A New Approach To Site Promotion

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A New Approach To Site Promotion

By: Andrew J. Morris

I have a bad habit of designing great websites, then letting them flounder for lack of promotion. It's not that I don't know how to promote a site, I just don't like doing it. I'd rather work on my next site than take the time to promote an existing one.

I don't think I'm alone in this. There are lots of sites that promise to do the promotion for you, so they must be targeting people like me. But most of those sites take a big fee to do one type of promotion, and we all know diversity is the key to reaching a wide audience.

But I also suspect there are folks out there just the opposite. People who love to promote, but hate the day to day grind of content creation. Obviously, a partnership is called for -- but matching up the builders with promoters seems a daunting task.

In any partnership there are issues of trust, compensation, accountability, and expectations. Working such a relationship over the Internet makes it even harder. I'll be first to admit there is no perfect solution, but I think I have found a very good approach, which overcomes most of the problems inherent in partner relationships.

I plan on using Google Adsense to reward my promoting-partner -- let's see how it works:

Google Adsense Program

Google lets webmasters earn money by placing ads on their websites. Google charges advertisers, matches ads to the content of the page the ad appears on, and pays the webmaster for each click the ad receives. Naturally, they charge advertisers more than they pay webmasters, so Google makes a profit, the webmaster earns money and the advertisers get targeted traffic - a win-win-win situation.

The Partner Agreement

So I have a new website that I think fills a niche and provides a service or product. I need someone to promote that site for me, because I'm just not good at doing things I don't enjoy.

I'm offering my new partner space on that website to place an Adsense ad -- with the partner's Adsense account number.

This solves several problems at once. It doesn't cost me anything out-of-pocket (Google pays them!) Compensation is directly tied to results -- more visitors to the site (the object of promotion) the more clicks they will get on the Adsense ads, the more the partner earns.

The partner is highly motivated to do a good job, the better they do the more they earn. I get traffic to my new site (of course it has to rely on something other than ads for revenue) at the cost of forgone advertising income.

The partner does not have to worry about not being paid, Google pays him, not me. I do have to worry about the partner not doing a fair share of work on promotion -- no promotion, no earnings, but no penalty either. So our agreement has to include an option for termination for non-performance.

But performance can be measured, and an acceptable level agreed upon from the start. Traffic is not a good measure since a click-bot could be set up to generate useless traffic. But sales, memberships, or other criteria may be appropriate, depending on the nature of the site.

I checked with Google and this does not conflict with their Adsense terms of use policy -- so long as ads from two different accounts do not appear on the same page (which leads to double-serving, and is against policy) I can even have my own Adsense ads elsewhere on the site.

So the agreement with the partner may specify his/her ads appear only on certain pages within the site. So long as the expected revenue is sufficient to compensate for the effort, everybody wins.

There are lots of variants on this idea that might be tried, depending on circumstances. Just be careful to abide by the Adsense terms of service agreement, be fair to all parties, and be creative.

(c) 2005 by Andrew J. Morris

About The Author

(c) 2005 by Andrew J. Morris

To see this process in action (and even apply yourself if you read this in April 2005) see: http://www.qanswered.com/partner.htm


Alfamale 05.08.2010. 16:03

How do I increase the profile of my website? I have just launched a website (www.cleopatraswardrobe.co.uk) and I now need to increase the page ranking and public profile.
I have been advised against using a link exchange.
Can someone advise me as to how I should approach other sites to ask for a link?


Admin 05.08.2010. 16:03


Take my answer as a courteous wake-up call?I'm here to help you ;-)

I've take a close look at your site...

Before talking of site promotion through link exchange, you need to ensure your site has strong foundations?to that respect, your site is weak?otherwise, the building will collapse one day or later.

In order to build long-lasting traffic from search engines, you need to do your homework, as follows:

?1. The minimum you can't ignore?

First, make sure search engines are fully aware of your site and pages by managing proactively the relationship with them (see my answer to "How to add your webpage to search engine?" in the source section below).

Second, you cannot improve something you don't monitor. So I strongly suggest you create a Google Analytics account (http://www.google.com/analytics/, it's free) and embed the tracking code in your pages to monitor vital signs of your site (e.g., number of visits, referring sites, keywords searched).

?2. Building good foundations for global search?

