Business & Career Success: Know Your Ruling Star!

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Business and Career Success: Know Your Ruling Star!
by James Clayton Napier

"Know your Ruling Star. One man is better received by one nation than another, or is one welcome by one city than another. He finds more luck in one office or position than in another, and all though his qualifications are equal or even identical. Let each man know his luck as well as his talents. Follow your guiding star and help it without mistaking any other for it. Know how to transplant yourself. There are nations with whom one must cross their borders to make one's value felt."
- Balthasar Gracian, (Spain, 1600's)

Have you ever felt, "Here I am, best job I ever had, good money, an excellent career move - but, what in the world am I doing here where I feel so alone and out-of-place with my surroundings? How did this happen to me?"

I've been there, because someone offered me a job and I accepted, knowing ahead-of-time, intuitively I wouldn't feel at home in the town and surroundings.

Or - maybe you love your location but, sadly, are unable to find any openings in your field. I've been there also. Looking back on my years in Austin, Texas, I can't believe the number of short-term, soul-emptying jobs I tried very hard and unsuccessfully do to. My job-duration ranged from only two hours (which was long enough when you hate what you are doing!) to several months (each day seeming like an eternity) before my opportunities in broadcasting finally came.

It's a rare person these days who is able to say, "I love this community, love my home, love the work I do, get along great with my business colleagues and supervisors. How do you beat perfection?"

There is a wonderful quote I repeated to myself many, many times during my ups and downs in Texas.

"Hence the first principle in changing one's character is to seek another environment, to let new forces play upon our unused chords, and draw from us a better music." - Will Durant

That's what I wanted! I wanted another location - another place - where new forces could play upon my unused chords and draw from me a better music.

"There are nations with whom one must cross their borders to make one's value felt." - Gracian

Yes! Yes! Yes! That's what I wanted. To cross borders and feel my native talents valued again.

"Know your Ruling Star," the Spanish priest Gracian wrote in The Art of Worldly Wisdom. "One man is better received by one nation than another, or is one welcome by one city than another. He finds more luck in one office or position than in another, and all though his qualifications are equal or even identical."

We are better received in certain locations or areas than in others, welcomed when we show up, and we most certainly do find more luck in one place than another.

"But where, where, where is THAT PLACE?" I wondered.

In Texas, for every 100% plus I gave in my career, the returns (feeling valued, appreciated, and being monetarily rewarded), always fell short.

I hosted a noon talk show for awhile at an Austin TV station. Our ratings were great. The guests I booked were top names in the literary, entertainment, self-improvement, and political arenas.

After our ratings came in one spring, I couldn't believe how well the show was doing.

Several days later, however, the General Manager wanted to see me.

After all the years of my show's success, he said, "James, I can't complain about your ratings. That's good for ad revenue, but I finally got a chance to see your show yesterday. As you know I only have a tenth grade education, never finished high school, started in sales, worked my way up to where I am today." He beamed proudly, "I didn't understand it."

I knew when he said, "I didn't understand it," my show was doomed.
The GM was the standard by which all business decisions at our stations were made.

I wanted to call him, "Idiot," but restrained myself.

My favorite line in Texas TV came from a female news director who told me, "You have a master's degree. We don't need people that smart to do the news." I never worked at that station.

"Let each man know his luck as well as his talents. Follow your guiding star and help it without mistaking any other for it. Know how to transplant yourself," Gracian reminds us.

Know how to transplant yourself!

Finally, I did transplant myself, once again. It was time to move from the newsroom and go into teaching; use, finally, that masters degree referred to earlier that wasn't needed to report the news.

"There is a simple answer to the question 'What is the purpose of our individual lives?" A.J. Ayer wrote. "They have whatever purpose we succeed in putting into them."

Yet, if you believe you are being guided by and toward a higher destiny, as I do, use what others know (their gifts and resources) to inform and enlighten yourself.

I've also successfully used relocation astrology as an essential tool to follow my guiding star. Through my sessions with Cait Benten,who specializes in relocation astrology, I'm close, very close at last, to finding the balance of the "right place" and the "right work" combined.

"This time, like all other times, is a very good one, if we but know what to do with it." --Ralph Waldo Emerson

About the Author

James has enjoyed a career as an award-winning television communicator and as a university professor. He shared meaning-filled conversations with film stars, recording artists, US Presidents and first ladies, state governors, world-famous authors, scientists, and people from most every walk of life.


dezee 06.11.2008. 01:30

What would Marilyn Monroe have been prohibited from doing during her life? For a project I have to write about something that Marilyn Monroe was prohibited from doing. I can't come up with anything since she broke all the rules. Oh, and it also has to be in Spanish. If you could think of something, but don't know how to say it in Spanish, that's ok too.

ya, I know. Weird assignment, huh?


