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We live in a world that is in a health crisis. Several mutated strains of bacteria cannot be killed with our best antibiotics. Patients are dying from strep throat, staph infections, and even measles. Tuberculosis is making a comeback. Recently, several individuals died from drinking water contaminated with the E-coli bacteria. Last year 180,000 people died from infectious diseases. Medical professionals are warning that a global catastrophe is right around the corner. They predict that 50 million people will die from an impending epidemic. Each year, more than 2 million people are diagnosed with cancer or heart disease. Some scientists believe that a great percentage of of heart disease is due to bacteria infections of the arterial walls. The incidence of diabetes is rapidly increasing. Many medical professionals believe diabetes is autoimmune system related. Autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis, Lupus, MS, and allergies, are on the rise. The question is, what can we do to protect our loved ones?

Many scientists agree that our immune system is the greatest possible defense against disease. Our immune system is more complex than antibiotics or other types of medicines. When we become ill, it is generally because our immune system has failed. Our immune systems have been weakened by pollution, chemicals, stress, poor diet, bombardment by electromagnetic forces, and many other factors that we face daily. For thousands of years, humans have tried to stay clear of germs. Due to a lack of consistent exposure, our immune systems have grown "dumb." There has been a major breakthrough in nutritional research. After more than four decades of research, the long sought after transfer factor has been isolated and extracted for health purposes. Hundreds of research projects and clinical studies have produced a bio-active form of transfer factor. 4Life™ Research has the patent rights to Transfer Factor™ and several patents on a product called Transfer Factor Plus™. Transfer Factor™ is not a vitamin, mineral, herb, phytonutrient, drug, or enzyme; it is a totally new scientific breakthrough.

Transfer factors do not cure disease or kill germs. Our immune system protects us from germs, cancer and disease. Transfer factors modulate and educate the immune system. They can boost, strengthen, or suppress the immune system (in the case of autoimmune disease), but it goes far beyond these effects. According to renown medical specialists, such as Duane Townsend, M.D., Rob Robertson, M.D., and William Hennen, Ph.D., transfer factor is the most significant breakthrough in the health care industry in this century.

One of these patients has suffered from Huntington's Corea for more than 17 years. Huntington's Corea is a degenerative disease for which there is no cure. The brain cells completely die in these patients, and various body functions shut down throughout the course of the disease, including the immune system. As the brain dies, secondary illnesses set in, which generally are the actual cause of death. We cared for her sister and father until they died, giving us a basis of what to expect with Cynthia. Also, we have observed the process of the disease in more than a dozen relatives in this area. Cynthia has lived longer with the disease than her father, sister, or any of her relatives. Cynthia has been on Transfer Factor™ since April of 1998.) The difference has been amazing! We have taken her off Transfer Factor™ for short periods to observe any differences. When she does not consume Transfer Factor™, she becomes ill with infections ranging from irritable bowl syndrome to pneumonia.

David Markowitz, M.D., a pediatrician with a patient base of 4500 children, is conducting an ongoing retrospective study of patients who are consuming Transfer Factor™. The children range from six months to nine years old. The children taking Transfer Factor™ have experienced 74% less illness and have used 84% less antibiotics.* Thousands of testimonies have reinforced these results. In my 30+ years in this industry, I have never seen a nutrient enter the market with so much science, clinical studies, and research supporting its effectiveness as does Transfer Factor™. Presently, clinical studies are being conducted all over the world with transfer factors. You don't have to wait for years until this product is navigated through the media and medical society. You can experience this cutting edge science now!

Transfer factors are small peptides, composed of 40 amino acids, that store all of the experiences of the immune system. Transfer factors are the intelligence of the immune system. These peptides function much like the alphabet does. These 40 peptides are arranged in sequence to "spell" or create a chemical picture of each virus, bacteria, fungi, or parasite. This is how experienced information is stored in the transfer factors. Actually, transfer factor is a soup of billions of transfer factor molecules. They are vital in the immune system's development of strategies against disease and invading germs. This information is transferred to various "combat" cells within the immune system that will engage the "enemy." This process is vital in the battle against disease. The battle against disease is a race between the immune cells and the invaders. If the germs win, you get sick or even die. When the immune cells win the race, you stay well. Transfer factors educate your immune system about the germs before they invade your body, providing it with an advantage over the invaders.

