Business & Career: Know Your Ruling Star!

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Business & Career: Know Your Ruling Star!

By: James Clayton Napier

"Know your Ruling Star. One man is better received by one nation than another, or is one welcome by one city than another. He finds more luck in one office or position than in another, and all though his qualifications are equal or even identical. Let each man know his luck as well as his talents. Follow your guiding star and help it without mistaking any other for it. Know how to transplant yourself. There are nations with whom one must cross their borders to make one's value felt."

- Balthasar Gracian, (Spain, 1600's)

Have you ever felt, "Here I am, best job I ever had, good money, an excellent career move - but, what in the world am I doing here where I feel so alone and out-of-place with my surroundings? How did this happen to me?"

I've been there, because someone offered me a job and I accepted, knowing ahead-of-time, intuitively I wouldn't feel at home in the town and surroundings.

Or - maybe you love your location but, sadly, are unable to find any openings in your field. I've been there also. Looking back on my years in Austin, Texas, I can't believe the number of short-term, soul-emptying jobs I tried very hard and unsuccessfully do to. My job-duration ranged from only two hours (which was long enough when you hate what you are doing!) to several months (each day seeming like an eternity) before my opportunities in broadcasting finally came.

It's a rare person these days who is able to say, "I love this community, love my home, love the work I do, get along great with my business colleagues and supervisors. How do you beat perfection?"

There is a wonderful quote I repeated to myself many, many times during my ups and downs in Texas.

"Hence the first principle in changing one's character is to seek another environment, to let new forces play upon our unused chords, and draw from us a better music." - Will Durant

That's what I wanted! I wanted another location - another place - where new forces could play upon my unused chords and draw from me a better music.

"There are nations with whom one must cross their borders to make one's value felt." - Gracian

Yes! Yes! Yes! That's what I wanted. To cross borders and feel my native talents valued again.

"Know your Ruling Star," the Spanish priest Gracian wrote in The Art of Worldly Wisdom. "One man is better received by one nation than another, or is one welcome by one city than another. He finds more luck in one office or position than in another, and all though his qualifications are equal or even identical."

We are better received in certain locations or areas than in others, welcomed when we show up, and we most certainly do find more luck in one place than another.

"But where, where, where is THAT PLACE?" I wondered.

In Texas, for every 100% plus I gave in my career, the returns (feeling valued, appreciated, and being monetarily rewarded), always fell short.

I hosted a noon talk show for awhile at an Austin TV station. Our ratings were great. The guests I booked were top names in the literary, entertainment, self-improvement, and political arenas.

After our ratings came in one spring, I couldn't believe how well the show was doing.

Several days later, however, the General Manager wanted to see me.

After all the years of my show's success, he said, "James, I can't complain about your ratings. That's good for ad revenue, but I finally got a chance to see your show yesterday. As you know I only have a tenth grade education, never finished high school, started in sales, worked my way up to where I am today." He beamed proudly, "I didn't understand it."

I knew when he said, "I didn't understand it," my show was doomed.

The GM was the standard by which all business decisions at our stations were made.

I wanted to call him, "Idiot," but restrained myself.

My favorite line in Texas TV came from a female news director who told me, "You have a master's degree. We don't need people that smart to do the news." I never worked at that station.

"Let each man know his luck as well as his talents. Follow your guiding star and help it without mistaking any other for it. Know how to transplant yourself," Gracian reminds us.

Know how to transplant yourself!

Finally, I did transplant myself, once again. It was time to move from the newsroom and go into teaching; use, finally, that masters degree referred to earlier that wasn't needed to report the news.

"There is a simple answer to the question 'What is the purpose of our individual lives?" A.J. Ayer wrote. "They have whatever purpose we succeed in putting into them."

Yet, if you believe you are being guided by and toward a higher destiny, as I do, use what others know (their gifts and resources) to inform and enlighten yourself.

I've also successfully used relocation astrology as an essential tool to follow my guiding star. Through my sessions with Cait Benten, I'm finding, as we'd all like to do, a balance of the "right place" and the "right work" combined.