Admin 06.11.2008. 01:30

Well, I don't know Spanish, but I'll try to come up with a few points in English:

Marilyn was prohibited from being perceived as a serious actress because of the stereotype that she was a dumb blonde, which stemmed from her comedic dumb blonde roles, and the common stereotype that sex symbols were not serious actresses or lacked talent. Marilyn worked hard to improve the roles she was given; in the 1955, she quit her studio, Fox, at the peak of her career after challenging the executives who worked there on the basis of artistic rights, and left Hollywood to study at the Actor's Studio in New York. She then became the first woman to establish her own production company, Marilyn Monroe Productions, which she produced Bus Stop with, a drama she received good reviews for. However, its success was minimal, and she never received the recognition she desired, despite being highly praised by some of the top actors and directors in the business and receiving various acting awards.

Marilyn was prohibited from delivering a child to term due to a uterine disorder, endometriosis, which developed at an early age (she had severe menstrual pains). This is a problem that particularly in her later life, would plague her, and contribute to her growing depression. (Her third husband, Arthur Miller, said she felt inadequate as a woman due to this). Her three miscarriages brought her a lot of misery.

Marilyn was prohibited from leading a happy and normal childhood, due to the fact that her father left her mother before her birth, and the fact that her mother was admitted to a psychiatric institution when Marilyn was a small child. Living with various foster parents and an orphanage, Marilyn never rid herself of her feelings of abandonment and feared becoming like her mother-insane and alone. She felt this particularly after being admitted to a psychiatric institution herself in 1961, and also having her husband, Arthur Miller, leave her in the same year. Being prohibited from a stable childhood meant that Marilyn was prohibited from reaching her full potential as an adult, and in turn, finding lasting happiness.

Due to her untimely death (whether intentional, accidental, or murder), fate prohibited Marilyn from living into old age. She once said that suicide is a person's privilege, but that doesn't get you anywhere, for you will never wholly know yourself. This unfortunately became the case for Marilyn, and because of this, she is forever viewed as a tragic figure. Although she achieved her dream of being a star adored by millions, she never found personal satisfaction, within herself or her relationships.

This is just off the top of my head, I could ramble some more if you like.


Dan M 07.05.2010. 23:02

How do I start a solo music career? So I have been in a few bands that didn't work, and now I'm doing a solo acoustic project. Since things will go much faster, what should I do to get started? I mean like, demos, EPs, and other releases wise.

Dan M

Admin 07.05.2010. 23:02

You'll probably need a demo to get bookings unless you're known for your work with your previous bands. But there's no need to rush about recording an EP unless you're sure you'll have no trouble selling them. It makes sense to play some shows first and begin developing a following, essentially creating a demand for your music. When people start returning to your shows to hear more, you'll have something to sell them that they can play for their friends, which will help you build your fan base.

A lot of people send CDs of themselves to record labels hoping to be discovered, but that's not how the industry works. Those CDs wind up unopened in dumpsters, since labels receive thousands of them every day and aren't in the business of finding talent. They're in the business of selling music, so labels are only interested in signing artists who've proven they have widespread appeal. The vast majority of the time, that means playing live shows until you've got a substantial following. The industry revolves around buzz, so if you're making a splash in your region of the country, record companies will hear about it with no effort on your part (other than making music). That's why it's not uncommon for a musician who draws crowds to suddenly find himself in the middle of a bidding war between record labels. Basically, by the time you're big enough to get signed, the music industry will already know who you are.

Teen idols and singers marketed exclusively at kids are the exception to that rule, since they're chosen more for having a certain look or attitude that's marketable than for their musicality. In those cases, the performers, rather than the music, are the products. That's why it's very rare for a teen star to find any success as an adult.


The Ghost Hunter 25.01.2013. 20:15

How You can make new stars but, They can't even get a reaction?+BQ? I mean It always taking while to get reaction from the fans. They can't cut a promo or don't have charisma. I don't really care that, If They're great wrestlers still can't impressed the fans often. I like wrestlers who can really cut a great promo or Having Charisma.

It's very funny to me, All the wrestling promotions have more reaction wwe right now. I know people really cares that's Techincal wrestling and great matches besides promos. This is your own opinion. This is very hard to lot of people.

BQ Are You surprised that Tna had won the best weekly show of the year and still the worst promotion of the year ?

I believe wwe should been called the worst promotion of the year but, Voting is really stupid to me anyway though.

