How to use the Free Online Translator to your Benefit

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An online translator is an interactive program implemented on
a web page offering translations of a text into a different
language. The translation is generated by a computer and
instantly displayed. And best of all - using it doesn't
cost you anything!

Behind the online translator there is a software program that
analyses the text according to predefined linguistic rules and
reconstructs the text in a different language according to the
corresponding rules of the target language.

As opposed to an online dictionary, which only translates single
words or phrases, an online translator can translate larger text
segments or even entire web pages.

Some of these online translators are better than others, but they
all have one thing in common. They don't produce a perfect copy
of the submitted text in another language.

You can easily check this by typing in a short test text
translate it to a different language and then translate it back to
the original language again. You will see that some words have been
mistranslated and that the sentence structure no longer is correct!

Taking this into account, it is clear that an online translator
never can substitute a human translator. If you want to have your
web page or your sales letter or other business material translated
into a foreign language you should use a professional translator.

Keep in mind that a bad translated sales letter will not bring you
any sales and an incorrect translated web page will only provide you
with an unprofessional look.

So - when should you use the online translator?

You should use the online translator when you want to translate a
text written in a foreign language into your native language or a
language you understand!

Imagine you are doing some research on the Internet and come
across a web page written in a language you don't understand. Now is
the time to look for an online translator! You simply copy and paste
the text, or type in the URL if the online translator translates web
pages, and choose what language you want to have the text translated
into. And there you have it!

As I said earlier, this type of translations will not be perfect, but
you will at least be able to understand what the text is about.

Here are some online translators to try out.
http:/ ranslation2.) extonly/default.asp

An online translator is also fine to use when you want to translate
short and simple sentences into a foreign language. Lets say you for
instance want to impress a foreign business contact by adding a
personalized greeting in his language to your email. Then you can go
ahead and use the online translator.

Here is a list of how to write "Happy Birthday!!" in 10 other

Finnish: Hyvää syntymäpäivää!!
Norwegian: Gratulerer med dagen!!
German: Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!!
Polish: Wszystkiego najlepszego z okazji urodzin!!
Croatian: Srijetan Rodjendan!!
Spanish: Feliz Cumpleaños!!
French: Joyeux Anniversaire!!
Italian: Buon Compleanno!!
Macedonian: Sreken Rodenden!!
Welsh: Pen Blwydd Hapus!!

To be sure you don't make any mistakes it might be a good idea to also
check your translation with some online dictionaries.

Here are a few links to online dictionaries.

Happy Translating!

About the Author

Anita Karlson Henssler is working as a freelance translator.
Visit her web page PolarText here for more information.


bearhands 23.04.2011. 20:41

What is the correct way to say "I'm in love with everyone I've ever met" in Hungarian? Using an online translator I am given this: "Én vagyok szerelmes i. mindenkinek valaha teljesülnek" but want to make sure it's actually correct.


Admin 23.04.2011. 20:41

There are free translators on line. Use two or more and compare.

I liked people in general, but I certainly was not in love with everyone I ever met. Is that a good thing? Be careful with your heart and your pocketbook.

I had more of the attitude, they sure look like they would be interesting people.
People are innocent until proved guilty, deserve the benefit of doubt.
Some people look like people I had terrible experiences with and it is not worth overcoming, so I simply am polite and try to leave them alone.

We can learn something from most anyone; we can learn from everyone if we are around them long enough, even if it is to not do what they do.

I believe most people mean well. Most people do not go around trying to hurt others or do damage. Most people are trying to live, be comfortable and healthy, not die, live as long and well as they can. I think most people try to help others when they can.

There are always exceptions of people who are out for themselves and people who are ruthless who do not care how much damage they do while they get their money what they want any way they can. Nothing is sacred to them, not home, children, God...nothing .nothing exempt if they want it.
The good thing to do is learn to recognize those types Once they get
done with will most likely not ever overcome the damages completely if you survive at all.


Mystery 22.06.2013. 09:23

What are jobs you can get knowing how to interpret French? I've been learning/studying French for almost two months now on my free time and I was wondering what are the benefits to knowing how to interpret French? What jobs are out there for French interpreters?


Admin 22.06.2013. 09:23

OK - this is not an immediate concern, as it will take you several years to become fluent. Taking a degree in French will help, in fact I'd say it's essential. Meanwhile as soon as you learn enough, you need to practise translating to and from French, and writing essays/ articles/ letters/ in French. Read as much as you can. See if you can manage te French newspapers like le Monde and Libération [ available online]

when you are fluent and qualified, you can become a French teacher, work from home as a translator of books, magazine articles, websites etc etc, work in the business or political world as an interpreter [simultaneous translator]


Sarah 13.07.2013. 23:57

What is the best way to learn japanese? I'm really interested in learning japanese but I can't afford a language course right now so I thought thay maybe there is a way of learning japanese on my own. is this possible? and how long will it take me to speak japanese fluently?
I also watch animes and read mangas so I know some words like hello, thanks, don't worry, etc. any suggestion will be very much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.