"This time, like all other times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

About The Author

Now, after a career as an award-winning media communicator and as a university professor, James has shared meaning-filled conversations with film stars, recording artists, US Presidents and first ladies, state governors, world-famous authors, scientists, and people from most every walk of life.


dezee 06.11.2008. 01:30

What would Marilyn Monroe have been prohibited from doing during her life? For a project I have to write about something that Marilyn Monroe was prohibited from doing. I can't come up with anything since she broke all the rules. Oh, and it also has to be in Spanish. If you could think of something, but don't know how to say it in Spanish, that's ok too.

ya, I know. Weird assignment, huh?


Admin 06.11.2008. 01:30

Well, I don't know Spanish, but I'll try to come up with a few points in English:

Marilyn was prohibited from being perceived as a serious actress because of the stereotype that she was a dumb blonde, which stemmed from her comedic dumb blonde roles, and the common stereotype that sex symbols were not serious actresses or lacked talent. Marilyn worked hard to improve the roles she was given; in the 1955, she quit her studio, Fox, at the peak of her career after challenging the executives who worked there on the basis of artistic rights, and left Hollywood to study at the Actor's Studio in New York. She then became the first woman to establish her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, which she produced Bus Stop with, a drama she received good reviews for. However, its success was minimal, and she never received the recognition she desired, despite being highly praised by some of the top actors and directors in the business and receiving various acting awards.

Marilyn was prohibited from delivering a child to term due to a uterine disorder, endometriosis, which developed at an early age (she had severe menstrual pains). This is a problem that particularly in her later life, would plague her, and contribute to her growing depression. (Her third husband, Arthur Miller, said she felt inadequate as a woman due to this). Her three miscarriages brought her a lot of misery.

Marilyn was prohibited from leading a happy and normal childhood, due to the fact that her father left her mother before her birth, and the fact that her mother was admitted to a psychiatric institution when Marilyn was a small child. Living with various foster parents and an orphanage, Marilyn never rid herself of her feelings of abandonment and feared becoming like her mother-insane and alone. She felt this particularly after being admitted to a psychiatric institution herself in 1961, and also having her husband, Arthur Miller, leave her in the same year. Being prohibited from a stable childhood meant that Marilyn was prohibited from reaching her full potential as an adult, and in turn, finding lasting happiness.

Due to her untimely death (whether intentional, accidental, or murder), fate prohibited Marilyn from living into old age. She once said that suicide is a person's privilege, but that doesn't get you anywhere, for you will never wholly know yourself. This unfortunately became the case for Marilyn, and because of this, she is forever viewed as a tragic figure. Although she achieved her dream of being a star adored by millions, she never found personal satisfaction, within herself or her relationships.

This is just off the top of my head, I could ramble some more if you like.


*R* :) 31.01.2009. 17:48

Would a normal American girl be allowed to marry royalty? I have always been curious about this question.
Would the American have to give up all citizenship?
Would the royal person have to give up the throne that is rightfully theirs?
If neither, then would the child, if there is a child later on, be allowed to one day rule?

*R* :)

Admin 31.01.2009. 17:48

Can an American girl marry royalty? Yes.

Would she necessarily be considered "normal"?

She'd probably be above average in looks, formal education, and social status. In the process of surveying previous royal American brides, I'll answer in full your other questions; however,

---She most probably wouldn't have to give up her American citizenship, but would have dual citizenship;
---If she wasn't a member of her prospective spouse's faith, if she converted, there wouldn't be a problem;
---Her children wouldn't have any problem inheriting the throne based on her American nationality. Since contemporary royalty need not marry other royals, just who will be a princess or queen has in recent times sometimes evolved into a "beauty contest".

Of course, since this is basically a legal and economic problem, there are precedents:

---Patrician beauty, Grace Kelly (1929-1982), was from a wealthy Philadelphia family and was recognized as a glamorous movie actress when Prince Reiner of Monaco chose her as his bride in 1956. Grace's father, Jack Kelly, was a self-made millionaire and the largest supplier of bricks on the East Coast. By the time Grace met Prince Reiner while attending the Cannes Film Festival in 1955, she had starred opposite such movie greats as Gary Cooper, Clark Gable, Jimmy Stewart, Bing Crosby, William Holden, and Cary Grant. Both Grace Kelly and Princess Grace were Roman Catholics, so she didn't need to convert to Roman Catholicism. Indeed, Prince Reiner was specifically looking for a famous beauty who was also a Roman Catholic to be his bride.

Grace Kelly maintained dual American and Monegaseque citizenship, but Prince Reiner insisted that she give up her acting career. Rumors have long circulated about the extent of Grace's relationships with Hollywood actors. Her son, Amherst College-educated Prince Albert, is the reigning Prince of Monaco.

