanning salons work well on your skin. The color should adapt to the color you normally would get all by yourself in the sun if you could get color easily. The more intense the bronze the more you have to watch streaking. This is rare but do make sure to rub in everywhere evenly. The more intense bronzers, I would like to add, you should wash your hands after your visit to the tanning salon. There are also lotions called "accelrators". These lotions do not add artificial color and are specifically formulated to your skin and will pull your TRUE NATURAL color out. These will take a bit longer to see results but I promise you that you really cant go wrong with any of these lotions. For both that I have mentioned good products to use are Swedish Beauty or Australian Gold products. When you visit the salon be sure to ask for their advice on which would work well for your skin type. Be sure to request low intensity bulbs as well since you are fair complected. This is bulbs that may not be as new. This will ensure you do not burn. Your skin is very sensitive and you don't want to irritate it. If you opt for a spray tan I would suggest any Mystic Tan retailer. These booths are AMAZING and be rest assured that your color will look natural. Level 1 would be best for you. Do not put lotion on prior to your visit to the booth and make sure you take in each step the staff member tells you. The procedure is very fast and simple but there are mistakes that one might make. I use the Mystic once a week and tan maybe once or twice every two weeks. I have olive undertones and take color very easily but I try my best to respect my skin and not age it too much. If a salon is not what you were thinking i would recommend any Neutrogena sunless tanners or even the Victoria Secret bronzing line (works wonders!!). Hope this helps!! Good luck!!


smile ? 06.04.2009. 17:40

click here(:tanning help please!? how can i apply tanning lotion so my wrists and arms arent tanner than my hands??
please answer!!

smile ?

Admin 06.04.2009. 17:40

If you are talking about self tanning lotion - I would assume it's because you are washing your hands more often than the rest of your body (which obviously is the case with everyone).

If you are talking about tanning bed lotion - It sounds like you are using a lotion with a lot of bronzers which both accelerates tanning AND acts as a self tanner. In which case it seems like either you are washing your hands after applying the lotion and before getting in the bed OR it's just another case of you washing your hands so often the self tanning part of the lotion is coming off just like a normal self tanner.

If you are a tanning bed tanner I recommend a lotion with no bronzers. This means you will never have any streaking and you should have a nice even tan brought on solely by the bulbs.

If you are a self-tanner I really can't recommend anything other than make sure when you are washing your hands pay attention to your palms much more than the backs of your hands. The parts more heavly washed or more active are going to be the first to fade.

I'm sorry I don't have a secret tip for you... the only way to ensure an even tan is to make sure every part sees the same amount of sun/tanning bed/tanning lotion :)


Kelly Time 23.03.2011. 06:57

couple questions about swimsuittss, tanning, & body in general . please help easy points . swear .? tanning indoors ; long should a first timer go if there skin doesnt burn too easily ?
2. do you have to go naked or what ? & do they clean it after naked people ?
3. do you have to wear the glasses ? & if you dont, & you open your eyes, what happens ?
4. will it cause damage to your ipod ?
5. any other tips in general so i dont look stupid going in ? never been in one .
6. also are you in a room by yourself or will people see you getting out ? im a bit self concious about my body lol .

body ;
(embarassing but seriously asking)
when swimming & stuff..
1. shaviing back & bottom ? now i have light hair on my back that isnt huge or noticeable unless your up close & loooking for it . i have like hair at the very bottom of my backk thats a bit darker then the other, still not really noticeable, but on pale skin is . so should i shave it or bad idea cuz it will grow back ugly ? & i have very light hair on my bottom too .
2. dooes anyone have reviewss on the victorias secret push up bikini ??

thanks you guys . im just trying to look good for summer you know (:

& i know tanning is bad, im not going to get addicted to it . i just want to do it now in the springg while the sun isnt so hot or whatever . then in the summer ill just do it naturally with sunblock . & about the shaving , i was just wondering cuz i didnt want someone to be up close & look at me like some hair monster . i have a mix of light & dark brown hair & you know how dark hair shows up -_- ,

anyways THANKS !

Kelly Time

Admin 23.03.2011. 06:57

First off, tanning.

1. If you're a first timer, it kind of depends on whether you tan well or not, and how pale you are. I'd recommend anywhere from 6-8 minutes. See how you feel afterwards.
2. You don't have to go naked. I'd recommend it though, that way you don't have tan lines. And yes, they wash the beds after each client.
3. You'd be a fool not to. And they aren't really glasses. It's a small sticker-kind of thing that you fold into a cone shape. And you just put it over each eye. You can see through them...they're just tinted. You're not going to go blind or anything if you open your eyes when you're in the bed, but just don't sit there and stare at the bulbs. Close your eyes.
4. Not sure...I wouldn't risk it honestly. It's only like 10 minutes...just chill in silence
5. Not really. Just don't freak out. Everything will be fine. Trust me, I freaked out hardcore my first (mainly cause I'm a guy, and felt extremely awkward going to a tanning bed. But I needed some color for prom)
6. Yes, you're in a room by yourself. Don't worry, no one's going to see you.

