Headlines - how important are they for your business communication?

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Do you think that headlines are only used by advertisers trying to sell something?

Well, forget the myth that people are only interested in information and if you have great information then they will read you. They won't if you don't give them a reason to. Which is where headlines come in...

You have seven seconds ('seven' is a magic number for the brain) to grab their attention, otherwise they move on. If you don't give them a compelling reason to pay attention to your communication then they won't. They'll move on and you would have missed a great opportunity.

Even if you think you are not selling them anything, in reality you are. You are selling them on you and your company; your abilities, your experience, your knowledge, your potential to help them solve their problems.

Make sure that you always offer your audience (be that audience there 'in person', or being communicated to via the written word) a compelling reason to pay attention. Otherwise they won't. It doesn't have to be a 'highly charged' sales message. But it does have to be enticing enough to get them to want to pay more attention.

Don't use trickery, such as a headline about 'sex' that has absolutely nothing to do with your content. This will only annoy your guests (quite rightly so) and you'll never see them again.

Give them a reason to read and you'll find that the majority will. Those that don't are probably not interested in the subject anyway and you'd be unlikely to be doing business with them at the moment.

40 great headlines

Here's a collection of great published headlines that have garnered for their authors considerable success.

* How would you spend an extra $200,000 - starting tomorrow?

* A good reason not to settle for a 10% return.

* Maintenance problems giving you a headache? (Aspirin attached)

* Toxic People: 10 ways to handle people who make your life miserable.

* Supposed this happened to your car.

* Take one day to learn how to read men's minds.

* How to literally write any size pay cheque you like, as often as you like.

* How to print all the money you want - legally!

* Advise and profit - how to create exceptional income as a consultant.

* I know 97 specific 'tricks' to creating ads that reach out and suck money right out of peoples' wallets like an out-of-control vacuum cleaner 'monster' - how many of my tricks would you like to know?

* What to write on a simple postcard mailing that will make people flood into your business.

* Discover how to turn what you already known about your work, hobby or personal interests into a million dollar information products empire!

* How to rub your stomach away.

* Why do Chinese women have such an impossibly low rate of breast cancer?

* The 7 critical things you must do to guarantee that your athletes win under pressure

* Yes, YOU can learn to paint works of art that you can be proud of and that others will admire.

* How a $7 investment can make you a celebrity and boost your business by 367% or more!

* How to triple your income by doubling your energy.

* What's the key secret to increasing your income by 917%? If you don't know, read on. You'll find out what it really takes to pull more sales and profits from every ad or sales letter you ever use.

* Solve all your money problems forever (with absolutely no work whatsoever).

* How easy 'instant mail order' lets you quickly escape the payday-to-payday rat race.

* Learn to make money like a millionaire

* How to make big money writing and selling booklets in the next 30 days.

* 50 idiot-proof ways to make money on the internet.

* Think and grow rich this year and for the rest of your life!

* Ex Marketing Director of international publishing firm REVEALS priceless 'trade secrets' that have been kept under wraps for years!

* A surprising new discovery for those who've always suspected they had the 'right stuff' to succeed in their own business... but who haven't yet quite got going.

* Do fears hold you back?

* How to accomplish anything you want in life.

* How to be your 'possible self'

* To become financially independent, it helps to BE YOUR OWN BOSS.

* Is your future worth ten dollars?

* Attention entrepreneurs: what would it take to make 1998 your best year ever? Would an extra $100,000 help?

* Financial strategies for successful retirement.

* Here, at last, are the unspoken sexual health secrets you'll never hear from your doctor. Your husband. Your wife. Or, heaven forbid, your mother!

* It's ugly but it's beautiful [...for a Volkswagen, if you are curious]

* The Post Office wouldn't let us mail you a cup of fresh, hot coffee. Look inside for the next best thing.

* We can free the writer in you.

* What will your life be like in five years?

* How to recruit, interview and hire the right person. A step-by-step system for selecting the best person for every job.

...and one more for luck: "My friends and family were convinced I'd fail my exams. But when the results came through..."

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Natalie 26.11.2008. 04:44

How to get into editing and publishing? I'm just starting college in the spring and I'm thinking of majoring in English. I want to get a job editing or publishing books and maybe one day write my own book. Does anyone know what it takes to do this? Also, is there a specific minor I should be taking or even a better major? Thanks!


Admin 26.11.2008. 04:44

English is a good major for someone who wants to get into editing and publishing, however there is a business side to writing. I majored in English in undergrad and minored in Communication Studies. I often wished I'd did it the other way around and majored in Comm and minored in English. While English certainly helped me discover my voice and become more analytical, Comm Studies taught me how to write for different audiences and that there's a bit of science to the art of writing. Knowing how to write for your audience is very important to editors, publishers, and authors. Other things like AP Style, Chicago Manual Style, and how to write the perfect headline probably won't be included in your English curriculum either.