Implement search engine optimization (SEO) best practices to meet demand (visitors' searches) with an offer (unique content) (see the source section below for the link to the self-explanatory "Google's SEO Starter Guide"?a resource I strongly recommend to read). This mainly includes:
?Identifying relevant topics through analysis of searched keywords
?Leveraging the right keywords (e.g., title, description & keywords metatags; content)
?Writing content on identified relevant topics

IMPORTANT NOTE?I've take a closer look at your website to find out a significant margin for improvement (take a look yourself at how Google sees your pages at http://www.google.ca/search?sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=site:www.cleopatraswardrobe.co.uk. So help search engines see each page as unique from the page info (e.g., page name, page title, description, headers [h1, h2, etc.], and content) by fixing the following issues?among others?that search engines may have with your site?you will find information on what to do in the Google's SEO Starter Guide (see link in the source section below):

?all pages except the home page have the same title "Cleopatra", which is not only meaningless but harmful (this doesn't help search engines differentiate pages from each other).
?all pages except the home page have no description or keywords metatags populated
?the average number of words (i.e., page content) is around 200, which doesn't give much meat for search engines to qualify your pages for high rank in search engine results pages (SERP). You should target 500-800 words at least?because your pages are mainly a catalog of items, you could easily write item descriptions that could contain legitimately relevant keyords.

These are the major issues I've noticed at a glance?you will be in the right track by studying and implementing the Google's SEO Starter Guide as aforementioned.

?3. Ensuring local findability?

Create a profile for your business in search engines' local business directories (this one is also part of the "How to add your webpage to search engine?"). You should provide info for ALL the fields to have your profile flagged as complete, and most importantly a link to your website.

?4. Connecting with your audience directly where it is?

Leverage social media. Create an account in platforms like Facebook and Twitter, start a blog, and keep up the good work by making all of them grow. Search forums?the most overlooked social place?for post related to your business. Bookmark your site for specific topics/tags in sharing platforms like Digg and Delicious. You can also add the ShareThis widget to your site as a wrap of all the social features enumerated above.

?5. Taking your initiative to the next level?

Start a Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign?like Google AdWords or Yahoo Paid Search. It's really affordable for local businesses. Indeed, it may cost you?a strong suggestion from my own experience?a max daily budget of $5 to generate 5-10 clicks a day, which coupled with a coupon-based ad campaign?e.g., 15% off your next purchase of equipment?would allow you to measure accurately your campaign return on investment (ROI). And furthermore, you'll have fun. Because you're selling items, ROI will be easy to track and helpfull to tweak campaigns).

You're lucky: you have a nice catalog of items and it will take only some work to make it search engine friendly and start reaping benefit from it.



zorzo z 02.06.2007. 10:43

How can i convince my boss that i deserve a raise and promotion? Here's the deal: I work for a large company that has a bare-bones communications department -- my boss (senior manager), me (manager), and one communications specialist. Well, my boss has just been laid off, and that just leaves two people to handle all the work. The vice president (my new boss) wants me to take over my old boss's responsibilities, but I'm getting no incentive to do so. I want more money as well as a promotion to senior manager. Things are really tight at my company, and we're facing huge budget cuts. How can I convince the VP that I deserve more money and a promotion?

zorzo z

Admin 02.06.2007. 10:43

1. Make sure that you deserve it
2. Prepare your strategy
3. Know when to strike
4. Read your boss
5. Avoid stupid mistakes
6. Go in and ask for the raise

You also must consider what other options exist besides a one-time raise. This will help you when it comes to bargaining time. Compensation is not just limited to money perks can be great too. You might want to think about more vacation time, tuition, stock options, a one-time bonus, getting a company-paid cellular phone, a lap-top computer so you can work from wherever, child care, or more flexible work hours. Do not get so focused on the raise that you can't see other ways of being rewarded.

You also should know what your company's raise policy is. Are raises merit based? Are they a fixed cost-of-living raise that everyone gets? Is there a percentage range depending on performance? That way you can have a more productive discussion once the issue is on the table.

Once you know your worth, you are just beginning the fun of figuring out what to ask for. (And how to spend your raise once you've scored it!)

Again, common sense reigns. If your salary is in the middle of the range, you can aim for the higher paycheck. If you are already at the top of your scale, start thinking about what other responsibilities you could ask for to increase your earning power or whether it is time for a new position entirely. You should prepare several raise packages that would make you happy. Make "Plan A" the biggest raise you hope for and "Plan D" something you can live with that is better than the usual cost-of-living raise.

If the boss says the company does not have money in the budget at the present time, ask when you might see the raise you hoped for. Better yet, if you have saved your company major money or generated piles of cash through your superior salesmanship and management skills, devise a way to share in the profits you brought in. Sometimes bosses need to be shown that a raise can be paid for out of the revenue you have created.

