Guaranteed Easy Ways To Gaining Financial Freedom

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Does not having to worry about monthly bills anymore just a fantasy to you? Do you wonder sometimes how it will be a peace of mind if money matters didn't matter? Wouldn't it be great if at this very moment your financial situation were in order? The answers to all these questions, my friends, are closer to reality than you think. Stepping forward ahead by using simple strategies will make a major difference in your personal finances just as it has for me. Financial success is an easy and simple process once you decide mentally that you must take immediate action!

For me, at first, the thought about having financial success was not easy and simple! The reason was because no one told me how to go through the process. Everyone told me how nice it was to have "extra money" just laying around, but didn't explain to me how to go about taking action. I started off while I was in college by not having a bank account, buried in $9000 dollars in credit card and loan debt, and having more bills to pay than money to pay for them. In other words, I WAS BROKE! But once I was finally told how to easily apply just 3 steps, my success in my personal finances was just a "hop, skip and a jump away." Just like it can be for you!

The 3 Easy Steps And How To Apply Them To Your Everyday Life

Stop Daily Procrastination And Start Now

So many individuals never start the process to financial freedom because they never decide to start today! For these very same people, tomorrow is when they decide to start. But when the next day comes, the decision to start is put off until the next day. Don't be one of those people! I'll admit financial success will take commitment, discipline plus patience. However the best way to accomplishing these tasks is by first believing in yourself. Determine in your mind that you must get your finances in order! By telling and reminding yourself this constantly each and every moment, the process of financial freedom will naturally become easier and easier. But you must first decide to act now. Do not wait until the next day or until you make more money to put things in order - DO IT NOW!

Take A Moment To Determine Which Side Your Money Is On

Take an honest look at where your money going. Where are you at financially? You can start your look by making a list of all your assets and your liabilities. Assets are those items that you own and can make money for you. Liabilities are those items you owe on. If your liabilities are more than your assets then develop a plan to reduce your liabilities. Make another list of the creditors and bills you owe on, and decide what amount you will pay each month to reduce the debt. Do this by paying more than the minimum balance due each and every month! Remember, it takes commitment and discipline to accomplish this important step to financial success.

Look For Ways To Constantly Increase Your Assets

Again, assets are those items that you own and can make money for you. Here are some simple ways to increase your assets to help you have more money:

Invest Monthly In Mutual Funds- Just a small amount each month (you decide how much) will help you to make your money work for you instead of working harder to make more money.

Invest in your company's 401 or stock participation plan- Most jobs offer either or sometimes both. Plus they offer financial records showing how much you have earned. Some even offer ways to invest by automatically taking whatever amount you request out of your check. Personally when I used this strategy I didn't even miss the small amount that was taken out.

Buy US Savings Bonds- Savings Bonds can be purchased through your local bank. Saving Bonds can be bought starting with just $50 dollars. With guaranteed profits assured, this is a good place to start.

Establish An Emergency Fund- An emergency fund can handle life's unexpected financial challenges. Put small amounts of money away until you have enough cash on hand to handle at least 2 to 3 months of living expenses. A helpful tip is to start a savings account to gain more money with interest.

Continue To Educate Yourself- College students go to school to learn more so they can earn more. So can you! Make it a habit to attend seminars on topics such as investing and personal finance. Most cities, towns and communities offer free seminars on these and other topics. Check your local newspaper for information to when and where these classes take place.

Remember, it takes patience. Gaining financial freedom won't happen overnight. In fact, most of the richest people in the world didn't just become rich overnight. But having a determined mind, total commitment, mind discipline and a positive attitude will help enormously to getting your financial situation in order. Take a good look of where you are at financially by determining how much you owe and finding ways to reduce those liabilities. Focus on increasing your assets, if only a little at a time, so you'll always have extra money aside you can rely on in case of emergencies. Stop daily procrastination and start getting your money matters in order now. The key to your financial success begins with YOU!

About the Author

Cornelus Postell has been in the financial industry for several years and has worked exclusively for several major firms. Cornelus is also the author of "Money Solutions That Works!" You can check out his book at Don't forget to sign up for his free training program, filled with uncovered hidden ways to gain financial freedom.


The Enlightened One 02.03.2011. 01:07

FOREX or the Share market which is best? Which one do you feel offers the best chance of obtaining financial freedom?

