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This is why you have a site in the first place, right? The idea is to make money, to get customers and keep them. There are some things you are going to have to do to accomplish this.

Take a good, hard look at your website. Are there pictures of your product? If so, are the pictures clear and easy to see? If a customer can't really see the product, they might be uncomfortable buying it. Are your descriptions of the products easy to read, informative and to the point? If you are selling a T-shirt, for example, have you told the customer why this is a great T-shirt to buy? Did you give them the size and color choices? Did you tell them if it is washable or not? That it is well-made and will last a long time? Think about what you would like to know if you were going to buy a product that you could not hold in your hand. What would you want to know about it?

You have got to have a clear, easy-to-understand return and refund policy, and you have got to provide a link to it on every product page. No one is going to want to buy a product that they can't hold and not know if they can return it if they are not satisfied, or it wasn't what they really wanted. Make your customer feel comfortable about buying from you.

Try to have a testimonial page. Get satisfied customers to write a short note about how great your product or service is, and show potential customers that others consider you to be honest and your product to be a good one.

Seriously consider having a contest to give away something for free. You can sign up for a free email address, strictly for people to enter your contest at. Give them the rules of the contest, and a link to the email address to enter. Choose a winner once a month, or whatever, and then ask the winner to provide you with a testimonial about your product that you can put on your testimonial page.

Occasionally, offer your customers something free with an order. Give them a "buy three-get one free" deal. Maybe you have a bunch of some product sitting around that won't sell. Well, why not give one away with every order over $25 or $50, or whatever. Send them a free pen with your business name and website address on it with their order. Make them feel like they are important to you... because they are.

Consider putting out a newsletter. Get others, or experts in your field to write for it. Encourage people to pass your newsletter on to their friends. Bravenet has a great free email newsletter program you can sign up for. You can find a lot of places on the Internet that offer free articles for you to publish in your newsletter. Here are a few to start with:

Be honest in your dealings with your customers. Be friendly. Send them a thank you email, and follow up with them at least once to see if they re satisfied. Offer them updates to your site, and to notify them of sales.

Offer them as many features as you can. Here are 2 gift certificate sites that will allow you to offer gift certificates to your customers:

Always have your company name, physical address and your email address accessible to the customer. It makes them feel more comfortable to know that you are a "real" business, and that they can write to you if they need to. Consider putting up your picture for them to see. This makes you real to them, and not just another faceless website.

Do anything that you can think of to make your potential customer feel welcome, safe, and valued. It will really pay off in the end.

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ygamer 1 11.05.2007. 22:26

MSN/Hotmail blocking all emails from my domain? How do I get it unblocked, keep customers happy? MSN/Hotmail blocking all emails from my domain? How do I get it unblocked, keep customers happy? I have a small legit online business and I only contact those members that post ads on there and expect responses from others.
When someone joins the site, the program sends them a welcome email. We do not send any other automatic emails ever after than one initial email (no newsletters etc). Secondly, when someone replies to their ad, it goes to our staff where someone reviews the response to make sure it is not a scam, or spam, or anything like that. Once we review it and figure out that it is a valid response, then we manually forward it to the intended person . We do this extra step to protect our members. We are now even thinking of removing the welcome email, and just displaying them the welcome message on our webpage. This way they will only be contacted only when they have a valid response to their posting on our site.

ygamer 1

Admin 11.05.2007. 22:26

Does your site send email automatically on its own? Or do you send emails your self using outlook or similar programs?

Please ask question again.


? x STARRR ` 15.02.2010. 05:48

What are some creative ideas to keep your customers coming back? I work as a Sales Associate/Cashier at a truckstop ; Every month, staff has a mandatory meeting. Last month, the head honcho gave a "homework assignment" to come up with creative ways to keep customers coming back. I missed this meeting due to bad weather, but I want to do the assignment to show that I'm still in the loop. I'm very creative, but I'm having a hard time coming up with ideas. If you have any, feel free to suggest them. All answers appreciated! Thanks so much :)

? x STARRR `

Admin 15.02.2010. 05:48

It's all about customer service, Kendra. Remember their names, and what they like, and they will come back!

