10 Tips for Hiring Help for Small Business Owners

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10 Tips for Hiring Help for Small Business Owners

By: Peggie Arvidson-Dailey

As a successful small business owner,you're accustomed to long hours; non-existent holidays and weekends spent working.

When was the last time you went to your dentist? When was the last time you had an uninterrupted night out with your partner?

Whether your goal for 2005 is to find more time for family or personal enrichment --like attending classes and conferences -- you'll want to consider bringing on some help.

The following tips can help you get started whether you want to bring on a team of 10 or an occasional backup!

Don't expect to hire a replica of you! Each person you meet and interview will be a living, breathing human, with their own habits, mannerisms and even ideas! This is fine - -as long as their ideas and habits are not philosophically opposed to yours. My first hire, Jen, was pursuing a graduate degree, had just moved to the area and is nearly 20 years younger than I am! She's detail-oriented and relies on schedules to get things done. I'm a bit more 'seat of my pants' type of operator. She's a perfect fit because she complements my way of working! Over time she's grown into managing portions of my business that I neglected - like maintaining scheduling and billing.

Know exactly what you expect from your new hire. Before you advertise for help, sit down and write a job description. List your goals for the new hire - do you want someone who can fill in on short notice when you need to take a day off, or do you want someone who can work a regular schedule? Do you want someone who can meet with clients, set their own schedules and attend meetings and events on your behalf or do you simply need someone who can pick up your overflow? By spending time working through your thoughts on hired help you are setting yourself up for a great working relationship. If you can clearly articulate the job to all applicants, they will have the opportunity to determine if this is a mutually agreeable fit. Be sure to concentrate on specific job-related descriptions, and not subjective information.

Determine what type of manager you are! It's imperative that you're honest about your workstyle. After all, if you say you want an independent thinker, but really do a lot of 'checking-in' you may end up with an unhappy helper. On the other hand, if you hire someone who needs lots of feedback, you need to be sure that you are cut-out for the 'people part' of the management process.

Set aside time. If you expect to hire someone by the 15th of next month you may be setting yourself up for failure. Just as you can't expect to find a perfect replica of you - you can't always put a deadline on your hiring process. In other words, plan to advertise, interview and train until you find the RIGHT person. (SECRET TIP: If you find the right person - Hire them right away and then find work for them! Never pass up a great hire!)

Ask your insurance carrier about your responsibility for insuring your team members. Whether you hire Independent Consultant's or Employees is a topic for another article, however, you need to make certain that your company is covered.

Determine your time-off policy. Just like you, your team members will need time off - whether to recover from the flu or just to re- charge. How will you handle these absences?

Create a disciplinary and review process. Whether you need to tackle issues of poor performance, or chronic absenteeism -- have a policy in place before you bring on your first team member. Questions to address in this process include: How many emergency absences are acceptable in a given time period? How will you deal with customer complaints and concerns? How will you reward outstanding performance? What format will you use to communicate with your team?

Find a reputable company for conducting background checks. If your company's product or service requires your employees to access clients' homes, children or possessions do not overlook the importance of conducting a background check. You can search on the web, ask your insurance provider, or talk to your local police authorities for recommendations on companies to conduct this check for you. In each instance, you will need the applicant's signature and understanding that you will have a third party conduct a background check as a condition of employment.

Create a Fact Sheet for Applicants that you can provide along with an application to interested candidates. This sheet should cover your basic job description, expectations and hiring process.

Create your training program. Whether a detailed manual or one-on-one training for a specified period of time - make sure you have a written outline. Your training program should include all aspects of the job you expect your new hire to complete. Many misunderstandings and frustrations occur simply because a new hire didn't understand the expectations of the boss.

By following these tips, you are well on your way to a happy and productive working relationship with all your new help!

About The Author

Small Business Success Coach, Peggie Arvidson-Dailey, is the author of "How to be a Client Attraction Guru" and the creator of the Pet-Care Business Success System". To learn more about this step-by-step program for making your pet-care business stand out from the crowd, and to sign up for FREE how-to articles and FREE teleclasses, visit http://www.peggiespets.com



Sara 31.05.2012. 15:13

I just got hired as a server at a brand new pub/restaurant and I have never served before! Any tips? I have worked in the food service industry for seven years, five of which I was a supervisor at Paradise Bakery (similar to Panera if you don't know what that is) which is more of a cafeteria style dining environment. I do great with guests, however since this bar is brand new I was unable to follow an experienced server and our training was not very thorough. I'm feeling intimidated by the other servers who have experience and while mistakes are imminent I'd like to well!