May I also suggest minoring in something that interests you and starting a blog based on research and observations you've gathered? Also, I can never stress internships enough, and you can never take enough of them. They are the key to landing your dream job after graduation.


Leanne Fall 03.04.2012. 15:16

what are the disadvantages of a website for a business? what are the advantages and disadvantages of running a website for a house moving business?

Leanne Fall

Admin 03.04.2012. 15:16

Hi, websites must be advertised, marketed and made known to be
effective; just making one and leaving it at that won't do much for
you. You must put your sites' address on your business cards and
all your communication tools and promotion items with your market.
It must be made attractive with pleasant color and set-up to be pleasing
to the eyes and not offensive to look at. It must be easy to stear around
and user friendly. You can and must add the testemonials from satisfied
customers. Your story headlines just like a newspaper ad should be attention-
grabbing, your copy must be well-written, informative, credible and include a
call to action at a minimum at the end if not through-out the copy. You would
want to get a search engine high placement as soon as you can afford to get it
so that your site comes up everytime people search for your type of service.
The website name or domain name must clearly say what it is that you do so
that people get the function and benefit of your business just by looking at the
name, ie. acemovers.com or something like that, your site must be professionally
made although you don't want to spend a lot of money in making it especially at the
beginning. You could use the ready portals from the internet to make it or have a
college student with that expertise make it for you so it doesn't turnout to be too
expensive. Use attractively made fliers, and distribute it in the areas you would like
to draw customers from to get business if your site is ready put it on there too.
Most important think deeply about what you want the site to do for you and design
it according to your goals for it, don't just make a site to have one; you can't count
on it alone without the necassary planning to bring in business for you. Look at what
your successful direct competitors are doing to bring in business and do the same
perhaps even better. See if you can get on commercial sites that promote in your
local market, have your search engine setup so that you will be on the first page in
your local market or whatever market you want customers from, no sense in advertising
all over the country or the world if you can't serve those markets. Good luck.


manh8r 29.06.2006. 03:37

Which is more influential or important today, science or technology? Array


Admin 29.06.2006. 03:37

Technology--without question! Just look at what's making headlines, what has the most impact on politics, and what people get paid for. Headlines are always "Microsoft or Mac comes out with such and such a new product, or there's a new miracle drug to make you un-fat, or a new pharmaceutical approach to treating prostate cancer... etc etc etc" and never "Breakthrough on where procellariiform birds go during feeding migrations in the south pacific!" or "new natriuretic peptide derived from zebrafish genomics! or "experiments concluded for surch of new subatomic particle!". And it's the big technology companies--power companies, computer businesses, communications corporations, food producers--that have the influence on political parties and figures. AND, look at a pure scientist vs a technologist's salary--on average, you're looking at severl 0's difference in pay. I'd take science any day, but it's technology that does the political moving and shaking, which can be unfortunate in my opinion!


Alam 19.08.2010. 05:43

What is the job responsibilities of an "IT Executive".? Hi this is Alam and now working in a company with the job responsibilities of Maintaining Computer Hardware & Network, Internet, Data Backup, Outlook & Application Issues handling, Installation & Deinstallation. So can someone help me out by telling my a single word for my Resume headline.



Admin 19.08.2010. 05:43

Key qualities an IT executive should possess to insure success:

# Communications Ability

Ray highlighted the central role of the IT executive in business technology matters. This central role imposes a requirement for clear communication regarding business strategy, technology strategy, and work progress.

My experience has shown that a successful IT executive must be able to communicate clearly with a wide range of diverse personalities and interests. A typical day could begin with a detailed conversation with a programmer, and end up with a 10,000 foot strategy overview with top management. Communications ability is a vital quality in these varied situations.

# Technical Knowledge

Ray made the point that to be truly effective as an IT executive, you have to first understand information technology.

While some exceptions may exist at companies where "executive transplants" have occurred from the business side, I believe this is an exception, not the rule. Over the years I have found that the most effective IT executives came straight from the technology ranks. These are the people who have a clear understanding of which technology is appropriate for a given business situation. They are also the folks who have a credible technology vision.

# Business Acumen

IT executives must be business practitioners first, technologists second.

IT executive responsibilities include executive communication, strategy and budgeting, vendor relationship maintenance, business problem solving, crisis control, and IT management. In order to tackle these responsibilities, successful IT executives must develop a sharp business sense. Equally important is sustaining a perception by the other business executives that indeed you are a relevant and valuable part of the business. This means addressing technology in business terms at all times.

