Are You "Set Up" For Success

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Are You "Set Up" For Success

By: Craig Binkley

Believe it or not, 2004 is already here. Yeah, I know, where has the time gone? My mom always told me that as I got older, the years would start to fly by. Did anyone ever tell you that? Did you believe them? Well it is happening to me right now.

Before I get too deep into this article, just let me say that the intention of this article is NOT to make people angry or depressed. The real purpose for this article is to help the reader determine if he/she is doing a few key things for their business. Let's take a look at the three main things that I feel any business owner needs to have in place if they are serious about making their business a success.

Setting Goals: Sound familiar? Of course it does. Have you done this? If you ask a lot of people, the answer you get may vary from "I know what I want to accomplish" to "Do I really need to set goals? I'm here to say that if you have not set your goals for you business, then take a few moments and write them down. Yes, I said write them down.

Be sure to set your goals realistically. Goals should be reachable. If you set unrealistic goals, then don't meet them you are setting yourself up for failure. You need to set short and long term goals. If you don't meet your goals on schedule, do not feel defeated. Re-set your goal and strive harder to reach it.

Setting a Plan of Action: Okay, you have set your goals. Now what? How are you going to get there? This can be the real tricky part for some. You need a plan of action that is going to keep moving you closer to your goals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

If only there was a "master plan" we could all use. Since there is not, only you can know what needs to be done in your business. Look at your goals and determine what action you need to take. Set your plan of action according to the goals you are striving to reach.

Be specific! Being too vague in your plan of action can leave you sputtering along. It is very important that your plan be detailed. You need the "how" and "when" of your business plan.

Implementing your plan of action: Now that you have a written set of goals and a detailed plan of action, the last key element is implementing your plan. After all, what good are your goals and plan of action without acting on them?

For most, this is the hardest part. In my mind, it can be even more so in the home business sector. If you work for some one else, you probably have that constant "some one is watching over you to make sure you get all your tasks done on time.

In the home business field, it can be very easy to procrastinate. Yes, we have all done it. Some more than others though. This is where you divide the men from the boys. While many of the "boys" are preparing to find the perfect time to get ready to get started, the "men" are already in action.

We know that there is no "perfect" time to get started. If you are waiting for this, do yourself a favor and give up. It is never going to come. To be successful, you are just going to have to do it. And do it now!

In conclusion, let me say that although these three key elements are all very easily done, doing them does not guarantee success. There is another intangible, YOU! Add your own personality to your business and let it grow.

Here's to you and your success. Today, not tomorrow!

2004 Copyright Born-Again Bargains

About The Author

Craig Binkley - husband, father and home business owner assisting in the restoration of the "traditional" family through home business ownership.


Jake B 10.08.2009. 03:28

What part-time job makes the most with somewhat minimal requirements? I'm curious what job is the most paying that goes from around 7:30pm-10:30pm. I'm thinking software engineer from 8am-6:30pm and what job would be the most well-paid addition to that. I know it'd be hard with 2 jobs, but I'm set on success.

Remember: minimal requirements!


From Jake

Jake B

Admin 10.08.2009. 03:28

I myself had nice office day job and then in the evenings, for fun, I was asked to cocktail at a high-end Billard Parlor and made about $80-100 a night in tips ( this was back in '92). Minimal requirements, I didn't have to learn to mix any drinks, just serve them with a smile.


Diff 16.06.2007. 20:17

How should I set up a treasure hunt for a large group of young children in a library and parking lot? I'll be setting up a treasure hunt to start off a party at my local library. In past years, around 50 or more children have come to the party so I should expect the same number (maybe even more). The children range in age from 5 up to 10 (although I was planning that the really young children would get help from their parents). The hunt will be set up in the library parking lot (which is pretty big) and in the children's section of the library. The only problem is, I'm not really sure how to set it up! Should the children work in groups or should they work alone? Should they have to carry a sheet and maybe pick up a sticker at each clue to make sure they go to each clue? Should a library volunteer be at each clue to read the clue to the children or should the children read the clues themselves?

Any ideas or help would be amazing :)


Admin 16.06.2007. 20:17

I am a volunteer at a Children's Science Museum. (Great Explorations) We conducted a Treasure Hunt at the Museum as an orientation for volunteers. It was really fun. Your ideas are great. Since you are working with younger children, parents and library volunteers will be a big help. Kids should attempt to read the clues but be allowed to ask for help. Yes, they should each carry a sheet and collect stickers. They will love that. Don't make a rule about working in groups or alone....they will naturally select which option is more comfortable. I know your treasure hunt will be a huge success!


