Articles ... The Best Form Of Free Advertising

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Articles ... The Best Form Of Free Advertising

Copyright 2002 Elena Fawkner

Those of you reading this who run your own online businesses know that the aim of the game is traffic - qualified, targeted traffic - and lots of it.

There are a number of ways to drive qualified traffic to your site - some of it costs you money, some of it costs you time. Some of it costs you both and doesn't work.

This article is all about the best form of free advertising - writing articles.

How can writing articles give you free advertising? As you probably know, there are hundreds of thousands of people publishing an ezine (electronic newsletter) on a regular basis. For some of these people, publishing the ezine is the central plank of their business - they set out to create a business involving, primarily, the publishing of the ezine. Others, however, publish the ezine only as an adjunct to their website - a way to get their site in front of their ezine subscribers in the hope that this will generate repeat traffic.

Both types of ezine publishers have one thing in common. The need for great content. If you've spent much time online you'll no doubt have signed up for more than your fair share of free ezines. You'll have come across some that are really good, some that are OK and some that are nothing short of woeful, with content that looks like the publisher has picked up the first piece of regurgitated whatever he happened to come across today to fill up the space between the ads for his numerous affiliate programs.

Your site may include links to your affiliate programs. After all, that's how you make money, right? But rather than go the road of the ezine publisher who thinks she can serve up any old porridge to her subscriber base and they'll eat it up, spend the same time writing just one good article on a subject matter relevant to your target market and invite publishers of ezines with complementary subject matter to publish that article, together with your resource box at the end (the four or five line blurb you see at the end of articles that give a little information about the author and the author's website together with a link to the site).

Now, here's the important point if you expect others to publish your work. Your ad is your resource box, it is NOT your article. Your article is content. Your article should not mention your product, your site or anything related to it. Your article must stand alone as an independently useful piece of work (and when I say useful, I mean it must be useful to the READER, not the author!). Don't insult your readers' intelligence by dressing up an ad as an article. They're not stupid - they'll see through it and you immediately, they'll put you on their blacklist for insulting their intelligence and no publisher worth their salt will run your articles anyway.

The whole purpose of writing the article is to make it such a worthwhile piece of work that many publishers will want to put it in front of their subscribers. Get a good article published in an ezine with 10,000 subscribers and see what that does for your traffic when hundreds of those subscribers click on the link to your site that you've included in your resource box.

Beginning to see how this works? And the best thing of all is that it only costs you time - maybe an hour, two tops to write a decent article. Commit to writing one a week and getting them published and you'll have a nice little traffic flow going, believe me (AND, if you make sure that you write about subject matter relevant to your site, that traffic will ALSO be targeted, qualified traffic - so much the better).

OK, so now you can see the power of writing articles as a method of generating traffic to your website. How the heck do you find other people to publish your work? Thanks to the fact that so many publishers out there don't have the time or (so they believe) ability to write their own articles, or are looking for articles to supplement their own, you have a ready-made market of thousands of publishers who are always on the lookout for quality content to present to their readers. You just have to find them.

Here's a partial list to get you started:

Yahoo Groups (submit from the Yahoo Groups website at - you'll need to subscribe to these groups first):

aabusiness aageneral aainet article_announce ArticlePublisher articles_archives epub hersmallbusiness Free-Content publisher_network PublishInYours and these ...

When submitting your articles to the above websites, be sensitive to the types of articles the site is looking for. Some accept articles on any subject under the sun, others are looking for articles on specific subjects such as internet marketing, for example.

Over time, you will be able to add to this list. If submitting to individual ezine publishers, don't be surprised or offended if you don't receive a response. Most ezine publishers of any size receive dozens of article submissions a day. Time normally doesn't permit a response to each submission. Also, try and find out from the publisher whether they even accept article submissions. Many don't (me, for example). I receive many article submissions a day which just get deleted unread.

The point is, just work up your own list, write articles consistently and submit consistently. Over time, you'll develop your own style of writing and attract a following.

Although it may be slow to start, you'll start getting a trickle of new traffic from people who have come across your article somewhere, some place and were interested enough to click on the link in your resource box. Over time, that trickle will become a stream, then a river, and then a flood.

- Reprinting of this article is welcome! - This article may be freely reproduced provided that: (1) you include the following resource box; and (2) you only mail to a 100% opt-in list.

Here's the resource box to use if reprinting this article:

Elena Fawkner is an attorney and editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur. She offers discounted, fixed-rate legal services to her ezine subscribers and site visitors within the United States.

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vince 14.11.2007. 17:14

What is the best form of free advertising other than word of mouth? I am starting up a handyman style business and I also do some interior design / kitchen planning. What is the best form of free or minimal cost advertising.