The Ghost Hunter

Admin 25.01.2013. 20:15

Back in the olden days, wrestlers would have to go through a territorial system before they rose to the limelight. It is through these territories that they would learn their craft and absorb the advice and experience of the aging veterans who were on their way out and wanted the next generation to prosper. This experience in front of large crowds and room to experiment was invaluable to their career, as if they were talented enough to get a push, they had the ability to get over. It should also be said that there were more options pre 2001 than there are today. Now wrestlers are taken fresh out of wrestling camp, stationed for about a month or two in WWE's developmental territory where they learn the skills that WWE needs, and then are thrown to the dogs. Those years of development and getting experience are gone now, so the percentage of failure is astronomical. If you don't go to WWE or are thrusted into TNA, you have to either go to the vastly inferior and politically currupt Ring of Honor. If one tries their hand at TNA, they are generally not able to go to WWE due to the massive ego Vince has. If they are accepted into WWE, they are held down so Vince can send a message that his boys are much more superior to any other wrestling businesses. 97 percent of wrestlers today don't have the technical or storytelling prowess to be a success in Japan nor the knowhow to thrive in that enviornment , so generally that is not an option. This is one of the largest reasons that so many pushes fail today because due to Vince killing the territorial system when he raided talent to build his empire after his dad died in the 80s, many wrestlers simply aren't ready. Notice that in the past 5 years, the only new people to ascend to superstardom are Sheamous, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk. Sheamous is an anonyme to the general rule and a unusual talent in the wrestling world of today, but CM Punk developed his character through ROH/Ohio Valley Wrestling and failed in TNA, and Daniel Bryan had the elite technical prowess to carve his craft abroad and in ROH. Other wrestlers pushes who succeeded were given to already established wrestlers.

The other main primary reason pushes are failing and fans aren't interested in the characters wrestlers portray is lack of originality. The year is 2013, and through that time fans have seen such a plethora of unique gimmicks and talent that there isn't much that is concievable to see. This is particularly true of the mid to late 90s, where a very diverse field of wrestlers got over ranging from Undertaker to the psychotic mentally unstable/hardcore Mankind to the squash beast Bill Goldberg to the ultimate blue collar anti hero Steve Austin. This is not to mention the gimmick filled midcard WWE had in the attitude era. Now when wrestlers are supposed to be presented as fresh, we yawn at people like Ryback, who is just a lesser version of Goldberg or Brotus Clay, who is just a dull combo of Rikishi and the godfather. Damien Sandow is a talented wrestler, yet he seems to be labeled as the reincarnation of the genius. People like originality and total package talent, hence why CM Punk has gotten over and is a top 3 pushed talent in WWE.

A third and often overlooked reason that fans are turned off is the media explosion of wrestling. The internet has wisened fans to the industry where most people know the basics how to evaluate wrestlers and industry terms that previously were only available if you bought PWI. With so many all time greats and veterans writing books that serve as memoirs of their time in the industry and the internet, fans are wiser than ever and more critical of the product, so if you can't take a backbump like Henning, work like HBK or cut a promo like Austin, you are overrated and not worthy of push. Fans loved the attitude era, fail to realize that the talent pool of wrestlers was a once in a lifetime collection of talent and innovativtion. Still they use that era as a measuring stick and since the product will never be up to those standards set, alot of fans will be turned off to the product.


Kuthi Kamini 02.09.2011. 22:59

how to open my own beauty salon? before i do that tho...

im doing criminology taking it for 2 years... want to become a probation officer with that

and then i was thikning becoming an esthetician.. or even medical.... But
i want to own one because i want to be in charge. ok thanks.

Oh and is it possible to have 2 careers like that? Ok thanks

Kuthi Kamini

Admin 02.09.2011. 22:59

First off, yes it is possible to have two careers like that.

Do your research and ensure that you will be able to manage all aspects of running your own business. Go to your local bank or enterprise aid organization and meet with someone who can talk you through the financial and accounting aspects of the business. These organizations will also be able to provide you with a template for a business plan which is a vital tool in your project as it will give you all the information you need to be aware of in running your own business. The best therapist in the world will fail if not properly equipped to deal with the administrative side of the business. Once you feel you understand the burden of administration you can decide if you can handle it yourself or need to budget for a part time bookkeeper or receptionist/administrator to help you.

Be aware of health codes and local legislation. You could be shut down before you even open your doors if you can't get a pass by a health inspector. Ensure that you have all the equipment and supplies to follow the health code, as well as the expertise to uphold it. Also, some states have different rules than others. Can you cut cuticles? Shave callus? Double check before opening.

