If you Sell a Product, Use Online and Web Site Marketing

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ou Sell a Product, Use Online and Web Site Marketing

By: Judy Cullins

To sell products, you not only need sales and benefit-driven copywriting for your 2, 3 or more paged Web site, you also need to get new potential buyers to your site. Here's 11 ways to sell more products.

1.) Get a Low-Cost Web Site

You don't need a lot of Web pages. You need a home page with benefit-driven links to your product sales letter. From your sales letter, you need a link to a secure place to order such as ClickBank.com or PayPal.com. That's only three sections of possibly 10 pages.

2.) Enhance your Online and Brand Presence

To discover your own "brand" brainstorm with friends and associates. Answer these questions:

  • Why is my product or service the right choice?
  • Why am I the preferred expert over my competition?
  • What is unique about my products or service?

Think what you can offer that's different and better than your competition. You might say: "I'm the one who can help you make your book dream a reality--faster, cheaper, and easier.

To these hot benefits, add features.

- Design each part of your book to sell more copies before you write a single chapter with the essential "Seven Hot-Selling Points."

- Write each chapter fast to write focused and compelling copy, be clear, and edit much less with the "Fast-Forward" technique.

3.) Enhance product awareness.

When your targeted visitors come to you site to see your free articles and tips, they will become aware of the products you offer, because at the end of each article will be a signature file with a live link straight to your products.

They may not buy the first time, the second or even third time, but if you keep your site updated with new information every few weeks and mark your site that you have done so, your visitors will keep coming. Up to fifty percent will buy.

4.) Boost your leads fast.

When you entice your reader with a testimonial or a free bonus report to leave their email address, you will be able to continue to stay in touch with them. Allow them to download a free chapter or excerpt of your eBook. Illustrate with benefits and a testimonial why they should sign up for your free ezine.

5.) Reach new customers worldwide.

Once you get up on the Web, many people will come to your site from all over the world. Your ezine or teleclasses can connect with people outside your area because your subscribers or participants think so much of you that they forward the good news to their friends and associates.

Your Web site attracts only targeted buyers which translates to a much higher rate of sales.

6.) Make it easy to buy

Maybe people know you or your products offline through networking groups or other business ventures. A Web site makes you even more respected. Online people expect you to have a Web site because they love the convenience and speed of Online information and ordering.

Increase your existing sales channels, such as post cards, talks, book signings, or radio interviews. Offer a free 800 telephone number for orders. Put it in the "How to Contact Us" section on your Web site. Put it at the top of your ezine. Include it in all email promotions, so you make it easy for people to connect, and eventually buy.

7.) Offer improved customer service and support.

All new subscribers to my ezine get 2 free special bonus report I get their email address. I keep these in a file and follow up every few months with an email "thank you" gifting them with a free special report or free email answer to one question. Customers love a freebie, and they will connect my name with any future related purchases they need to make.

8.) Reduce support costs.

Your Online home office costs a fraction of what a brick and mortar store front would.Think of the rent, the gas you save! Online services cost just a little:Web hosting, Web maintenance, and an email server are a few. Since Online marketing is far easier, you'll need only a part time computer/virtual assistant. Online promotion is much more effective than the mail, telephone or fax and takes less than 9 hours a week.

9.) Reduce your time in the office.

It's far quicker to use email than phones or faxes. You don't have to have expensive and time-costing lunches with associates, because you can email at your convenience. And, it's all in writing. Remember to delegate some of the work.

10.) Reduce the cost of doing business.

In your home-based virtual office, you will have much less overhead. When you create information products in electronic form, you won't have to spend time or money on postage, packaging, or mailing. You don't spend money on printing. Think of the big profits as well as the reduced expenses.

You reduce your dependence on other mail or in person sales channels. You gain profits up to 90% because you are the only seller--no middle men to pay.

11.) Reduce your marketing time because email communication is short, fast, gets to the point quickly, and reaches your target audience, the one who will take out their credit card and buy..

If you are like me, you will enjoy keeping track of your increasing sales each month. You will enjoy staying in touch with your potential buyers. People Online are ready to buy. Put your efforts into Web and Online marketing and win!

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Helps entrepreneurs manifest their book and web dreams

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BIgdan6609 09.09.2010. 22:51

What is the best web site that sells Weight lifting supplements for affiliates? i am looking for a web site online that is offering affiliated marketing and sells good quality weight lifting supplements.


Admin 09.09.2010. 22:51

Hey :) There is a website that I go to that has quality supplements. Not too sure if it has an affiliate marketing opportunity, but I do know for sure that theres a network marketing opportunity. The website is http://stayleanandbuilt.webs.com/apps/webstore/. Take a look at the product and judge for yourself! Hope this will be helpful to you. Take care!


wideyedopen 18.06.2006. 18:39

What is the best to start a web site doing it yourself even if your a novice or paying someone? I want to sell my products on the web and wanted to here from someone that knows the best way to go about it. I do believe i want my own site but do not know how to go about creating one. Should i hire this out or is learning to do it myself going to educate me with the process? I would enjoy hearing from anyone that has asked themselves the same question in the past.


