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Have you ever asked yourself why you want to succeed online?

If not, ......... allow me to ask you ............

So, ............ why do you want to succeed online?

Do you have e reason for it? Do you clearly know what the reason is?

Do you think other people are succeeding online? Are they more successful than you are? Are you more successful than them? Why?

Are you currently succeeding online? Do you feel successful? How do YOU define success in general?

These questions are very important questions in your journey to online success. The nature of your answer to these questions would significantly impact your mission.

We all have a pre-programmed definition of success. We all know what will make us successful in other people's eyes and what will personally make us feel successful. We have needs, wishes, wants and cravings for the results we desire.

But only you know what's important for you and what would drive you to achieve your vision of success, whether online or offline. You're the only one who can unlock the door to your hidden treasure of desires. Desires so powerful that would literally force you out of your comfort zone to find the success you seek.

What are you doing it for? What's in it for you?

Few years back, I joined a network marketing company that was doing business the "old way" of calling people on the phone, setting a meeting and presenting the prospects with a business opportunity. That was one of my best experiences ever.

I had an opportunity to interact with hundreds of different people from different walks of life. Different educational background, different culture, different life circumstances, different age, different business background ......

The most amazing thing was that they all had a different vision of success. They all had a different understanding of what success was and what it meant to them.

While going through the course of offering the business opportunity, some of the people were telling me that they were doing just fine with their life as it was. Even though I was offering them a business opportunity that would've given them results far beyond their wildest dreams, they were declining the offer with a comment that they were already successful in what they were doing and they were not looking for more in their life.

Other people would tell me that they were already working on achieving the results that they were striving for. My business opportunity did not offer the types of results that they wanted to accomplish. And others would simply take the opportunity since they had no other vehicle to take them to their desired results.

In general, I did not meet two people with same aspirations. Everyone wanted to be successful in his or her own unique way -- successful in regards to other people and successful in regards to themselves.

So, the question I would like to ask you is: "Why do you want to achieve online success and what are you doing it for?"

Is there something you desire to have as a result of you becoming successful online? It's very important to define your desired outcome - crisp and clear - as a result of you becoming a successful online entrepreneur. That would become your map. That would give you a direction to follow.

What do you want to have and who do you want to become as a result of you becoming successful with your online venture?

By having that fact defined, your success journey would then consist of finding the right sources to get you there as opposed to jumping onto every train that passes by with a hope that one of them would take you to your success.

You could use your list of defined results that you want to accomplish as an evaluation method when looking at different business opportunities or products. Ask yourself, could the business opportunity or even a product under your consideration, deliver most or all of your desired results?

In today's environment of ever changing technology and evolving life complexity, we don't have much time in our hands. Do we?

The "time" is slowly but surely becoming one of the most valuable commodities. The fact of knowing what you want to accomplish with your online venture would help you grasp the success you seek in the shortest time possible and help you understand the purpose of your mission.

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Jack 12.06.2011. 18:52

How does contemporary American Culture define success, and achievement of the American Dream? How does contemporary American Culture define success, and achievement of the American Dream?


Admin 12.06.2011. 18:52

I offer my personal answer, which I base on my readings of Charles Wagley, Vianna Moog, and many others, my on studies of American and world history, on my study of religion, on my knowledge of various Latin languages and cultures, and on my personal experience:

Colonial America was heavily influenced by Calvinism. Calvinism in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries was a form of Christianity (a debatable classification, in my opinion) that taught predeterminism and predestination. The basis of predestination is God's omniscience: if God knows all, he knows the past, present, and future of everything in the universe--including those of each and every mortal human being on this earth. Since he foreknows who we will be, he knows which of us will become his children. Having this knowledge, the "elects" these, acting as their spiritual father and spiritual and material benefactor. People do well on earth when they are among God's elect. They prosper here, and they obey God's commandments. They do not murder, steal, or engage in fornication or adultery. They attend worship services faithfully. They watch their language, taking care not to use God's name in vain. And, in colonial times, they also punished violators: pillories, dunking, etc., and--on rare occasions--hangings.

In short, they were morally puritanical, judgmental, and materialistic (materialistic in the sense that people who were God's elect prospered); thus, enjoying material "blessings" was evidence of one's salvation and status as one among God's foreknown, predestined "elect."

Take out the religious factor, and material possessions are evidence of . . . success. Living the American Dream is enjoying success in the form of more and more material acquisitions (wealth). Since wealth is evidence of success (even among some "Christians," who preach what they call the Gospel of Prosperity), and since wealth leads to status and power, the latter also become evidence of success.

We are falsely taught that the US is the only land of true opportunity. Only here can one be born into poverty and become a millionnaire or billionnaire. Not true: studies actually show that upward mobility is greater in many "socialist" European countries, but our coporate-owned or controlled media are loathe to inform us of this fact. Corporatist propaganda suits the ambition of the wealthy greedy (although many of the wealthy are NOT greedy, these hold little sway today, often being "demonized" as "liberals"--since today's "conservatives" view anyone who does not toe the ideological dogma as the enemy, which they call "liberal," meaning someone who thinks independently).

Believing that anyone who sets his mind to doing so can "succeed," American culture tends toward casting aspersions on the poor, homeless, and destitute as lazy, unwilling to work hard, as those in thrall to such belief credit themselves for having done. Thus, the misfortune of the unsuccessful, the needy, etc., is their failure, their fault. Accordingly, "successful" people often resent seeing their tax dollars used to feed, house, and care for "losers," who--rather than "accept individual responsibility" and become self-reliant--selfishly sit back and depend on the fruit of the labor of the "winners" to support their passive, ocious lifestyles. The "liberal government," abetted by the "liberal media" (all of this conveniently undefined and unexplained) is responsible for breeding more "losers" by giving them "handouts," which leave these failures ever more dependent on society to do what they could do for themselves.

