How to go forward and not backwards with your business.

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When I was little and learning to walk, I had a problem... I couldn´t crawl forward, instead I did it backward. My parents told me that every time I tried to do it right, it went wrong!

But, that was a long time ago, and, as you can imagine, I finally learned to walk, just like most people, just like you.

Maybe you´re asking yourself what does this have to do with owning a home based business or an online business?

Well, a lot!

Many people who are trying to start or run their businesses have the same problem. They aren't walking forward. They're heading in a another direction, maybe backward, maybe sideways. Or they aren't even moving.., ever felt that way?

Why do we feel that way?

Here are a couple of the reasons:

Too much information and too many problems - all at once.

How can you handle the information overload?

How can you move past those obstacles?

Stop and think about yourself for a second. When you were learning to walk, how did you deal with all that falling down? Why can you walk today?

The reason is that you had something inside you called -

Perseverance, and something more, called -

Even if you don´t remember it, you had a reason to persevere and to be consistent, and that was because of your target. You had a goal that burned inside you. And that was...

Learning to walk!

Think of a hunter who knows he has a target. Each and every effort he makes is to reach that target. Every step he takes is focused on the target. And even if there are other animals around, his focus is on one only.

So, when you feel frustrated with your business, and you feel there's too much information and you can't figure out how to handle it, just ask yourself:

What is my target? Of all this information, what leads most directly to my target?

And focus on that main target. Remember, you can't do two things at the same time. Not well, not with consistency, only one.

Gather all the information you have regarding your business, look at it, evaluate it. Then, get put aside the information that doesn´t directly contribute to reaching your main target.

Focus on that, become an expert in that one thing.

When you've reached that target, when you feel that you can handle it, take the next step and then the next...

Consider, there are many ways to promote your website:

1) Reciprocal linking

2) Submitting free articles

3) Search engine submission

4) Viral marketing

... and so on.

Which one to choose?

Think like the hunter, or like the child learning to walk.

Focus on the target, one choice, one target.

Do this and you can leave behind the stress of having too much information and not knowing how to handle it.

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Sally 03.01.2013. 17:04

How easy is to break your arm ice skating? To break your arm how would you have to fall? Okay, so can you try to answer all of these questions, thanks!
1. How easy is into break your arm ice skating?
2. To break your arm ice skating which way would you have to fall? Forwards or backwards onto your palm?
3. Any other details about breaking your wrist ice skating or anything about broken arms would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance for your answers!:Dxx
Look, I knew someone would say 'you want to break your arm?'. It is none of your business (I don't mean to be rude), it just all I want is your answers to the questions not your opinion on whether I should break my arm!


Admin 03.01.2013. 17:04

I think you'd be more likely to fracture a wrist or to tear a ligament. I tore mine when I fell repeatedly on the same wrist but different ways and it just snapped. If I hadn't gone of then I would have fractured it probably. You could break it falling with way but to break a bone in your forearm would be quite hard because you'd have to fall awkwardly. Kk its none of my business but pls don't do it deliberately


The Council 27.03.2010. 05:10

Where do YOU think America is headed? Where do YOU think America is headed? I've heard some awful predictions, but what is the consensus? Are we headed forwards, backwards, or straight down in a ball of flames?

The Council

Admin 27.03.2010. 05:10

One thing is for damn certain. This guy is not going to create jobs by raising property taxes, capital gains taxes, income taxes, payroll taxes, road and fuel taxes, gross receipts taxes, excise taxes and medicare taxes on business, along with adding costs to employers for all this health care bullshit.

Employers are already crunching numbers and finding out that if they pass all their new costs on to their employees in the form of withholding, it will throw them under minimum wage, forcing either massive layoffs or business failure. Either way, we're heading for unemployment numbers that will make Carter's look preferable.


Matt 18.04.2012. 19:56

what is a rc helicopter for under 100 that is large and can be used outside? i WOULD LOVE A MILITARY HELICOPTER. i know it wont be the best. i also want it to be able to move forwards backwards ETC.I would like it to be at least 26 inches. Thanks if you can help!


Admin 18.04.2012. 19:56

I would say have a look at Syma RC Helicopters or ESKY. You need to decide if you are looking for Electric or Nitro RC Helicopters? Have a look on that's my web business but we don't have any military style RC Helicopter.


Aaron 12.11.2011. 06:12

Trimex Group Chennai as CEO and Executive Director MR Pradeep Koneru?s is forwarding through his strategy ? Pradeep Koneru oversees the India operations of the Trimex Group as CEO and Executive Director of Trimex Sands Pvt Ltd. He has led the development of Trimex group?s iron ore, barite and bauxite business in South Asia, and established the heavy mineral sands division. Through Pradeep?s strategy of growth through diversification and forward-and-backward integration. Trimex?s India business has consistently grown in scale and profitability.


Admin 12.11.2011. 06:12

I know good services there. i m trying to be a part in that company.All guys follow pradeep strategy if u get chances to know that strategy..........


giannas42 12.10.2008. 04:13

Does anyone else think that this country is divided beyond repair? I think this country is so divided that we may never be able to repair it? Just with the election alone, the majority of what I have read on YA basically has to do with racism concerning this election.We're supposed to move forwards not backwards!


Admin 12.10.2008. 04:13

I see major changes coming to this country, I don't know what the changes will be but the people are tired of the corruption on both sides (Democrat and Republican)

It appears we have 3 kinds of politicians in office. Those that steal and lie about it, those that help their buddies steal and lie about it. And those who don't have a clue as to what is going on.