Admin 14.11.2007. 17:14

PR. Come up with something that you can get a newspaper story about you and I don't mean rob a bank. That is the wrong kind of PR. Teach a handyman class for seniors or women for free at the YMCA or library. Send out a press release.

See if the local paper wants a weekly ask the handyman column. Write a couple of articles to show them what you can do. The small "free" papers are probably easier to start with.


switchmama 11.09.2006. 00:26

How do I get people interested in my site? I have tried to post on free advertising forums, but I have found that most of the people on them are advertising something themselves and not really interested in starting a home based business. What is the best way to attract the right people to my site?
I have it in my e-mail siggy, on my myspace, and on my yahoo profile :-) I need a way to inexpensively reach more people, and some way to get them to take me seriously LOL


Admin 11.09.2006. 00:26

Hi just answered a similer question for someone else so will just copynpaste it here as it applies

most important offer some free stuff for your visitors everyone loves free stuff :-D

Hi J

Traffic is the hardest thing to get in any internet marketing endeavor
Free ways of receiving more traffic include:
write articles on your subject 'teen styles' and include your link to your website in the sig (bottom)
teen style 101
etc etc etc
etc etc etc
author- j is most fly
visit for a free download of teen styles 101

do a search for free article directories and submit your articles to them only submit if the directorie has a google rating of 4 or better otherwise it means they have no traffic

Another free way is to advertise on free ad sites but again they must have a good google ranking
one good one is they allow free ads place your ad on there and again offer something free that will get them there.
try to implement an autoresponder so you can use the form to capture emails
i may be going over your head "you can email me direct for help if you want i am involved in internet marketing"
another way is joint ventures look on google for them you may want to join a few and offer a free item for download but again you will need a form inplace for capturing your future prospects and visiters email addresses A good form to use and I use myself you can find here
if the price is to steep again email me as it is mine

SEO "search engine optimization" is the slowest but in the long run the best for steady traffic
optimize meaning create each of your webpages around only 2 or 3 keywords focus each page on those words so when google does index your site it will be for those words on those specific pages and hopfully you will obtain a high google ranking :-D

Not so free ways to get traffic but probably the best and fastest is PPC's (pay per clicks) such as google adwords and yahoos overture the traffic is fast and can be very targeted depending on how you work your ads bid as low as you can for the keywords and look for rarely used words that have low bids

it can be time consuming but for now the quickest is the first two free ways on top articles and free ads and then the paid ads

hope i helped you some and sorry for being so wordy
Victor C.


joe p 19.02.2009. 16:46

What is the best way to advertise to non-profit organizations? I am looking to let non-profits know about a fundraiser my newly formed company is running. I want to know the best way to communicate to the sector.

joe p

Admin 19.02.2009. 16:46

Some of the ways you can advertise your business are:
1. Post an article about your business on related blogs and get free visitors and back links
2. Submitting to directories
3. Free classifieds
4. Forums

Send an email with more information about your business to for free help on finding new customers and increasing sales.


altonnotary 20.04.2006. 23:19

What is the best method to advertise a new notary business in California? What is the best method to advertise a new notary business in California?


Admin 20.04.2006. 23:19

Some marketing tips:

1. Direct mail. Prepare a well-crafted brochure and send it to your target markets in Sunnyvale. Find a vendor in your area renting mailing lists of business establishments or take the time and go over the yellow pages and get their contact information. You can read more of how to use direct marketing strategies here

2. Publicity. Publicity can oftentimes be more effective than advertising. Not only is it cost-effective (oftentimes you are paying for nothing), but also people are apt to remember an article about your business rather than advertising. People find a write-up or special feature about a business more credible and objective than a paid advertising. Publicity also reaches a wider audience: if you are lucky, the national media might even pick up your story. Contact an editor of your local newspaper and pitch your story. Read the article "Leverage the Power of Publicity for Your Small Business"

3. Press releases. Send out press releases through your local newspapers about your business. Whether it is about your story or about a sale you are offering, press releases can be very good exposure for you. You can read more about how to harness press releases for your business here

4. Use the Internet. The Web can be your online brochure. You can use it to refer your potential clients for more information about your business; and it could also generate clients for you directly. Some of your potential clients may be looking to the Web for a floral designer, and you need to have a strong presence there as well.

5. Network. Join and be active in your local business organizations, chamber of commerce, etc. Increase your visibility in the community. You can find more information on networking here

6. Word of mouth. This is the best form of advertising for your business - afterall, it is free. Read "Secrets of Word Of Mouth Marketing"


Zero 21.11.2012. 12:58

Can you come up with an Unique Form of Internet Advertising? i'm writing an article on unique forms of internet advertising and wanted to brainstorm with you guys.


