Get Off Your Butt and Create Your Financial Future...Now!

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Get Off Your Butt and Create Your Financial Future...Now!

By: Lorraine Pirihi

Most people have no idea where their money goes. They earn it and they spend it.

That's fine if you want to live from week to week and are not concerned about your financial future. However if you want to increase your wealth and have more options, action needs to be taken by you otherwise you could end up like most people further down the track, totally dependant on a pension.

Karen's Story

Karen is the Marketing Manager for a well-known organisation. She's 39 yrs old, single and earns over $80k a year. She is paying off a mortgage and that's all the debt she has.

Karen buys whatever she likes and says she has more than enough money for her lifestyle...or so she thought. And that's a very important point - Karen 'thought' she had plenty of money to splash around yet she had no real idea of where it went.

She was at the stage where she wanted to achieve more in her life including taking charge of her financial future.

One of the exercises I gave her to do was to sort all her financial statements - visa card, bank accounts and any cash receipts and list her income and expenditure under specific headings ie: loans, clothing, utilities, food etc. Karen recorded everything that occurred for the past 6 months . She nearly fainted when she saw how much money she had wasted and how much she was overspending! She was going backwards fast and only realised it by doing this simple exercise.

In the past Karen hadn't put a high priority on her financial well-being as it was just too hard. Being a marketing manager, her life was busy at work and she had a hectic social life. She didn't want to bother doing something that wasn't exciting like working on her financial future. After all, she had a well-paid job, didn't she?

Karen has now come to her senses and knows her true financial situation. If she lost her job, financially she couldn't afford to be off work for more than a month. She realises that she is responsible for her future.

The area of wealth creation hadn't been of great interest to Karen in the past. Now that she was undertaking coaching, she was serious to making a change. Prior to writing down where her money was going, Karen was completely closed to any suggestion to read more about how she can accelerate her wealth (or lack of it), so I didn't pursue this with her. Her attitude had now changed so she was ready and willing to move to the next step.

The next move...I referred Karen to an organisation who would look at her total financial picture and be able to recommend what she could do. The reason I chose these people is because they take a holistic approach to wealth creation. They look at every aspect and provide an on-going education as well as a hand-holding service.

We met after her first session and Karen said she nearly had a heart attack at the meeting. She realised how much money she had been giving away to the tax office. Being on such a high income she was being taxed 47c for every dollar earned. She now realised that by making some small changes she could keep this money and have investments that over time would accelerate her financial situation dramatically.

She now had enough knowledge to make decisions and take actions that could make her financially independent over the next few years. Karen couldn't believe how simple it was!

Your Financial Future - Who's Responsibility?

Unfortunately you cannot leave your financial well-being in the hands of anyone else except yourself.

Of course, you can seek advice from professionals in that field like accountants and financial planners; however, it really is up to you to lead the way be proactive!

Having attended many seminars, spoken to wealthy people and to the financial professionals (many of whom aren't independently wealthy themselves), and read many books on the topic of wealth creation, I have found you cannot rely on any one person to delegate your financial affairs to. You need to be proactive and take control of your own life.

How to Take Control of Your Financial Future

Get your finances in order first: You need to know what you spend, what you earn, how much you owe and how much you own...Not in your head but in writing. What you think your situation is and what is reality, will more than likely be two totally different scenarios.

If you know where you are right now you can then seek out appropriate solutions to your specific financial needs.

How to Get Started

Speak with your accountant on the best way to set up your recording system.

Ask them how you can increase your wealth.

Ask your accountant and/or your financial advisor how they have created their wealth. What do they invest in?

Talk to people who are wealthy. Ask them how they accumulated their wealth.

Question everything.

Read books and attend seminars on wealth creation...the more informed you are the easier it is to make sound decisions.

Don't believe everything you hear, see and read, particularly if the person advising you reaps financial benefit from you accepting their advice.

Only listen to people who "have rungs on the ladder".

Once you've have done some research (and this can happen in a matter of days or weeks, depending on your efforts) then:

Take action

The Final Word

Looking after your financial well-being should be a top priority. It's about having choices in your life. Do you really want to work from dawn to dusk to support the lifestyle you and your family have become accustomed to? Wouldn't it be great to go to work because you want to, not because you have to?