# Vision

As an IT executive, you have the primary responsibility for the facilitation and communication of the company's ultimate IT strategy. This means you are the key provider of IT vision to the business.

Clearly this takes both confidence and courage.. and a willingness to accept criticism. My experience has shown me time and time again that this is the activity for which IT executives really earn their paychecks. The fact that the IT executive is both the top IT business leader as well as the chief technologist, puts the IT executive in the unique position of seeing the total big picture. From this vantage point he or she must be the first to put a "straw man" vision on the table. This is the key starting point for continuing detailed business discussions, technology strategy formulation, and solution execution.

Key qualities an IT executive should possess to insure long term career survival:

* Shared Vision of IT

Ray remarked that the IT executive must be working towards the same goals as the business. A shared agenda must exist.

To me, this is survival rule number one. A successful IT executive must work every day to maintain an awareness of important business changes, to establish meetings and forums for information exchange and prioritizing, and to establish joint ownership and accountability for IT initiatives. These activities go a long way toward insuring a mutual involvement and ownership of important IT projects from both the key technology and business executives. It also prevents unpleasant surprises.

* Relationship Building

Not only is an IT executive responsible for strengthening relationships between the various technology groups and the supported business areas, but he or she also must sometimes serve as a catalyst for relationship building between distinct areas of the business itself.

My opinion is that this is another area where the IT executive brings tangible, bottom line value to the business. A good relationship builder can apply these skills to critical situations throughout the company. A wise IT executive uses his or her "big picture" perspective to first spot these opportunities, and then to follow-up with action.

* Sensitivity

Ray pointed out that career survival sometimes depends on understanding the "prevailing winds" within the company.

I found this to be especially good advice. The successful IT executive must understand both the evolving culture and the current business mood at all times. In certain situations, a wise IT executive may find that in order to insure long term career survival, he or she should drop a deeply cherished technology idea or principal because it is simply not embraced by the business. Always take the end user perspective, and pick your battles wisely.

* Credibility

The IT executive's credibility must be guarded at all costs. Credibility and effectiveness are mutually dependent and proportional.

The business depends on the IT executive to be the in-house expert on technology related matters.



Alexis 30.07.2011. 20:58

Im have a few questions about resumes? Hi, im helping my friend apply for this job at a nursing home for maintance..i wanted to to know what kind of things should i have on this resume.. i know i should include my skills, education, experience, awards is there anythinq else.. and what would the objective be?


Admin 30.07.2011. 20:58

Resume Tips: How to Write a Summary of Today, your resume should start with a Summary of Qualifications that spotlights your most impressive and relevant accomplishments, skills, and experience.

Your resume summary can go by any of several names, such as Summary of Qualifications, Highlights, Professional Summary, or Profile. You might even want to title it with your own personal headline. The important thing is that the summary gives a quick overview of the value you offer the employer.

Q. Why do I need a summary?

A. Hiring managers get dozens or hundreds of resumes for each job opening, so they tend to decide within about 10 seconds whether a resume goes in the Yes, No, or Maybe pile for interviews.

If they can?t see your qualifications quickly and easily, your resume won?t pass the 10-second test. So, a summary of qualifications that shows your credentials at a glance greatly increases your chance of landing in the Yes pile.

Q. What should the summary say?

A. Your summary should be a little different for each job you apply for, since each employer?s requirements and terminology will be different (even for similar jobs).

To figure out what you should include, go back to the job description. Do your research, check the employer's web site, and pick out the most important qualifications they're seeking. When you write your summary, focus on showing that you possess the skills and attributes that employer needs.

Q. What does a summary look like?

A. The summary can be written in bullet list or paragraph format, and it's not necessary to use full sentences. Here are three examples:

Registered Nurse [bullet list format]

12 years' experience as a Registered Nurse, including clinical research and coordination of cardiology clinical trials
9 years' experience in direct patient care, including pre- and post-op, and pediatric cardiology
Led 4-person team that studied and restructured nursing shift scheduling, reducing absenteeism 26% and cutting overtime costs in half
Outstanding communicator with both management and patients
Thorough knowledge of federal and state healthcare regulations

Marketing Communications Associate [bullet list format]

2.5 years as Marketing Coordinator for mid-size communications firm producing flyers, newspaper advertisements, brochures, and online content
BA in Marketing and Communications from University of Michigan (2009)
2 years' blogging experience promoting and reviewing on-campus social events
Committed to building expertise in web communications, social media, and search engine marketing through exceptional work ethic and ability to quickly absorb and apply new information

Facilities Maintenance Technician [paragraph format]

HVAC-certified maintenance technician with more than 7 years of experience in building and grounds maintenance in multi-unit residential and healthcare facilities. Expertise includes painting and wall coverings; apartment make-ready services; general electrical and plumbing repairs; coordinating and assisting licensed vendors; power and hand tool use. Committed to safety, customer service, and clear communication with management and residents.