If the boss disagrees about your worth, you may have to bring up your least desirable "Plan D" option as a last stand. Or you can ask for feedback on what you need to do to get the raise you want and get a schedule of goals in writing so you both can remember what you agreed on. If the boss offers a completely different compensation package than you had thought of -- and it might be a better one -- you should ask to sleep on it before agreeing. If it's unfamiliar to you, the plan may have a drawback you haven't noticed.

If the boss delivers an outright "NO, PLEBE!" for an answer, you don't have to take it lying down. Naturally this is not the answer you want to hear, but there are ways of dealing with it. Try your spectrum of compensation options, ask for feedback and finally convey your sense of dismay about the answer. You can always tell your boss you would like to take this discussion to the next level and target someone higher on the chain of command who might agree with you and overrule your immediate supervisor. But be prepared to raise some hackles if you take this approach, because it is essential you do it openly and not behind your boss' back. Your boss WILL eventually find out anyway.

But getting no for an answer may also be your wake-up call that there is no room for growth at that company and that it is time to move on.

One suggestion career counselors have is to role play these potential scenarios with a friend. Creating and practicing your script will prepare you well for the real thing.

All the 6 steps at the top are explained on a point by point basis to help you. The main link is:


Then click on the individual sentences and it will go in depth on that point.
Good Luck, it sounds like you really deserve a raise and I hope you get it!


Anthony Thompson 10.04.2009. 02:28

What are the best ways to draw traffic to your website and search engines submission? I need to know the best sites or ways to promote my website. Search engines submission is a great way, but i do not want to pay a lot of money for something that i can do in a few key strokes.

Anthony Thompson

Admin 10.04.2009. 02:28


Your question is excellent...

There's a variety of different approaches you can take to increase your website traffic.

You can write articles, advertise in ezines, use eBay, do some web 2 type of promotions, get blogging, etc. You could also...

- Contact high PR sites in your niche and ask for a link or offer content in return for a link.

- List your RSS feed in RSS directories.

- Comment on blogs with high PR.

One thing to consider is how much do you value your time? Because a lot of tools and techniques you could use cost something - but end up saving you a lot of time in the long run.

Here's an example: http://www.submitedge.com

These folks will allow you to submit your site to different directories in a few keystrokes, but they cost from $15 and up. However - think about the time you'll save...

Another method is called 3 way links. It's effective at getting your sites well ranked in the search engines, although it does tend to take some time to 'kick in' and costs under $50 a month.

It's not precisely for targeted traffic, but it still does a great job of getting your site well ranked. (Plus it's 'ongoing' link love - working while you go do other stuff).

When you think about how long it'd take to do this type of thing yourself, it's (almost) a no brainer. :)

Have a look at: http://increasewebtrafficeasy.com

Hope that helps... Let me know how you go. :)



Dee 10.10.2006. 09:43

What are the best ways to get a website to appear on the first page of a search? Does anyone have any good ideas as to how we can maximise the potential of our website? Is it based on how many visitors go to the site, or how we set up the website, or what? Is it to do with key words, and if so, how do we put those keywords into the system? Confused!!


Admin 10.10.2006. 09:43

Hope this helps you:

Google does not accept payment for inclusion in their main index ? so anyone that?s at the top is there through hard work and perseverance, or through paying a company such as [my company name removed so I don't flout advertising guidelines!] to do the hard work for you.

Below I show you 7 great ways to increase your chances of a Google ranking.

The Basics
Ensure that your website has a clear navigation system ? and by that I mean that the reader of your website can get to every main page of your website, from every other page. There?s nothing more annoying as a user of a website than finding yourself lost in the middle of a site with no way to find other information other than using the back button. A search engine spider (the program that the search engine uses to index your site) doesn?t have a back button so will just give up.

Check the links in your site ? broken links will also stop a spider in its tracks.

Try not to use text contained in graphics or images ? spiders can?t read these either.

Don?t use the front page of your website to automatically redirect the viewer to another page. The spider sees this as spam, and in Google this can get your site banned!

Content Is King
It?s said all the time, but it?s true. Think of the phrases you would like people to type into the search engines to find your site and include them in the copy of the site. At heart, a search engine is just a database and works quite logically ? make it easy for the spider to know what your site is about. (However, beware of repeating phrases too often on your page ? this is seen as spam and will be detrimental to your listing. Aim for no more than 3 times on a 100 word page)

Once you have a list of phrases you would like to use to promote your site, use them as titles on each page of your site. Inside Business Northampton might have pages titled in ways such as ?Business Promotion Northampton ? Inside Business? and ?Advertising Northants ? Inside Business?.