Choose the right location. Location is critical to the success of your business. You need a location that is strategically situated on one of the busiest streets in your area, if not in a mall. Some salons employing well-known hair stylists (e.g. "stylists to the stars") can put their business anywhere and clients will still flock to them. If you don?t have a well-established reputation in the business and a long list of loyal clientele, find a high-profile location with an easy access from all parts of town.

Create a clean and safe atmosphere. Salons thrive on an environment that is clean, safe and relaxing, where customers can receive prompt and professional service. Cleanliness is a particularly important element that can draw clients in again and again. Be sure your towels, foot baths, and other equipments are washed, clean and odor-free. Your clients must be able to trust that the products and tools that you use on them are of top-notch quality and safe. You cannot afford to put your clients at risk from infections, as it could damage your reputation.


SouthPaw 11.08.2009. 16:43

What is a person born on Jan 1st like? thnz


Admin 11.08.2009. 16:43

Saturn rules the practical sign of Capricorn and controls the month of January. You are strongly motivated to succeed and gain a position of power in your life. You are gifted with computers and you possess strong organizational principles. More than any other sign of the Zodiac you strive for respect and accomplishment in your career. Saturn is a karmic planet and rules your life, thus you must avoid nurturing depressing thoughts. The part of God in you is much stronger than the stars you inherited, and you do have power over the universal mind.

You were born in the middle of the winter when nature was asleep. You must have realized early on, that nothing would come easily to you. Like the goat slowly but surely and against all odds (cold/wind/snow) you must climb towards the top of the mountain.

You are attracted to power and successful people and you may marry into wealth. Emotional and sensitive, you are very responsible and protective of the family circle. However you must learn to openly communicate your deep feelings. Your real gifts are Astropsychology, electronics, and any career supported by Uncle Sam. Your natal Dragon can propel you to the highest position and supreme power. But your challenge is to open up to the intangible world of the spirit and its accompanying Universal rules. Your natural tendency to organize people and business at all times could hinder your sensitivity to others.

Capricorns are good homemakers and adept with investments. As a rule you favor a successful business environment where you can apply your tremendous organizational gifts. A word of caution for Capricorn: Be aware of those wild acquaintances willing to help you to climb the ladder of success. Remember to respect the Universal Law , as your awareness of Moon planning will become a major contribution for happiness and success.


MR ANFIELD ACES 03.05.2010. 15:33

What is/were the reason(s) for the abrupt end to Arsenals dominance since 2004? *** PLEASE FOLKS - IF PATIENT, READ !!! ****

I have been of the opinion that, quite simply - Jose Mourinho arrived at Stamford Bridge and coupled with Abra's 's and Ranieri's stars, he simply steered them to the top, like a steam engine that simply woudn't be stopped - trampling Manchester United and former champions Arsenal along the way.

It was almost as if a new 'bad a55' was in town, and in a somewhat arrogant and cruel fashion, toppled Wenger's Arsenal off their Gold Throne - and sat on it for themselves making it perfectly clear, it was now THEM to be feared, it was THEM you had to beat and aspire to be like.

That was the impression I got, i'd never seen something like this before in English football either to be honest with you.

Throughout 2003/04, all the rage was 'Arsenal still have not lost a game - they are unbeatable, they are 'invincibile'....Henry was at the pinnacle of his footballing career, Viera too. Reyes, Bergkamp and a then world class Freddy Ljundburg with support from equally impressionable stars on the bench.

They say United knocked us off our perch, maybe so.

Is it far fetched to then say, Chelsea did exactly the same thing to Arsenal - in that, up until the fall of 2004, they were quite simply the 2nd best London club to Arsenal, or the 'nearly men' of the EPL. Over night almost, it felt as if - an Old King (Wenger) and his army had been toppled by a Mourinho and his army, I feel as though Chelsea HAVE taken the title as the #1 London club in the EPL, and are no longer equals or inferiors to Arsenal.

Arsenal living in Chelsea's shadows since 2004 ? Fair observation and assessment ?

who would have thought Chelsea, who under Ranieri - came 2nd in the 2003/04 season - would go on to win the English League Title the following year, in the most dominating fashion like not seen since 88 by Liverpool ?

It is my belief, that Arsenal will not win the league title in this decade and that they had their mini-era of success, the infamous two-horse races with United for the title, are long gone. United will now perhaps be wary of a new 'big bad a55' in town, sheikh Mansours 'Manchester city' , who lets face it - have more financial power than Abra's Chelsea and are the more likely candidates to stamp their name on the EPL trophy in this decade.

Therefore for the next 2 seasons, the two GENUINE title contenders will remain Chelsea and Manchester United, with Manchester City ascending and slowly becoming a serious threat.