Q. What about the Objective?

A. An Objective at the beginning of a resume is pretty much passť, except in a few circumstances. You should include an Objective only if you fit one of these three categories:

You're just starting your career and don?t have a clearly defined career path yet.
You're changing careers or transferring from one field to another.
You're returning to the workforce after a long absence.
If you need one, don't just use a throw-away phrase like, "Seeking a challenging position with room for growth." Here's how to write an Objective that helps hiring managers and recruiters understand why and how you're qualified to meet their business needs.


Summer 29.06.2012. 02:03

som extra curricular activities? when i graduate high school i am looking into becoming a reporter. Are there any extra curricular activities i could do? maybe an online blog or something. Also some well known colleges for reporting and journalism?


Admin 29.06.2012. 02:03

You've received great advice already about blogs, certain clubs, etc. Just one caution: if journalism is your bet, blog writing is good practice for writing in general but does not reflect the writing necessary for most newspapers and writing news for the media (you will not come out of the bat and become a columnist. There are very few columnist jobs and everybody wants them. Heck, just even writing is pretty cut-throat).

A fun way to do it would be to choose a social media with a text limit and do your life in headlines! It is somewhat good practice, despite that the headline is usually written by the editor, but there is a certain style in headline writing. Oh, and did I mention fun?

Beyond the suggestions for school newspaper, debate, assisting for those classes (and the neglected English and Classics clubs, which will teach you good writing - remember, everyone who reads English can read good writing with proper grammar, but improperly composed sentences cannot be read by all), think about what sort of writing/journalism you will want to pursue. There is often outside knowledge necessary for your job. Do you want a news beat? Learn some politics, but generally try to be diverse in knowledge. Remember history and geography. Want later section? What about learning science and being able to write science features? Social science is also very important in features (also demographics and other cultural/societal influences have effects on your stories, so good there too). Do you want to do international news? Languages are an absolute (and assist with your writing skill, usually). Business is also important for more than business writing: your press releases, that you'll rely heavily on, are sometimes written by journalism majors, but often business people with expertise in communications and marketing. When you read between the lines and look below the surface, you must understand what it is you are seeing in order to convey it to others.

Do not neglect fiction: there is an inherent understanding of the world and attention to detail necessary in fiction that can help you with your own understanding. Writers, of all genres, are by nature observers and renaissance people. It is a field largely of generalists, not specialists, who can write.

Also, take accounting. Yes, it sounds boring and you don't think it reflects greatly on journalism unless you do business writing. Trust me on this: a lot of your work will be freelance and on spec, so you should be prepared to handle yourself in managing your finances and treating yourself as a business.

Most important, be curious and write. Write every day. Write observations you see all the time. Just write.

Good luck!


Errian 23.04.2010. 02:45

what should be considered when creating a print ad? Array


Admin 23.04.2010. 02:45


How to SAVE Yourself from Spending too Much Money on Advertising!

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Placemat Ad Advertising

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Boost Headline Believability With Specifics

Don't use vague generalities in your headlines. Be as specific as possible. For example, you may want to put a date into your headline, or a profit increase of some specific percentage, etc. When you use something specific, like a date, an exact dollar amount, or an exact quantity in... Read More
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Aaron 22.05.2009. 03:50

HELP writing newspaper article 10 points? This will be my first time writing a newspaper article for ca 3 for the book of mice and men. I only have taken a business communication class which is amazingly easy and got an a+ in there should of taken newspaper instead:(

so i need help..

if anyone read the book if not its great..i know what happened and its telling me what to summarize but how? im not that much of a creative writer like the author.

and how would i design the article to make it look like a real newsmaper with other headlines, a weather forecast for soledad, or other interesting things any help?


Admin 22.05.2009. 03:50

I have not read the book, However to write the article, first start with an outline, Write in the outline who the characters are what is important about each character. The moral behind the story, key factors that influance the moral. who the sotry would benefit the most and how pleasurable was it to read. Then use your outline to write the sentances you need for your article,

Good Luck


bandar r 22.08.2008. 09:21

Is internet useful?Why?Or why not? Internet is one kind of media.People easily can know any important information.People can send message easily and do everything by internet.Now people easily earn money by using internet.Though sometimes I think that is internet useful.

bandar r

Admin 22.08.2008. 09:21

The internet is very useful and for a number of reasons.