Choose two or more word phrases to increase your chances of good listings ? the less people you?re competing against, the more chance you have in a short amount of time.

The Links Effect
Google is quite unique in that it sees sites with lots of links back to them as quite important. The more links you have from well-trafficked sites, the higher ?PR? level it gives you. Although this isn?t the be all and end all of getting high listings, it is helpful.

If you?re a printing company, approach other related businesses (such as companies offering corporate gifts) with websites and ask them to link to you, making the text for your link one of your key phrases (e.g. printers in Northampton)

If you can get links to your site from sites that are already in Google listings, then you have more chance of being indexed quickly.

Submit your website to the Yahoo Directory and the Open Directory Project ? both of these sites directly filter their results into Google and increase your chances of getting into Google listings. For an article on submitting to the Open Directory Project, please click here.

Don?t forget to submit your site to Google directly! It?s amazing how many people forget this simple thing.

It?s true that Google is great at picking up sites without them being submitted, by following links from other sites, trawling the web, etc, but the sure fire way of making sure that they know about your site is by visiting the Add URL page on Google Itself.

Patience is a Virtue
Results don?t happen overnight. Google can take between 6 and 18 weeks to even LIST your site, and then longer to move it up the listings for the phrases you want.

It?s time consuming and can be hit and miss when you?re learning ? but ANYONE can learn to get a site to the top of Google ? don?t listen to those that tell you it?s impossible.


I'd also add to this - sign up for Google Sitemaps http://sitemaps.google.com - I must get around to writing more about it!


Aaron 15.11.2010. 05:51

Is it bad to have ads on your photography website? I am making a website but dont have the money to buy a domain name of to have an ad free site.

I am only a novice photographer,is that unproffessional to have an add on the site? I dont control it unless I upgrade and pay money,and I cant afford it.
I DIDN'T put up the ads,the people who own the site did


Admin 15.11.2010. 05:51

It depends largely on the purpose your photographs serve. Generally speaking, the ad banners attached to free webpages are distracting nuisances that work against you.

You seem concerned about looking unprofessional. That is understandable, especially when you are starting out (and I presume you intend to conduct a photography business, using the site to promote your work).

If you want a place on the Internet to simply "hang your work," I suggest temporarily using the site it sounds like you already have. A detriment to this is that many of those sites include a clause in their Terms of Service that specifies that they are able to use your images as they see fit. An alternative would be posting an online gallery at http://photo.net which gives you space for a limited number of images free; you can upgrade to an unlimited-image plan for a very affordable $25.00 per year. With the holidays approaching, you may ask for a year's membership as a gift from someone. Since much of my work (96-98%) is done with film and other non-digital media, and I don't rely heavily at all on web-based promotion, I have little need for a website. However, I did register my domain, and I have it pointed (redirected) at my photo.net portfolio, in case anyone wants to glance at samples of my work without requesting a mailer or full print portfolio.

If, however, you are looking to build a website that promotes your business (which would naturally require a domain name registration and ad-free hosting), Set aside part of your income until you have enough for the domain name and, say, 3 to 6 months of hosting. That way you will have some time to come up with the following months' hosting fees and have a "home" that is all your own. In the meantime, use offline methods of promotion, such as postcards (either sent to prospective clients or placed strategically around town, if you are dealing with the general public), CDs with your portfolio (or better, your website HTML code and images), and professionally printed business cards (even glossy 2-side full color cards are fairly inexpensive these days).

The short answer: it is bad to have ads on your photography website. Work toward the goal of eliminating hosting services which incorporate ads. People visit the site to see your work, not ads. Give them what they want. After all, that's the first rule of business...

I hope this helps! Good luck!


FrancisO 30.01.2013. 16:18

How to ask for a promotion at work? Ive been working as government contractor here for 4 years and recently got my bachelors Degree and have picked up my skills and tasks give to me by my team lead. Now how can I approach my project manager and ask for a raise/promotion?