1. I personally wouldn't worry about it. My girlfriend has the same thing. You don't really notice it. You could try waxing it I guess? But if you shave it, it'll just grow back darker. So unless you want to remember to shave it every week or so, I'd leave it alone.
2. I bought my girlfriend one of those bikinis for her birthday. It's AMAZING. Haha, let's just say, the picture graces the homescreen of my phone ;) Definitely get one


working on the name 19.02.2009. 06:20

Please help? I feel like I have no parental figures in my life...? I'm a 14 yr old girl and oldest of four children. Ever since I was 10 I've felt like a mom to who should really be my siblings (they're 11, 9, and 4 and the 9 yr old's a girl). But my parents are always at work trying to pay off my medical bills. They don't even know half my problems though because they're never here! Even if they're here, they never listen because either they're exhausted or they don't care.

All of my friends tell me I shouldn't have to play this role because everyday I come home I catch my mom running out the door to her second job while I go start dinner and get the others off the bus, then get them into their baths, I have them straighten up the living room again, and then it's their homework and they're off to bed. Same routine everyday. But I can't sleep at night so that's when I do my own homework and stuff...

I can understand how they'd expect this from me since they're the ones that have to work, but it's like my mom (who's a substitute teacher at my high school) is constantly over my shoulder just waiting to find a mistake in every move I make! And she gets pretty aggressive about it too. I still have a scar on my head from one time in 4th grade because she threw a glass at me for getting a B+ on a test!! It's insane! I really just feel the urge to hit her back... and then I hate myself even more...

But I'm not good enough for the little ones and they deserve better. I can't just keep "playing house" and have them grow up to be ok!... It could be worse... but still. I want what's best for them. When I hopefully move out in less that four years, then the youngest one is going to be 8. The oldest will be 15.

... I don't know. They'll hardly listen to me now it seems. It feels like they really just don't care how much I'm trying to do my best for them it's like they just yell back and run to their rooms or throw something at me. They'll also yell "You're not our mom!" and just walk off and not help with anything around the house, and then my parents blame ME for it! Like it's my fault that my mom always wanted four kids without thinking of how she'd afford it?! But money's not even the problem! It's me!

I really feel like killing myself! Please help?!

I have so many secrets from my parents! They dont know that I'm a pagan (they're strong Christians), and that I've been thinking I'm in love for the last year, and that I had a promise ring with someone once and he died and they werent there for me, and that most of the time I feel like killing myself, and that I have email, and... well a lot of things!!!! I hate myself so much! I wish that someone would just kill me now! I'm so ungreatful, and I know that things could be worse, but I'm trying and everything I do that I feel proud of is just shunned and I can't do anything about it because everyone's better than me at everything, and I can't ever do anything right because my parents would never accept me if they knew who I was and the ONLY reason (they've told me before in these exact words) "The only reason why we haven't given you to one of your grandmothers' or your aunt's house is because no one would be here to watch the kids!" and how can I when they're constantly throwing away or insulting or punishing everything I do?!?!!

Please?! I need help or some advice or something please please please?!!?!?!

working on the name

Admin 19.02.2009. 06:20

You should really go to a teacher you trust and can talk to, or a guidance counselor. At my school, your guidance counselor listens to your problems and tries any way possible to try to help overcome any obstacles or issues. I would just talk to someone about it. It only gets worst if you keep your feelings bottled up. I don't understand why you are so negative about yourself, you are a great girl. Your hardworking and smart. It's not you that has issues, it's your parents who are obviously not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed if they can't recognize and appreciate all you do for them. If i was more like you, my parents would praise me and be bragging about how amazing i am to their friends and family. My parents would actually trade me for you probably. Your parents are dumb, no offense.


gabrielita_babyface 28.06.2009. 21:13

should I keep trying with this guy? So i have been talking to this guy since like feb. he is a secret to my parents cause they are very strict :/ he slept over a friends house w/ me when there were no parents and we had a lot of fun and we talked he would cuddle me and stuff (not sexual just some kissing) then i invited him over and we did pretty much the same thing, more kissing though. We always have to wait till im home alone and when i am he's always busy, he says he feels bad and misses me but he'll say he is gonna text me and wont.. and he never invites me place like for a date, but idk if he just doesn't think i would be able to cause of my parents..

he might just want me for sexual stuff since i know he's not a virgin and when we're together he says its hard to be a good boy lol but when i asked about that he said no, the next time we can just watch a movie or something.. soo maybe he's just not the brightest bulb in the tanning bed, cause he just doesn't get stuff...? im just not sure what he wants? im not a hook up kinda girl :/

(sorry its long)
oh and sex is not on my mind at all right now.. I wanna wait till marriage and i've told him thats not happening
oh and he's a good looking, well liked guy.. he could pretty much pick any girl, and he chooses to talk to me, who he can barely ever see.. that's what confuses me :/


Admin 28.06.2009. 21:13

Be careful! Take a step back. Kissing is sexual it alsways leads to sex if given time. The next step would be touching. The best way to go about this is being friends first. Never be alone with this guy never spend the night with him even with friends around. I wish some one had told me this when I was in your boat.

He does want to have sex with you that is what is on all boy's minds. Ecspecially since hes not a virgin.

Listen to your parents. They are so right. I remember hearing a group of guys talking about this pretty girl from highschool who was still a virgin and they all thought that was so cool. If you keep your virginity until that right person comes along, that makes you a very rare girl.

If this boy respects you he will still be hanging around even after he realizes you wont sleep with him. If he doesnt like it and he leaves, then you will know you did the right thing, because he would have left you after you had sex with him anyways.


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