Also, transfer factors contain inducers and suppressors that regulate the immune system's response to disease. The inducers are used by the "brain" transfer factors to activate more "combat" cells into battle against germs and disease. An independent test by Dr. Darryl See found that Transfer Factor™ could activate natural killer cells more than 100% more effectively than the body could without the boost. Transfer Factor Plus™ increased the activity of natural killer cells by 437%. Natural killer cells are your first line of defense against cancer, viruses, and bacteria. The suppressors are very important in maintaining your health. When germs enter the body or a mutated cell becomes cancerous, the transfer factor, which serves as the "brain" of the immune system, carefully guides the "combat" immune cells to the target and then activates the "combat" cells to destroy the target. After a successful battle, suppressor cells, through a biofeedback mechanism, remove the "combat" cells from the battle.

The biochemists at 4Life™, under the visionary leadership of David Lisonbee, have taken transfer factor to another level of science. Researchers at 4Life™ Research have included six other elements of cutting edge science in Transfer Factor Plus™. ThyRx™ is a proprietary thymus complex, which contains thymic factors to help support the function of T-cells. A proprietary blend of glyconutrients (IP6, Cordyceps, Maitake and Shiitake mushrooms, Beta Glucans, and mannans) add a powerful boost to the immune system's ability to produce natural killer cells and boost the actions of a cascade of immune "combat" cells. There is absolutely no other product in network marketing that can affect the immune system like Transfer Factor Plus™, and we have the research to prove it. Hundreds of astounding testimonies are flooding into our office on this revolutionary product. The science behind transfer factors is not just a network marketing creation. This science is a product of research taking place throughout the world. We have the abstracts to prove it!

4Life™ Research has a research and development department that is staffed with some of the best minds in the scientific community. They bring to our industry a full line of "breakthrough" products. If you would like to protect your loved ones with the best possible nutritional science, you have found the right place. If you would like to be a part of the process of spreading the word about a revolutionary breakthrough that could impact the lives of millions of people, you are at the right place at the right time. According to several physicians that I have spoken with, it is only a matter of time before millions of Americans are consuming transfer factors. There is no other product in this industry that even comes close to the performance of Transfer Factor Plus™. All other nutritional products have other nutritional products that can overlap their functions. No other nutrient in the world can bring active experience information into your immune system. This is the exclusive function of transfer factor. How would you like to achieve your financial dreams by actually saving lives and delivering people from suffering? That is what I sincerely believe and know in my heart that we are doing. Examine the testimonies of doctors, distributors, customers, and employees and see what you think. I invite you to join me in this crusade!

About the Author

Eric L. Huntley is a distributor for 4Life Research. To learn more about the amazing products transfer factor visit his website at


Good guy 01.03.2010. 16:30

Will the pope ever call for another inquisition against all heretics? Would you join the holy war? The United States may be controlled by wicked protestants and atheists, but we have god on our side.

Good guy

Admin 01.03.2010. 16:30

The Pope can't seem to get most American Catholics to obey the ban on abortion, nor the American Clergy to keep their hands off little boys... what makes you think he can generate an Inquisition or Crusade ??

Most American Catholics are "cafeteria Catholics"...

EDIT - I'm Jewish and well remember the Holy Mother Churches "assistance" during the Holocaust, not to mention the other wonderful bits of genocide supported by the Papal See in France, Germany, and Italy throughout history...

I'm packing and the first bunch of Catholics that step on MY land seeking to cause trouble WILL be meeting St. Peter first-hand


Brittany W 29.08.2012. 20:14

Historically accurate names for women during the time of the crusades? I'm joining the SCA and I need a name, any help?

Brittany W

Admin 29.08.2012. 20:14

Welcome to Our Society, Milady!

The easiest thing to do is start with your own nationality and look for the names of queens or other prominent women (such as saints) from that country in the twelfth century. Or, read some of the literature from the era (which will be of great assistance as you develop your persona anyway!).