Admin 30.01.2013. 16:18

Hi Francis, this site http://www.forbes.com/sites/dailymuse/2011/10/04/moving-on-up-how-to-ask-for-a-promotion/ has tips, good luck! :)


ineedsalmon 19.07.2007. 09:03

Where can I find investors for a business idea that I have? Hello,
I have a question about computer programming.
I am a college student and I have been developing an idea I?ve had about a business website. For several months now, I have pretty much completed the basic concept of the site and have been designing the web pages of my future website. The entire project is nearly completed in that stage at this point. My problem, now, is this: I don?t have much professional expertise about computer programming itself and I would need the participation of professional computer programmers to be able to eventually launch this site. But it?s not as if I have the financial luxury to be able to employ people right now. So what I?d like is to find an outlet through which I can safely introduce my idea to professional computer programmers/web business experts and gain partnership. Does anyone have any good ideas where I can gain access to such resources?
Thank you. All answers will be much appreciated.


Admin 19.07.2007. 09:03

You have to develop a financial model of your proposed business website.

The concept of the site, content, model of similar web businesses, targeted audience, promotion and financial projections.

Before going for professional expertise for programming you would need to work out pages in a word processor, print and reedit them and try to convert them in HTML pages. The basic HTML programming is easy and can be done with little practice and help from school computer teachers. You will be able to host it on free servers. To launch your site on the commercial server you may approach the people and showcase the conceptual web site.

There may be several more ideas to gain access to web resources. Cheers,


The Poet 03.06.2008. 20:44

How do I get corporate sponsorship? Me and a friend are planning on thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail next year (2,100+ miles). We're poor! We need all the gear necessary (tent, backpacks, boots, stove, etc), funds for planes to the trail and back home.... How on earth can we get sponsorship for such an adventure? Is it possible to get all the gear donated to us? We plan on blogging/vlogging the entire thing so maybe the companies would do it for the promotion?

The Poet

Admin 03.06.2008. 20:44

Your best chance is to make a list of potential sponsor sites (e.g. expedia or rough guides) that may be interested in sponsoring you.

then approach them with details of your planned trip and what you would agree to do by way of blogging/vlogging (e.g. how often and how you would make sure the posts are regular).

the more details you can provide the more likley your proposal is to be considered, but don't forget, if you don't ask, you can't get a yes...

hope this helps,
Matt Garrett


Amiga 19.01.2007. 15:09

How can I do for promotion my website, and raking it in the 1st places of google and others searchs?.? I need to get more customers for my little company, and I would like find ways for that my webpage will be have more visitors and will be more effective also.


Admin 19.01.2007. 15:09

Remember, it?s really worth spending time to improve the quality your website, rather than listen to some smart geeks and use unethical means to inflate the site?s short-term popularity. Anyone can do it, what makes us different is our commitment and right understanding of your business goals apart from Top SEO & PR Objectives. Successful SEO reqires a holistic approach with special focus on:

1. Your Keywords: Selecting your keywords, Prioritize your keywords

2. Domain name / Filename: Domain Registration, Keyword in domain name, Keyword in filename, Length of Website Address

3. Keyword Placement: Keyword in title tag, Keyword in Description Meta-tag, Keyword in Keyword Meta-tag, Keyword in Content H1, H2 and H3, Keyword Font Styles

4. Linking Strategy: Never use unethical means! 4.1 Internal Links: Keyword in links to internal site pages, Valid internal links, Efficient linking

4.2 External / Outgoing Links: Quality Links, Inspecting your Links, Title and Description, Limit number of links on a page

4.3 Incoming Links (backlinks): Quality of Referrer, Trend of link popularity, Anchor Text, Age of Link, Number of Outgoing Links on Referrer Page, Position of Link, Trusted Websites, JavaScript/Flash Links

5. On-Page Factors - Home Page: Over optimization penalty (OOP), Getting Reported, File Size, Freshness of Pages, Frequency of Updates Site Age, Dynamic Pages, Texts inside Images, Excess JavaScript, Inline Frames and Frames, Hidden links / texts, Cloaking, Duplicate content, Understandable Content

6. Off-Page Factors: Traffic Buying / Link Schemes, A minimum of one backlink, Buying Links, Server IP Address, Links from bad websites Server Reliability and Uptime

7. User Activity: Search Engine Traffic, Click through Rate (CTR), Time spent on page, Monitoring Bookmarks, Leaving the Website - also refer http://www.seotrends.in

8. Gathering Links, Collecting Links, Unique Content, Articles, Press Release, Forums / Guest books / Blogs, Sponsoring Directories, Link Exchange and much more.


jgr77546 06.03.2008. 17:41

Does anyone know from experience of any legit work-from-homedata entry job sites? Thanks? Was looking around for some work I could do from home and came across lots of Data-entry job sites. I hear most of them are scams so I was just wondering if any of you had prior experience with them and can tell me a little more about what I may be getting involved in.
Also if there are any sites that you know are legit please let me know.