Let me give you an example of one who has been flying below the radar. The one I am focusing on one this time it is Republican but remember Ken Lay of Enron was a Democrat. And the oil speculators who drove the oil prices through the roof were a group of former executives from the old Enron. Most were Democrats.

John Snow - (Republican)

John has a quite colorful career.
1991 Took over the position of President at CSX Corporation
A company that was doing $12 Billion per year and employed over 70,000 people in the over $30K per year range.

1993 Eliminated the position of CEO- Said it was not needed he assumed those responsibilities and an extra paycheck. He also became a member of the Board of Directors.

1995 John is now the President, CEO and the Chairman of the Board through some back hand legal maneuvers. Company rules say any major transaction in the company has to be approved by (you guessed it) the President, The CEO and the Board of Directors.

1995 John became splitting the company up and selling them off and eliminating the jobs unchecked. But he added a new feature, now he acted as the sale agent and received a commission of every transaction.
This when on over the years until CSX was struggling to make $2 Billion per year with 28,000 employees.

2001 John Snow (a personal friend of G. W. Bush) retired from CSX and determined he would live an average life expectancy of 28 more years, So he raided the company retirement fund and retired with 28 years of retirement pay.

2002 - John Snow - Became the Secretary of the Treasuary of the United States. He is the one responsible for adding color to money and changing the face for security. (I did not say he was stupid)

By 2005 - His greed even surpassed Washington. He was the driving force behind trying to sell our Seaports to Dubai. The seaports were not even under his control. He was force to resign.
2006 - He is now the President and CEO of Cerberus Capital Management with his second in command Dan Quail.
First order of business acquire 80.1% of Chrysler. I have not found out what is take is, Chrysler got a lot smaller and lighter in employees. But this information is hidden in the downward spiral of the American Car Manufactures. Cerberus also aquired 51% of GMAC Finance
The rest has yet to be written. There is a deal now on the table with GM. In exchange for the remaining 49% of GMAC, GM will own the 80.1% of Chrysler.

This is where this story stops for now. But he did a whole lot of sleaze ball activities I did not mention while at CSX. There just isn't room here. I have been tracking others too.


Mr Average Joe 14.07.2009. 16:51

How can an anti-electron be thought of as electron going backwards in time? To me this does not make any sense.

Do anti-electron go backward in time, or is it just a figure of speech?

Mr Average Joe

Admin 14.07.2009. 16:51

A good analogy is an air bubble in water. Create one in water, and it will go UP. But you can either view it as the air volume going up OR as the same volume of water going DOWN. Both are equally valid. Replace air bubble = anti-electron, UP direction = forward in time, and you're in business.


some_kid 30.12.2007. 20:09

What is horizontal and vertical business? In terms of business what is horizontal and vertical business? and also whats the advantage of combining them both together?


Admin 30.12.2007. 20:09

There are 3 types of integration: Horizontal, vertical and conglomerate


·Occurs when one firm joins with another at the same stage of the production process and in the same industry. E.g. Ford taking over Volvo
·Possible reasons: Greater market share, economies of scale, and the opportunity to enter a different segment of the market and thereby spread the risk


·Occurs when one firm joins with another at a different stage of the same production process and in the same industry
·Forward vertical integration occurs when one firm joins with another business at a later stage of the same production process. E.g. Manufacturer ? Retail outlet
·Backward vertical integration occurs when one firm joins with another business at an earlier stage in the same production process. E.g. Supplier ? Manufacturer
·Possible reasons: Gain control over supplies ? important for a firm to ensure it can maintain its suppliers, guarantee access to the market ? buying up retailers for e.g. manufacturers may ensure their products actually get to the market and are displayed and promoted in the way they want


·Occurs when firms in different markets join together. E.g. Chocolate and paint.
·Possible reasons: spread risk ? makes it less vulnerable to changes in the market
·However, in some ways conglomerate mergers are riskier than other forms of integration because managers may be entering markets with little experience


tiff 04.02.2011. 18:26

Does anyone know a work at home business that is not a scam? I am expecting my first baby, February 20th and I would like to be able to spend as much time with him as possible, while still making ends meet ; hence I have been seeking out work at home opportunities. Problem is, the majority of Work at Home ads tend to either be scams and/or they want want you to invest money in the business...I am trying to make money, "NOT" spend it!!! Does anyone know of a work at home business that is not a scam???


Admin 04.02.2011. 18:26

Hello I been with the same company for the last 4 years and have nt had a job for the last 2 years yes there are a lot of scams out there we have been around for the last 40 years our team alone has 42 millionaire club members and a new six figure ring earner every 30 days if you are serious I work with you personally to get you paid in your first 5 days now Ihave two sites you should take a look at one is our team site and the other is my company site. (You can never go forward, If you keep taking a step backwards)


3vmp 06.04.2008. 17:38

What is the demand for a major in Bussiness management? I want to major in Business management but I want to know if the demand for this career is high or not.


Admin 06.04.2008. 17:38

This is a good overall major because it basically touches all facets of society: Economics; Marketing; Finance; Management (people-skills). Degrees in Anthropology are becoming greater demand, as well, for the same applicable reasons. Socialogy deveops, perhaps, more forward-looking and backward-thinging (historically speaking).

If I were you, and wanted to go into business, as well, I would also take theatre or acting courses.


Fancy That 03.03.2011. 15:48

What is a good way to connect with other people looking to start business ventures? My community is rather backwards this way, not a lot of serious minded forwarded visionaries who would like to have their own enterprise. I feel my chances of succeeding in my own business increase with the right business partners to share the work, investment and bring in talents and skills I don't possess.

What is a good way to connect with people like this?

Fancy That

Admin 03.03.2011. 15:48



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