Aaron 19.05.2009. 14:02

How exactly to set up for a live, solo, acoustic guitar performance? I need to know how to set up for a live performance of a solo accoustic guitar gig, but i cant find out how anywhere on the net.

I need things like exactly what equipment i need, how to position it all ect

Can anybody help?, i need to find this stuff out as soon as possible

Its kind of urgent


Admin 19.05.2009. 14:02

The only items I could add to Lester G's list is a guitar stand and my recommendation to use a Fender Acoustisonic acoustic amplifier for the gig. The amplifier has a main 12" speaker at the front and a 6" speaker at each side, which projects the sound in three directions.

With the amplifier, you can opt for reverb, chorus, flange, echo, and other additivies or push a foot button for plain acoustic projection. Positioning the amplifier in front of, or behind you, is a judgment call for you. Have sufficient lengths of patch cords to accommodate your movements if standing.

If your acoustic does not come with the installed amplification device, I believe an under-the-saddle filament is best. Next would be a sound-hole device that can quickly be installed or removed. It's been my experience that a microphone near the fretboard or box isn't always reliable.

I wish you success and much fun with this gig. Above all, enjoy working for the audience and give them your best performance, using fresh strings and appropriate material.


Shaula 08.07.2006. 16:21

What are the procedures to set up a private corporation? I want to set up a private corporation; the stocks will not be publicly traded. I would like to have a step by step process or links that may provide this information.


Admin 08.07.2006. 16:21

why don't you search for this information on your computer like try google or your address bar!
Try typing into your address bar and ask your interest there i am sure you'll get better educated answer there!
one example typing private corporation and see what the pros's will tell you i am sure that you can find many links right here on your own computer try something like this may help you i find the computer most useful in success!

or be more pacific to the address bar what corporation you want to do or open lot of people do much money business right here on the Internet just open up a web page and advertise your business!There are so many out there!
hard to answer this question if yout don't state you preference!


Psych Grad 20.09.2008. 01:12

How to set up wireless with a router that has no wireless enabled? Hi, I was wondering what my options are to set up a wireless network if my router does not have wireless capabilities built in. I live in family housing, and the router they gave us only has one ether net port. I know I can probably change it for another router that has this built in, but other than that.. what can I do?

Psych Grad

Admin 20.09.2008. 01:12

You have to have a wireless Access point or a wireless access point/router

If you just buy a wireless access point (AP) then you would plug the AP into the router you already have. many APs now have a few ethernet ports built into them as well just depends on what you are looking to achieve.

if you go with access point/router.
you would only have one unit. the unit would take care of the routing of the internet from your provider and disperse a wireless siginal for you enjoyment of freedom from the wall.

All these units can be purchased at a Wal*mart, radio-shack or just about anywhere you could look.

Hope this helps!
And let me know if you have any other questions.

P.s. I gave linksys links because I believe they are the most reliable and reasonable cost. I have used linksys in all my applications and have had great success.


strawberryfields 27.02.2013. 19:42

Do you think Adele's success comes down to sheer talent and hard work? Or is there any luck involved? I often visit a music school due to my interest in piano.

After Adele's success I've seen parents telling their children " if you have the talent and work hard at it you will also become the next Adele"

I know she's talented and has worked hard, but surely there is some luck involved in these things too? Aren't these parents being a little unrealistic?


Admin 27.02.2013. 19:42

I don't like to think of her success as luck, but rather... a blessing. She is extremely blessed to have vocal abilities and writing abilities like that, and luckily, she realizes that and truly does count her blessings.
Honestly, I don't think there was really lucky involved in her success, it came down to her talent and the fact that her music is relatable. I mean, the song that made her a worldwide hit was "Rolling in the Deep", and people could relate to that a lot. It peaked at #1 in several countries across the world. After that, "Someone Like You" and "Set Fire to the Rain" both hit #1 in several countries. "Rumour Has It" and "Skyfall" both became Top 10 hits in several countries.
I'd like to say there is luck involved in stuff like this, because it seems like it, but honestly, I think it's the fact that some people are truly blessed, and as my parents always tell me, it's not what you know, it's who you know.
She is talented and has worked hard, and her talent, worldwide success, and genuine personality and attitude show you that she also thinks of it as a blessing rather than luck.
I definitely think these parents are being unrealistic, though. It is one thing to push your kid hard to achieve success, but to tell them they'll be the next Adele is taking a little far. No one can be the next Adele because she is a very unique musical individual. Everyone's musical style will be different. Plus, we cannot possibly have millions of other Adeles across the world, that's just not how life works.
Hope this helps! =)