I'm certain you'll find something that suits you.


Master R********
(30 years in the SCA)

p.s. Personally, I favor Elvira (daughter of Alfonso VI of Castile, 3rd wife of Count Raymond of Toulouse)


Live and let Live 27.12.2011. 00:09

How can Christians say they are the religion of peace when Republican Christian politicians destroy? Was Christianity the religion of peace during the crusades when hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered in the name of God?

Was Christianity the religion of peace during the spanish inquisition when once again hundreds of thousands of Jews were murdered when they refused to convert to that peaceful religion?

Was Christianity the religion of peace in Russia when the Czar declared "POGROM DAY" and cossacks went into Jewish villages to murder, rape and plunder in the name of God?

Was Christianity the religion of peace when Hitler and the Germans systematically exterminated 6 million Jews?

If Christians lived as Christ wanted, it would have been the religion of peace, but wake up, Christianity is ANYTHING but the religion of peace and hasn't been for centuries.

Live and let Live

Admin 27.12.2011. 00:09

New rule: if you?re a Christian who supports killing your enemies and torture, you have to come up with a new name for yourself.

Last week, as I was explaining why I didn?t feel at all guilty about Osama?s targeted assassination, I made some jokes about Christian hypocrisy and since then strangers have been coming up to me and forcing me to have the same conversation.

So let me explain two things. One, I?m not Matthew McConaughey. He surfs a long board. And two, capping thine enemy is not exactly what Jesus would do. It?s what Suge Knight would do.

For almost 2,000 years, Christians have been lawyering the Bible to try and figure out how ?love thy neighbor? can mean ?hate thy neighbor? and how ?turn the other cheek? can mean ?screw you I?m buying space lasers.?

Martin Luther King gets to call himself a Christian because he actually practiced loving his enemies.

And Gandhi was so fucking Christian he was Hindu.

But if you rejoice in revenge, torture and war ? hey, that?s why they call it the weekend ? you cannot say you?re a follower of the guy who explicitly said, ?love your enemies? and ?do good to those who hate you.? The next line isn?t ?and if that doesn?t work, send a titanium fanged dog to rip his nuts off.?

Jesus lays on that hippie stuff pretty thick. He has lines like, ?do not repay evil with evil,? and ?do not take revenge on someone who wrongs you.? Really. It?s in that book you hold up when you scream at gay people.

And not to put too fine a point on it, but nonviolence was kind of Jesus? trademark. Kind of his big thing. To not follow that part of it is like joining Greenpeace and hating whales.
There?s interpreting, and then there?s just ignoring.

It?s just ignoring if you?re for torture ? as are more evangelical Christians than any other religion. You?re supposed to look at that figure of Christ on the cross and think, ?how could a man suffer like that and forgive?? Not, ?Romans are pussies, he still has his eyes.?

If you go to a baptism and hold the baby under until he starts talking, you?re missing the message.
Like, apparently, our president, who says he gets scripture on his Blackberry first thing every morning, but who said on 60 Minutes that anyone who would question that Bin Laden didn?t deserve an assassination should, ?have their head examined.?

Hey Fox News! You missed a big headline; Obama thinks Jesus is nuts!

To which I say, ?hallelujah,? because my favorite new government program is surprising violent religious zealots in the middle of the night and shooting them in the face. Sorry Head Start, you?re number 2 now.

But I can say that because I?m a non-Christian.

Just like most Christians.
Christians, I know, I?m sorry, I know you hate this and you want to square this circle, but you can?t.

I?m not even judging you, I?m just saying logically if you ignore every single thing Jesus commanded you to do, you?re not a Christian ? you?re just auditing.

You?re not Christ?s followers, you?re just fans.

And if you believe the Earth was given to you to kick ass on while gloating, you?re not really a Christian ? you?re a Texan


Hotbody16 23.09.2007. 22:03

What were the ranks of the Knight Templars? You know how we have ranks in our army know. Ex: second liuetenant, first liuetenant, captain, major, colonel, brigadier general, etc. What were they're ranks? Thanks!