If financial freedom is something you want in the not too distant future (and it doesn't happen overnight), you have to take action sometime... like right now!

About The Author

Lorraine specialises in working with businesspeople showing them how to dramatically boost their productivity, reduce the stress and the mess in their lives and have more time for enjoying their life.


???????? 18.01.2008. 06:04

How do advertisements influence people? Exactly how do advertisements influence people and affect their lives? Please answer as soon as possible and decently, I need it for homework. ;)


Admin 18.01.2008. 06:04

You asked:
How do advertisements influence people?

My SHORT answer:
"Very well I think!"

My long answer:

First, we need to understand WHAT it is and what is NOT.

"Advertising" is different to but not excluded from "Marketing"

"Marketing" is not advertising where advertising is a tool of marketing.

Now we need to know what "Marketing" is:

Here is the definition that is taught by
Those institutions that TEACH people to be ELIGIBLE to get trained by
and work for an employer, charging them tens of thousands of dollars for
teaching them, and taking YEARS of their life doing so, only to deliver
them a piece of paper that basically states "You are now eligible to be
trained by and be employed buy someone else who may or may not have
a diploma themselves." and send them out to compete for one position at
a time against 400 other graduates for the same one position...
all 400 having participated in the same "educational product" thing,
who each have the same piece of paper...

These same universities teach you THIS definition of marketing:
"Theory and practice of identifying needs and distributing goods in
a competitive society".


Now, here is the definition from a "university" comprised of individuals
who MARKET on a daily basis and derived their definition from in the
trenches practice. DECADES of getting their teeth kicked in trying things.
Endless hours attempting to apply the definition taught by the big
universities only to prove the point I am making here which will give you a
CONCISE answer to your question that you will never forget.

The TRUE definition of marketing is:
"The art and science of Communicating... Creating, Developing and Cultivating
a Relationship with Another Human Being, EMPOWERING them, based on
THEIR Needs and Desires, not the marketer's own"

So, now that the "cat" is out of the bag, and you now know the practical truth of "marketing"...
allow me to answer the question at hand, based on MY perspective.

I teach people how to create TARGETED ads. Where, when and why to create and place them and how.

In reading the story above, did you notice the aggravation that rose up in you for some reason?

Did you get the feeling that your "homework" may be a misplaced activity for your life's plans?

In reading the story above, did you notice how you felt when you learned the truth of how many
people you will be competing with once you graduate, and doing so for EACH position you
apply for when TRYING to find a job?

In teaching you the TRUE answer to YOUR question, earning you an A in Life's classroom
testing should you have the courage to use what you are learning...

I can offer you a solution to the problem of you having to compete with 400 other diploma carriers.

What if I could honestly show you a way that would allow you to change your major in
college from something you are taking, and elected to take for your financial future, over
to something else you would like to major in that you REALLY ENJOY, offering your
educated services to others without compensation... In other words, what if I could honestly
show you and other students how to choose their college courses and major based on
desires and not future income? Would THAT be worth 35 minutes of your time with me and
my friends who manifest tens of thousands monthly working from home? <<( Only ONE true answer to THAT question )


Your answer explained in a nutshell:

Knowing HOW TO CREATE a killer ad is knowing how an ad works influencing people:

1. Identify a problem.
(400 others. GREAT odds of personal success in job market)

2. Aggravate that problem
( You are going to work your BUTT off LOOKING for a job )
( You are spending YEARS not making $s while paying $18k to $45k to "learn" )
( Not only will you graduate BROKE, but $18k+ in debt! )
( colleges do NOT pay you commission when you tell a friend how well you enjoyed ????University that YOU graduate(ed) from )

3. Offer a solution
( 150k people start a new home based business per week and need you to educate them on how to be successful )
( I pay training bonuses out of their tuition for your efforts )
( As they GRADUATE, they teach others and you make additional bonuses PASSIVELY out of their tuition )

4 Call to action ( how to get the solution NOW )
Meet friend Val Smyth and MY University of PRACTICAL Living and APPLICATION:


Simply stated another way:

1. Find a sore
2. Scratch the scab off and pour salt into the wound
4. Offer a Band-Aid and where to get it NOW

I hope I was of some help in answering your question.