Chan K 12.05.2009. 03:59

Does success equal to exploiting the others? Does success equal to exploiting the others? After i learned some western and world history, i certainly believe in so. Also i have found that at the place i work, you will get nothing if you don't get cruel. By the way, why many people are taught to love and respect when the natures of human are not like that?

Chan K

Admin 12.05.2009. 03:59

Success has a different meaning to everyone. Success is achieving a goal that you have set for yourself. One common attribute that most "successful" (by common definition) people have is confidence and self-motivation. You don't have to be cruel to get ahead, but you do need to have confidence and the willingness to step up in whatever situation you may be in.


yoyoyo 15.05.2009. 03:07

How do i get my razr v3m to set sounds as a ringtone when people call or txt? my new version of the razr doesnt clearly allow me to set sounds as a ringtone. but every once in a while it plays one when somone calls. the ringtones i downloaded from ventones come as sounds and i dont know how to set them as ringtones.


Admin 15.05.2009. 03:07

i have owned many verizon phones,
ranging from Voyagers to motorola razr's
and they have all been able to set sounds to ringtones,
when i have used to make my own ringtones.

But verizon has BLOCKED all rzr V3m's completely.
There is no way to set a sound as a ringtone. Ringtones are big money earners and Verizon blocked their most popular phones.

I do know that there is one program that you will be able to use to access your phone's internal file system, its called bitpim. its free

you can use Ventones to make the ringtone, and bitpim to transfer it,
and it should override verizon's block. i know people's that have used this method with success.

another thing you can do is this (but its not a guarantee, you still might run into the same problem)

buy a memory card
* put the ringtone on the memory card
* insert it in your phone, and create a new pix message, and text the ringtone to your own number.
* you will get a message with the ringtone, just open the message and select "set as ringtone"


JRosina. 16.04.2010. 17:15

How far did the young play a significant role in the success of the Cultural Revolution 1966-1976? I'm trying to revise for a history exam on Mao's China and this is a question that has popped up - its assuming that the cultural revolution was a success but i was under the impression that it was a huge failure!
I'm not really sure how to answer the question as yes the young were majorly involved (red guards) but what about the role of Mao himself, other politicians and the PLA?

Any input would be very much appreciated!


Admin 16.04.2010. 17:15

The Cultural Revolution, like Mao's other brilliant idea the 'Great Leap Forward' was a disaster for China. Just as the Great Leap Forward had set the economy back by decades and caused mass starvation, so the Cultural Revolution was to destroy or seriously damage the intellectual resources of the country, as well as much of its historic records and artifacts.
The importance of the young was as the shock troops of the Cultural Revolution. Because the regular Party organisation was largely supportive of the new leaders Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping, Mao had to find an alternative political power base.
The Four Olds: "Old ideas, old culture, old customs, old habits." By turning his Cultural Revolution into a generational struggle Mao harnessed the natural opposition of young people to their elders, a truly revolutionary idea in a country still clinging to remnants of Confucianism. Like a cult groups of young people egged each other on to excesses many regretted in calmer moments. Major battles occured between Red Guards and the supporters of order, up to 50,000 people in one account.
Lin Biao, the Defence Minister, and heir apparent to Mao, was a key figure. He committed the PLA to the Cultural Revolution, he had the 'Little Red Book' compiled and distributed in millions of copies, and he deployed the PLA to end the Cultural Revolution and organise the sending of the young dupes to the countryside.


Francesco 13.12.2012. 08:18

How do I set the spell checker up so it automatically spell checks as I go along? The new look mail looks all very fancy but I haven't been able to [or more accurately don't know] how to to set the UK English spell checker so it checks automatically. I am expected to remember to press the ABC buttone each time and that's not practical.

It went a few months ago and haven't been able to since. I miss the wavy red lines!!



Admin 13.12.2012. 08:18

I have been trying to do this also without success. Neither can I get it to default to UK English. Hope someone answers your question with a solution for the both of us!


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