How to Get Your Business From The Kitchen Table to The Boardroom

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How to Get Your Business From The Kitchen Table to The Boardroom

By: Ugo Okonkwo

Challenging Tips for Explosive Growth in Any Business or How to Get Your Business From The Kitchen Table to The Boardroom.

Fact: This article will not of benefit to everyone.

This article is 'Highly targeted'. It is directed specifically to those business people who:

  1. Are not satisfied with their current earnings or business growth and more importantly,
  2. Are looking to make more.
  3. Know without a doubt that massive action will result in your businesses producing massive results.

If none of these apply to you, if you have no serious financial ambition and you are financially content then there is really no need to read on.

As a result of what I am about to show you, expect to discover more people than you ever imagined who are looking to buy or use your product or service.

Remember that you are running a business so the first rule of business applies, and that is to advertise, advertise, and then advertise some more. Advertising can be quantified and qualified. Quality advertising will yield good results. Large-scale intensive quality advertising will yield outstanding results.

But the cost of these ventures can be anything from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars. How does a small home-based business cope with such an outlay?

How to Raise Money: Get a few like-minded entrepreneurs like yourself. Pool together however much or however little money you have together. Do NOT use this as your advertising budget however. Instead, approach an understanding venture capitalist or a good lender.

By applying the principle of gearing and leveraging, you can have multiples of any sum available to you strictly for promotional use. Large scale impressive promotional use. Only ever approach key lending institutions with a full understanding of your industry and the potential of your business.

Tips for Advertising your Business to initiate Astounding Explosive Growth.

Giving Interviews or 'An Exercise in Public Relations'

How would you like to talk about your personal business and marketing experiences as seen from your own unique eyes? How about featuring on a documentary on one of the many cable channels? Dress smartly and be enthusiastic. If you are as shy as can be, pay someone else to become the public 'face' of your business. If you can't afford to pay them, then make them a shareholder in your business.


Along the above lines you can educate people on developing themselves, developing a business like yours and how to generate an income if this is suited to their needs. Infomercials can appear in any medium that you would imagine. National daily papers, radio and television.

Useful Tools For Free - A Tried and Tested Method

Advertising/Promotion takes many forms. There is the instant 'Buy Product X Now' approach designed to bring about an immediate reaction.

Intermittent yet persistent appeals e.g. mailing lists featuring 'auto-responders' comprising 5 to 8 messages delivered at intervals over a period of several days are also a powerful and effective technique.

A third method is the provision of a free service with subliminal advertising affixed, almost as an afterthought.

A good example is the 'tool-bar' for Internet surfers. A tool-bar is downloaded for free. It is a plug-in for your browser and is designed to enhance and improve your browsing experience. Different tool-bars offer different functions. For instance, with a good tool-bar you can search for any item at all on the web or in your hard-drive without leaving the window that you are working in.

Most free tool-bars will also have a direct link to the web-site of the provider where you will find their other goods and services freely available on offer to you for purchase. A good toolbar will remain indefinitely in the surfer's window and will be discreet yet clearly present for use. Discreet yet clearly present indefinite advertising.

Are you a businessperson? Does your business have a tool-bar for free download? Does every 'cover-disk' issued alongside computer related publications in your area feature your service as a freely available and useful download? Is there any place for a "YOUR-BUSINESS NAME Toolbar"? Should you aim to place your business tool-bar on the window of every computer user?

You can either program the software yourself, or buy, modify and distribute the generic tool-bar software or just pay someone to do it all for you.

This is just one example. What other service can you think of that is generally useful and therefore in relative demand by everybody and will have a direct link to your web-site apart from tool-bars?


You probably possess a wealth of information on the topic of Internet marketing or business. Do you have knowledge on a topic which you have a passion about which largely remains a mystery to the average member of the public. This puts you in an excellent position to disseminate this knowledge amongst the many that are willing to listen and learn

Write an introductory article followed by directions to the source web-site. Your article would be the key item. To create impressive results, the medium in which it would be a feature would have to be carefully selected. An article on business could be sent to Home business or Internet business magazines, the educational section of any business magazine or business section of any educational publication. On-line and Off-line. Have all national local papers featured an educational article on your own business if it has a national reach?

In Summary

If you are truly ambitious and seeking financial security from your business, if you fantasise about being a millionaire through your business, then always know this: 'I must be prepared to provide services or goods to a truly large number of people' and always think this: 'everybody must get to know about my Business'.

By Ugo Okonkwo

About The Author

Ugo works and trains as an Orthopaedic Surgeon. He also set up runs several successful Internet Businesses including, a resource and guide to any aspiring Entrepreneur.