Admin 13.07.2013. 23:57

Watching anime in Japanese, with subtitles, is very beneficial. You've no doubt picked up several new words just by listening. But there is a concern. Anime is simpler in language, and does not represent real-life speech. Therefore, I recommend you watch live drama shows and get used how they sound in that. But you're just beginning-- and for that reason anime will provide you a great place to grow from. Once you begin to understand anime without subtitles, you know you've made great progress. But, I've known more than one person that, while they understand anime, struggle with understanding live drama/natural Japanese and that is my main reason for recommending both.

Reading manga is fantastic, too. You'll want to find manga with "furigana." This is hiragana/katakana written over top of the kanji. This means you can read it in Japanese, and understand the characters without having to known all the thousands of complex kanji. Just starting out, though, you may gain more benefit from reading children's books.

Now, you've mentioned you're short of money. Watching anime, reading manga and children books is great. But as you know, you need some type of place to actually learn the vocabulary, grammar, etc. Can you do it online, for free? The short answer is yes. There's many websites, resources, etc., that can aid you. I really recommend a good textbook, however. Websites just don't give you what a good book, written by a certified, highly educated person does. Most of them aren't expensive, and if you can manage around 30 dollars you'll be amazed with the amount of progress you will gain. Check out This is an amazing textbook that will help you tremendously. It's worth the investment, and saving up for it if you can.

As far as speaking fluently, this is a difficult question to answer. It really depends how dedicated you are. If you dedicate yourself, study it with passion and enjoy learning it, you'll make progress constantly. I'd set the goal at 2 years to be at the point you'll be able to say, "Wow, I can actually understand this stuff pretty good. I can speak with people in Japanese, laugh with them and understand them pretty well without much problem." But, as far as anime goes, 6 months of dedicated study you'll be able to understand a lot of it. A year, you might just be able to be a fansub translator. Just remember, it gets easier the more you learn. The hardest part is starting off.

I hope this helped. The key is to get the grammar down. Then build up your vocabulary. Then apply it by watching your anime, and the live drama shows. On a closing note, if you listen to Japanese music this is great as well. Find a song you like, and look up the lyrics in Japanese and the English version of the lyrics as well. With the grammar book I recommended above, a free online dictionary, and a bit of study you'll learn lots by this method.


Matt 24.05.2010. 10:53

What does an ipad have that a mac doesnt? Im tossing up weather to get an ipad or not.
what does and ipad have that a mac doesnt? and what does it have that an iphone doesnt?
(ive got both)
i know they r similar but i really think that if anyone has an iphone and mac, it is just not worth it.


Admin 24.05.2010. 10:53

I own MacBook Pro,iMac ,iPhone 3G S and iPad.

I love my iPad and consider it to be my best buy ever.G

To answer your question , I would use example :

Suppose you need to make one page word document and upload to WebDAV like google doc,drop box and

A computer user first power on the computer and computer will start booting.

By the time computer finish the booting process, my job will be done on iPad. Ipad is instant on and it's blazing fast and since there are apps for GoogleDoc,and all other WebDAV server, everything is so fast and effortless.

Another benefit of iPad is battery. It lasts 15 hours even if you watch video continuously.

iPad doesn't support Flash that's why watching movie online is true won't get any pop ups and add banners. And when you download a movie from a website, you download only movie not Spyware,adware and viruses.

iPad is gaming console now. Once you play game on it , you might give a pass to console like x-box ,PS3 or Wii. I used to play 5 hours a week on my x-box360 but now I play only 2 hours on it because if I don't have much time, I would rather play a quick game on iPad instead of X-Box.
But yes , when I have time I would be glued to X-Box for gaming.

Lot of people say iPad can't stream movies from websites. These people don't have much knowledge of technology.They just read some free online content and make decision. Of course they can't afford to read paid version of Wall Street Journal and I don't want them to but they should listen to those who actually own the devices.Flash is just a web video player like many others in the market. It's not a big deal

Every website works on iPad except Hulu and some more. But there are many websites that offer same service as Hulu on iPad.I watch full length movies and TV shows online on iPad everyday.

You can watch Tv shows and movies for free on iPad.And it's better because you can finish whole movie and wont looking for power outlet.

You can do multitasking on it.Split the screen in three parts and do three jobs together with radio playing at background.

It's so light it can go anywhere and it's always on so you can access whatever you want in a can remain logged in to all social network and as soon as you get a message , you get alarm. Laptop can't do all these.

Recently I had my iPad and others had laptops, I got a message that Lakers won a game, other tried to open computer to watch the clips, I just tap it and video was on. They could not even start the computer.

