Hide and Seek?

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Hide and Seek?
by Laurie Rogers

There is absolutely nothing worse than trying to find out
WHO the person is that owns a web site. I'm sure you all
know what I'm talking about. Doesn't that just drive you
NUTS? It drives me especially crazy when these "people"
have the nerve to call themselves a "professional". Yeah
ok, I thought putting all your contact information on your
web site is what classes you as a "professional". Hmmm,
maybe I slept through that part in school.

And just what are they a Professional of? Hide and seek?
Heck didn't we stop playing that game when we were like
5 or 6? I guess some people love that game so much they
thought it'd be fun to do it online too. "Hey, let's see how
long it takes our visitors to find out WHO we are, bet they
can't find us"!

Well guess what Mr. Hide and Seek? You're the one that's
going lose out on SALES! Yeah ... you know the stuff that
brings you in CASH so you can pay your bills? (And there
goes Mr. Hide and Seek crying his eyes out again cause
he is not making any money online). Gee, I wonder why?
Like, HELLO let's get with the program here buddy! You
gotta tell us WHO you are and WHERE we can reach you,
BEFORE we start shelling out the bucks.

Now here's a kicker ...

The other day while I was sifting through ezines that I am
subscriber of, I was looking for publishers names to add
to my article list. I must've went through 5 ezines before I
had actually even found a persons name AND their email
address together. So I thought ok, well I'll just click on their
links to find out WHO they are. Guess what I found when I
got there? NOT a darn thing!

Now here comes the real kicker! In one persons ezine, no
name, no email address - so I head on over to their site.
And what do I find? A whack of testimonials addressed to
.... drum roll please ..... Webmaster! Can YOU all believe
that? I think this person really took the use of the name
"webmaster" just too literally. But the question is .. WHO
are all these crazy people buying stuff from this person?

It really makes you wonder ..... cause they gotta be fake!
Like that'd be the day, I sent in a testimonial to someone
who can't even tell me WHO they are, let alone BUY from
them in the first place. Give me a break here, as if people
are going to address you as "webmaster" in a testimonial.
I may be a little slow some days, but I am not that stupid
to fall for that old routine.

The moral of this story is, put YOUR contact information
on your web site and you might just get some business!
We are all way too old to be playing hide and seek with

By Laurie Rogers Copyright 2002 All Rights Reserved

About the Author

Laurie Rogers is co-author of the Ezine Resource Guide, you
can check it out at: http://www.zineadz.com/erg.html She
is the owner of Optin Frenzy a list building program for ezine
publishers http://www.optinfrenzy.com You can also obtain
Laurie's articles at: mailto:ezinearticles@optinfrenzy.com


Goldengirl 07.02.2008. 05:00

What are some games besides fetch and hide and seek that I could play with my dog at the park? She forgets the concept of fetch when we're outside, she runs up to whatever I've thrown, sniffs it then runs back to me all confused, and we play hide & seek often
She's 11.2lbs and almost 11 months old if that helps, also she won't run very far from me to explore which is good xx


Admin 07.02.2008. 05:00

Hey there. You could play fetch with a toy that stays attached to you - I bought a squeaky ball the other day that you can tie a light line to. That way, if the dog 'forgets' or drops it, or runs off with it 'forgetting' that she's supposed to bring it to me, then I still have hold of it.
I also teach fetch by throwing the ball into a corner. The dog gets the ball, turns around....and there I am ready to take the ball. I always reward the dog for giving me the ball at first with a cookie or game of tug. I also practice "Give!" with a lot of other objects so that when I say "Give!" she spits out the ball quickly.
Good luck!


DarkFlamTailz T 07.12.2010. 18:15

What is the name of the anime with something along the lines of hide and seek? I thought the shows name was hide and seek, but I can't seem to find it anywhere, anyone have any idea?

DarkFlamTailz T

Admin 07.12.2010. 18:15

Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek


danny 20.08.2009. 12:00

what is the easyest way to sucsess in hide and seek in naruto ultimate ninja storm? i really like naruto ultimate ninja storm but i cant complete it because of that hide and seek so can you please tell me how i can make it ? please answer.


Admin 20.08.2009. 12:00

one of the most important things i can say first: don't give up and keep trying.

depending on the amount of time they give you (aka the level of hide and seek you're on), what i did was i spent 1/3 or half the time asking hints from a lot of people near and around me. it seems like it doesn't really help, but when there's not much time left, it does. only then did i start looking for the little kids.