Admin 23.09.2007. 22:03

The Knights Templar had 3 ranks: Knights, sergeants, and the clergy.

The Templars were organized as a monastic order, similar to Bernard's Cistercian Order, which was considered the first effective international organization in Europe.[27] The organizational structure had a strong chain of authority. Each country with a major Templar presence (France, England, Aragon, Portugal, Poitou, Apulia, Jerusalem, Tripoli, Antioch, Anjou, and Hungary[28]) had a Master of the Order for the Templars in that region. All of them were subject to the Grand Master (always a French knight), appointed for life, who oversaw both the Order's military efforts in the East and their financial holdings in the West. No precise numbers exist, but it is estimated that at the Order's peak there were between 15,000 and 20,000 Templars, of whom about a tenth were actual knights.[1]

It was Bernard de Clairvaux and founder Hugues de Payens who devised the specific code of behavior for the Templar Order, known to modern historians as the Latin Rule. Its 72 clauses defined the ideal behavior for the Knights, such as the types of robes they were to wear and how many horses they could have. Knights were to take their meals in silence, eat meat no more than three times per week, and have no physical contact of any kind with women, even members of their own family. A Master of the Order was assigned "4 horses, and one chaplain-brother and one clerk with three horses, and one sergeant brother with two horses, and one gentleman valet to carry his shield and lance, with one horse."[29] As the Order grew, more guidelines were added, and the original list of 72 clauses expanded to several hundred in its final form.[30][31]

There was a threefold division of the ranks of the Templars: the aristocratic knights, the lower-born sergeants, and the clergy.

Knights were required to be of knightly descent, to wear white mantles, and were equipped as heavy cavalry, with three or four horses, and one or two squires. Squires were generally not members of the Order, but were instead outsiders who were hired for a set period of time. Beneath the knights in the Order and drawn from lower social strata were the sergeants.[32] They were either equipped as light cavalry with a single horse,[33] or served in other ways such as administering the property of the Order or performing menial tasks and trades. Chaplains, constituting a third Templar class, were ordained priests who saw to the Templars' spiritual needs.[34]

The knights wore white robes with a red cross, and a white mantle; the sergeants wore a black tunic with a red cross on front and back, and a black or brown mantle.[35][36] The white mantle was assigned to the Templars at the Council of Troyes in 1129, and the cross was most likely added to their robes at the launch of the Second Crusade in 1147, when Pope Eugenius III, King Louis VII of France, and many other notables attended a meeting of the French Templars at their headquarters near Paris.[37][38][39] According to their Rule, the knights were to wear the white mantle at all times, even being forbidden to eat or drink unless they were wearing it.[40]

The initiation[41] ceremony, known at the time as Reception (receptio) into the Order, was a profound commitment, and involved a solemn ceremony. Although the details of the reception ceremony were written out in full in the order's rule, because outsiders were -- at least sometimes -- excluded from part of the ceremony, during the trial of the order, 1307-12, the order was unable to rebuff the suspicions of medieval inquisitors, but those received into the order had to be willing to sign over all of their wealth and goods to the Order, which required vows of poverty, chastity, piety, and obedience.[42] Most brothers joined for life, though some were allowed to join for a set period. Sometimes a married man was allowed to join if he had his wife's permission,[36] but he was not allowed to wear the white mantle.[43]

The red cross that the Templars wore on their robes was a symbol of martyrdom, and to die in combat was considered a great honor assuring a place in heaven. For the warriors of the Order, there was a cardinal rule of never surrendering unless the Templar flag had fallen, and even in that case they were first to try and regroup with another of the Christian orders, such as that of the Hospitallers. Only after all flags had fallen were they allowed to leave the battlefield.[44] This uncompromising principle, along with a reputation for courage, excellent training, and heavy armament, made the Templars one of the most feared combat forces in medieval times.[45]


jake d 26.05.2008. 10:28

Anyone got any book recomendations for a piece on the Crusades? My coursework title is "To what extent has religion influenced the course of crusading" anyone got any opinions or better... book recommendations?