Research - finding answers easily and quickly to questions that you would have had to go to the library to research. Or even just to satisfy a curious type question, like what is the name of the song they are playing during a particular commercial, or what other movie did I see that particular actor in. The possibilities are endless.

Conducting business - more and more companies these days are using the internet to promote their themselves through websites and also selling their merchandise. It's a quick, easy and cost effective way to reach thousands of potential customers. It's a great way to book a flight or hotel room and to check out vacation spots. Or download music, order movies, books, you name it. And it saves a lot of gas in the process!

Communication - for lots of companies, communicating via email replaced the old "inter office memo". It's also a quick and effective way to keep in touch with customers, send price quotes, follow up on phone calls, send out news letters. In addition it's a great way to keep in touch with family and friends without taking a lot of time or expense.

News - staying on top of current events. I can't think of a quicker way than getting news headlines on the internet. Beats having to go to the corner store to buy a newspaper or wait for it to get delivered.

The internet literally enables people to travel and communicate with people worldwide without having to leave their chair. It absolutely amazes me. It's a very economical and easily accesible media. We wouldn't want to be without it at our company, and I wouldn't want to be without it at home.


M4A1 12.01.2012. 12:56

is this personal statement good for uk economics degree? Here is my personal statement for UK universities. Im applying for economics. If you have experience in personal statments, can you review it and help me? :D thanks

From a very young age I have had an interest in world economy and developments. I have always wondered why some countries are so poor and others so rich. I had never known how a country calculates it wealth and what it does with its income, and this is something I?ve wanted to find out with determination. The UK is also an amazing place to learn economics because of the major economic headlines going on there and in the rest of Europe.
I am currently studying economics at A level and has been one of my favorite subjects since starting it at IGCSE. The part of economics that I enjoy the most is macroeconomics, because it gives such a good understanding on how the real world and governments operate. Different theories related to inflation, unemployment, international trade etc are used by governments across the world and it is a real honor and privilege to know that we are studying topics that are active in the real world.
Furthermore, I have also participated in many extracurricular activities. I was part of a delegation team that went to LUMS University to take part in the annual LUMS Model United Nations (LUMUN). This was a very different experience and it taught me a lot of skills that current economists and other employees need to have. Taking part in heated discussions and debates not only raised my communication skills but also helped me to work in a team with people I hadn?t met before the debates. Working in a team made me realize how important planning, organizing, coordinating with fellow members is to achieve a successful result. I had also overcome my nerves when speaking to a large audience. These characteristics are essential for business people, as they will be meeting different people from around the world, working as groups with people they don?t really know much about. So I believe that taking part in this Model United Nations had helped grow my character and I learnt quite a few of the skills a regular economist or business person needs to have. A similar MUN had taken place in our school, however this time I was in the organizing committee. The key skills I had learnt in organizing this event, was how to prepare the venue and try to get every task done at the proper time. Convincing people to join the event was a problem, since it was the first one in our school and it was a fun and entertaining task in persuading people to join and take part in the MUN. And because of this, a key skill that I had developed was how to negotiate.
Moreover, apart from Model United Nations, I have taken part in sports activities such as the school football team. Football and sports is a major interest in my life and develops team spirit and sportsmanship. These are also other important qualities which business people need to have. The good should be taken with the bad and we have to learn to accept defeat. I also played a fairly active role in the Student Council where we successfully arranged many different activities and events for the school such as, field trips, fun days etc. Participating in the Student Council taught me how to work with my fellow organizers to plan enjoyable events for the school. Moreover, I contributed in community service where I helped the primary grade children safely cross the road outside my school during mornings.
Travelling has also been one of my main hobbies. I love travelling to different parts of the world and experiencing new cultures, tastes and meeting different kinds of people. My other hobbies include going to the cinema, playing with friends etc.

I have furthermore managed to get an internship with Saudi Orix in Riyadh. That was a spectacular experience because I was able to get a real insight on how businesses operate. I had met various business people in the offices and they had given me good information and tips on how to work in a large business organization. Certainly the characteristics I had gained from that encounter, like, formalness at work, obeying orders and getting tasks done, will help in the field of economics and business.
Overall, I am a very committed student and have the desire to pursue a career in economics. The challenges that lie ahead in this field are substantial but I have the passion and determination to succeed and will try my level best to achieve that goal
btw there are paragraphs in this. idk why its not showing here.


Admin 12.01.2012. 12:56

Delete this question.

UCAS has an online plagiarism detector. You would not want it to seem that you plagiarised your entire personal statement.


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