Admin 21.11.2012. 12:58

offers a free marketplace where you can post your ads. As long as you don't spam you can advertise.

Sign up is register verify email upload image and wait for approval BUT its worth it because you know then its actual people and not spam bots.
Its a good site. they can advertise banners in more than 11 different places You can pay to have your items featured Open up a page/group where you can talk to your customers in real time.
You even have the option of having your profile with time line or without time line.

Its not an SEO company but it can help you has so much advertising revenue.


optic 08.05.2009. 23:27

What companies pay to advertise on your website? Is Google AdSense worth using? I have a semi-profitable website/store. It gets a decent amount of traffic and I'd like to make some money advertising.
I see Google's Adsense program and am going to give that a try. Has anyone had any luck making money with Google? Are there other similar programs by other companies?
I don't want to waste my time or gunk up my site with things that are not profitable.


Admin 08.05.2009. 23:27

Join Google Adsense (No.1 Online Jobs for Internet Users)

Google Adsense Affiliate programme in brief :

Google Adsense is Free to Join ? No.1 Affiliate Programme on Internet.

The following website you will get (Full) more information about Google Adsense for free. Why you people wasting your money unnecessarily.For More information on Google Adsense. This website is 100% Genuine. Because this is the website giving Direct Training for Google Adsense.

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To Participate in Google Adsense Programme You must have a Website. Then you have to put quality content in that website. Which (content) not copied from any website or blogs or any web-pages. Your website should be live on internet for atleast 6 months.After that you have to fill Adsense Application Form. Note: Daily atleast few visitors visit your website regularly. Then only you can get easy approval. Usually, the approval process will take atleast 1-2 days. Sometimes a week or even 6 months to get approval. It totally depends on your content and quality of your website. But you should be patience in this regard. Once you get approved. Then you log in to google adsense account with your G-mail id and Password and then go to adsense setup tab and choose ad format, channel and color and it will generate ad code html code for you. You have to paste this html code in your web-page. The google ads will display within 10 minutes from the paste of your code. The ads are relevant to your content of the page. If visitors vist your website / web-page and click that ad, you can earn money. The earning will be depend on cost per click for that particular ad and placement of that ad. It may around 1 cent to some dollars. Once your account reaches 100 dollars. Google will send a cheque to your address. After 10 Dollars you will receive Pin Number Card. Once pin number reach your address correctly. Google will confirm your address. Then you receive your cheque to that address.
Because the ads are related to what your users are looking for on your site, the result can be much better than you'd earn from banner networks and many affiliate programs.
For now, Adsense is the best way to make money free online informational sites even if there are no obvious related affiliate programs. But you don't need to disregard affiliate programs. You can combine both these ways to make money free online and double your income.
Adsense is easy to join, it doesn't cost you anything, all you have to do is paste a few lines of code in to your pages, and Google does the work of finding the best ads for them from hundreds of thousands of Adwords advertisers.
For More information & How to earn easily from Google Adsense mentioned in this website
You can get information for free. Why you are paying????
You can also Submit Your Website or Blogs to all leading Search Engines at One Place

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Mr.Perambur Kumar
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general_ya 01.02.2007. 01:10

What's the best way to advertise a new computer service business ? What's the best way to advertise a new computer service business ? I am offering free service for those computers that are brought in during our grand opening.

I am thinking about attending social events, creating relations with nearby business, an Ad on the newspaper...anything else?



Admin 01.02.2007. 01:10

Consider online advertising. This method is a great way to reach a lot more people or to target who you want to reach.

The main forms of online advertising are PPC (Pay Per Click) and Banner.

Here is a link to information about PPC advertising -

There is also a way to advertise free online. There are very popular websites that allow you to advertise on them completely free.

Here is a link to the best websites to advertise online free of charge -

Also here is a cool article I found for the "16 Methods for Getting Free Advertising"

I hope this helps


Concerned friend 14.04.2012. 12:09

What is the best way to get rid of unwanted body hair? I am a die hard practising nudist and want to go completely body hair free this summer. I have tried shaving, but this only lasts maybe a week or so, then it starts growing back. Any suggestions would really be of a big help. I want to be a "smoothie" before hitting the clothing optional beaches and pools this year. Thank you in advance!!!

Concerned friend

Admin 14.04.2012. 12:09

There is NOTHING PERMANENT, not even laser. Once you stopped? They will grow back like before, it's permanent FOR YOU, because you have to keep at it. . . . for EVER & EVER.

