Create a Business You Love

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Create a Business You Love

By: Damien Senn

So you have entrepreneurial aspirations, but you're stuck in a job working for someone else. You wake up, commute to work, work hard, pay your bills and then come home exhausted. You repeat the pattern for another four days, becoming increasingly tired as the week progresses. By the time Friday night comes around you are absolutely shattered requiring every second of your weekend just to recover! And just as you start to feel as if you have your life back, your alarm clock goes off on Monday morning, you drag your feet out of bed and you repeat the cycle. Does this scenario sound all too familiar? Is this the way you want to spend the rest of your working life?

Controlling your thoughts

So how do you start to break this monotonous existence? You do so with a single thought. It is said that each one of us has 60,000 thoughts a day, 55,000 of which were exactly the same thoughts as we had yesterday. So I am going to place a simple thought in your mind right now.

" You have the potential to create a profitable business that you are truly passionate about, that fulfils you creatively and that delivers a lot of good in the world. "

If that message resonates with you, you may like to re-read it and hold the thought in your mind for a second time. Really try and experience the meaning in this message. Not just intellectually but emotionally as well. You may also like re-think this thought again tomorrow. And if it feels good tomorrow, you may like to add it to your habitual thoughts.

Give your new thought some support

Once you have held the thought of running your own business in your own mind and you are comfortable with it, you need to start expanding the dynamics of the thought. Ask yourself the following questions

  • What sort of business would you like to run?
  • Would it be a full time business or just a part time one?
  • What would you call it?
  • How much time would you like to devote to it?
  • Who would be your target market?
  • Who can you get involved to help you get it started?

Take some action

Once you have a few answers for the questions above, you've got to take some action straight away! Start off small. Get some business cards printed up ( will give you 250 colour business cards for free!) and you may also like to register a web site domain name (you can register web names from as little as British Pounds 2.) 59 per year through Once you've got the ball rolling you can start thinking about the bigger action steps that you will need to take.

Seek out other business people

Take a look at your social network. If all your friends and family are employees, chance are any conversations about work will be about the 9-5 grind. If this is the case, start adding a few small business people to your social network. Buy them lunch, ask them questions about how they started out in business. I am sure that you will find plenty of inspiration as well as some words of advice about how to run a business. You may also like to consider joining up with groups so you can network with like minded individuals (Toastmasters is excellent start and for online Networking check out

The most important consideration

One of the most important things to consider when setting up a business is to choose a business that you are passionate about. There are so many different ways you can make money so you might as well do something that excites you.

About The Author

Damien Senn is a Life and Business Coach as well as a fully qualified Chartered Accountant. He helps professionals, artists and entrepreneurs create compelling futures.

He is the author of the 'Senn-Sational Success Journal' and has developed his own coaching model called the 'Senn-Sational Success System'.

For more information see or email


Tony 21.06.2012. 08:54

How could i find a partnership to create an online business? Is there any uk sites or clubs that i could find a partner in creating an onlinr business.
I love to sitting down and discuss any way to make money together.


Admin 21.06.2012. 08:54

forums are probably the best way, there are lots of them


Tony 21.06.2012. 08:54

How could i find a partnership to create an online business? Is there any uk sites or clubs that i could find a partner in creating an onlinr business.
I love to sitting down and discuss any way to make money together.


Admin 21.06.2012. 08:54

You should start by finding people you know within your current network. Mark out people you know or people you can get introduced to via the people you know. Be objective and look for an individual that fits the skill set you are looking for.

Although there's nothing wrong with finding a partner that you don't know, trust is an important thing that your startup may overlook, and it could come back to haunt you if that person steals your idea.


Lifeizgood 17.10.2006. 00:50

I would like to start a greeting card business. What are my first steps? I went to the search engine and looked under starting a greeting card business. No luck! I only got websites advertising creation of greeting cards. I was going to write for other greeting card companies. Then suddenly the light lit in my mind to start my own creating card business. I'm an aspiring writer and love to write. I have already started freelance writing.


Admin 17.10.2006. 00:50

In my country, the first step is to register the business name. It is illegal to operate a business without one. Start small and don't give up your day job! Before you write a business plan, test the market potential by presenting some of your work as samples. EBay or likewise might be a good place to start. Or you could try local craft shops or book shops. If you establish there is a market (and there is a lot of competition already), you may need to look at preparing a business plan, getting finance for a larger print run etc. Remember cards are more than just writing, there is the picture also. Xmas is the market you should go for now, but you'll have to hurry. Good luck.


sam_i_amurai 16.11.2012. 01:28

What bachelors degrees can I get a job where creating websites is daily business? I don't know how to make websites, and creating my own businesses and websites for them is something I'd like to pursue. I just graduated from a 2 year community school and 'd love to transfer into a bachelors program. Would an IT degree compliment my needs? ANy answers would be appreciated very much! Thank you all.


Admin 16.11.2012. 01:28

As a professional website designer, let me give you some good advice. Web design (for larger companies) is usually performed by a team. The Webmaster is known as the 'lead'. He assigns duties to those below him. Those would be (1) the guy who writes the code for the website, (2) the guy who designs the graphics, (3) security - if needed, (4) others as needed, etc.

Anyone can build a website - but to make it look interesting enough for visitors to remain - after getting there - is an art. Experience is the best teacher.

Now, for the nuts and bolts of your education:
1) Don't waste your time with learning 5 or 6 programs (like Dreamweaver, etc.) in some college. You'll probably never use most of the programs they'll teach you anyway.

There are really only 2 (two) programs you'll need to become very familiar with.

The first is WYSIWYG Webbuilder 8. And the second is CorelDRAW.

