Customers - Why should they buy from you?

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There are a whole range of reasons why customers buy a
product or service. They usually buy to solve either real or
perceived problems. They want to move away from pain and
towards pleasure. They want to feel better after having made
the decision to buy a product or service than they did

Customers will buy from you if you meet these criteria.
However there are other reasons they will buy from you
rather than your competitors.

1 - If they think you're an expert and a specialist
2 - If they think you're product or service is better
3 - If someone tells them to

Let's look at each of these in turn -

#1 Customers want to know that you understand them and their
business. It therefore makes a great deal of sense to
specialise. Work in a niche and become known for it. For
example - If a customer is in the hospitality industry and
they know that you specialise in the supply of hygiene
products to that industry; then you're more likely to
receive a call from them. They know that if they raise a
particular problem with you then you'll understand.

#2 It makes sense to say that, people will come to you if
they think your product or service is better that your
competitors; so you've got to make sure they get that
And it's not all about selling - customers will form an
impression of your product or service by the image you
I'm sure you've heard the saying - "you never get a second
chance to make a good first impression."
If you want to draw customers to your business rather than
your competitors then everything about it must make a good
first impression. You - your business name - business cards
- your people - vehicles - stationary - web site - leaflets
and brochures - everything and anything about your business.
I recently passed a delivery truck from a local bakery. It
was the oldest, dirtiest vehicle I've seen in a long time. I
don't thing I'll buy any of their pies.

#3 Customers will come to you if someone else tells them to.
That someone will be one of your unpaid sales-force who say
wonderful things about you and your business to other
They may be someone who has met you, has been impressed with
you and what you have to say. Or they may be an existing
customer or client who has experienced your superb customer
service. They might just be someone who has heard about how
good your products and service really are.

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Popcorn 04.02.2013. 23:42

How many customers bought 2 tires and how many bought 4 tires? Darcy runs a tire store. One week she counted up 35 bills of sale. She knew that all of the customers had either bought 4 new tires or 2 new tires. She had 82 old tires to dispose of in the yard. How many customers bought 2 tires and how many bought 4 tires? How do you solve problems like this?


Admin 04.02.2013. 23:42

x= # customers who bought 4 new tires

y= # customers who bought 2 new tires.

.... x + y = 35

... 4x + 2y = 82

Solve the system of equations and you get the answer


Zim Rylan 10.06.2011. 17:49

What affiliate system that can count how many orders customers make in one payment? I want to make a sales letter where customers can order how many items they want..but at the same time,the affiliate system can count how many orders did the customers buy under the affiliate's link.

Usually an order system only used for selling 1 item.

Zim Rylan

Admin 10.06.2011. 17:49

Great question my friend. Many affiliate programs offer systems tuned to bring you multiple orders per customer. In my opinion go with a high converting commission affiliate program such as a product in demand. Learn as much as you can about that product, repeat, and demonstrate. I do a review of a major electronic cigarette program if you are interested in learning some tips n tricks :)


cooldude941 23.11.2008. 14:02

How we make customers make decision faster? We face a problem that customers take a long time making decision.

Real Estate Industry

They say to customers buy today bcz the prices of flats, lands, etc will go up. It is your opportunity now to buy in small price so after couple of months you will be able to make money
buy now bcz they are few lands, flats and it is your opportunity to buy one

Information Technology Industry

In Information Technology we face a problem that customers take a long time to make decision.

How can we make the customer make decision faster

Can you plz provide me an idea?


Admin 23.11.2008. 14:02

You have to convince them that a delay will result in a worse outcome for them. That interest rates are going to rise. That prices are going to rise. That selection is going to decrease..


College Dropout 08.09.2010. 20:38

What marketing strategies would be good in enticing consumers to buy during a credit crunch? Examples of marketing strategies to draw in customers during an economic crisis would be very helpful. Lists are fine. I just need to know whether going along the lines of the four P's...
I've mentioned a type of pricing strategy to make customers buy, would this be acceptable as a 'marketing strategy'?
Many thanks.