Before you invest on something you're NOT sure of, read No No Hair removal warnings. About 244,000,000 results in (0.10 seconds)

DON'T ever believe infomercials. They're done by actors who are getting paid to advertise.

2. Laser hair removal isn't cheap (about $200-$500 a session depending on where you live and the areas being treated. Again, it takes about 6 sessions to get rid of 70% of hair permanently. Touch-ups are always an option at about $100-$150 a session. With treatments averaging $65 per five minutes and a series of sessions required, permanent hair removal businesses are being set up in shopping centres and beauty clinics.

Glamour magazine ex-editor ended up scarred for life. For this very reason, you want to skip the discount places and get treated by a trained technician at an established medical facility. These places do NOT offer discounts.

Example of one who had them done.
My laser hair removal treatment takes 8 sessions spaced 4 weeks apart to see 60 percent reduction in hair growth. For best results, I got maintenance treatments done once a year for 4 years . Now I don't want to do this anymore! what is the best way to remove them from now on ?

TRIA Kim Kardashian lawsuit About 3,3500,000 results.
THE laser hair removal industry should be subject to national regulations to protect people from being burned in their quest to remove unwanted body hair, consumer magazine Choice says. An investigation of six salons and clinics in Sydney found four had staff who were not trained in operating hair removal machines, while two had received training from the equipment manufacturer. ~ AAP, October 20, 2011

Laser or waxing, once you stopped, THEY WILL COME BACK as before. It's totally a waste of $$$$. It is a billion dollar business, btw. NONE is permanent.
There are temporary and permanent side effects, related to laser hair removals. About 114,000,000 results.

3. CREAMS there are side effect and people violate those warnings: Skin damage, odor, more hair growth, uneven skin & hair growth, allergic reaction. Keratin is the main protein that forms a hair strand. The result is the hair is wiped away with gentle friction. There are several chemicals based on the strength, color and coarseness of the hair. Before applying the cream, the skin type is also considered. Example from a VEET user: ."I used Veet to wax off my moustache which wasn't anything tragic,(STUPID ME) around 12 hours ago.....And for the first time I've got this reaaally bad skin irrtation, I'm as red as a pepper for Gd's sake!" Keratin are not approved by the FDA.

4. Razors using SKINTIMATE: This is my favorite, takes seconds and you're done! I've chosen the pink handle 12 in a package. Pamela Anderson's favorite, also. For females, NEVER use shaving for your facials or your arms.


the_sio_monster 08.06.2008. 04:21

I want to advertise my clients website online, what are my best options, besides Google AdWords? I need to really market my client's website, but he does not want to use Google AdWords. He also wants to do so relatively cheaply. What are my options? He wants something that will bring a lot of people to the site to fill out forms for information on insurance.


Admin 08.06.2008. 04:21

I offer promotion for local clients, as well. Some of the ways I get exposure for them are:

1. Press Releases/Media. Do some networking and try to get hooked up with the local newspaper. If you can get your client to become one of their experts, he'll be referenced regularly for free. You can also write and submit press releases online. I find writers at

2. Article Marketing. Another poster referenced article marketing and it does work. A twist on article marketing is to connect with big sites and offer to become an expert. Have your client write one article per week or per month as an expert for the site and he'll naturally begin to get traffic to the website.

3. Local directories and forums. Search online for local directories and forums. Oftentimes, you can get free listings.

4. Yahoo Business directory.

5. If your client prefers to talk rather than write, he can also be a guest on a podcast or teleseminar.

Those are just a few ways. There are countless other ways to get free advertising that actually works. I hope this helps.


TheDancingRaconteur 07.12.2009. 00:34

What would make you want to visit a website? I'm building a website geared towards teenagers/young adults. It's going to have interesting articles and tips on things like technology, fashion, cooking and creative arts etc. There will be a section where people can submit their writing, art, dancing and drama. I was wondering what can be included to make it unique and interesting... What will be the bait to catch the visitors? How can they be hooked? What would you like to see?


Admin 07.12.2009. 00:34

I'm 16, and I think your website is a great idea (particularly because I love fashion, technology, and art). It would be cool to have a photography section, where you could put really artistic pictures of young women in cute outfits or other cool forms of photography. Perhaps to get some people interested, you could write interesting articles and have humor in there. Also, you should try to get sites like facebook to advertise it if you're really serious about this thing (or use free ones) because teens love facebook.

Usually, I find out about websites by searching something like "fall fashion" on google and I'll click on the thing with the most creative, interesting, and relevant title and if I like what I see (ie: photos of cute clothes, etc) on the website, I'll bookmark it and keep going to it when I'm bored.

I think as long as you get the word out, yours will be good, since it is useful. Maybe have some do-it-yourself articles in there. That would be fun!


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