If you have any other questions for me to answer like"
What is the temp of the beach water in Cancun
What does the sand feel like on Aruba or Fiji
I will be glad to answer you any time you ask
and whatever you want to know.

Hope to see you in Cancun this March. I would like to hear you
tell me what kind of grade you made while watching the expression
on your face as you tell me how my answer/ad affected YOU!.

God bless!



Carol Leung 24.03.2013. 01:58

Good private colleges not in ivy league? I want to attend a private university (preferably on east coast), but I've done some research and the best private colleges are usually in the ivy league. I have good grades and I'm really active when it comes to clubs and activities. I've participated in marching band, concert band, basketball, unified track, students against destructive decisions, interact club, and science and spanish national honor scociety. I have a 4.06 GPA. I'm a junior and have taken 5 AP courses and numerous honors courses. I have not taken the SAT, but from all the practice tests, I usually do not do that well on them. My families financial status is not that high either which is the biggest obstacle for which private universities would best fit that?

Carol Leung

Admin 24.03.2013. 01:58

Take the SAT. Even if you do badly, most colleges will look at your ACT score too. Tough schools like well-rounded people, so at least show you tried.

SEND IN YOUR APPLICATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Aren't you suppose to send it fall junior year? Most universities are roll-in; they fill up quickly.

ALSO, private universities are usually more expensive or just as expensive as out-of-state tuition. Be careful before you make your decision. Look up scholarship opportunities, internships during the summer, co-op, undergraduate research, cool volunteer work like in a hospital if you're going for a medical degree; THINK UP BEFORE YOU GET THERE. Think about your career or major now, too. What kind of classes do you like? It costs more money and time to switch degrees in the future. Try and see a school representative or get an interview if possible and squeeze your name in.

1. George Washington University - public, but has diverse student body. Live in D.C. so keep safe at night, but a fun place to be at and lots of major political things happening. Plus, the people I've met there are nice; maybe they're just used to tourists. Will reasonably help with financial aid (you'll still need to work your butt off on part-time and work study, though).

2. University of Virginia - public. small town, a few hours from Washington, D.C. Friendly people. Wimpy athletes, but whatever.

3. Georgetown University: Washington, D.C. I think Bill Clinton went here and his folks were about middle-class. He made it, anyway, but that was a long time ago.

4. Duke University - nice place in Carolina, I think. We beat them all the time in every kind of sport, but the folks are nice and I liked the campus (went there once to root for my college team).

5. Chapel Hill

6. Baylor University - a bit preppy, but best private university in TX after Rice. I swear, you get a degree in TX, someone in TX will prefer a TX degree; preferably UT, Rice, Baylor, or A&M. Who the hell cares about Harvard? Isn't it that place 50,000 miles from here? Think they know everything, right? See what I mean.

7. Rice University - you better be smart. Houston's great. Lots of food, shopping, downtown, stuff to do all the time. in downtown area; love running around there. I've never heard a person get broke from going to Rice. People say TX is hot, and it is. There's Galveston Beach about 30 miles down though. It's pretty crowded Spring Break.

9. Boston University - Boston's great. Bunch of wimps complain about the heat though. Then again, I complain about the cold (FYI: they get snow. Did you know snowflakes actually exist if it's cold enough?) Very fit city; they've got this great bike trail to run on along the Charles River; close to Harvard and MIT. BOSTON MARATHON, HOOAH.

10. Notre Dame - they might be full of themselves, but still nice people. South Bend hates them (that's the local neighborhood; bunch of fogeys), but campus food is so great. A friend goes there and I visited. Got to see NASCAR in Indiana. Heard the profs are pretty open and classes are small after the freshman stage. Small dorms.