jake d

Admin 26.05.2008. 10:28

It was all about religion, freeing the Holy Land from the Heretics. Books:

The Church and The Crusaders

The year was 1095 CE, William the Conqueror had united England under one crown 30 years earlier.* The French had been dividing properties amongst their sons for generations, causing bloodshed between brothers over small pieces of real estate. In reaction, Pope Urban II expanded "The Truce of God", which outlawed fighting from Sunday to Wednesday, and banned fighting involving priests, monks, women, laborers and merchants on any day of the week. Italy was a collection of city-states, constantly being overrun by invading hordes, the latest of which were the Normans, who had just started to become "civilized".

There was also the Byzantine empire, ruling from Constantinople, whose emperor at this time was Alexius Comnenus. To his East, the Turks were rapidly encroaching on his empire, and had begun attacking pilgrims on their way to - and in - Jerusalem, causing him great distress. He wrote to his friend Robert, the Count of Flanders, in 1093, telling him about supposed atrocities committed by the Turks on the Christian pilgrims, and Robert passed this letter on to Pope Urban II. Urban, an opportunist, saw this as a perfect way to solve some of his local problems. He personally promoted a Holy Crusade to reclaim the Holy Lands from the barbarian Turks. Thus, the First Crusade was launched in 1096 CE.

At this point, we need a list of players. Many went along, but only a few are worth remembering. It was an international group, with members from France, Italy and England. From France, we have Hugh the (not so) Great, Count of Vermandois, brother of the French King of Northern and Central France, and a man of little character with no other importance to our story. With him were Godfrey, Baldwin and Eustace of Bouillon, sons of the Duke of Lower Lorraine - descended through their mother from Charlemagne - along with their cousin, Baldwin Le Bourg. Also from France, we have Raymond IV of Saint-Gilles, Count of Toulouse, who had already fought the Moors in Spain. His mother was a princess of Barcelona. He was the first to "Take the Cross".

From England, we have Robert, Duke of Normandy, son of William the Conqueror. From Italy, we have Marcus Bohemond, Prince of Toranto, son of Robert Guiscard, a Norman who had not fallen too far from his barbarian tree, and also his nephew Tancred.

We have set the players, now for the place. It was called the Levant, the land over the ocean, the Latin Orient. The area in question is now called Israel, and also includes parts of Lebanon and a small stretch of Syria and southeastern Turkey. It was divided into the four Crusader States of Antioch, Edessa, Tripoli and Jerusalem. It was a small stretch of land that was steeped in religious heritage and held the promise of bestowing riches upon the men who could control the "land flowing in milk and honey".

What follows is a story of war, holy visions, unholy alliances, promises made with fingers crossed, sieges and slaughters, the details of which fill volumes.

The purpose of this Web Site is to provide information to the curious and students of the Crusades. It is a solo endeavor and will be constantly growing with information, stories, links and other sources of learned information. I will also eventually add myths and legends for those who wish to be entertained, as the myths are, in some cases, even more intriguing than the facts.

Join me as we explore the various facets of the Crusades, which lasted about 250 years.

*"It has come to my attention that Harold Godwinson was proclaimed by the witan as legitimate ruler of England on the death of Edward the Confessor, however his claim was immediately challenged by William in 1066. William won the challenge a few months later and succeeded in maintaining his position till 1087, during which time he changed the economic and political structure of England."


Lowell B 06.10.2009. 05:54

Religion and spirituality are things defined by the people who want to define them.? Why is there so much strife over all different religions? I don't understand why a particular faith must try to convert another to try to save their souls, even if by such means as the crusades. It is unethical, and this is why there is freedom of religion in America; to prevent against such prejudice. We live in a world where killing mass numbers of people due to the causes of religion is acceptable. Where cults of people must have one religion be the same of theirs, and cannot tolerate differences. Why can people not get along and learn to accept that others are going to have different beliefs from them?