Admin 18.06.2006. 18:39

You should take a look at Yahoo Small Business, which was voted PC Magazine Editors' Choice Award for helping people get their stores online.

It will help you:
Build a web site
Create an online store
Get a domain name
Market your business online

Another good one to check out would be Web.com


KathrynCK 30.09.2007. 15:43

Are there any online seminars that provide useful training on marketing and other business topics? I am interested in learning about marketing and other business topics--with a focus on "how to" and other real world (not theory) topics. I have tried a few online seminars, but have not been impressed. Some are too long (hours of time with only about 30 minutes of useful information buried in the fluff). Some claim to be pratical but end up being really academic--with no real world examples of ways to apply what they teach. Others are clearly biased by the web site they are on (sneaky ways of promoting a company's products through "education").

Are there any web sites that offer practical, useful business training--preferably in shorter seminar formats? Or, if you also found bad ones, warn me off of those too! Thanks.
To clarify: The topics I am interested in are Marketing, Market Research, and Financial Management.


Admin 30.09.2007. 15:43

If you are looking for website marketing courses, related to selling digital information online (like Ebooks, resell rights products, etc), you can find some useful and free courses right here: http://www.instantinfoprofit.com


Tony 12.04.2009. 13:57

How To Get Valuable Feedback From Your Customers? I want to improve my web site, products/services, advertising, and marketing. I think the best way is to get valuable feedback from my customers.

Do you know any useful techniques?


Admin 12.04.2009. 13:57

Below are some useful techniques you can use to get valuable feedback from your customers.

1. Use surveys and questionnaires.
2. Create an online community for your customers.
3. Give away your products to a group of your customers. Ask them to use and review the product.
4. Offer your web site visitors an online product or service from your web site at no cost. It could be an ebook, search engine submission, consulting via e-mail, web design, etc. In return, ask them to fill out a short survey about your web site, products or services you're selling, customer service, or your web site.
5. Create a customer focus group.
6. Stay in contact with customers on a regular basis.
7. Make it easy for your customers to contact you.
8. You could regularly contact customers on birthdays or holidays. Send thank you gifts to lifetime customers. E-mail them online greeting cards on holidays or birthdays.
9. Invite your customers to company meetings, luncheons, workshops or seminars.

You can read more at http://www.free-mlm-consultants-training.com/mlm-consultants-training-direct-sales-customer-service-tools.html



GRaz 25.09.2010. 17:13

What business structure is best if i want to start a web design business and market prodcuts online? I want to start a web design business and marketing products online. I would be selling digital products internationally and designing web sites for companies and individuals. What kind of business structure (sole proprietorship, incorporated...etc) would suit both business? Which one would protect me the most?


Admin 25.09.2010. 17:13

If you are looking for protetction you will need to set up a corporation. This is basically a seperate legal entity which files its own taxes and can sue or be sued by other individuals or corporations.

A corporation does add cost: initial set up, you will need a corporate address (usually not a PO box), annual record keeping, reporting, and taxes. When done correctly it will protect your personal assets from being taken in the event the corporation is sucessfully sued.

A word of caution in setting the corporation up. There are process and procedures you need to adhere to to ensure your assets are properly protected behind the corporation.
These include (but are not limited to) personal guarantees, maintaining your minutes book, bylaws, proper shareholder designations, etc. If you do not set the corporation up properly you could be inadequately protected.

The safest way (but most expensive) is to see a lawyer to set something up but you can use your own discretion.


doc 09.05.2006. 05:58

How do you make immediate cash via the Internet, on a low budget? So far, there is only ONE thing that resulted in sales, and it did not cost me even one penny. That is AFFILIATE MARKETING via FFA search engine submissions.

I received checks for three sales generated through Free-For-All web site submissions. How can I intentionally duplicate these results geometrically by about a factor of 10, 100, or 1,000?

FYI, I'm a very experienced salesperson, with an excellent web site. It's new, so it's in the Google sandbox. And yes, it only has about 400 links. Therefore, let's not discuss SEO or anything that's related to long-term LINKS or LINKING strategy here. My question is STRICTLY about making IMMEDIATE SALES via the web. (I also own excellent weight loss e-book products and offer online training programs because I am a Certified Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant.)

I already did PPC, YSM, expired domain traffic, and eBay auctions. All these fail, cost me cash, with no sale or inquiry, just seller fees to pay these vendors.



Admin 09.05.2006. 05:58

sell things on ebay
it doesn't cost very much to put things on ebay and its mostly free.


RBLee 22.12.2009. 03:23

What single product is the easiest to manage and is in the greatest demand? I am disabled and would like to find a product that is easy enough to manage and would help me to get out of a financial rut.

Please, I do not want to sign up for any mlm, pyramid or networking product businesses! I just want to know what product is most in demand.