Maybe you've already checked Ivy League out, but if you can make it, they really will help you out with financial aid A LOT. Yeah, almost everyone thinks they know everything, especially the professors (and THOSE old folks may be right), but they usually have a diverse student body with lots of foreigners; usually a load of nice folk. It's pretty cool, too, when your professor is like the leading person in his subject and created a revolution in STEM fields. LOAD OF WIMPS THOUGH, so watch out. Ultimate Frisbee is a sport; I thought that was so funny. Can't believe people work out for looks instead of blood and sweat.

If you want some more info. about Ivy League and what they're looking for in their applications, let me know. I had a prof. who was also in the admissions committee and we talked about how to get accepted; I wasn't tempted to apply in the end. Northeast is just too cramped and cold.


A 17.12.2012. 20:56

Break up or get married? So i'll try to make this as brief as possible. I've been going out with my current girlfriend for the last 18 months. Initially our relationship was amazing and we seldom had any arguments. Over the last 6 months our relationship has started to decline for several reasons (which i'll address below). We've gotten into heated arguments around all of the following topics below:

1. Marriage - My current girlfriend is on a student visa and in order for her to remain in the US past June 2013, it is neccesary for her to obtain a greencard. For the last 6 months of our relationship, she's always asked me if i'm ready to take the commitment and I generally shy off from the issue at hand and this has caused tremendous arguments.

2. Differences in social life - I consider myself an extrovert and enjoy to be around the company of my friends and other, while my girlfriend prefers to stay in and only hang out with her immediate group of friends. Each time I ask her to come out and enjoy time with my friends, the stress I go through, seems like i'm pulling my teeth out.

3. Values - I've gotten a degree from a prestigious university while my girlfriend is still finishing her degree at an arts institute. One example of how I feel she lacks common sense is our argument surrounding moving in together. Currently I own my own condo. My girlfriend (who rents) refuses to move into my place since it will place her 20 minutes further from work and she is encouraging me to sell my place and move in with her. I feel like I am the only sensible person who thinks that selling my property to rent is a very bad financial decision and we cannot seem to meet in the middle. When we get into arguments revolving around my property it shocks me that she lacks the practical sense that states that if 1 person owns a home, its the best interest for the other person to move in. Each time we argue, it opens my eyes on whether she will grow up and see things from my perspective.

4. Strict lifestyle - My girlfriend at times really feels like a drill instructor. When i'm around her I cannot be myself and go out drinking, eat a burger or just relax at times. I understand my girlfriend wants me to be healthier at times but if I were to go out and grab Mcdonalds for dinner there are major arguments to the point shes screaming at the top of her lungs. (My girlfriend is active and adheres to an organic, healthy lifestyle 24/7, which is fine but you must enjoy life sometimes)

5. Sucess - Since I am a financial analyst my income will be the only major source among us if we get married. My girlfriend is an art major with no job yet so it's worrisome to see how our future will turn out.

Enough about arguing and differences. Now to the positive traits. My girlfriend is madly in love with me and always pushes me to be a better person. In addition, my girlfriend has always been there for me, through family problems and at times when my health has not been great. Another positive trait is that I fully trust her and she is very honest and direct with anything. Previously I have dated 'high maintance' girls and it was a pain in the butt. Now I have a girlfriend that is laid back and fun to go out with. I can honestly say that she genuienly cares for me more then any one else in my life and among past ex girlfriends. My girlfriend has always been a pillar in my life over the last 18 months since we do everything together.

Recently my girlfriend gave me an ultimatum that I have to either decide that we will be together permanently or she must move on in hopes of finding someone else who will take the big step towards marriage.

I'm now left with the decision on whether to marry this girl (and help her out with obtaining a green card before next June) or to decide that our relationship has suffered many arguments and that I must move on to another person who I can be happy with marrying. Please let me know what you would do in my shoes since its tearing me apart. I truly care for this girl, but I strongly feel that you should enter a marriage without any arguments and be optimistic of its outcome. In my scenario I feel love is not the only thing that will hold us together through our arguments.

Please provide me with advice.



Admin 17.12.2012. 20:56

If you want to really marry her, warn her.
If its one of the Art Institutes run by EDMC (all of them that use the
AI logo), avoid them like a plague. They're not an art school
employers take seriously. They're an open enrollment for-profit college, they take ANYONE.
They just want the financial aid from the government that you are
entitled to. The government is now suing them for 11 Billion Dollars which could wipe them off the map easily. They also got hit with ANOTHER lawsuit claiming the same thing!