Lowell B

Admin 06.10.2009. 05:54

It has become a phenomenon of humanity to feel that blind dogmatic faith is an integral part of good thinking. Convictions are the end of knowledge, not the beginning; they are the enemy of truth more than lies themselves. Convictions do not allow you to change, to adapt, and to understand a reality that is constantly changing. All of our life we are constantly learning and changing, that is how we were made to be; you do not 'understand' life once and be done with it, you never stop as long as life never stops. Anyone that's afraid of anything another has to say, anyone that gets angry when you're not cooing exactly what they want to hear into their ear, they are the weak, the foolish, and the lost. Only someone that truly has no clue what they believe can ever be persuaded by an others thoughts to consider oneself wrong. Why not question reality, unless you are afraid of what you might learn?

Makes you wonder why that if we're going to burn in hell for eternity supposedly, that it simply wouldn't be enough punishment? It's good that you ask yourself why religion does not allow freedom of conscience, because if you were allowed to pick and choose then you wouldn't be giving your money to them would you, allowing them to control you.

Self-Segregating Auto-Enclave... that's my term for human behavior that I have been observing throughout my lifetime. People are unsure of themselves and constantly seek approval from their peers, and when they have no peers they are told there is something wrong with them, our world as we know it, or as little as we know it, is a product of intellectual conformity... the funny part is no one really knows any better than anyone else, so how can they tell you that you're wrong? Just another method of control, just like the first shamans learned they could take when they simply told people what they wanted to hear.

Our first and only true virtue is disobedience. It is our ability to rationalize an escape from the ties that bind, and the lies that blind. It is our inability to be satisfied with life. It is our thirst for that which is bold and new. It is the basis of our creativity and a purpose for our imagination. Anyone who asks for unbending obedience simply asks for you to remove a part of your self and become less than human. You are only a servant, it does not matter who you serve, and if you think it's god, realize it's an organization that you worship; an icon, simply to devour your fears. My maker has no name yet I can be thankful for every day of life without someone telling me how, or what it's supposed to mean... that's what no one can take away.

I'm not a believer in organized religion, nor the books of the church that were rewritten in the Constantine era to suit those powerful within the church. If you want a religion that'll show you the way, as long as you pay your premiums, why don't you just join Scientology? No way is any different than any other... as long as it gives you direction in life, and the resolve to keep on going. You don't need an institution to tell you what you think.
I am however a believer in the conviction of such a church's followers going to any end to make it's prophecies come true, and if in the end they should fail... they will only say it just isn't suppose to happen yet. How long have they been preaching that the end is coming in your lifetime? The end is only brought about by man ...the reactions to our actions, nothing less. Like some people say, the earth will be a barren wasteland someday from natural causes... so at some point, the end must come, why cause it to get here any faster?
If you want to believe, nothing is stopping you now. Each of us is capable of understanding life in our own way. What makes the most sense to you is all that matters. you must lose, to find the truth... Searching for simple happiness has been made fruitless by our expectations of complexity. How hard is it to understand the wanting to forget that which we already know causes our suffering? Why have we disengaged from the pursuit of true self-knowledge for only the fear what one facet of that knowledge may bring? The choice to use that knowledge as we have is ours alone and to rescind our personal accountability does not deny it's existence. Once we begin to understand the power of the ideals we are taught, we must either master them... otherwise we only become slaves to them as we cannot control what we do not understand. Our own search for happiness is just that, another exercise in control. We all must suffer our desires to know that which is good.

Why do we keep thinking there is some ideal we have to buy into before we can consider ourselves saved? How long must humanity err? each of us is different but we are all the same, so our purpose in life should be the same... there is no all-encompassing set of rules that is going to be right every time... the very purpose to be human is to deny the natural order of things being predictable. To rebel may be only the state of being incongruous to that which is... maybe such is the same of all life that is able to defy the static nature of death for just one more day. So again I say, why is it so hard to throw down our routine that takes us to nowhere when we can clearly see that what we've been doing for so long isn't working?

