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How do you start to plan your business? What is required?
What should you research? Where do you start? Use the
checklist below to guide you as you build a strong, solid
business foundation.

Check your Personal Foundation. Make sure you are ready
mentally, emotionally and financially to begin your new
-- Make the time.
-- Budget your income.
-- Create balance in your life.
-- Know your strengths, weaknesses, top 5 values and needs.
-- Order a copy of your credit report.
-- Choose your ideal business.

Get organized. Any new business venture will go more
smoothly if you know right from the start what you have to
offer, who you want to offer it to, and how you want your
business to be organized.
-- Read a few books on business start-ups and marketing
-- Check the need for your services.
-- Prepare a business plan and ideal client profile.
-- Price your service or product.
-- Develop a customer service policy.
-- Create an Operations Manual.
-- Plan for your office - location, supplies, utilities, and
set-up fees.

Develop a strong network and referral base. From support to
legal advice, starting your own business is never something
you do all by yourself.
-- Look for assistance: employee, independent contractor.
-- Legal: licensing, business type, contracts, trademarks,
copyrights, patent, service marks.
-- Build support: family, friends, business coach, consultant,
advisors, business and social networking.
-- Insurance: health, home, car, income, liability, risk,
disability, loss of pay.
-- Money: taxes, accounting, banking, billing, cash flow,
-- Marketing: copywriter, proofreaders, website designer,
graphic designer, an assistant, Toastmasters, etc.

Create a Marketing Plan. A new business often doesn't have a
huge budget for marketing and a plan you help you save
-- Design your marketing plan with your integrity in mind.
-- Develop print media (business cards, stationary, forms,
advertisements, newsletter, etc.).
-- Decide if online marketing will be part of your plan
(website, newsletter, ad's, etc.).
-- Practice describing the benefits of what you do in 30
seconds and 2 minutes (called verbal logo, USP, elevator
-- Re-evaluate your plan every 3 months.

Start your research with the business, marketing and
personal development articles at

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Penny 20.07.2009. 06:10

Where can I some business start-up guides or sample business plans? I have several businesses in mind that I would like to start-up, but I would like to have some kind of a guide or an estimate as to what the start-up costs might to be. I already know about the entreprenuer magazine start-up guides, but I was wondering If there was other books or business plans out their that I could use as a roadmap.


Admin 20.07.2009. 06:10

You could try

for free sample business plans.

And if you want a free proposal writing guide, then you can download one from us at Learn to Write Proposals.


joshua_doty2001 18.02.2008. 06:54

How much does it cost to start a Fishing Guide Business? I want to start a fishing guide business on the Kenai River in Soldotna, Alaska and would like to know how much it would cost to start from scratch. Even the estamate of land and the estimated cost of building a couple of small cabins for the quests.

Thank you very much for your input!


Admin 18.02.2008. 06:54

Go to and download the Excel template for estimating start up costs.


Brooklyn 13.06.2011. 18:23

How is a fifteen year old supposed to start individually teaching violin? I am fifteen and I've been taking violin since I was four. I know enough about the violin to teach beginners individually and I really want to teach them right but I'm not sure how to get a small business started from my house. I need the names of beginners books, violin rental shops, numbers to violin teachers that could give advice from experience, and websites that I could easily buy the books or violins for the students. Any thoughts?


Admin 13.06.2011. 18:23

Good for you!

I have one strong recommendation: join the American String Teachers' Association (ASTA-- ). I think it would only cost you $50/yr for a student rate, and it's well worth it. You'll get a magazine with articles with teaching tips, and you have access to a lot of reference publications ( ). For one thing, they put out a list of repertoire, divided up into levels, to give you ideas of what to have your students play when.

I've never read this book, but it looks good:

One other big piece of advice: as a beginning teacher, find a teaching mentor (or more than one). Some established, professional teacher who'll let you sit in on lessons and watch them teach, or maybe sit in on yours if they have the time. If you don't know of anyone in the area, you could try contacting ASTA or the Music Teachers National Association ( ) to see if they have a listing for teachers in your area.

Of course I can't recommend local shops since I don't know where you are, but again an experienced teacher or violinist should know. Here are some of the most helpful websites:
- : for instruments, accessories, and sheet music. You can also call them and get friendly advice.
- : another accessory site that tends to have the best price on strings
- : for all the sheet music you can't find anywhere else
- : a very active forum
- : a site with some nice interactive tools like fingering charts

You'll develop your own preferences for method books, but I like Essential Elements (mostly because of their play-along CDs). The Suzuki books are also very popular. The fiddler Mark O'Connor also has a new method book; it's very colorful and fun, and teaches standard violin technique using fiddle tunes.