Admin 31.05.2012. 15:13

Server Tips 1 - Be familiar with the menu. Although initial training involves general knowledge of the menu, it is not uncommon for a server to draw an occasional blank. Even as a new server to a restaurant, appear confident and sure about the quality of the food. If you are unsure of the dish, be honest and say you're new and suggest a popular dish or a personal favorite.

Server Tips 2 - Practice lots of manners when waiting on customers. Remember the old pleases such a "thank you", "ma'am", "sir", and so on. Repeat them often. They "will" make a good impression.

Server Tips 3 - Remove clutter from the table. Clear dishes that appear finished- but always ask first to be sure. If you are serving a smoking table, remember to change ashtrays frequently. When removing ashtrays, make sure you first cover it with a napkin to avoid ashes from getting on their food and other tables that you pass when discarding the butts.

Server Tips 4 - Frequent your tables. There is an appropriate medium for how often you tend to your tables' needs. Don't ignore your intuitions and never discriminate based on stereotypes. Some customers demand more attention than others. However, don't assume that every customer needs constant attention - this can become a nuisance. Feel out your customers on an individual basis and you'll acquire a knack for the perfect delivery.

Server Tips 5 - There is always that person that doesn't know what to order because it's their first time in the restaurant. Make sure you have the cook's specialty in mind or even a few of your own favorite dishes to suggest.

Server Tips 6 - Introduce yourself. Break the icy impersonal barrier by telling them your name. After all, customers often base their generosity on the level of service that they receive. Rather than simply being their server, you have the ability to form a relationship at a more personal level. Great servers are critical channels for acquiring repeat restaurant clientele and what is more comforting than being graced by a familiar face?

Server Tips 7 - Make sure drinks are always filled. Do not wait until they have to ask you. Depending on personal preference you can either refill drinks with a pitcher or bring their drink in a new cup. You'll figure out quickly what works for you. As long as you keep the customer's thirst quenched, you're in good shape!
Server Tips 8 - Always check ID's when serving alcohol. Do not assume anyone's age. If you fail to make sure that the consumer is over the age of 21 and alcohol is served to a minor, this may result in losing your job and/or serving jail time. It can also get the restaurant owners in a lot of trouble.

Server Tips 9 - If often your humble nature exudes a level of modesty, don't be afraid to break from those chains. As shallow as this may be, in a business where looks can score you more cash, stay in touch with your personal hygiene and overall appearance. Look in the mirror often. Pay attention to little things like remnants of your previous meal lodged in between your teeth!

Server Tips 10 - Keep your sense of humor. Participate in small talk with your customers. Keep them engaged. Listen to what they have to say. Politely remove yourself when need be - they will understand that you are busy. Even during a dinner rush, make sure that your customers are relatively entertained when you are in their presence. The little time that you spend with your table is very valuable, so use it wisely.

Server Tips 11 - When taking orders for large groups, it is helpful to assign everyone a number in order of where they are seated either in your head or written down. This will help you organize who gets what drink and what food as you can write down or remember what they ordered according to their number. You can even use this method for small groups as well if your memory isn't the best.

Server Tips 12 - Timing is everything when you're asking your guest "Are you enjoying your meal?" I can't tell you how many times I've been asked that question just after I've taken a bite of food! Take a second to make sure your guest can answer the question before you ask it!

Server Tips 13 - Be sure to check the general mood of your table. If your customers seem on edge or as if there is something wrong with their order, they may be too shy to tell you. Ask if there is anything you can do to be of further assistance. You want to make sure you can defuse any potentially bad situations as quickly as possible!