Once you have a working knowledge (and a little experience) with both of these programs - you'll be able to create websites second to none. And, you can learn on your own. has really good online video tutorials for CorelDraw. I'd suggest you invest some time watching them. (Available here: ) the first video is free to watch, but the others, you'll need to pay for. (About 6 hrs. of training.)

As far a WYSIWYG Web Builder 8 goes, there's some very good video's for it, too. (See here: ) The good thing about this program is that you won't need to learn HTML. The program writes all the code for you. You'll just need a hosting company that supports FTP.


You can get free hosting with no forced advertising for your website(s) at: Host1Free:
They support FTP.

Good luck.


Matthew W 20.11.2008. 03:23

What is the best place to incorporate an online business that has 1 to 3 employees? I don't like taxes!? I am creating an online business. It looks like Wyoming or Nevada will be the best places to incorporate. I don't know how much difference either will make. I want to pay as little in taxes as possible and have as little paperwork as possible and as few reports to the state as possible. Does anyone know the place to incorporate where all these 'wants' would be fulfilled?

Matthew W

Admin 20.11.2008. 03:23

~~When we were checking it out Nevada was the cheapest as far as corporate taxes.

However where your employees live will determine what payroll taxes must be paid.

Here are my recommendations. For incorporating we used and loved They have all states available and have live help via phone if you have questions. It was 1/4 the cost of anywhere I checked into, and I can't believe how smooth and easy the paperwork went.

Check out This company has payroll options available, for any state, all automated ,and many other features that will help with what you want. Both reputable companies, and you et your monies worth! This is the QuickBooks Company.

Good luck in your endeavor!~~


jujubes1995 30.12.2011. 02:46

How to create a website for free, online and without any adds? Can someone give me a link that corresponds to my needs: small starting business, not much money to put in website creating, my business is an apple orchard, I am not very good with computer and the internet.

Thank you
I don't mind to pay I just want teh best deals that corresponds with my needs


Admin 30.12.2011. 02:46

You will love this. Just go to
Sign in free
and create a web page in minutes.

you can put on pictures

100% Free

If you like you can also
go and blast out free classified ads
using this free classified ad blaster


Katie 12.07.2013. 00:37

How do I drive traffic to my clean lingerie site? I recently started up a cute little intimate apparel business called Love Monkey Boutique. I set up my Facebook page and website as clean as wholesome as possible. I only use Mannequins to display my product. My prices aren't bad they range from 25.99-34.99. I have baby dolls, match sets, corsets,camisoles. But How do I get my business out there and drive traffic to my site?


Admin 12.07.2013. 00:37

Start creating free online stores add your products to those store and free stores are more SEO friendly they will help you get more traffic to the main site and also a boost on sale will happen.


Anonymous 03.01.2011. 15:56

How to tell if your good enough to freelance? I created my business' website (this business is not related to graphic design), blog, business cards, and product labels. When people find out I created my own designs they often times ask if I do it professionally. I've only been into graphic design for 2-3 months. I'd love to do freelance work and I feel confidant in what I know, but I've only been doing this for a few months. How does one know if they are good enough to be a paid freelancer in web/graphic design?


Admin 03.01.2011. 15:56

Freelancer in graphic design is one thing: you can try to get some work in design only, but that is a hard game.
Freelancer in web development is another: unless you have a VERY SOLID experience in web programming, your chances are "ziltch"...
Even if you do, it is a cut-throat market!
Have a look at, and read what people want: see how you could cope with the requirements.
I have 40+ years experience in programming, and 18+ on the web. I barely find 5% of requests I am prepared to take (90% I discard are because they want a lot for nothing, the rest because they are above my expertise!)
Don't put your hopes too high. Getting 500$ a month average is VERY HARD!
(I get 3-5 orders a year, very selective, and for much larger amounts. The rest, I discard)


? 17.06.2011. 18:38

Hobbies for a teenager who loves business and banking? I'm an average 15 year old girl, into boys, fashion, celebrities, shopping etc. However, I also have a really nerdy side to me. Since I was 7 years old, I was obsessed with creating business ideas and making various business-orientated websites.

I also like economics and finance, banking was always an interest. (I want to either be a doctor or investment banker). What hobbies can someone with my interests do, related to business and banking? (apart from setting up businesses) Thanks!


Admin 17.06.2011. 18:38

start a business / webshop


trobop 13.10.2006. 16:21

How are Social people and Shy people able to live in the same city? I don't get it.. shy people like are hated, are thought of as useless. Then, loud social people do their parties, going out etc.. and so, shy people and social people live in different worlds and many times we don't mix. So how is it that we are able to live in the same society? I don't think it's effective as shy people are far away from the social structuress that businesses and family create( Businesses want outgoing , confident people. To have a family you need to be confident to date etc and meet people. also , you must help your parents and take care of the household)

Nothing is being done about it, and nothing can be done about it. So we're left with a city that's full of outgoing people hanging out with themselves.. and shy people dyiing out in depression


Admin 13.10.2006. 16:21

You can be alone in a crowd. You sound pretty down on society not being accomodating to people who don't express themselves.. but I think you aren't putting yourself in a position to -let people love you-. Even shy people can accept the love people give to them, so long as they allow themselves to at least be a part of a community. Businesses need people who can do very specific jobs for them... and some of those jobs are sales jobs, where very outgoing people fit in, and some of those jobs are in design and finance and attention to detail. Ask a salesperson how much they need somebody around that can pay attention to the details. Businesses need introverts to get the job done just as much as they need extroverts to sell the business to outside customers. Some places have too many of this and too little of that, or visa-versa, but in some places, the mix is juuust right, like goldilocks. Don't get caught up in the details... find out what you want to do, and keep looking for companies and places that can understand, and help you, go where you need to go.


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