Are You a Marketing Octopus, or a Marketing Worm?

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Are You a Marketing Octopus, or a Marketing Worm?

By: André Bell

One of the greatest challenges to effectively marketing a business is determining which marketing method is best for your business.

Most people look at what their competitors are doing to market their businesses and then simply imitate that, whether good or bad.

The best marketing strategy does not involve selecting only one or two marketing approaches that we see others using. The best marketing approach resembles an octopus.

An octopus is very effective at catching food with eight limbs. If the octopus loses one limb it may momentarily lose some of its strength and agility, but it adapts and continues on as an effective hunter and predator.

It's the same with marketing your business. The more marketing approaches you use simultaneously the more successful you can become and the easier it is to continue growing your company.

You will continue to thrive despite the challenges facing others. No setback in any one marketing approach will ever devastate you or pose major problems.

Despite this, many companies use no more than two or three methods at most to bring in business.

Few realize that there are over 100 methods for bringing in new business, for increasing web traffic, for selling more to existing clients, and for increasing repeat sales that their competitors are not using.

They basically imitate worms in their marketing attempts. A worm's approach to life is singular. It does not use multiple limbs because it has none. Its existence is slow and labor-intensive. Very unlike an octopus.

The great thing about this is that most competitors are making this same mistake. They may be too busy, too shorthanded, or too myopic to do much more than hand out boxes of business cards and sit around talking 'fish stories' of the one that got away.

That is a marketing approach to avoid.

Instead use as many marketing methods as make sense for your industry, your market, and your company. Then you will become a marketing octopus while your competitors remain marketing worms.

Where can you find a listing of more than one or two marketing methods?

André Bell has authored the book, "101 Marketing Secrets Revealed". A free copy can be obtained from his website at

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André Bell is an author, speaker, consultant, and trainer. His site provides marketing tips, strategies, tools, to help small to medium sized companies bring in new clients, sell more to existing clients, and increase web traffic.


scarletfuschia 16.10.2007. 18:05

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Admin 16.10.2007. 18:05

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Mr. Atoz 01.09.2011. 01:54

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A gold rush in Hawaii.
President Obama has to be careful of parades.
President Obama?s children in danger.
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Syria at war with the United States, the new Iraq.
More UFO sightings.
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The world?s first brain transplant.
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Mr. Atoz

Admin 01.09.2011. 01:54

one thing about psychics, they have a one in two chance of being right , 50%. if they predict correctly they shout from the roof tops, if they are wrong they will generalise about what went wrong .
your list you have given has some that will be true , because of age, of people reading between the lines etc. take the dick chaney name , every one knows he has a heart problem ,and he is of an age when he can die at anytime . earthquakes are a common happening .
i'll give you one . there will be a new pope by 2021


laura 23.07.2011. 01:02

Can somebody link me to a video or website that deals only with animal cruelty regarding fish? I'm a pescatarian and i've been reading that vegetarians/vegans have a lot of grief towards pescatarians and i've never actually seen what cruelty the seafood world goes through. Sooo, I'd like to lol
ALSO: i don't include ocean mammals as seafood; and i live in new orleans so most of our fish is caught locally and cruelty-free.
well it isn't the fact that people love to shove their beliefs down your throat... for pretty much anything whether its not eating meat or their religious views or what have you; i just love animals and is pretty much why i don't eat land animals... and when i started the no "meat" diet, i was like ... wait... can i eat seafood? i get that its about your personal beliefs and your own morals. i'm just tired of people saying its hypocritical (which i do see how it is). and even though most of our seafood is locally caught there are still places down here which i eat at i.e. ihop, bk, McDonald's, chili's etc. i just wanted to see what the fish go through. i don't even eat all kinds of seafood and to be honest the only reason why i'd consider not eating fish is because of the health concerns since i do feel fatigue often, but that could be for a number of reasons. but thank you all for your opinions, videos and all. i'm aware of what goes on, but still not sure on if i want to change my mo


Admin 23.07.2011. 01:02

I used to work for Greenpeace on their bottom trawling division - and have two close friends who are the people on the boats, sailing in their tiny rubber dinghies in front of Japanese whaling ships, ready to get overswept by the flow of the tides. In that time , working for Greenpeace I went form total ignorance about the fishing industry, into a whole new world. Believe me, it is THE worst form of abuse, cruelty and total torutre for the animals.
Their beaks and tails are broken off, they are sliced in half by the nets, they are dragged along for 20 miles on the bottom of the floor of the ocean together with starfish, octopi, shellfish, squid, big rays, small rays, tiny fish, pregnant whales, small snappers, crabs, lobsters- it's a little like a truck load of concentration camp victims scraped up and dupmed into the nets, then dragged up and spilled onto deck. squirming and gasping, most of them broken in pieces and 70% of the sealife is totally wrong for that catch, so it's dumped back, broken, dying, unable to swim, and just floats around til it gets eaten, it can swim or feed that way.
SHark fin soup- shark meat used for sushi and other fish dishes, they hack off the tails, and fins of the huge animals and drop them back in the ocean, like a giant wrigging worm, it cant feed, or swim, and floats in agony til death.
These images make me so violently angry I want to kill the people doing it. Under the surface, you can't tell what's happening. Very convenient.

HEre is an absolutley disgusting look at what can happen to fish

A good 3 minute video from GReenpeace about tuna- greenpeace is a very good org to follow, nothing like militant peta, but fair and non violent.
and a longer 8 minute vdieo about how bottom trawling is ruining the planet's seas.

Furthermore, I really recomment watching "The Cove".
It won best documentary oscar this year- it features dolphin fishing, but in it, there are visits to many fish markets in Japan- reknown for it's fish and over popualtion of seafood, now the stocks ( the seas you dummies!) are drying up all over the place, and not any fish are coming in.

The Cove is an amazing film for what it tells you about fishing and if you consider a lot of tuna, cod and other deep water fish come from those waters and are imported- makes you think about how destructive industry fishing is.


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