Jon Doe 14.07.2012. 15:09

Why do people keep taking unemployment checks when restaurants? Why do people keep taking unemployment checks when restaurants are always short staffed? Is it laziness and people are too prideful? I understand if you live in a small town or you

Jon Doe

Admin 14.07.2012. 15:09

Restaurants are short staffed because they don't want to pay for people who aren't going to be completely busy. And restaurant jobs aren't suitable for everyone. For instance, I'm a part owner in a restaurant, but I couldn't work in it. I can't stand on my feet for 8 or 10 hours. I can't afford to hire enough people for our busy hours, because the meal rush is about 1 1/2-2 hours long for lunch and dinner, and the servers would be mostly idle for the rest of their shifts. In my state, we pay servers $2.13 an hour, and they make their money with tips. If they don't get enough tips during the meal rush, then I have to make up that pay...and the restaurant doesn't make enough money. What happens is that the servers hustle their buns for those couple of hours, and then they do side work (rolling silverware, refilling salt and pepper shakers, etc.) along with taking the occasional customer during the slack hours.

Restaurants want people to work crazy hours. Now, this is OK if you are young and single, but if you are a parent and/or married, then you kind of want to see your kids and mate every once in a while. I'm known in the business for trying to work out good schedules, but a lot of time, I can't make everyone happy. So I try to make my best workers happy.

Try working in a restaurant sometime, and talking to the manager.


topgun484 29.06.2013. 20:55

I want to start a vending business? I would like to start a vending business but not sure how To start I just want to start small and build up as profits increase.. Any tips or advice on finding machines, repairing machines and setting up locations will be appriciated


Admin 29.06.2013. 20:55

You'll need a few thousand dollars for the machine and inventory. You'd need to have the machine owned by an LLC or a corporation so you're not personally liable if someone is injured, so that's a small expense. You'll need to buy a vending machine license every year or two from the county, the state, or both. You need to find a good location and you'd have to pay the owner a fee for the space or find a way to pay for the electricity used, or both. You have to service the machine and if it's in an unattended location you may have to be concerned with people breaking into it, or stealing the machine itself.

You have to figure what's the appropriate price, whether you can accept credit cards - there's a new money service called DWOLLA that allows you to collect payments by credit card with no fee for transactions of $10 or less and 25c for transactions over $10 so you might need an Internet connection - and you have to go out and service the machine, collecting cash and restocking merchandise. You have to make sure your price and the turnover can pay the cost of running the machines, plus pay the cost of the person collecting from the machines (unless you want to be doing this yourself forever eventually you want to get enough machines that they can support hiring someone to run your routes) plus return a profit too.


srini 26.04.2007. 10:54

how to do a market survey? in starting any bussiness


Admin 26.04.2007. 10:54

Why bother with market research? Anyone who's ever worked through a business plan knows the answer to this one. Trying to start a small business without researching your potential market is as sensible as setting out for the North pole with a surfboard.

But market research isn't just something you do when you're working on your business plan and then shelve. Market research needs to be an integral, ongoing part of your business' development.

It's crucial to analyze your market and target your clientele before you waste money on advertising that won't get you the results you want. Market research is also critical before you spend time and money developing a new product or service.

I'm always amazed at the number of business people who just seem to do whatever they feel like doing - without bothering to do any market research at all.

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For instance, several months ago, one local business that has specialized in underground sprinkling systems and hot tubs for years decided to start selling go carts. Now they have a fleet of go carts lined up outside their business with a huge "Must go; prices slashed" banner over them.

This is no surprise to anyone else. For one thing, go carts have nothing to do with their usual products, so why would their regular customers be interested in them? For another, even cursory research into the population demographics here would reveal that the majority of consumers in this retirement town are elderly, and therefore are probably not going to buy very many go carts.

My guess is that the business owner became personally enamored with go carts and decided to sell them because he liked them. I like lots of things, but that doesn't mean that investing my time and money to sell them to other people is a good idea. Investing time and money in market research instead can save you a lot of grief.

Conducting market research essentially means gathering the information you need to make decisions about your business. Market research is the systematic gathering, recording, and analyzing data relevant to selling the goods and/or services you produce.

There are a great many companies out there that will be glad to conduct paid market research for you. If, like many small business owners, hiring a company to do market research isn't in your budget, the rest of this article outlines how you can do your own market research, including tips for designing your own market research surveys and questionnaires.