Nikki 20.01.2013. 20:25

What is the story behind hide and seek? I wanted to know what was the story because I was listening to a song named hide and seek (by a vocaloid named SeeU) and I think I know the story but can someone please tell me? I heard about a little kid serial killer and another one.. But which one(s) did you hear?


Admin 20.01.2013. 20:25

I don't think you'll ever actually find 'the' story behind hide and seek, because it's a naturally occurring game.

You might find a few urban legends (look for the friend-of-a-friend reference to verify it), and you'll probably find a few stories on creepypasta.com that are related, but that stuff is called fiction for a reason and doesn't count as research. You might even read a Psychology 101 paper explaining that it's an animal instinct to hide from predators so kids inadvertently play that game as a form of survival practice, but that stuff will be just as made up as the urban legends.

I only say that because I've got kids, and they figured out hide and seek all on their own at a very young age. Little kids are constantly looking for ways to have fun, and it doesn't take them long to figure out that hiding is fun. Just like their other favourite game, called you-can't-catch-me, kids automatically invent hide-and-seek instead of having to learn it from someone else.


lissygirl8188 13.04.2009. 02:09

What songs are similar to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap and Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum? I love the sound of those songs. Does anybody know any songs that sound similar to Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap (and a lot of other songs by her) or Slow Me Down by Emmy Rossum?


Admin 13.04.2009. 02:09

hmm im not sure. but heres a really cool rmx of IH's Hide and seek. i like this version much better than the original! sorry if i wasnt much help =(



J 18.02.2013. 05:56

How to play epic Hide and seek for a college group? How to play epic Hide and seek for a college group?
I'm having a game night with about 30 friends
Were playing hide and seek at night on campus and i want it to be as awesome as possible!
I thought about making people who wer found wear glow sticks to make it harder for them to hide, but what else?
I need it to be fun for the whole group.
We'll play for an hour or so.
Also, if you have any other games in mind let me know. Thankyou!


Admin 18.02.2013. 05:56

If a seeker finds a hider. the seeker can either choose to swap places with the hider, or both become seekers.

every 5 mins, the seeker must drink a certain ammount of alcohol, it will make it more dificult for the seeker.

have party poppers strategically placed around campus so the hiders can confuse the seekers.

Have fun


J 18.02.2013. 05:55

How to play epic Hide and seek for a college group? I'm having a game night with about 30 friends
Were playing hide and seek at night on campus and i want it to be as awesome as possible!
I thought about making people who wer found wear glow sticks to make it harder for them to hide, but what else?
I need it to be fun for the whole group.
We'll play for an hour or so.
Also, if you have any other games in mind let me know. Thankyou!


Admin 18.02.2013. 05:55

... You guys don't have midterms to study for?

So jealous!


Laura 13.07.2009. 19:03

Can you get kicked out of the mall for playing hide and seek? Me and about 20 people are going to the mall soon and we're planning on playing a big game of hide and seek. We already made rules such as no running, don't cause scenes, be curious to people around you, and stuff like that. Can you still get kicked out?


Admin 13.07.2009. 19:03

As long as you follow your own rules,
you shouldn't get kicked out.

BTW: I played this in the mall and in Wal-mart.
It was great :)


Nyah 22.10.2010. 16:17

Why do I dream about playing hide and seek every night? Every single night, my dreams (at least the ones I still remember by morning) are about playing hide and seek. The dream always ends when someone who I thought was my friend revealed my whereabouts to the seeker.

I think I know why I continue to dream this, however, any additional feedback from you guys would be nice.


Admin 22.10.2010. 16:17

Yes, I agree that you probably already know what these dreams are about. In your waking life, you are not willing to be yourself in certain circumstances. You are "hiding" and concerned that those people whom you trust with your real thoughts and feelings will expose you where you do not want to be exposed. When you are able to be completely honest about yourself, or when you get yourself out of situations where you cannot be honest, these dreams will stop.


Applesocks 30.07.2013. 16:39

Does playing hide and seek alone actually work? And what happened while playing it? I've been thinking about writing a story about hide and seek alone (also known as one man hide and seek) and I've been wondering if it actually works.
Also if you've played it before were there any strange happenings while playing it? Thanks for answering you're awesome.
psst: It's played with a doll: http://creepypasta.wikia.com/wiki/One-Man_Hide_and_Seek
y'all pathetic.


Admin 30.07.2013. 16:39

You can do ultimate hide and seek, where you thrash those you catch. Btw, nice picture of Applejack.


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