What are we searching for, but something true? That without a doubt exists, even when we're not sure it exists in the first place... It is not a matter of perception because if it does not exist within ourselves, nor is it bound by the laws of our system, for it would be open to the same flaws that we are. No matter who you are or where you were born, no matter your race or creed, we all struggle to be free, from ourselves, our misery, our own personal hell, with demons whom we must face alone... It is ironic that we cannot help ourselves, and use that to convince ourselves that we can do nothing to help others, if we could help others we would be helping ourselves. We feel that we cannot be blamed for remembering a better time and wishing it could be, even though it perpetuates the destruction of that dream.

Our struggle is the idea that defines our life, how we internalize or externalize that conflict is the way in which we will handle the input given to us. Always our life begins as an internal struggle, for that is all that we know. We are cared for or not and our survival depends upon that and how well we are able to cope with internal struggles. Only then are we able to satisfy the quotient of self, only then can we look outward and choose to see the world in the way in which we want it to be, and begin to take the steps required to get there. When we understand ourselves, other peoples actions become more apparent as well as our own... it does not surprise me that those with power do not want to be judged all the time, just to wave an old banner for a new cause... but the problem is we're only hiding it from ourselves, for it is there for all to see.

Just about all the answers given touch on the reasons but are unable to expand upon them because it is only a part of the problem. Everyone is so stuck on finding one singular reason behind all the worlds woes and it's not just one thing, its many things, it's social, it's psychological, it's evolutionary, it's spiritual, and it's chaos. It's everything that makes us human, and the circumstances thereof should lead us to search our very souls for the answer, for it is unique to each of us.


2 Peter 3:9 27.10.2012. 16:23

What if atheists and Christians joined together? And went crusading together to share the gospel?

Imagine if we had Richard Dawkins on our side, it'd be so awesome.

2 Peter 3:9

Admin 27.10.2012. 16:23

You do not grasp the concept of atheism, do you?


Alex P 15.11.2012. 05:55

will you join in our crusade? who will be strong and stand with america? there are groups who want to blatantly ban all text from "offensive prophets" and this includes mostly Mosos, Jesus, and Mohammed, this is a blatent dash of our first amendment rights, freedom of PRESS, RELIGION, petition, SPEECH, and ASSEMBLY, this affects four of our five if we allow them to ban it, if you are a person of faith our not it is unexeptable to stop a person of faith from believeing what their respective holy book of choice says, my question is will you stand for our first amendment? will you join in our crusade? who will be strong and stand with me? who will sign this petition and who will spread the word of this petition with a copy and paste to this question? who will copy and paste this petition link to there facebook, twitter, or anywhere else to stand up for our right and the rights of others?

Alex P

Admin 15.11.2012. 05:55

That's a lot of hooey. There are no groups who are going to get anywhere remotely near smelling any kind of success at banning such texts. It just ain't happening in America. It would never survive the courts, not in 100 years; indeed, it would be laughed out of court. You are making a big fuss over nothing.


Peter Griffin 12.06.2009. 21:14

Would you join a Neo Crusade to take back the Holy Lands ? If we could raise an army of God and stop the spread of Heresy and Paganism , then Our Savior Jesus of Nazareth will come down and the world will be immersed in a new heaven.

Peter Griffin

Admin 12.06.2009. 21:14

From your picture, you look a little young to be going on a crusade to the holy land. LOL.... Don't forget you lunch.


Grace Santos 14.11.2007. 23:42

How can we help in the truth and transparency crusade of Fr. Ed Panlilio? The Senate probe on the bribery expose made by Pampanga governor Ed Panlilio formally started yesterday. Among Ed came to the hearing as the sole witness, despite the admissions of other local officials that they also received the alleged bribe money from Malacanang. How can we encourage our officials to finally step up and join in the fight against corruption? How can we further the cause of transparency and accountability in government?

Grace Santos

Admin 14.11.2007. 23:42

Great reform is needed.
Countries that are based on Spanish law usually have corrupt governments. Look at Central and South America.The rule of law is not applied equally, but traditionally the rich can buy justice. It is inherent in the system.
Countries based on English Common Law have fared much better. The US, Australia, Canada for example. While not perfect, the basis is all equal before the law.
You system is in need of total reform.
Look at this link which shows the countries basis for law and then compare how prevalent corruption is:


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