You can hold iPad like a book and enjoy reading. You can also upload all the books into it and read where ever you want.

Even in Plane , keeping laptop on the lap during flight was a problem especially when it would get hot after extended use. But iPad is the solution for that too. It never gets hot.
It will keep me entertained and informed during whole trip even if it's 12-15 hours flight.

You can type or take note and at the same time record the voice and use calculator, translator ,unit converter or checking wikipedia site for reference. You can do all these simultaneously without any clutter on screen.

You can access any laptop from an iPad.

You can create Word Doucment,Excell Spreadsheet and Presentation faster on iPad than you would on PC if your work is not very complicated.iWork on iPad can handle simple to moderately complicated work which measn it will serve 90% of users.


Technical Gamer 27.08.2009. 22:04

How would you recommend learning Arabic or Russian? I am going to try to learn one of them. I know they are both hard to learn. I was thinking about using Rosetta Stone, but I am open to suggestion if it is really good.
I know they are both hard to learn. I was thinkng about using Rosetta Stone, but I'm not sure how much it will acually teach me. I an open to suggestion if it will help me learn well. I want to be able to speak pretty fluently (get by day to day). Taking classes might not be an option.

Technical Gamer

Admin 27.08.2009. 22:04

Thank you for the question!!!

I am a native russian speaker and i am also learning arabic right now and i can honestly tell you that both are very hard to learn if you are only familiar with the Germanic language group...since you speak english.

First you gotta think about which one of these two languages will benefit you more. Are you learning it for personal pleasure, school, or work? Both languages are very popular, especially if you work in Business or for the government. But then again, it depends what field your going into.

I would NOT recommend you to use Rosetta Stone. It is way too expensive and doesnt teach you enough. It simply has pics and sentences and you gotta match them accordingly. It doesnt have a real grammar and vocabulary lesson. It's not worth the $200. Trust me. I am a professional translator and I teach langauge courses. I'd recommend the "Teach Yourself" series and their language books are the best. You can get it with a cd, but u dont have to. You can get it at Barnes and Noble for $18. if you get the book with the CD, it will be like $40 i think. here is a link on amazon so ull know what im talking about. This is for arabic.

you can get it in russian also and the Teach Yourself series takes you from step one to the intermediate where u are fairly comfy talking and writing i think. i started using this book for arabic, not knowing how to read, write, or say anything in arabic and then I studied this book along with this good grammar book for several hrs a day for 3 months, and today i know how to read, write and speak a little (intro, ask for directions, etc.). here is the link for the arabic grammar book i use:

Also, something I found very useful online: Sign up for free on . On this website you can take free lessons in a lot of languages, and it's the same what rosetta stone offers only even more and its free. livemocha takes you thru lessons, gives you written exercises, and oral exercises where you read sentences off the screen, record it with a mic, and submit it. And the cool thing is, other Livemocha users that speak the language ur learning correct ur exercises and comment on it. You do the same for them in English or any other language that you might speak. Check it out!! You get to do more on there.. this was just a summary. lol.

Hope this helps. :) let me know if u have any questions.


Lady Nitro 25.04.2009. 17:23

Help translating two sentences into spanish please? Could you help translate these two sentences into spanish please? I would prefer if you didn't use an online translator as I could do that myself.
The first is:
"We may not have free health care, but at least we can vote for our president."
Also for this sentence could you please explain which tense you use for "we may not" and why it's used.
The second sentence is:
"The changes Barack wants to implement should benefit Cuba"
It's for a presentation, I can do the rest of it, i'm just not entirely sure on the tenses I should use for these sentences.

Lady Nitro

Admin 25.04.2009. 17:23

Podremos no tener servicios de salud gratuitos pero al menos podemos votar por nuestro presidente.


Puede que no tengamos servicios de salud gratuitos, pero al menos podemos votar por nuestro presidente.

Los cambios que Barack quiere implementar deben beneficiar a Cuba.


Savannah 08.09.2011. 22:22

Is there even a website for this? (Music translator)? I need to find a website that when you put in the music, it plays how it should sound. I play the trumpet, and suck terribly at rhythms. I have no clue if there is such a site, but if you know of one, please let me know!


Admin 08.09.2011. 22:22

You could try this online musical composition editor, which will allow you to put in the music score (one note at a time), then play it back.

Just click 'Try a Live Demo!', choose 'Brass Trio', add your trumpet part and playback.

Here's a video overview to see how it works --

If you get a free membership, you can save up to 10 scores. A premium membership has added benefits.

There's also MuseScore --

You also might find this online metronome website useful.

Or purchase an audio recording of the song you're learning and play to that.


evan b 25.10.2007. 21:35

Calling all Japanese Translators (to English)? I need a book that can help learn Japanese or a free Japanese learning site. I prefer that the book or website teaches from Romaji to English. Because I can pronounce the word better. I can't buy the book from an online store but can go to a book store. E.g: Borders Book Store.
Please help me I really want to learn Japanese and willing to put as much time into learning as possible.

evan b

Admin 25.10.2007. 21:35

So you want to learn Japanese eh? Great choice! The language is fun, the culture is fascinating, and the food is delicious!