---Lisa Najeeb Halaby (b. 1951), the granddaughter of a Syrian immigrant to the United States and the daughter of Najeeb Halaby, the former CEO of Pan-American Airways, head of the Federal Aviation Agency, and a Deputy Secretary of Defense during the Kennedy Administration, graduated with a BA in architecture and urban planning from Princeton University. Her father introduced her to King Hussein of Jordan while she was working on the development of the Amman International Airport. Queen Noor converted to Islam upon marrying her husband. I couldn't determine whether Queen Noor gave up her American citizenship upon marriage; she does, however, have homes in both Jordan and the United States. Her Islamic detractors believe her to be "too American" while her American detractors can't believe that an "All American" girl would criticize American political policy in the Middle East.

Since she was the fourth woman to marry King Hussein, who was incidentally educated in part in England, her children are royal princes and princesses, but they rank behind their older half-brothers and sisters. The mother of the current King of Jordan, incidentally, was Muna al-Hussein (a.k.a. Antoinette Avril Gardner of England).

Admittedly, most "normal" American girls don't attend the Cannes Film Festival as one of the featured actresses or design international airports. However, given their chances on the International marriage market, if upper or upper-middle class American girls meet and socialize with royalty, they stand as good a chance as any other well-spoken, attractive women of capturing the hearts of princes, kings, and any other international movers and shakers.

BTW, although the Scottish-Australian Mary Donaldson (b. 1972) was working for an advertising agency in Sydney when she first met Prince Frederik of Denmark at the Slip Inn when he was attending the 2000 Summer Olympics, although she taught (or tutored) business English in Paris upon first leaving Australia. Miss Donaldson's dad is a professor of mathematics while her mom was a university secretary. She took her Bachelors of Science degree in Commerce and Law at the University of Tasmania. Princess Mary, who was a Presbyterian, converted to Lutheranism upon marrying the Crown Prince of Denmark. The Danish Parliament passed a special law giving Mary Danish citizenship upon her marriage. She had previously held dual Australian/United Kingdom citizenship. Mary Donaldson also has an American connection since she attended elementary school in Clearlake, Texas (home of NASA).

As for marrying into British royalty, there are not constitutional impediments except that if a royal marries a Roman Catholic, he or she looses his/her place in succession. This requirement put forth in the Act of Settlement of 1701 was originally enacted to keep the Roman Catholic Stuarts from reclaiming the throne. Edward VIII of the United Kingdom gave up his throne for the woman he loved because
1) Baltimore-born social climber, Wallace Simpson, was twice-divorced and had a sexual history;
2) Wallace and Edward VIII were Nazi sympathizers.


Reverie 15.03.2011. 11:31

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Admin 15.03.2011. 11:31

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Dan M 07.05.2010. 23:02

How do I start a solo music career? So I have been in a few bands that didn't work, and now I'm doing a solo acoustic project. Since things will go much faster, what should I do to get started? I mean like, demos, EPs, and other releases wise.

Dan M

Admin 07.05.2010. 23:02

You'll probably need a demo to get bookings unless you're known for your work with your previous bands. But there's no need to rush about recording an EP unless you're sure you'll have no trouble selling them. It makes sense to play some shows first and begin developing a following, essentially creating a demand for your music. When people start returning to your shows to hear more, you'll have something to sell them that they can play for their friends, which will help you build your fan base.

A lot of people send CDs of themselves to record labels hoping to be discovered, but that's not how the industry works. Those CDs wind up unopened in dumpsters, since labels receive thousands of them every day and aren't in the business of finding talent. They're in the business of selling music, so labels are only interested in signing artists who've proven they have widespread appeal. The vast majority of the time, that means playing live shows until you've got a substantial following. The industry revolves around buzz, so if you're making a splash in your region of the country, record companies will hear about it with no effort on your part (other than making music). That's why it's not uncommon for a musician who draws crowds to suddenly find himself in the middle of a bidding war between record labels. Basically, by the time you're big enough to get signed, the music industry will already know who you are.