Thanks in advance!


Admin 06.03.2008. 17:41

Here is an interesting article I wrote on PPC a while back:

It's kind of "data entry", but data entry is illegal, but Pay-Per-Click is not...


PPC Advertising for Maximum Web Promotion

Engaging in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has its own benefits and drawbacks. But what exactly is PPC advertising and what it can do to your business?

Business nowadays is doing different kinds of austerity measures when it comes to advertising their products and services. This is because of high rates of placing ads on print and on television. But there is a fast growing approach that businessmen can utilize to bring their services closer to the people and that is through Internet Marketing.

One tool that is causing internet marketing popularity is PPC advertising. This is a technique used in search engine marketing that requires one to pay a fee every time someone clicks an ad on your website. Usually this placement is done through a bidding process. If you are a top bidder for your keywords/phrases, you are sure to be on the number one spot on all search engines. Just be sure of the effectiveness of your ad copy to get the most number of clicks you need for your business.

Here are the benefits of PPC advertising are:

1.You need not be a genius in computer and technology to be able to run this ad campaign.
2.Immediate results are seen after a few days.
3.No need to make a website conform to the SEO rules.
4.Nothing to lose even if you do not top the pages of different search engines. You can still always choose PPC advertising.
5.You can make use any search engine available.
6.You can type in any keyword you like.

Cons of PPC advertising includes:

1.Fixed payments every month to the search engine you choose.
2.Pay for each click received by your website. At times, visitors are just competitors or people playing pranks on search engines. This hassle wastes money you put in to this advertising.
3.Inability to pay for the fees next month would mean removal of your website on the paid listings.
4.This advertising can only be used temporarily because it is difficult to handle in the long run.
5.Pay-per-click pricing can be costly for long periods of time, therefore, this should be stopped after an ad campaign.

But how exactly PPC advertising can increase traffic, leads and sales?

PRE-QUALIFIED TRAFFIC. All visitors of your website are already considered as a qualified consumer or buyer of your product. PPC advertising leads your customers to you for a lesser cost.

INSTANT EXPOSURE, IMMEDIATE PROFITS. PPC search engines enable you to get your desired results fast. They will have your website live within just a few hours which means immediate increase in sale.

CONSISTENT TOP LISTINGS. This is to get your website on top of the sponsored search results for free. You just have to choose the keywords related to your site and business and place them within your web pages. After this, you are done.

PPC advertising enables advertisers to control their advertising campaigns. Advertisers have effectively targeted their audience and set their own price per click. PPC advertising networks provide the platform to identify the desired audience by geographic setting, topic and industry. These networks have a list of websites of the publishers where the ads will be placed.

Tools are provided by the networks to check how the pay per click limit is working for a certain advertiser. If its still competitive, would it be even listed among the paid search lists or does it generate sales? Of course, if the advertiser made the highest bid, the better chances the ad will be seen in the search engine. These networks too provide protection for the advertisers against click fraud. This advertising set-up allows advertisers to set a daily budget for his ads, thus, less spending for unnecessary clicks. Advertiser will never go over his budget.

In PPC advertising, what are important are the keywords and phrases. You have to select at least ten "very specific" keywords that would give you the best traffic in the search. Then, write the ad creatively but straightforward. Tell the truth about your product or service and do not lie. Good thing if your product or service will not disappoint those that are relying on your ad's promise - but what if it did otherwise? Important too is the clarity of the ad. Do not use very vague languages. Include important details like the price.

You should also remember to budget your bids. Do not go overbidding because you will only lose your money and do not go so low that your ads will never get the chance to show up. Check your profit against your spending. If you see no progress then most likely you have to drop your ad campaign.

More and more advertisers have been using PPC advertising and it will continue to grow faster than any online advertising techniques. From revenues of $2.6 billion in 2004 to $5.5 billion in 2009, cost per click will dramatically go up as well from $0.29 to $0.36.

PPC advertising is new in online marketing and it is going to continue in the years to come. For advertisers, this means increase revenues with fewer advertising expenses, savings, more sales, good return of investment (ROI) and effective ad campaigns in the days to come.

End of article:

My thoughts to this is taht you may want to start a blog or do affiliate marketing like I am... I actually make over $1000/day from it. I run several sites that are 1-2 pages "big", oh, yeah, really big =).

They rank #1-#2-#3 in Google for keywords that make money.

It's possible for anyone to do,

check some of MY sites about affiliate marketing ebooks.


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