If you ask me, they're an elaborate corporate scam to funnel as many
Government Pell grants and guaranteed loans out of students as they
can and leave the students with the bill.

The Senate HELP Committee did a 2year investigation and found out the same thing.
Ai has the worst drop out rate of ALL for-profit colleges.

They're like McDonald's of Art "Colleges". They're a chain that is
popping up everywhere. They buy out dying schools, rename them, keep
the accreditation.They create programs designed for impulse buyers and quick hits aka uninformed students.

They may seem like they would be good, but it is all smoke and
mirrors. Pretty building with pretty computers. Meanwhile, it will
just ruin your life.

The market demand they say they're meeting is not the demand of the
Job market, its the demand of the students. Students that graduated AI
are struggling to get jobs and have over more than $50,000+ or
$90,000+ in debt depending on what degree they went for. Degrees that
are worthless in the job market.

Basically, AI is a degree mill, a total debt factory. They use bloated success stats and
circle logic to back them up.

They count students working at Toys R Us as in the field. Avoid them
if you want to actually have a decent future.

If you really want to pursue your passion, go to a community college,
study fine art, and then transfer into a state school. It will be
cheaper and the money you save you can buy your own equipment and
STILL have money left over for a better future.

Their job leads are bogus, they go to Monster, Craigslist, and career
builder just like everyone else. Their top employer is HOME DEPOT
(Check their own website) and I guarantee none of those are art jobs.

Don't make the same mistake my friends and I did. We'll be paying for
it for the rest of our lives.

If you go with AI you'll be folding clothes at Target or hawking video
games at Toys R Us for $8.25 an hour and struggling to pay $90,000+
with bill collectors haunting your every waking moment for the REST OF
YOUR LIFE with no way to stop them because there is no bankruptcy
protection on Student loans.
Please please please make sure you check out these news articles
below. Many are accounts from students, staff, and teachers of AI.
Feel free to check YELP ("Filtered results" as well.)

What you do with this information is your choice, I just want to make
sure you know everything before listening to one of their recruiters
sales pitch. Remember, they're paid sales people. Not your friend.
College may be expensive but what these guys are pulling is straight
out highway robbery.

Below is a few news articles about different AI's around the country. They're all pulling the same thing.
Its EDMC's business model.

You will NOT make enough to pay back the loans. They know this. They just want the government money they can pull in your name.
Decide for yourself. You have a better chance of winning the lottery than paying back the debt created by these scammers.


Meep Zorp 02.12.2009. 00:59

Should I skip my friend's wedding reception (and save them $)? Create BIG or small grudge? The wedding is in January. They have a very nice wedding planned.

I work with the groom - we are good friends. We go to lunch alot. I help him with remodeling projects at his house (less than a mile from where I live). We mountain bike together.

The bride is in the same profession as me also - although we never actually work together. I like her most of the time. She makes three times as much money as either me or the groom (but her job is ending within six months). The job market is terrible in our city.

We do not make much money where we work (it is the nature of the biz we are in). My co-worker/friend is a very frugal guy. He spends alot of time surfing the internet looking for bargains.

Here is the point: my co-worker friend has been talking to me ALOT lately that his future wife is "spending way too much money on the wedding". He has asked her to be sensitive to the cost issues, and then expressed exasperation becuase she ignores him on this subject. As soon as I received my invitation, I asked him if I should bring a date to the reception dinner. He asked me not too because "the wedding was costing way too much already". (Based on where they are having the reception, I am guessing that each plate is $60 - $80)

I do not especially mind going to the reception dinner alone. In fact, I really do not care that much about going to the dinner at all. I would just as soon skip the dinner.

I will definitely attend the ceremony.

I am thinking about skipping (not making an RSVP) the reception dinner and telling my co-worker friend that I am going to do it so that he doesn't have to pay for me.

I expect that his wife will be mildly insulted, but I will openly tell her why I did not attend. I really do not care all that much if she does get insulted.

