AustinDetek Inc becomes Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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Microsoft Corporation has made NY based AustinDetek Inc a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. This has been in recognition of AustinDetek continuously developing very superior quality task management solutions on the Microsoft platform. Microsoft Corporation offers this prestigious Gold Partnership only to a selected few who have demonstrated superior levels of successful implementations, capabilities and certification.

Among the various high quality solutions in the AustinDetek's portfolio is the FTMS - the Field Task Management Solution that has been successfully implemented by major corporates like Marathon Ashland Petroleum LLC. With the help of AustinDetek's enterprise version of the FTMS, Marathon has completely migrated its Field Task Force to use the solution on the Pocket PC, making their field work force one of the most mobile and up-to-date with a two-way flow of information and data on a real-time basis.

AustinDetek's FTMS helps automate recurring but complex tasks carried out at remote field locations by providing precise instructions to the field personnel over the PDA / Pocket PC and obtaining instant compliance reports on tasks carried out. A salient feature of the system is user-friendly interfaces on the PDA / Pocket PC that also help the personnel in the field to report operational deviations, exceptional occurrences etc. The system constantly updates the information to ensure real-time decision making a reality. The data collected is first-hand and helps in effective planning. The FTMS has been found to be exceptionally useful in ensuring compliance with the rigid requirements of ISO, EPA or OSHA standards.

AustinDetek announced the release of its FTMS Office Edition to demonstrate the company's task management industry leadership and commitment to process excellence by providing business-users with those managerial capabilities crucial to the support of large-scale, standards-based field-task management deployments.

FTMS Office Edition will once again set the industry bar for standards-based field- task management deployments.

AustinDetek's innovative task management solution helps companies to migrate from a traditional approach to a cost-effective but simplistic and user-friendly solution in cutting-edge technology and is fast emerging as a major player in the task management arena.

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