Admin 22.12.2009. 03:23

Probably the most in demand product/service online is porn. You can find out what people are searching for online by using keyword tools, but the real issue is not what's most in demand, it's what can you sell?

I'm assuming that if you are disabled, you can still use a computer. So, that means you need a business that can be run online and I presume you need something that does not require any major investment.

Your best bet is probably to set up joint ventures between companies that need each other and get a commission on the deal. I made a video about how to do this if you would like to see it. (email me at joemcvoy at gmail.com ) Internet marketing is really quite simple if you pay attention to what matters and ignore the fluff:

1. find something to sell that people want
2. create a web site and marketing funnel to sell it
3. calculate your "visitor value" for those who enter your funnel
4. buy web traffic for a cost below your "visitor value"

(visitor value means what can you pay for a web visitor considering only a small portion of those will actually buy from you)


Cyber 26.03.2010. 07:44

How do I market my new product online so it can reach millions of customers? Product is herbal medicine for sinus.


Admin 26.03.2010. 07:44

Have it sold through an affiliate marketing network, where thousands of seasoned internet marketers can put ads on their web sites and sends out announcements to their email lists. If you have a large company's assets you could capture new customers at a short term loss, smaller companies should consider making the affiliate payout equal to your projected profits, so you effectively get trial samples into the consumer's hands at a zero cost.
Be aware the weight loss, tooth whitening, akai berry products that are so heavily marketed through CPA offers all use shady credit card re-billing practices that make paying a large affiliate commission a profitable proposition.

It's also possible to get the software to allow a store site to manage their own affiliate program, those with ambitions to reach millions need to employ the advertising network of established marketing company. I don't have any great leads on representation, just as an example I found Commission Junction has it's affiliates helping 12 natural herb companies sell their products for a 7% to 25% sale commission (plus administration costs)

If your going on your own, don't bother with pay per click advertising, you need a more cost effect method to reach millions and get your brand burned into their subconscious, using media buys to place your banners on thousands of sites would be the way to go.


Aaron 16.10.2010. 18:29

What's the best way to wire my house so that I can control lights and thermostat via Internet? I want to be able to go to a web site and turn my lights on and off, maybe se a camera of what's going on, control the heat and more. What's the best solution.


Admin 16.10.2010. 18:29

The X-10 system, originally marketed by BSR in the late seventies, still exists today. There's a horribly commercial, splashy, huckster web site selling the vast majority of the hardware online, but it's also carried by Fry's Electronics and a number of other brick-and-mortar outlets as well as (I'm told) Radio Shack.

The X-10 standard is known worldwide. It transmits control information for lamps and appliances from pushbutton, wall switch, or computer-interfaced controllers over the power lines of your home or office to "modules" which are plugged in between the appliance or lamp and its power outlet.

I have a CM-15A controller in my office, which connects to my PC via USB. I can configure lights and other modules to do what I wish either on a timed basis or in response to wall switch controllers I've placed. This works even with the computer shut down, once the control settings are loaded.

I also have software from X-10 which interfaces with the CM-15A and can control it in response to commands over the internet. I can either log into the "ActiveHome" web site and talk to my CM-15 there, or I can use other third-party software on my PC to control it directly from a web interface, accessed from anywhere.

There are lots of other interfaces and myriad open-source and third-party software solutions for Windows, Linux, and Mac OSX for controlling these X-10 interfaces. Some googling using the phrases "home automation" and "x-10 open-source" will get you a lot of very informative results.

There are other home control systems out there ... products from Lutron and Insteon among them ... but by and large they're far more expensive. X-10, at $20 or so a module, is CHEAP and reasonably reliable when properly implemented.


Scott C 20.03.2007. 20:37

What's the best way to introduce my marketing service to small business owners? I sell a service that helps busy professionals keep in touch with customers and prospects. What are some good ways to meet these people?

Scott C

Admin 20.03.2007. 20:37

There are lots of online marketing techniques you can use to drive traffic to your web site. Here is some information from one of my articles, "Online Marketing Techniques To Drive More Traffic":

- Business Blogging. Start a blog for your business and update it on a regular basis. A business blog is an excellent tool to toot your own horn, let the world know about your new products, and tell your target customers why they should do business with you, rather than your competitor. A business blog is also a great tool for attracting potential customers to your blog and your web site.

- Search Engine Optimization (or SEO). SEO is the process of modifying web page content and meta-information to improve the search engine ranking of the page. Successful search engine optimization will greatly increase the number of visitors that come to your web site since over 70% of people who are looking for products and services use search engines to locate them.

- Article Writing and Publishing. This is another great way to drive traffic to your web site. When you write and publish your articles, other web site owners pick them up and publish them on their web sites, while giving you a link back to your web site.

- Newsletter Publishing. Keep in touch with your clients and potential clients by sending out a newsletter on a regular basis. Every time you send out a newsletter, don't forget to invite the subscribers to visit your web site.


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