Teen idols and singers marketed exclusively at kids are the exception to that rule, since they're chosen more for having a certain look or attitude that's marketable than for their musicality. In those cases, the performers, rather than the music, are the products. That's why it's very rare for a teen star to find any success as an adult.


newguinea177 28.09.2011. 21:07

My ambition is to work on an oil rig or a cargo/container ship. any advice to what education i should pursue? I know neither require education, but i would like to get a better chance of getting hired/getting higher pay.


Admin 28.09.2011. 21:07

Both careers are very expensive to get into.
Oil Rigs require specialized training course before a company will even consider employing someone. Sea survival courses are available all over the UK and 1 place in Ireland, Cork IRL, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Southampton, Liverpool are the ones i know about. they also do a helicopter ditch survival course. Fire fighting and first aid courses are also required. We're talking high hundreds for both the first aid and firefight courses and a couple of thousand pounds each for the ditch and sea survival courses.
If you want to go Merchant on cargo vessels then you can start in two places, first as a deckie (poor money and crap work) or as an officer.
You can do a deck officers course which last 3 months or so but if you want to travel up the ladder alot quicker and have the prospect of higher wages you should try doing the Nautical Science (Navigation) Course, this will earn you the Officer of the Watch cert (master upto 1000gt or 1st mate 5000gt) Its a two year course with 6 months in college/6months at sea/6 months at college and finally another 6 months at sea before an Oral exam covering all course work done including Stability, Chart work, Meterology, Celestial Navigation (Navigating by the sun, moon, planets and stars), Business and Law, Electronic Navigational Systems, Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) Radio Operators Cert, Morse code, Signal Flags, Day time shape and night time light signals for vessel at sea, fog signals for vessels at sea, IMO rules for collision avoidance at sea, Emergancy proceedures, firefighting proceedures, Electronic Nav Systems theory (how they work), Magnetic Compass correction, I'm sure I've left something out but that pretty much sums it all up.
If you want to go to the Rigs it will cost alot but takes only a few months. If you want to go to sea it will take a couple of years but you will have a better standard of living and way of life(can be dependant on what company you end up working for).
This is the way it works in the UK and Ireland.


Nicole 25.06.2013. 05:55

was Brian Pillman a great wrestler or was he a jobber? I know he had a defining ankle injury that greatly hindered his performance for the rest of his career. did he ever become champ?
rassling critic, yup that's me in avatar ima youngin. thanks to internet i've looked up info on a lot of old wrestlers but its always great to hear it from people who actually witnessed them in action.
rassling critic, yup that's me in avatar ima youngin. thanks to internet i've looked up info on a lot of old wrestlers but its always great to hear it from people who actually witnessed them in action.


Admin 25.06.2013. 05:55

well if that avatar is you.......then you never seen him work. Brian Pillman was tag team champion, Light Heavyweight Champion and one of the best "high flyers". And when he changed from Flying Brian to the Loose Cannon as the insane heel well he was the best damn character in the business.

do not look at his time in WWF as the bench mark. his best days were in WCW and his best work was Hollywood Blonds with Steve Austin and his time working with Jushin Lyger and the "I respect you Booker man" match with Sullivan. In ECW the Loose Cannon was breaking all the rules, be it with his language which was quite vulgar, and his raspy voice with the cane was a great image, and who can forget when he beat up a fan in the front row, or the time he said he could have a FIVE STAR MATCH with a giant pencil.

make no mistake Brian Pillman was something special and is the REAL prototype for what the anti-hero tweener that became Stone Cold in WWF.

World champion, no. But his influence on the business made a huge impact in the mid-90s. You have to realize in WCW it was nothing but the Flair or Hogan show. In WWF well you know of the leg injury. He did what he could with the Hart Foundation but that was not Pillman at 100%.


The Ghost Hunter 25.01.2013. 20:15

How You can make new stars but, They can't even get a reaction?+BQ? I mean It always taking while to get reaction from the fans. They can't cut a promo or don't have charisma. I don't really care that, If They're great wrestlers still can't impressed the fans often. I like wrestlers who can really cut a great promo or Having Charisma.

It's very funny to me, All the wrestling promotions have more reaction wwe right now. I know people really cares that's Techincal wrestling and great matches besides promos. This is your own opinion. This is very hard to lot of people.

BQ Are You surprised that Tna had won the best weekly show of the year and still the worst promotion of the year ?

I believe wwe should been called the worst promotion of the year but, Voting is really stupid to me anyway though.