Expect Manchester City to join the list of 'Genuine Title Contenders' by 2013/14, and we now have 3 clubs in England from which, you'd be hard pressed to choose from - in terms of winning the EPL. These three will be the 3 Heavyweights of the EPL. Season in Season out, the title will be fought contested by these three.

Expect Arsenal and Liverpool to be EQUALLY as good, and neither side superior than the other, and both will be 'dark horses' , with an oppertunity to win the title, but only being able to contend to a certain point in the league until - their title aspirations blow up in smoke before their very eyes. (If u think thats silly, how often has this happened in the past 5 years to Arsenal ???)

Teir 1 - Man Utd, Chelsea, Man City

Tier 2 - Arsenal, Liverpool

Tier 3 - Spurs, Villa, 'possibly' Blackburn, Everton' too.

the gap between Teir 2 and Teir 3 clubs will be miniscule and expect seasonal shocks where any of the tier 3 clubs start knocking either Arsenal or Liverpool of their positions in the table.

We can't be ruled out, we need to just win one - in w/e fashion that may be, if we can get a run going of 20+ games unbeaten that starts POST xmas, from January till may in future and clinch a title on the last few days or so, thats good enough. We can build on that and use that as our springboard to start a new chapter in our clubs history.

Arsenal i feel, won't win the league because psychologicaly they are now firmly under Chelsea's control and perhaps now, in their shadow.

thoughts and opinions on this folks.


Admin 03.05.2010. 15:33

In my opinion, the clubs which boast the strongest youth academies and have the best business minds at work looking after the financial side of the clubs wellbeing, are going to stand a chance to win trophies year in year out, and compete for honours regular basis.

Manchester United established themselves as permanent heavyweights of England since 1993, because they reaped the awards the most for winning the inaugural premier league and kept winning them regularly and qualifying in a then more rigid champions league.

back then the champions league was just that, the champions league.

Only the clubs that won the leagues of their land, would enter this tournament and compete against one another - to claim the prize which was, the Kings of Europe - the European champions Cup.

The problem was that by not allowing more teams to enter this competition, you were in danger of making club football in Europe - biased, and imbalanced in terms of financial power distribution amongst clubs.

For the first few seasons after 1993, Manchester United cashed in on their early success and Sir Alex probably knew eventually they'd start to let in teams who finish as 'best runners up' in their leagues, and eventually allow 3rd and 4th place spots in the subsequent future.

So he saw to it that he'd win as much silverware with the club before that happened.

The deviation in terms of wealth between all clubs in England began to increase year by year, until as you put it - we began to have 'tier based' clubs, based solely on how rich they were.

United got a headstart over everybody, until Jack Walker pumped in his 's into Blackburn to help Kenny Dalglish challenge and then win the 1994/95 Premier League, thanks to us of course on the penultimate day of that season.

United during that period also produced one of the finest if not the best youth academies in England, if not Europe and possibly the world.

they churn out the best youth products from their system, and are rivalled only by Real Madrid, Ac Milan, Barcelona, Roma and Juventus.

SAF may retire - but hes already sewn the seeds for a 3rd generation Manchester United, which will continue the proud tradition of keeping the Scousers in their shadows.

Unless Rafa gets it right and wins the league for Liverpool, I fear it will be this way for this decade too.

I gave you a detailed answer because you put the effort into your question with well written award winning novel...


WS Historian 10.07.2012. 12:04

Can Sting ever be in the same league with WWE's Top Legends the fact he never worked for WWE +BQ? This is no disrespect to Sting at all. I know that he's a Legendary figure and I've learnt a lot about him. In fact, I knew that he was one of the greatest of all time in Pro Wrestling history and had one of the most storied career of all time.

But, there's one thing that he hadn't done and that's working for WWE. I know it's ridilicious to say you can't be the best without ever working for WWE. But, that's actually the truth. Like it or not, WWE is by far the biggest promotion on earth now and to be the best and known worldwide, you had to work there or at least ever working there. This is a different story from greats like Lou Thesz who never worked for WWE, back in his era WWE was never big like today. But today it is, and like it or not, working there is really required to have such a great legacy in Pro Wrestling.

Other big name stars like Goldberg, Booker T, etc had worked for WWE. Sure, they would never be able to be in the same league with WWE's Top Legends, but Sting is totally different. Sting is WCW's biggest star, WCW's franchise and cornerstone.

Had Sting ever worked for WWE, even just for 1 year maybe, he would be known worldwide even more and there's no doubt that he will be in the same league with WWE's Top Legends the likes of The Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Andre The Giant, etc.

But, with never going to WWE, Sting had been considered by many as the big fish in a little pond. And I can't agree more with that. Although his reason of never want to work for WWE is very excuseable, I believe more people won't take this excuse and think him having no balls to go to WWE.