J 23.01.2012. 21:20

How did you get a job with a criminal record? Array


Admin 23.01.2012. 21:20

However, jobs for felons usually are highly on demand thus extremely competitive. Therefore, if one wants to get one of these jobs, they should take some steps which will make them stand out from the crowd. For example, they should get tips on how to create a very good and neat resume, dress appropriately (two piece matching suit i.e. navy or grey and a white long sleeve shirt plus tie from the Salvation Army or Goodwill) for an interview as well as learn how to answer even the most difficult questions in an interview.

There are free classes at the Workforce Development Center in every state thru the Unemployment Office that assist you in obtaining work; resumes, cover letters, references, interviewing etc. I have worked at the Maryland and New York Workforce Center for five years. Please check your state labor or department of unemployment website to find out where the center is located in your state. Then visit the center to enroll in the above classes.

Small business owners typically give you a chance, non for profit organizations (google on the internet), temporary agencies.

#10 Job - UPS Delivery Driver
UPS has been known to hire felons. They have moderate salaries and is a stable job to have.
#9 Job - Join the army
The army accepts people with criminal backgrounds, depending on the crime. Contact a recruiter to see if you qualify to join.
7 Job - Start your own business
You can start your own business. One idea is to go to school to be a locksmith, and start your own company. Also consider getting a barber license.
#6 Job - Telephone Customer Service
Many companies are willing to hire felons for over the phone customer service, because you aren't dealing with the people in person.
#5 Job - Temp Agency
Temp agencies can occasionally find good work for you. Many times it will be day labor, so be in good physical shape.
Job - Truck driver
Many trucking companies are willing to hire felons. Most likely you will need to obtain a trucking license.
Job - Privately owned small businesses
Some chain businesses have rules against accepting felons. Small business owners are more likely to accept you. They will take more of a 'risk' in hiring employees, and you can be more personal with the business owner.


curlygirl 13.01.2013. 01:02

Best "Under the Table" business to open/work? i know the obvious, babysitting, running errands, teaching an instrument, teaching.... Any other ORIGINAL ideas


Admin 13.01.2013. 01:02

-You can teach i.e. basic computers, setup emails and Facebook accounts, Word or Excel etc.

-Find a distributor of DVD movies, get them for $1 a piece. Find a partner, setup shop at a local flea market and sell them at $5 a pop. .
-Learm how to play poker. Not just how to, how to run a game. Learn how to collect a rake from a pot. Learn how to deal cards. Find underground clubs around you and play a bit until you're trusted and offer up that you can deal for them if they need someone (maybe $200 a night in your pocket). If that fails, get your own club up and running. Dealers are free,

The latter two points are more in the high risk margin of ideas. Every risk has its pros and cons. Consider them before you put anything or everything on the line. For about twenty bucks you can buy paint rollers and brushes and borrow someones ladder if necessary. Put a free add on Craigslist for affordable painting, or deck staining,gutter cleaning, leaf raking, household chores, trash removal, pool cleaning,(you fill in the blank) in nearly any of these the homeowner will pay cash.
?Child Care Jobs
The best way to get your foot in the babysitting business is to care for children you know. You can then use these references when you branch out find new clients. Many parents feel uncomfortable with the idea of leaving infants or babies with inexperienced baby sitters, so you should not expect to care for little ones when you get your first job. Start with children ranging in age from 6 to 10, and, as you gain experience, you can care for younger children or children with special needs. People with baby sitting experience can also advance to nanny jobs or au pair positions. Most jobs pay cash immediately, though long term or regular positions may develop scheduled payments based on the situation.
?Delivery Driver Jobs
The quintessential all-or-almost-all cash jobs can be found in areas like pizza delivery and courier jobs. These jobs are usually predominantly tip-based, which while still counted as taxable income (just like all other forms of income), they tend to be primarily in cash. Drivers for these types of jobs can routinely make a few hundred dollars per week just in cash tips, and typically earn a small base hourly pay for their services as well.
?Lawn or Garden Care Jobs
Many people either do not have time or the ability to care for their lawns. A popular cash job is to mow lawns, trim trees, cart debris away or rake leaves. If you live in a snowy area during the winter, you can also earn cash by taking snow shoveling jobs. The best way to find these positions is to post an ad for your services at the local senior center or recreation area. You can also post your name and phone number on public bulletin board space at churches, public transportation centers or grocery stores. As you gain experience in lawn care, you may be able to find a position as a gardener or landscaper.
?House-sitting or Pet-Sitting Cash Jobs
Many people need occasional help with their pets or home while they travel for business or go on vacation. Holiday seasons and the summer months are booming times for this cash business. One of the best ways to find clients is to ask for referrals from clients you already have. If you baby sit or do yard work already, mention that you would be happy to house sit or care for animals when clients go out of town overnight. Also, pet walking is a popular cash job in some areas. Some people hire dog walkers to let their animals outside during the day while the owners work. Post your information at places like veterinary clinics, animal shelters or pet supply stores to find new clients.
?Cleaning Jobs
Some people do not have the time or energy to clean their own home. You can turn this need into a lucrative cash job. Again, post advertisements with your information at community centers to find clients. Some people who clean to earn cash charge by the hour, while others charge by the square footage of a home or number of rooms.
?Companion Jobs
As the population ages, more and more older people are living with their adult children. Others are living alone but need assistance. With the proper preparation, you can turn this into a cash job. Many people are looking for companions to their elderly parents. People who live with and care for their elderly parents or family members may need to hire a companion when they leave to shop or go to work. Other people may hire a companion to help elderly relatives with house hold tasks like opening a jar or medicine bottle. This cash job may involve light cleaning and cooking as you help elderly people with