The Ghost Hunter

Admin 25.01.2013. 20:15

Back in the olden days, wrestlers would have to go through a territorial system before they rose to the limelight. It is through these territories that they would learn their craft and absorb the advice and experience of the aging veterans who were on their way out and wanted the next generation to prosper. This experience in front of large crowds and room to experiment was invaluable to their career, as if they were talented enough to get a push, they had the ability to get over. It should also be said that there were more options pre 2001 than there are today. Now wrestlers are taken fresh out of wrestling camp, stationed for about a month or two in WWE's developmental territory where they learn the skills that WWE needs, and then are thrown to the dogs. Those years of development and getting experience are gone now, so the percentage of failure is astronomical. If you don't go to WWE or are thrusted into TNA, you have to either go to the vastly inferior and politically currupt Ring of Honor. If one tries their hand at TNA, they are generally not able to go to WWE due to the massive ego Vince has. If they are accepted into WWE, they are held down so Vince can send a message that his boys are much more superior to any other wrestling businesses. 97 percent of wrestlers today don't have the technical or storytelling prowess to be a success in Japan nor the knowhow to thrive in that enviornment , so generally that is not an option. This is one of the largest reasons that so many pushes fail today because due to Vince killing the territorial system when he raided talent to build his empire after his dad died in the 80s, many wrestlers simply aren't ready. Notice that in the past 5 years, the only new people to ascend to superstardom are Sheamous, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Sheamous is an anonyme to the general rule and a unusual talent in the wrestling world of today, but CM Punk developed his character through ROH/Ohio Valley Wrestling and failed in TNA, and Daniel Bryan had the elite technical prowess to carve his craft abroad and in ROH. Other wrestlers pushes who succeeded were given to already established wrestlers.

The other main primary reason pushes are failing and fans aren't interested in the characters wrestlers portray is lack of originality. The year is 2013, and through that time fans have seen such a plethora of unique gimmicks and talent that there isn't much that is concievable to see. This is particularly true of the mid to late 90s, where a very diverse field of wrestlers got over ranging from Undertaker to the psychotic mentally unstable/hardcore Mankind to the squash beast Bill Goldberg to the ultimate blue collar anti hero Steve Austin. This is not to mention the gimmick filled midcard WWE had in the attitude era. Now when wrestlers are supposed to be presented as fresh, we yawn at people like Ryback, who is just a lesser version of Goldberg or Brotus Clay, who is just a dull combo of Rikishi and the godfather. Damien Sandow is a talented wrestler, yet he seems to be labeled as the reincarnation of the genius. People like originality and total package talent, hence why CM Punk has gotten over and is a top 3 pushed talent in WWE.

A third and often overlooked reason that fans are turned off is the media explosion of wrestling. The internet has wisened fans to the industry where most people know the basics how to evaluate wrestlers and industry terms that previously were only available if you bought PWI. With so many all time greats and veterans writing books that serve as memoirs of their time in the industry and the internet, fans are wiser than ever and more critical of the product, so if you can't take a backbump like Henning, work like HBK or cut a promo like Austin, you are overrated and not worthy of push. Fans loved the attitude era, fail to realize that the talent pool of wrestlers was a once in a lifetime collection of talent and innovativtion. Still they use that era as a measuring stick and since the product will never be up to those standards set, alot of fans will be turned off to the product.


Lauren 19.04.2009. 00:58

What star sign(s) is a career person likes to sort their career out first then everything else follows? Array


Admin 19.04.2009. 00:58

Capricorn rules the career in the natural chart Saturn ruled are business oriented.


Curious 4 Eyes 16.03.2010. 03:12

If Kane had wanted to would he be a main eventer of the same level as The Undertaker? If Kane hadn't chosen to put over wrestlers, would he be able to main event Wrestlemanias and be in the same level as The Undertaker?

BQ- Do you think CM Punk qill ever main event a wrestlemania?

Curious 4 Eyes

Admin 16.03.2010. 03:12

Believe it or not, my Dad and I were actually talking about this today. We we were watching last week's episode of Smackdown and how he was facing Luke Gallows, and my Dad commented that there was just nothing to Kane anymore, and the more I think about it, he's right.

When I look back ten or 11 years, Kane was an absolute monster. I mean, the guy was right up there with Steve Austin, The Rock and The Undertaker as one of the business' biggest names. It's a shame that he's lost so much of his shine in recent years.