College Dropout

Admin 08.09.2010. 20:38

Yes that would be an example, product price promotion.
And it depends what product is and how sensitive to price - so while such strategy is fine for toothpaste it wont work for selling rolex watches as they are premium price brands.


fmontreville 30.06.2008. 04:05

How strong is the customer acquisition and retention of ITV Ventures Customers? Customer acquisition and customer retention.

Most (if not all) network marketing opportunities are 99.9%
distributor-based and less than 1% real customers.

Out business is the opposite with over 99% real customers buying product without a business attached to it, and 1% or less of business affiliates. But it gets better...

With us, we actually go into business with the company and
buy customers they acquire for us, then the company does the
rest: acquisition, retention, marketing, collection, inventory,
shipping, etc... even selling our customers additional products,
different products & new products.

How would it feel to grow your business 25 X faster than any MLM, and without having to sell products to people or be required to recruit your family and friends?

This company does a phenomenal job backend marketing your customers with catalogs, medical articles and email at NO COST TO YOU.

Your Partner In Residual Income,


Admin 30.06.2008. 04:05

Thank you!!!


abebrundle 19.11.2011. 16:51

How do i setup a Customer account for my website? I sell downloads and i noticed other sites have a login feature and the customer buys the download then logs in to their account to download the product etc.
How do i setup a similar system for my customers, it has to sync up with my automated download service which is currently e-junkie.Any suggestions?Thanks

also...Do i definatly need this in place to look pro?


Admin 19.11.2011. 16:51

Look at "Login script", "shopping cart" and "easy paypal integration" scripts from, php modules tab. All three make a complete e-commerce, easy to adapt to your needs.


sportfan3224 24.06.2011. 14:40

Will a factoring company buy debt that 1 million people owe you if you only have the contract and their email? What do factoring companies need in order to buy a debt online? I know they need a copy of the contract that the customer bought. What else do they need?


Admin 24.06.2011. 14:40

Depending on the individual company, their requirements would be specific to that company. Too many variables to consider. I will say that you would probably be offered less than 5% of the debt if you actually have contracts with the legitimate Email addresses It is a very high risk situation for the factoring company.

Good Luck.


Pet Insurance 23.03.2009. 17:02

What website can I use to monitor changes in customer behaviour and trends? I'm looking to monitor reports on customer buying behaviours and any trends that may affect how customers shop. Can anyone recommend a website to check regularly or any newsletter to sign up to?


Pet Insurance

Admin 23.03.2009. 17:02

Can website analytics help you?

These are the analytics sites i can offer you:

3. Google Analytics


Calm Like A Bomb 14.10.2009. 20:51

Is it legal to fax a customers credit card number from one branch store to another to make a sales return? Say the customer bought something at one store and returned it at another branch location. Is it legal for the second store to fax the customers credit card number back to the first store (the store the customer originally bought the item from), so the first store can credit the customers charge account?

Calm Like A Bomb

Admin 14.10.2009. 20:51

Yes. Just not very safe.


Hollywood 25.03.2010. 01:33

What customers does an online clothing store attract? What is the customer profile and what are the customers buying motives?

The clothing store sells, printed t-shirts, hip-hop clothing, beach clothing, current fashions, clothing accessories and much more


Admin 25.03.2010. 01:33

this would attract people that like the hip-hop fashion, of all races. beach clothing attracts people that live or are vacationing to the beach, or want the california laid back look to them. current fashions attracts people that follow trends, and usually it doesn't matter the cost if they are righteously into following fashions. it will attract mainly girls and women, especially since there's clothing accessories and current fashions. since it's online, it will attract people that can't drive to the store, from it being to far away or from not feeling like going. motives include how the buyer feels about the way the clothes fit and how they're style is, and also since it's online, they won't have to travel to the store. also, online stores usually have more sales, so this would be a motive for some buyers.


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