Specific ideas:

1. Give them a punch card for coffee. Ten punches, and the next one is free.
2. Smile and tell them to come back now, y'hear?
3. Get logo mudflaps, etc, made up and sell them at a break-even price.
4. Sales associates wear wet t-shirts.


Ranger ?. 27.06.2008. 02:06

What are some jobs a teenager could get that don't involve customer service? I really want a job so that I can start to afford some things on my own. I have no work experience, though, and I would really like to start out without flipping patties or getting yelled at by angry customers regularly. What are some teenager jobs that keep customer contact to a minimum?

Ranger ?.

Admin 27.06.2008. 02:06

Housekeeping at a hotel. It sucks and its boring (and I hate it). Its the job that I have and today I made 67 dollars (I get paid by the room and I did 15 rooms). I make on average 50 dollars a day, 250 a week, sometimes more which is good money for a teen. Although, I do recommend getting a job as a waiter or cashier because the customer service and communication skills will benefit you and look better on your resume since you will have learned skills. You would get a better job if you worked somewhere involving customers. As a housekeeper, you don't learn any new skills but person to person contact is extremely, extremely limited. Check around local hotels, restuaurants, stores, car washes, etc. Or even a night job as a stocker at a store such as Wal-Mart.

*Where I work, customers leave tips in the room, last week I got a 20 dollar tip from a customer, yesterday I got 5 dollars and today I got 5 dollars.
Warning: Housekeeping is very hard work.


Independent Contractor 09.01.2011. 01:31

How do car dealers get loans through the bank? I would like to know how car dealers get customers approved for a loan through the bank before they leave the lot? Not buy-here-pay-here lot, like getting approved through CFSB or US Bank before I leave. The dealer gets paid immediately and I owe the finance company. How does the dealer get set up?

Independent Contractor

Admin 09.01.2011. 01:31

They have basically a warehouse line of credit through the bank. The car dealer actually is the "lender" on your note for a brief moment. After it closes it is assigned to the bank. The dealership has a contract with the bank. The bank probably agreed to buy say 500 contracts for consumers with credit scores above 680 or whatever. There is also a par rate, and if the dealership gets more than that out of you, they keep the spread. Interest rates are just as negoitable as the price of the car so always be prepared for that when you go to buy.

They typically have several different lenders who accept assignment of the contracts. Like good credit goes to one, poor credit to another. The dealership chooses who to assign it to based on who gives them the biggest cut.


shawnvw2001 10.04.2008. 23:01

Where can I learn to run a small business in Southern California? I have a small business and I have lots of questions about how much to spend on advertising, keeping customers, etc. I know there are websites, but I wonder if there are any inexpensive courses or programs where I can get face-time with an expert.


Admin 10.04.2008. 23:01

Try SCORE ( service corps of retired executives) They are a non-profit group that specialize in mentoring....


dweeness 16.08.2008. 19:35

How to get a crazy woman to stop picketing during a yard sale? A bunch of residents are going to have a yard sale in front of the apartments and this crazy woman (who has been evicted but won't leave without dragging it through the courts) is planning to picket the manager during the sale.

Apparently she has every right to do this, but I am afraid it is going to keep customers away.

I am looking for legal ways to maybe embarrass her into wanting to leave?


Admin 16.08.2008. 19:35

She may actually draw a crowd. Let the news reporters know. Reporters seem to like garage or estate sales. You might come out way ahead!


livelaughlove 24.02.2011. 23:36

How to get a customer to buy your perfume? If you had to sell perfume and get the customer to buy the perfume what would you say and do?


Admin 24.02.2011. 23:36

Selling perfume is not different than selling apparel. Every scent is unique and people want one that complement them like a fashion accessory.

First disregard any opinion you have on any fragrance. Youth Dew by Estee Lauder may stink to you but it is the perfect frag for someone else who is up there in age. Some youths use it because their mothers or grandmothers used it.