Now, we've all heard about about Kane's desire to put over younger talent, and that is indeed very admirable, but I would have liked to still see him as a main event fixture today. Man, I remember back when he first debuted, he was booked to absolute perfection. His entrance into the WWF, with that win over Mankind, was awesome. Plus, remember the eerie red light that used to happen during all his matches at the start of his career? His initial feud with The Undertaker was just excellent, all the way through. Their Wrestlemania match, that first ever inferno was all spectacular. They really put on a feud for the ages. I remember him destroying Vader with that wrench, and beating Austin in that first blood match for the WWF Championship. God, looking back on it now, I can't believe how great he was booked.

If Kane had pushed to remain in the main event spotlight, like guys such as Austin, The Undertaker and Triple H, there's no doubt he would have stayed there. He was a huge star, right up there with those guys, and he was a draw.

BQ: I don't think so, but I wouldn't rule it out either. Punk seems to be settling into his role as an upper-mid card type heel who can slot into the main event for a PPV here and there. Now, things can change dramatically in a few years for any wrestler, so I wouldn't say it's impossible, but Punk seems to have dropped lately.


xxOctoberSkyxx 25.07.2010. 05:21

Where Can I Get a Talent Agent? I would like to know where i could get a talent agent.
I live in Texas.
I have never had a talent agent before so i was wondering where you could get one near 76544 Killeen,TX


Admin 25.07.2010. 05:21

Until you have some professional experience, you won't be able to find a legitimate agent to represent you. Casting directors contact agents when they're looking for talent because they know agents will send them qualified professionals who know what's expected of them on the set. If an agent sent someone who hadn't proven her experience in a professional environment, his reputation would be compromised and casting directors would never do business with him again. The agents and agencies that claim they'll represent amateurs are con artists who make their money by selling classes, head shots and other useless promotional materials. Legitimate agents never ask for money up front, since they work on commission and are only paid when their clients are. They earn a percentage of what their clients are paid for jobs. Since their own livings are dependent on the caliber of their clients, agents can't risk representing amateurs.

If you're interested in acting, contact a local theater and inquire about classes. Just about everyone you see on TV and in movies started out in community theater, since it's the only place an aspiring actor can learn while gaining the experience needed to access other opportunities. If you show that you're talented and committed to learning and mastering the craft of acting, you'll be considered for roles in upcoming productions. Once you've appeared in a few of those, you'll have the experience required to shop for an agent who may be able to find you other work. Most stage actors also work in commercials, TV and movies, so your theater peers will be able to recommend agents when you're ready to take that step.

If you're interested in a music career, you don't need an agent, since you'll arrange your own bookings directly through club owners. Music is a very do-it-yourself business and to attract record label attention, you'll have to perform original music regularly and prove that you can draw large crowds. It's less about talent than it is about selling music, so record labels use an artist's ability to draw crowds to determine whether or not he/she is ready to be signed. The exception to that rule would be teen idols who are chosen not on the basis of talent, but because they can be marketed very briefly at young audiences. But their careers end as soon as their audience grows up, since they rarely have anything to offer besides youth appeal. That's why very few teenage stars are remembered at all once they're adults. (If you don't believe me, do a Google search of the words "whatever happened to teen idols" and you'll find decades of examples.)

If you're interested in modeling, you'll have to be a model before an agency will represent you. Most models start their careers at the local level, doing print ads for local or regional retailers that advertise where they live. If you call the main office of a regional store (not a national or international one, since they hire models through major agencies), you can find out how they choose models. If you're picked, you'll begin building a portfolio you can later take to agencies to show that you're qualified to be sent to photo shoots. The photographers who shoot print ads work with many corporate clients, so if they like your work, they'll recommend you for other jobs, enabling you to expand your professional portfolio.

Be very careful, since there are more fraudulent agencies than legitimate ones. John Casablancas, John Robert Powers, and a ton of other agencies have neither the ability nor the intention of finding anyone work. They're predators who expolit people's hopes and dreams by charging obscene amounts of money for classes they claim will lead to employment. If you do searches for those agencies with the word "scam" in the search engine, you'll find countless complaints from people who've been ripped off. Legitimate agencies NEVER ask for any money in advance, since they're providing a service. If anyone says you have to pay up front, run in the opposite direction before you're robbed.

Here's some evidence about fake agencies, including Casablancas and JRP:


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