In my opinion, in Pro Wrestling history Sting's Legacy will never be in the same league with those WWE greats, no matter how much of a Legend he is. Sting would still be a Legend in Pro Wrestling, but maybe in Kane's or Big Show's level.

What do you think?

BQ : Is The Undertaker in 1999 as Corporate Ministry leader one of the greatest heel WWE has ever had? And do you think he's such a great cheater/rule breaker?
BQ2 : Since I never watched TNA, I don't know how many times World Champion Sting is recognized by the organization. I knew he actually was a 12 time World Champion (6 WCW, 2 NWA, and 4 TNA). But, how many times World Champion he's recognized by TNA currently?

WS Historian

Admin 10.07.2012. 12:04

Sting indeed has has no chance to be listed with the legends who reigned in the WWE. WWE, no matter how badly you bash it and criticize it, it still remains the planet's most watched and most well known wrestling show. We must not take this lightly, if you go outside to the hundreds of wrestling fans, they will (most of them) say that WWE is their most watched wrestling show, and this excludes the more learned fans (those who know wrestling outside the boundaries of WWE only). So why would Sting, abeit being such a renowned wrestling in pro wrestling, never reach the likes of WWE's stars? Very simple: lack of credibility. I agree with what you say, birng in the top fighters from all the world, but WWE is the place where their legacy will shine the most. Just look at guys like Stone Cold, The Rock, Big Show, Chris Benoit etc. hell if they were ever in shows like TNA, NJPW etc do you think people would actually care? No. The very reason they have gone so far in their career in terms of popularity is due to the fact that they worked for the WWE.

A recent example would be Daniel Bryan, I saw him wrestle at ROH before he stepped into WWE, he was a great wrestler back there, but you never heard his name mentioned here much, neither did you hear him in wrestling forums as such, but after his bursting into the WWE, look where he is now. He is known by the greater masses of wrestling (and WWE fans) than he was ever before. Why? Because I think what WWE does is "distributes" the fame and achievements of the wrestlers and makes them well known. They extensively advertise the wrestler until even the most recent wrestling fan can say "Oh I know Daniel Bryan, he's the guy who works at WWE...."

But this cannot be said for Sting, the only reason he is talked about so much is because of his impact at WCW and eventually getting back into the business with the help of TNA, but aside from that, very few people "know" Sting's legacy in pro wrestling. The first thing that comes up in their mind is a flashy guy with a jacket and facepaint, thats all. I'm not saying EVERYONE think of him this way, but trust me, a whole majority of "wrestling fans" do, especially WWE fans. Me myself, I got to know more about Sting through research, you really think I could know so much through what I just watch on the TV alone? Never. Its kinda weird because I used to confuse Jeff Hardy with Sting (mainly due to the facepaint), but you see? If Sting, as you said, even if he worked for a year, heck maybe even half a year, and he got distributed well (advertisement, memes, blogs etc.) he could've been a major attraction to a whole lot of fans. Its not necessarily "being in the same league", because we both know that Sting IS in the same league as the guys such as Stone Cold, Cena, Hogan, but its more of a "getting well known" factor. In today's world EVERYTHING depends on how well know you are, from musicians to celebrities, everything depends on how and to what reaches your influence goes. So far as we know, WWE is the world's most well known wrestling plant, how can Sting, being such a historic wrestler, achieve great success like The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels without stepping in the business? He can't.

So for conclusion, you are right, we say "WWE this" and "WWE that" and try to put it down, but if they do one job to perfection then it is the fact that they market their products and wrestlers to such an extent that the very fact that you come to WWE lives on as a legacy. Sting, unfortunately, despite his great career at WCW, didn't get to be in WWE, or else I'm sure he would be far more credible in the eyes of many wrestling fans than he is now.

BQ: I think he was a VERY influential heel, he did what a heel should, which led to his cheating/rule breaking characteristics, he was indeed one of the best I've ever seen, added with his awesome gimmick. But as far as rule breaking and cheating goes (which he did really well), personally for me it made him less credible. I know heels are SUPPOSED to be like that, but I looked at The Undertaker as a heel who didn't need to cheat/break rules to win, which would've seemed cooler, but in general, yes, I love him.

BQ2: Sting is recognized as a 14-time World Champion as of late.


Mary N 29.08.2006. 00:25

Who is better CHER or Sonny/? Array

Mary N

Admin 29.08.2006. 00:25

G'day Mary N,

Thanks for your question.

Cher was the better performer and Sonny was the better politician although Sonny Bono wrote and produced a number of the hits.