So when selling a fragrance know your fragrance. Know the difference between a fresh citrus, a green fragrance, an aromatic, a light or strong floral, woody oriental, classic woods, regular woods, etc there are Many different and one customer can like all of them or just one. Oh heads up if you are selling fragrance know that Clinique has a hypoallergenic fragrance "HAPPY" that nurses could use

Then know your customer. Ask them what kind of fragrance are they looking for. They could be specific and shout out a name so do research for many different fragrances. There are celebrity frag, prestigious, style frag, and designer fragrance. So know the kinds
That are $1000s and those that are $10s lol an yes there is a 3000 dollar womans fragrance.

But some customers aren't that easy So ask what type of fragrance they want and they may say fresh or woodsy or sweet. However there are some who don't use one so ask what kind of shampoo or bath an body works they use air freshner anything to figure out what they like. However if they still say you don't know. You have to randomly pick one. You job is to narrow down to keep from wasting time and getting to another customer. Time is money

In the end be sterotypical because judging by ethnicity the fragrance is easier to find.
White female/ male: they could like anything
Black male/female: anything with a little sweetness and some woods. Amber, lavender, or candy smells
Mexicans: stronger fragrance leather, bermagot, pepper
Asian: fresh citrus mainly
Arbians: spicy or woodsy

Thought this may help know that everyone is not the same because human beings are human beings and are different by nature.

Whatever you dontry not to judge how much money they have and never think they can only afford the cheap stuff. Show what you think is best and they will ask for price. If they say too high then find an alternative.

Use this advice an you will do fine. Oh is more thing. Visual is everything don't just put boxes in the case open one to show the bottle. Believe or not it may not make sense to you but some people buy it because the bottle is cool. Lol. Good luck


Jiggy 27.06.2009. 03:15

how do i attract more customers in restaurant city facebook application? how do i get customers easily in restaurant city?


Admin 27.06.2009. 03:15

With time, by keeping your "thumbs up" sign high. That sign tells your rating so the highest it is, the more costumers that will go into your restaurant. To do that you need happy costumers! The basic thing you need is 1 cook for every 3 tables and, depending on your level, you'll need toilets (around level 8). Of course you also need to give your employees some rest/food, so they can keep working "fast".
Not sure if this is what you wanted to know but hope it helps. Good luck!


Wizz_G 10.03.2009. 20:16

What is the best way to generate website traffic? I need to generate ALOT of website traffic all at one time in order to keep customers continuously coming to my website. What would be the best way to accomplish this for the least amount of money?


Admin 10.03.2009. 20:16

There are several ways to generate website traffic. Here are some basic points that are important to get people to visit your site

The Title - write a short but to the point and attractive title that will be easy to index on a search engine and is also attractive to a person looking on a search engine

The Content - this is perhaps the most important, without quality content no one will stay at your site more than 10 seconds and are less likely to get any click throughs on any profit generating links on your site. Also make sure your content sounds informative and professional with proper grammar and punctuation. Don't sound like a 12 year old typing.

Meta Tags and keywords - Effective title, description, and keyword meta tags in your HTML code make it easy for a search engine to display and index your site for others to find. there are several free meta tag generators online. Just google 'free meta tag generator'

Blogs and Forums - find high traffic forums and blogs relevant to your sites content and respond to other user comments and useful information then provide a link at the end of the post to your website. This can also work on Yahoo! Answers ;)

Be patient and persistent!
Don't give up, generating website traffic is has a pyramid effect. You post a quality website on one place, that person recommends that site to someone else, and word can slowly but surely spread. Also, any posts or forum replies stay on their respective websites for years. You will find your website getting referral links from forum posts from 3 years back so the more seeds you set early the better.

Here is my backlink plug, I go into more detail on how to generate website traffic at


suehatespredatorylenders 24.08.2007. 04:41

cash advance is predatory lending, what does it take to stop these corporations? I worked inside the industry untill I could not stand it no longer, I seen how bad it was for people to get out, and how meetings were held to think of better ideas to keep customers, get the old ones back in, and keep them stuck it makes me sick, know your rights, if you need help in colorado, call the state att general, or ask.


Admin 24.08.2007. 04:41

This type of operation only exist because there is a need for it.

If people would be responsible and not spend more then they make, learn to live within their means and pay their bills on time these people would cease to exist.

I do not blame the businesses, I blame the customers.


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