Copyright Ugo Okonkwo Please reprint or reproduce exactly as is together with resource box.


jiexing tan 05.10.2012. 10:07

What is an economic crisis on the kitchen table? Fourth, there was a survey done of small businesses across the country. It said, what?s been the effect of Obamacare on your hiring plans? And three-quarters of them said, it makes us less likely to hire people. I just don?t know how the President could have come into office, facing 23 million people out of work, rising unemployment, an economic crisis at the kitchen table, and spend his energy and passion for two years fighting for Obamacare instead of fighting for jobs for the American people. It has killed jobs.

jiexing tan

Admin 05.10.2012. 10:07

It is not just Wall Street or any other particular segment of America that is feeling the economic crunch. It is every family that has to tighten the finances to make things work. Instead of the corporate boardroom table, the crisis is centered around the kitchen table.


dontbother 17.03.2010. 03:31

What is a good place to eat for brunch in north Waco, TX? Array


Admin 17.03.2010. 03:31

Charlie Palmer
1530 Main St., Dallas TX 75201
American, French, Fusion. The Dallas location of the popular contemporary American/French fusion restaurant of namesake Charlie Palmer features a "breezy" décor in homage to the state of Texas' prolific wind-generated energy practices - large slowly turning fans are set into the ceiling along with warm, covered lights. The downtown Dallas Charlie Palmer prides itself on using exclusively locally farmed and artisanal ingredients.

2440 Victory Park Ln. Suite 100, Dallas TX 75219
Contemporary American. Chef/owner Tom Colicchio of Bravo's "Top Chef" fame brings his successful venture Craft to Dallas. Craft operates on the forefront of American food culture in places like Los Angeles and New York, and the Dallas Craft restaurant, located in the W Dallas Victory Hotel, is no exception. Colicchio and his chefs feature locally raised and artisanal ingredients, a critically acclaimed dessert menu, and Craft's signature take on designer sandwiches.

Dakota's Steakhouse
600 N. Akard St., Dallas TX 75201
Steakhouse. This iconic and highly rated downtown Dallas restaurant is located a full story below ground. As the story goes, Dakota's Steakhouse had to be "lowered," as the street level of the property it occupies was formerly a Baptist Church and the terms of the deed forbade alcohol sales on the grounds. So Dakota's Steakhouse of Dallas went below ground, taking advantage of its unique surroundings with a sculpted waterfall and literally tons of Dakota marble.

Dallas Fish Market
1501 Main St., Dallas TX 75201
Seafood, Steak. The Dallas Fish Market is an upscale seafood and steak restaurant that flies in fresh seafood from all over the world daily, based on market availability. The Dallas Fish Market features preparations of their fresh seafood and fine steaks as continental as the origins of the ingredients, take for example the piri piri dusted Pacific big eye tuna, with Medjool date tabouli, roasted pepper muhamara, pomegranate molasses and crispy carrots.

1512 Commerce St. Suite 112, Dallas TX 75201
Asian, Texan, Fusion. Fuse of Dallas is a unique and critically acclaimed concept restaurant whose cuisine is often referred to as "TexAsian." Indeed, executive chef Blaine Staniford and his team "Fuse" Asian flavors and Texas traditions together for Dallas restaurant goers with such dishes as Shrimp and Grits with scallions, fried egg and Sichuan pepper sauce.

2400 Victory Park Ln., Dallas TX 75219
Asian, Japanese. Dallas restaurant goers rave about the experience at Kenichi, one of four national locations for the namesake restaurant of original "Iron Chef" Chen Kenichi. The Dallas Kenichi restaurant is located near the American Airlines Center, and is thus popular amongst the post-sporting event and concert crowds for its take on cocktails, Pacific Rim fusion cuisine and sushi.

2936 Elm St., Dallas TX 75226
Contemporary American. The devil is in the details at Local, a trendy and quite popular contemporary American restaurant in the historic Boyd Hotel of downtown Dallas. Chef Tracy Miller and her kitchen serve precise dishes focusing on fresh, local ingredients prepared with careful flavor combinations and presentation at the fore. Restaurant critics point to the unpretentious atmosphere at Local, despite its popularity and cuisine.

Morton's, The Steakhouse
501 Elm St., Dallas TX 75202
Steakhouse. Morton's, The Steakhouse is a national brand of steakhouses that specialize in the distinctive presentation of highest quality steaks, chops and seafood, brought to the table on elaborate carts by tuxedo clad waiters. Morton's in Dallas is a popular restaurant among the business crowd, featuring private "boardroom" dining rooms for larger parties, as well as with couples out for a romantic dinner for two.

N9NE Steak House
3090 Olive St. #110, Dallas TX 75219
Steakhouse. N9NE Steak House is not your typical contemporary American steakhouse. The classic elements are all there ? prime aged beef, fine wines and single malts and cigars - yet N9NE is couched in a hyper-modern setting in the Dallas Victory Hotel and Residences Complex. The sister establishment of N9NE Steak House is the N9NE Ghostbar, located atop the Victory Hotel Tower, featuring a similar high-modern minimalist design and club atmosphere.

2201 Stemmons Fwy., Dallas TX 75207
Contemporary American. Perched on the 27th floor of the Hilton Anatole Hotel in downtown Dallas, Nana restaurant features breathtaking panoramic views of the city. Nana is one of the most critically acclaimed restaurants in Dallas, frequently mentioned in "best restaurants in the country" lists of numerous publications. The cuisine is contemporary American with influences as far ranging as Thailand and the Mediterranean.

RJ Mexican Cuisine
Mexican. This staple of the Dallas restaurant scene features an expansive menu of traditional Mexican dishes, and newer creations


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