princessebelle47 08.01.2013. 06:35

Should I email this prospective employeer once again? I emailed a new restaurant that I saw was coming near my home when they began construction to inquire about a job. They got back to me and said while they were still getting all the permits, they would keep me in mind, and that I should go ahead and send in my resume (which does include working in the industry in the past). Well the recently emailed me back asking if I was still interested, which I responded with a yes, very, and I'd love to set up an interview. However, she (this is a local business and the owner is a small time business owner) has not gotten back to me since but has updated her facebook page with information that she is hiring. Since she has updated it since she emailed me back should I take it as a sign she is no longer interested in interviewing me? Or maybe my e-mail just got lost in the cluster of emails? What should my next move be?


Admin 08.01.2013. 06:35

Do you struggle with self-confidence? I only ask because I have myself for a long time, but as soon as I addressed that issue, uncertainties like this one were immediately cleared up for me.

If you're confident that you'd be an excellent employee for this woman, then there should be no question in your mind that it's acceptable to keep politely contacting her regarding your interest. Keep in mind that an employer isn't doing you a favor by giving you a job--it's a two-way street. You have something of value to offer this owner, so don't act like you have to tip-toe around her in asking for a job (don't interpret that as permission to be cocky or rude). 9 times out of 10, confident persistence will pay off (whereas unconfident persistence gets annoying and whiny).

And if she continues to brush you off despite your best efforts, then that is not somewhere you should want to work. If you have self-worth, you wouldn't want to be at a place that doesn't want you.


SeeByHer 29.03.2009. 18:16

English essay Help in finding a good topic? I am asked to produce a personal essay on the topic to persuade and argument on the topic I am writing about, I want a good idea of topic I can argument and persuade on (gcse level for coursework)


Admin 29.03.2009. 18:16

Here are many topics you could use for persuasion/argumentation:
Examples of persuasive
topics on various society issues:

Gay marriage should be an issue for the states
Flag burning should be prohibited.
Military service should be based on conduct, not sexual orientation.
Education, housing, and hiring must be equal for all.
The Ten Commandments are inherent values in schools.
The Patriot Act violates civil liberties.
The 1st Amendment is not a shield for hate groups.
Support affirmative action in governmental organisations.
Limiting immigration is limiting opportunities.
The police always should investigate all complaints of wife assault.
The amount of spam you see in your mailbox is just the tip of the iceberg.
Ban same-sex marriages.
Academic dishonesty should always be santioned by termination of student status for a specified term.
Wildcat strikes should be legalized.
What you need to know to prevent serious complications with body piercings.
Only buy energy efficient household appliances.
Outsourcing is a good solution for small business owners.
Every citizen should commit to 2,000 hours of voluntary national service in lifetime.
You can also take the opposite views on any of these.