I am going to give them a hundred dollars as a wedding gift by the way. I would actually buy them something as a gift, but after talking to his wife about this suject, her tastes are simply too hard to satisfy.

THE QUESTION: If you were in her shoes and one of your husbands friends/co-workers attended the ceremony but skipped the reception, would you hold a BIG grudge or a small grudge?

Meep Zorp

Admin 02.12.2009. 00:59

Honestly, you're just a co-worker. So, I might be a little surprised and somewhat disappointed, but it's not going to last.

However, I'd be more upset for the reason you declined. You were invited to the wedding, because you're good friends with the groom. You should not base your attendance on whether or not the couple can afford you.

It's a little rude to exclude yourself from the wedding and openly admit you did it to save them money. In the end, regardless of what your co-worker confides to you about the cost, you still don't have the right to pass a judgment and make the assumption that they'll be better off saving the money.

If you do decline, do NOT under any circumstances tell the groom why. You'll look rude for really butting your nose into their financial situation. Yes, he told you, but what groom at some point hasn't said, "I think my fiancee's spending too much money." If you did a poll, I'd think 95% of grooms would think that. So, how much of it is really true and how much of it is him just complaining.

Regardless, you shouldn't pass a judgment like that. You should attend the wedding, because you were invited and the couple thought you were important enough to attend. You seem close to the groom and I can absolutely see why you were invited. Don't ruin a friendship by making financial comments on your buddy's situation with his future wife and their money.


Person 02.08.2009. 05:16

Why would you support Republicans if you're poor and/or barely making it with finances every month? This world is a tough.

People can't make to keep up with monthly expenses without borrowing loans and money from banks and credit card companies. Still, the disparity between the poor and the rich are growing. Those who climb up to the apex rely so much of their support on the bottom workers, yet see them as irrelevant to their success. They self-congratulate themselves with pompous titles and raises while cutting those at the bottom. While the CEO works to make his company the profitable, there is someone working in a diner cleaning up dishes and struggles to pay for a family. There is someone working their butts off to get tips from a few unsavory customers making their work more difficult. There is someone teaching tommorrow's future and has to work overtime to give some students special attention. All of these people are struggling with debt, keeping their heads above water so that they don't end up losing their homes. Why would any of them want to register as Republican and make their lives more difficult?


Admin 02.08.2009. 05:16

?You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it."*

Adrian Rogers, 1931

This said it all for me.
I've been very poor before, barely getting by paycheck to paycheck if that good working night shift in a warehouse. I've sold pallets, stripped scrap copper wire, and worked many side jobs just to put a little food on the table. Okay, did you just SEE what I just wrote? I did something about it. I didn't sit idly by and wait for somebody to hand me something or cry out that the government should help me out more and quit giving money to the rich guy. It was the rich guy that gave me a job in the first place, that hired me to do side work on his house, that paid me for the pallets I turned in and paid me for the scrap copper wire that I stripped.
It wasn't the government that did that.
I was told many times that I could qualify for financial aid and food stamps by others that I worked with, others that used the system, and had much more free time than I did. They worked their shift and went home and did whatever, I worked my shift and went to another job. Are you starting to get the picture now? This was all back around 1986 to 1993.
We kept on until finally one day, today, my wife and I would be considered upper middle class. We're not rich, but we're doing okay. We save for our OWN kids college education, WE'RE saving in multiple accounts for retirement and living well. Today I only work one job at 40 hours a week.
Guess who we vote for?
The ones that leave capital gains taxes lower, the ones that don't "create" hidden taxes that hit everybody like gas, tobacco or alcohol taxes. The ones that leave small business taxes alone so that more jobs can be created. The ones that do all these things so others that are like me, can have a chance to work their butts off and do something about their financial condition.

I still hear from those guys I use to work with from time to time. They're still in that same warehouse. Some have moved on to day shift, some aren't there anymore. But one thing is for certain. I knew them all to be strong supporters of Democratic candidates. They despised Reagan, and hated Bush Sr., but thought Clinton was the cats meow. I'm quite sure they're Obama supporters as well.
Do you know what they call me? Lucky!
Lucky? Given what I just told you, would you consider that luck? I wouldn't.


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