Cher has won an Oscar, a Grammy, an Emmy and 3 Golden Globe Awards, among others.

She first rose to prominence in the mid 1960s as one half of the pop/rock duo Sonny & Cher. She also established herself as a solo artist, releasing 26 albums, numerous compilations and achieving 22 Top 40 hits, (including 12 Top 10 hits) over her career. She became a successful television star in the 1970s and a serious film actress in the 1980s. In 1988, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in the romantic comedy Moonstruck.

Her 2002-2005 Living Proof Farewell Tour became the highest grossing concert tour ever by a female artist. In early 2008, Cher will debut a new live stage show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas that will be housed in her own exclusive concert theatre.

In a career that has now surpassed 40 years, Cher has emerged a pop-culture icon and one of the greatest entertainers of all time.

Sonny Bono was an American record producer, singer, actor, and politician whose career spanned over three decades.
Later in the same decade, he achieved commercial success, along with his then-wife Cher, as part of the singing duo Sonny and Cher. Bono wrote, arranged, and produced a number of hit records with singles like "I Got You Babe" and "The Beat Goes On," though Cher received more attention as the musical talent. Sonny and Cher starred in a popular television variety show, The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour, which ran on CBS from 1971 to 1974.

Bono continued his acting career, doing bit roles in such shows as Fantasy Island and The Love Boat. He played the part of a mad bomber in Airplane II: The Sequel and the part of Franklin von Tussle in John Waters's "Hairspray." In the film "Men In Black," Bono is one of several oddball celebrities seen on a wall of video screens that monitor extra-terrestrials living among us (others include politician Newt Gingrich and self-help guru Anthony Robbins).

Bono entered politics after experiencing great frustration with local government bureaucracy in trying to open a restaurant in Palm Springs, California. With conservative talk radio host Marshall Gilbert as his campaign manager (and later as the godfather of his two children by his wife, Mary), Bono placed a successful bid to become the new mayor of Palm Springs. He was instrumental in making the city more business-friendly and in spearheading the creation of the Palm Springs International Film Festival, now held each year in Bono's memory.

After unsuccessfully running for the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate in 1992, Bono was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 1994 to represent California's 44th District. He introduced the controversial Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act during his tenure to benefit the music industry.

He championed the restoration of the Salton Sea, bringing the giant lake's plight to national attention. Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich made a public appearance and speech at the shore of the lake on Bono's behalf.

In their book "Tell Newt to Shut Up", David Maraniss and Michael Weisskopf credit Bono with being the first person to recognize Gingrich's public relations problems in 1995. Drawing on his long experience as a celebrity and entertainment producer, Bono (according to Maraniss and Weisskopf) recognized that Gingrich's status had changed from politician to celebrity, and that Gingrich was not making allowances for that change:

"You're a celebrity now," he told Gingrich. "The rules are different for celebrities. I know it. I've been there. I've been a celebrity. I used to be a bigger celebrity. But let me tell you, you're not being handled right. This is not political news coverage. This is celebrity status. You need handlers. You need to understand what you're doing. You need to understand the attitude of the media toward celebrities."

Maraniss and Weisskopf go on to say that Gingrich did not heed Bono's advice.

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sanskaar 20.10.2006. 11:04

i need to know about my job prospects.? my DOB is 26.3.1979, delhi at 8:02pm. I would truly appreciate genuine replies from astrologers.


Admin 20.10.2006. 11:04

My analysis of your chart is according to Western Astrology.

Just from a quick glance, you seem to have an excellent chart. There is promise of great success in life. However, it's possible you may find life too easy and take things for granted, with the result that you do not strive for any goals, and may end up just drifting here and there.

Since you asked only about career, I will concentrate on that.

Firstly, your Ascendant is at 25 degrees Libra, and conjuncts the fixed star Spica. This can be interpreted thus: your face is your fortune. You are likely to use your looks or personality to become successful in life. "Unbounded good fortune, riches, happiness, ecclesiastical preferment, unexpected honour or advancement beyond native's hopes or capacity" - Vivian Robson.

You have a Libra personality and appearance. Venus rules your Ascendant as well as trines it. You are probably very good-looking - handsome if a male, beautiful if female. (Sorry, I can't tell your gender from your name). Libra gives you a good build, straight, tall, slender, a round and lovely visage, a good complexion, with the hair smooth and stylish. Your Jupiter, Mercury and Moon give you superior intelligence and many capabilities.

Taking into account other factors in your chart, it is possible you will do very well in the arts, entertainment or business world. You may even become a well-known celebrity in your lifetime. You have the promise of a successful and brilliant career, and can rise to a very high level in your profession. You will receive favours from people in power or authority. You have a great deal of luck in career matters, and should make use of it. You will be very popular and adored by the public, but will be more famous in your homeland than overseas.