Here's a few tips to get you started.

1. Be aware that Japanese is unlike any other language. You need to completely rewire your brain to speak it effectively. This website ( ) gives a great introduction on how the language is structured in relation to English.

2. Language learning consists of four parts: Hearing, Speaking, Reading, and Writing. Be sure to focus on each of these areas, but especially hearing and speaking. To help, try ( ) and sign up for their free podcasts. This is a great resource for Japanese learners.

3. Study everything! Don't look for one or two resources and expect to learn everything from them. When someone asks which book, CD, or computer program is best to learn from, I say, "All of them!" I learned something from every Japanese language-related book I've ever read. Read a lot and you'll learn a lot. For starters, I liked the book "Japanese: The Manga Way" by Wayne P. Lammers, which you can pick up at
a local bookstore.

4. Take a class. The good thing about taking a Japanese class is that it forces you to study, even if you don't want to. It also provides a nice structure for learning the language, along with someone who can correct your pronunciation.

5. Go to Japan! This is the number one, fastest, easiest, guaranteed-to-work way to learn Japanese. Even if it's just for a visit, being immersed in the language is a huge benefit to study. Japanese people are usually really supportive of foreigners learning their language and their encouragement will be a great boost for you.

6. Never give up! Japanese is a really hard language. It might seem fun now, but it also requires a lot of memorization and practice. Don't expect to be fluent even after a few years of study (especially if you're not studying in Japan). Language learning is a life-long pursuit.



LexiSan 29.05.2008. 13:00

Japanese to English? Can someone translate this from Japanese to English:
???100?????????????????????????????????? ????????????????


I do NOT want translations made by online translators as they are inaccurate. They will be ignored.


Admin 29.05.2008. 13:00

I tried it, but I'm not sure it good enough for children. If you correct me, I appreciate you a lot.

Throughout centuries and centuries,
small living being, Robodies, have lived and worked together for mutual harmony and benefit with human being.
Now, the space strongest conquistador, Buddle and its army corps are threatening the earth, and coming over! They are aiming at the earth as their 100th conquest planet !
Robody Nejimaru and his buddies bravely confront the army of Buddle.
It's another vivacious battle against the earth conquest, today !

Note: The last phrase, I made a kind of free translation. Soph's translation 'Let's conquer the earth!' is literal translation. That's right. I read between the lines.


aryan 01.09.2010. 10:04

tell me some uses of web or internet for a student.? Array


Admin 01.09.2010. 10:04

The internet is the ULTIMATE source for education for students and teachers! We can soak up just about anything, and its all at our fingertips!! The advantages for a student using the internet are almost endless, but i'll throw some ideas out there! (I've included links to a few of my favorite websites for each "example" listed below).

1.) "From a writing aspect"
You can take advantage of the millions of templates available for download (most of the time they are free). Students can find examples of how to structure a paper, and make it flow. These templates are AWESOME for that. There's tons of Subject-Specific templates one can use for just about any kind of document (Thesis, Report, Data Analysis, Abstracts, Professional, Survey, etc)

2.) "From a research aspect"
Online Forums are a great way to get feedback and advice from real people with real experience in any given field. You can find experts in a field, and basically pick their brain (for no cost to you)!! Before I jump into any unfamiliar territories, I like to find open forums to prepare myself with tips and pointers from someone with more experience than myself.
Also, there are tons of free books online, full of information. The benefits of studying/ and research online are vast!
Quick Access to BILLIONS of sites, full of information.
Subject-specific search engines (like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
Multiple References & a Variety of opinions
Images available as visual aids

3.) "Easy Access to handy tools & resources"
You have easy access to handy tools like dictionaries, encyclopedia, thesauruses, automated spell checkers, language translators, cliff notes, bookmarks, and auto-suggestions.
Organization tools & free software to help manage all your files (sorting by color, name, and icon detail). Swift To Do List is an AWESOME program for reminders/appointments/and to do lists!!!
Note taking is made easy with programs like "side-wiki".
You can also create your own library in Google, to search for and store books. You can create multiple libraries and categories. (To Read, Favorites, Dislikes, Useless facts, Drugs, Health, ETC.)

4.) "How-To Videos" (this one is a big one)
There's billions of tutorial videos available for a student of any kind.
Whether you want to learn to play guitar, or how to speak a new language, or learn how to make a bloody mary..... EVERYTHING can be found on sites like Youtube or I actually learned how to play guitar just by watching tutorials on the internet!!

Please see below under Source for a list of sites you can check out!!
Please rate my response! Thank you!!!


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