Such thinking foments the ideal culture for blaming the victim, while "winners" take sole credit for the opportunities and assistance that so many of our countrymen were denied.

In short, many Americans see success in the things they have and can show to society: a better car; a bigger, nicer house; a beach house; certain clothing--all of which they earned through the reward of persistence and their own individual efforts . . . you get the idea, right?


Purnendu K 06.03.2010. 10:10

define success.what are the qualities that you consider important to be successful ? define success.what are the qualities that you consider important to be successful ?

Purnendu K

Admin 06.03.2010. 10:10

The secret of success is sincerity. Once you can fake that you have got it made.

Admin wanted an answer 05.03.2008. 22:44

How do you define success for yourself? Now, how do you define success for others? Do they even compare, or are we too hard on ourselves these days? wanted an answer

Admin 05.03.2008. 22:44

your success is ultimately someone else's failure.


victorianlady92 06.08.2006. 18:57

Why do you work? **and** How do you define success? I'm doing a homework assignment for a Career Explorations class. The assignment was asking people why do they work and how they defined success? Answers would be greatly apprieated. Who knows, if I like your answer I could use it in my homework assingment.


Admin 06.08.2006. 18:57

I work to pay rent and afford other things in life.
Success is making enough to do that.


evilgino92 27.09.2009. 21:13

How does the show "Two and a Half Men" define success? Little assignment for school. I need to pick a television show and say how it defines success and the most important values are accorind to the show.

I really like this show and that is why I chose it, but there are different definitions of success according to different characters in the show. Success to Charlie is different that success to Allen. So my question there an overall definition of success that the show emits?


Admin 27.09.2009. 21:13

I really like 2 1/2 Men also, but I don't think this is a good choice for your assignment. "Success" and "values" aren't what you think of when you think of that show-LOL! If I were you, I'd choose another show that has more traditional values, why make it harder on yourself?


Common Sense Alchemist 14.03.2013. 16:55

Is this the difference between what a right and left-wing person defines as success? For example an artist makes a masterpiece (a book, movie, painting, song, whatever) that either brings others a lot of joy. He doesn't make much money in creating it, just enough to take care of the basic needs and a little extra. The left-wing person defines the creation as a success on it's own merit regardless of financial gain.


A artist who schemes to make something he knows will create a lot of controversy and therefore sell (like a book with false claims about a certain Democratic president) defines success only by the amount of money it brings to them, irregardless of the craftsmanship and intrinsic value. This is the the right-wing definition of success.


Common Sense Alchemist

Admin 14.03.2013. 16:55

A successful person is one who doesn't complain and is in fact happy when the alarm goes off in the morning and it is time to earn his living. Or maybe even the guy who has defeated the time for money trap and has escaped the clock, yet still produces something of worth to others in order to make his way in the world.

The end.


professorofsuccess 07.07.2007. 19:29

Today is 07.07.07. Do you feel that success is all about being lucky? How do you define success? Many are betting, literally, on success today. From getting married to spending time in Las Vegas casinos. I am interested in learning what others think it takes to be successful in life. How do you define success?


Admin 07.07.2007. 19:29

I think when you are successful , you will feel satisfied with everything , your relationship with God , your career , your relations with others , its internal peace with yourself , maybe others won't think you are successful but you are happy and satisfied with what you achieved in your life and you are close to your Creator , so you achieved the reason why you are alive , to be happy and make other people's life happier and better , if I reach this point I'll feel successful , definitely


Aaron 05.12.2009. 00:15

What is your personal definition of success? If someone asked you to define success in your own words, what would you say?


Admin 05.12.2009. 00:15

Success to me is:

Setting a very specific target, one that I can measure and is realistic then attaining that goal in a preset specified timescale.

I consider that success is not a general term, it should only be applied to individual goals. So, in my view, there is always the opportunity of successes in all the different areas of your life but you can never be a 'success' in your whole life.

The goals are constantly changing as we grow and learn. As we work on each goal then new goals form. Meeting each goal and being able to measure overall progress is the nearest to overall success you can get in my view.


momijifujimiya7 11.11.2008. 22:59

How would you define biological success?Does success depend on the size of an organism, beauty, space, numbers? How would you define biological success? Does success depend on the size of an organism? Its beauty? The amount of space it controls? Its numbers?


Admin 11.11.2008. 22:59

Numbers! The classic evolutionary concept of "success" is how well an organism is able to propagate itself. Better success at living = bigger numbers (population wise) = more widespread genes, which is the primary mechanism of natural selection.


Caroline K 14.11.2009. 00:37

why does society measure success in terms of financial wealth rather than emotional wealth? This idea that a rich person is successful is quite simply absurd. Just this last week it was demonstrated, through the suicide of the prominent world class footballer Robert Enke (may he rest in peace), that neither money nor fame are guarantees for happiness. Yes, they make life easier. But why not define success as a measure of how happy and content a person is. Surely that is more sensible.

Caroline K

Admin 14.11.2009. 00:37

Its a way to keep people under control. Can you imagine what would happen if everyone started to be independent. Everybody follow their dreams and do whatever they like. Our society will breakdown. I am absolutely with you, wealth doesn`t lead to happiness, the kind of happiness I want. Few years back I went on a two year long back packing trip across the world. I met so many different people from different culture and social class. What I saw was, the people who are happy are doing the things they like. I met guy named manuale in Brazil. This guy 27 years old lives in a small hammock on the beach. He surfs all day, teach some foreign kids how to surf and do stunts with visiting girls from other countries at night. He makes about $100 dollars a month yet he is so happy. I lived with him for two nights and I have to say, I just wanted to be in his place.


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