You might also find my answer to an earlier question helpful:;_ylt=AgZBhgZ9N9Hr6fX_5x2WaF0jzKIX;_ylv=3?qid=20110519044803AAWr8X8


Aaron 01.01.2012. 05:48

I am working on the new project and want to start new business. Please guide me that how can I get business? I am working on the new project and want to start new business. Please guide me that how can I get business loan?


Admin 01.01.2012. 05:48

Contact the Small Business Administration and ask them to provide you a list of retired business executives in your area that they work with on a repeat basis. These retired executives work for free or close to free. They will teach you how to build the basic structure of your new business, how to organize and market your product and most importantly, how to start working with a simple bookkeeping system that will help you keep track of EVERY single penny that comes into or out of your company each day. By having all of these details readily available, your bank will likely JUMP at the chance to lend you money, even if you are losing money right now.


wrenmusicreviews 06.04.2009. 08:42

How do I set up a UK business account at 17? I can't find any UK bank that will provide me with a business account because I'm only 17, but there are loads of business start ups with owners who are 16 and 17. Has anyone under 18 managed to get a business account and with who?


Admin 06.04.2009. 08:42

Some of those business owners will have asked their parents to open the accounts for them.

Speak to your local Business Link. They have more information on starting in business and can guide you on this one. Their help is free.

Good luck with your business!


fatti 05.04.2011. 14:18

How to claim tax back with own business? i live in the uk, and im researching into starting my own business. I am interested to know the process of claiming the tax back on items purchased for business start up ie equipment. Also can you do this for fuel and car usage if you use it for work and records the mileage?
Has anyone here own their own company? how do you go about claiming your expenses back when you do your annual assesment for hmrc? and what sort of 'rebate' do you get generally?


Admin 05.04.2011. 14:18

You need to register for Self Assessment if it's small. HMRC website guides you though this. Record turnover and costs. Local enterprise courses may be available.
You dont claim back tax - you have costs set against sales.


Garsmal B 28.02.2009. 07:17

How to find a guide book for internet marketing ? I wanted to earn money from Internet business. How to start or any help or Guide book, any thing please tell me.

Garsmal B

Admin 28.02.2009. 07:17

You can do business in internet many way, but be careful. There are many scam site.

You can look this blog ( for help how to start business in internet.

Other wise you can see many helpful ebook at this site (, you read this books it help you how to earn from internet.


Arin 01.07.2011. 06:53

Business to help me start my own company? Are there company's out there that will help me start my own business. Starting from business name LLC to special POS software to location and permits. Everything. I'm located in Los Angeles if someone can even recommend a place.


Admin 01.07.2011. 06:53

Go to and enter your zip code. On the next screen, you will get information on the nearest SCORE chapter. Call them and arrange for a free meeting with a volunteer SCORE counselor. They will guide you through the process.

SCORE is a nonprofit association dedicated to entrepreneur education and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide and is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

SCORE has 350 chapters in locations throughout the United States and its territories, with 13,000 volunteers nationwide. Both working and retired executives and business owners donate time and expertise as business counselors.


Lisa E 05.06.2008. 09:47

Is there an organisation that offers Business mentors? I am looking for a mentor to guide me through a new business start up. Ideally with a background in the market I am entering in to. With all due respect to businesslink (great service offered) the advisors all seem to be ex Newsagents, with little market knowledge

Lisa E

Admin 05.06.2008. 09:47

The Small Business Adminiastration (SBA) in USA offers SCORE - retired business people who mentor for free. Find your local S.C.O.R.E. office in phone book.

Also go to local Chamber of Commerce and/or Small Business Development Center (usually at local university).


icychoco 23.04.2006. 02:31

what is the best online business to start without spending money / low cost and continued returns? What is the best online business to start without the need to spend money or with low cost and will give continued guarenteed returns?


Admin 23.04.2006. 02:31

In my opinion, the best home internet business is to start your own website. It's safer. Find what you're passionate about and create a website on it.

Find a step-by-step guide at If you're not technical and do not want to get involved in HTML the best web host I can suggest is

With them, they do all the technical stuff for you while you concentrate on building content for your website.

On the other hand, if you don't want a website and the responsibility that comes with it then try


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