Here are some more:
. General education classes
2. United Nations
3. Coke vs. Pepsi
4. Eating fast-food
5. Voting
6. Organ donation
7. Blood donation
8. Stem-cell research
9. Educational costs
10. Lowering the drinking age
11. Immigration
12. Legalizing gambling
13. Legalizing marijuana
14. Legalizing prostitution
15. Smoking in public
16. Public displays of affection
17. Prayer in schools
18. Seat belt laws
19. Helmet laws
20. Boxers vs. briefs
21. Mandatory retirement ages
22. Social security
23. Speed limits
24. Bar closing hours
Hope these help.


Tracie W 02.02.2009. 20:57

Hi my question is does anyone know how a felon can find a job? Array

Tracie W

Admin 02.02.2009. 20:57

This website should be very helpful: http://www.larcc.org/pamphlets/benefits_work/criminal_record_pamphlet.htm
and I found this great article...GOOD LUCK
Getting a job with a felony on your record can be very difficult, as you probably already know. Jobs for felons are difficult to get, and most companies wont hire a felon. The ones that do generally don't pay very well. I have compiled a list of the top 10 jobs for felons. Helpful tip: if your felony is over 7 years old, most states dont allow background checks to go back that far. If your state has this law, you can answer 'no' on an application.

Top 10 List

#10 Job - UPS Delivery Driver

UPS has been known to hire felons. They have moderate salaries and is a stable job to have.

#9 Job - Join the army

The army accepts people with criminal backgrounds, depending on the crime. Contact a recruiter to see if you qualify to join.

#8 Job - Truck driver

Many trucking companies are willing to hire felons. Most likely you will need to obtain a trucking license.

#7 Job - Start your own business

You can start your own business. One idea is to go to school to be a locksmith, and start your own company. Also consider getting a barber license.

#6 Job - Telephone Customer Service

Many companies are willing to hire felons for over the phone customer service, because you aren't dealing with the people in person.

#5 Job - Temp Agency

Temp agencies can occasionally find good work for you. Many times it will be day labor, so be in good physical shape.

#4 Job - Family business

See if you can work in a family or friend's business. They will be happy to hire you if you are willing to work hard. They will probably be glad to help you get back on your feet.

#3 Job - Independent Contractor

Many people will still use your services as long as you get the job done. If you work hard, it doesn't matter that you have a felony on your record.

#2 Job - Privately owned small businesses

Some chain businesses have rules against accepting felons. Small business owners are more likely to accept you. They will take more of a 'risk' in hiring employees, and you can be more personal with the business owner.

---> #1 Recommended Job - Online GPT Services <---

This is the best job for a felon, because it requires no screenings whether it be background checks, drug tests, etc. Everyone is accepted, and you work on your own time and you can work as much or as little as you want. Online 'GPT' or "Get-Paid-To" services offer a great way to make a few hundred dollars a month without spending a lot of time working. There are many GPT services available, some better then others. My experience with GPT services has been a great one, and I recommend this as the best job in my list of Top 10 Jobs for Felons.


Evan D 15.11.2006. 21:20

Can a Minor Run a Business? I've been doing web design for a while now and would like to "go legit". I was curious if a minor can legally be the sole owner of a business? Help is greatly appreciated.

Evan D

Admin 15.11.2006. 21:20

YES YOU CAN! Thank God for commerce. You need to be incorporated. I know it sounds hard, however if you are to ever get sued, your personal belongings will not be taken away. You can not make legally binding contracts however you can hire a representative to handle any major documents. You will have to start taxing people for your services to pay the taxes you will get from the IRS, which MUST be filed quarterly. If you can get a small student credit card, this way you can build credit and write off any expenditures when using your credit card. The company will send you statements and you can highlight them. Get a CPA to help you with the basics of business tax, here is a nice tip donate 10% of your earning to Churches, non-profit organizations, etc. and you can also write that off. If you do not wish to pay taxes, you are going to be disappointed. If the government finds out that you have not paid, and they will, you will be fined and tried for all charges (I speak from experience, but I will not tell you which side). Any help you get from anyone else can be hired, and the employee can be your representative that you need. As long as you keep your records, you can have them file a W-2. I hope this helps. May God bless you on your venture. I pray that you will survive and develop a strong business structure for years to come.


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