Your Career house is ruled by the Moon, which resides in your Creativity house. Your career will be in one or more of the following areas: the Sea, Water, Oil, Chemicals, Alcohol, Emotions, the Public, Business, Comforts, Houses, Land, Mothers, Females, Food, Cooking, Drama, Theatre, Entertainment, Recreation, Children, Gambling, Romance, Talent, Leadership, Management, Politics.

Because of input from your Aries Sun and your Mars next to your Moon, there may be elements of the following in your career: Health, Exercise, Sports, Teaching, Writing, Speaking, Sales, Marketing, Machinery, Military, Soldiers, Secretaries, Accounting, Servants, Housekeeping, Work, Duties.

And Jupiter in your Career house indicates connections to the following: Higher Education, Colleges, Law, Religion, Publishing, Foreign People and Places, Travel, Spiritualism, Gurus, Temples, Charities, Hospitals, Prisons, Debts, Sacrifices.

Your income will come from Scorpio related areas: Medicine, Surgery, Drugs, Crime, Weapons, Espionage, Forensics, Funerals, Insurance, Taxes, Corporations, Banks, Wills, Inheritances. And also from: Spiritualism, Gurus, Temples, Charities, Hospitals, Prisons, Debts, Sacrifices.

You will have early career success, whilst still in your youth. You will be able to maintain your wealth and prosperity steadily throughout life. However, the best part of your life, in general, will be after 40 years of age, when most of your successes will arrive.

Your Part Of Fortune is in your Personal house. Your fame and fortune will come through your personality, and through your own efforts and initiative.

However, because of the Grand Trine in your chart, you may take life easy and feel contented, with the result that you may eventually not achieve much. It could be that you have so many capabilities that you find it difficult to decide on your destiny. Try to ponder on what your purpose in this life is, and what you would really like to do. You are highly intelligent, and your skills and talents can benefit people everywhere.

You may be opposed in your career by your own family members, and possibly your children in future. Elderly or old-fashioned people and government officials also may not be supportive of your career. You will have secret enemies among servants and subordinates, who cause trouble behind your back. Beware of false friends in your circle. Stay away from weaknesses, such as addictions or bad habits, as your rivals will try to undermine your reputation using this.

Your career position is strong enough to ward off any serious troubles befalling you. However you should still take care, as once one's reputation is besmirched, it is difficult to repair it.

This is a brief forecast of future events, with emphasis on career. Each year starts from your birth month.

27 years
From November 2006, for about 1 year, your career brings an increase in income, and you will become wealthy during this time. Until mid 2006, you are able to build a strong career foundation, which will bring future successes. A minor career setback around October 2006; a career boost around January 2007, and also possible illness or money problem.

28 years
A good year for publicising yourself and consolidating your reputation. You may be commuting or travelling a lot. You may get into business or education. You may receive favours and gifts from family or friends, and can gain from houses and property. You will have little time for personal relationships or leisure. Significant, milestone career events around August 2007, October 2007 and January 2008.

29 years
Your public image and reputation will increase. You may acquire houses, land or buildings. You will make successful investments, or may receive a legacy. Personal relationships will suffer. A career promotion or transfer around July 2008.

30 years
Your fame continues to increase, and your professional position is established. You may occupy yourself heavily with the Arts or creative world. You may have, or be involved with, children at this time. There may also be romantic involvements. Health may not be good. You may have family problems, extra expenses and sacrifices. A positive public event in your career around July 2009, but also possible illness around August 2009; a career problem around November 2009.

31 years
Your workload will increase, and you may lead a large workforce. Your health may suffer; take care of the health. You may have career troubles due to health, investments, illnesses, or children. There may be some scandals at this time. A career step-up around April 2010, but luck is not good around July 2010 so avoid taking risks; another career boost around December 2010.

32 years
Your fame and reputation are sealed. You will be in the news and known even overseas. Your name and fame at this time will last you for the rest of your life. There is possibility of a marriage, or a business partnership. Positive career developments around March and July 2011, but beware of possible troubles or scandals around June 2011 and January 2012.

33 years
Your Midheaven (Career point) will conjunct fixed star Regulus. You will be elevated to a very high status, almost to that of a king, in your profession. You make many successful investments, and may receive substantial legacies or inheritances. You will also make donations, and purchase land or houses. A very significant career milestone in March 2012.

I hope you don't mind my saying so, but I believe you may be someone already well-known. Mind telling us at least what profession you are in?

Good luck! And Divali wishes!


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