The Enlightened One

Admin 02.03.2011. 01:07

It depends on your strategies, and how much you have to start with.

Forex offers very high leverage, which means you can start with as little as $100 to $500, and gain or lose money much faster.

On the other hand, if you have over $30,000 to risk, day-trading the stock market might be easier.

Either way, it takes years of experience, and developing your own strategy that works for you. Even then, there are no guarantees.


Yeahhh 20.11.2012. 04:53

Which document gurantees majority rule and equality under the law which protects the right of the minority? it's one of the questions on my studyguide for my test tommorow, please help.
10 points? :)


Admin 20.11.2012. 04:53

Your teacher is probably asking for either the Constitution, which is way too easy an answer, or one of the Amendments that guarantees all people are equal. Probably one of the civil rights Amendments.

Personally, I think the Amendments are silly because the Constitution already tells us. It's only because of the less scrupulous, largely Democrats and their supporters, that Amendments were even necessary to begin with. I mean the Constitution pretty much says that all men have equality, that we all have rights, which automatically means anyone should have every single right that everyone else has. But then you have Democrats and their supporters coming around reading the letter of the law so that they can push around it. So they make Jim Crow laws, and this and that, all so that they can say they aren't technically violating the law, but they still are simply because not all men are being treated equally or whatever. It's why we have like 3 or 4 Civil Rights Amendments, because everyone that came out, Democrats and their supporters kept taking the letter of the law and finding ways around it to keep black citizens from having a vote. Today they do it via voluntary dependence. By creating a situation where 80% of the black vote is pretty much locked into one party no matter what, the black vote essentially holds no weight because every politician knows where it's going to go. And the remaining 20% is so insignificant, that they can never hope to have any real support for anything that effects their demographic. Democrats managed this through financial control and manipulation of individuals in desperate need and grass roots movements that are trusted deeply by most black Americans.

Anyhow, that's the necessity of the Amendments, to spell out the law so that the less scrupulous can't skirt the law. In fact, that's what most of law has been a result of, stopping the less scrupulous from skirting around it to hurt others while technically obeying the law. In other words, to stop the less scrupulous from taking advantage of the freedom provided to hurt others for selfish gain or simply out of spite.

No other thing in all of civilized history has proven more detrimental to individual freedom as criminals who are willing to take advantage of freedom in order to hurt others.


Ahsanul kabir 16.04.2013. 13:48

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Zoobot 28.10.2011. 19:34

Why is the world in so much financial trouble? I'm feeling so disappointed right now. I'm a student, hoping for a good job after I'm done studying. But as I become more and more aware of the reality of today, my dreams disappear. No children, because children don't bring joy anymore, they bring debt. No house because if you lose your job in unsteady times, the bank repossesses. No car for the same reason and because fuel is becoming so expensive that it's not sustainable in the long term. No Christmas lights because electricity is becoming way to expensive (and no more heaters in winter). No more of this, no more of that... and no more dreams!

What is going on with the world? Why is everybody paying more and more for food and other daily necessities? I'm becoming so worried that I want to colonize (not buy because I'll probably never afford it) a nice piece of land, build myself a shelter and start farming my own food. Why the hell not? We all might as well go back to our primitive ways as the modern economic structures are crumbling all over the world.

All I want is to finish my studies, find myself a job, then a wife, then start a family and live happily ever after. Not so easy, is it?

This is not sustainable and at some point IT"S GOT TO END. I don't care which rich dude loses his mansion over it.

What are your thought on everything and what do you think is going to happen to us if this "crisis" continues? Maybe it will benefit me and some like me to know at least what our options are and if any planning will avoid total destitution or borderline-living.


Admin 28.10.2011. 19:34

Socialism. Capitalism, which by definition is freedom, has been blamed but the real culprit is private gains and socialized losses. In a normal business environment there are two factors people use to make a decision: fear and gain. When the government guarantees to bail out big companies the fear element is removed. Then when the crash come capitalism is blamed and the regulations increase. Capitalism that is subsidized by the taxpayer is not capitalism. In fact it is socialism.
In a free market, and I mean free market, these companies would never make these decisions because the risk would be too high. And these cycles would never occur.

For some books on the subject of business cycle Google Hayek and Mises.

What to do: vote for Ron Paul and read Crash Proof 2.0 by Schiff.


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