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the.paulus 09.05.2011. 13:11

What's the difference between hangtime and vertical leap? Except for the fact that one is expressed in [s] and the other in [m]...
My basic physics tell me that

t = 2 * sqrt(2h/g)

t = hangtime
h = vertical
g = gravitational acceleration
Neglecting air drag (speed's too low to have significant impact)

Thus, the two are directly related. However, sometimes it appears players have a lot of hangtime although their vertical not necessarily that high.


Admin 09.05.2011. 13:11

The laws of physics dictate that for the same vertical leap, the hang time will be the same because gravity is a constant. An athlete might give the impression of being able to float in the air but it is an optical illusion. Their center of gravity (CG) will rise, come to a stop and then fall with great predictability but their hand might be extended as their CG reaches the maximum giving the impression that they are still rising.


Tsain 09.12.2012. 18:31

How do believers in the 2012 apocalypse continue to believe after leap year math? I am just curious. I know their are around 500 reasons to not believe in the 2012 prophecy, but when faced with very empirical reasoning that leap years were not accounted for, how do believers reconcile this rationally?


Admin 09.12.2012. 18:31

The date is correct. Why do the people who repeat this claim never consider the obvious fact that the scholars who worked out the date knew about leap years? This bogus claim about leap years is almost as annoying as the stupid doomsday claims themselves.
You will notice that none of the 2012 believers ever highlight this false debunking claim so it just shows how much they know.
The doomsday claims are false for the simple reason that they have no scientific evidence whatsoever behind them and arise solely from the confused imaginations of assorted crazies and conspiracy nuts.


MK 08.10.2012. 13:11

What facts were used change from the geocentric to the heliocentric Models? What facts did they use to convince people to change from geocentric to heliocentric?


Admin 08.10.2012. 13:11

Well, ..., it was the observational data.

The geocentric model (though some what accurate) was not able to precisely predict the rise, setting, and transit of planets. As a result no prediction ever precisely matched the observational data. The Pythagoreans years before Ptolemy had accurately postulated the heliocentric model and proven that it worked mathematically. However, Ptoelmey did't like it and crated his on algebra to some what accurately predict Risings, Settings, and Transits. Thus, Ptolemey was able to convince the rest of the world (before the Catholic church ever existed) that the Geocentric model was the correct model.

By the the 15th and 16thcentury's AD came around time methods and observational table had become much much better (thanks to Copernicus' meticulous work) and became painfully obvious that the epi-cycles of the geocentric model could not be relied upon. Copernicus was no doubt familiar with the works of the Pythagoreans and was encouraged to to look honestly at the data, Copernicus and then Kepler along with Tyco Brahe took that bold leap to broaden our perceptions.

However, it was the Observational Data that drove the change.


jlauren 25.07.2012. 22:48

When the Mayans predicted 2012 did they know about leap years? Did leap years exist back then or won't it be a different date? And what did they actually think was going to happen on 21/12/12 I've looked online but it's all explained too scientifically that I don't get it?


Admin 25.07.2012. 22:48

The "Mayans Never Accounted for Leap Years!" meme on Facebook is a very good example of how you can make a statement and fool a significant number of people into believing you solely by sounding pompously sure of yourself, even though in reality you are a total fool. I call this the "Bill O'Reilly Factor".

"The Mayans never accounted for leap years and since leap years were invented by Julius Caesar in 40BC, there have been 400 of them, so according to the Mayans, their prediction of Doomsday was last May".

Except of course, it wasn't. The Mayan Calendar is a COUNT of days. No leap years needed. Besides this fact, the Mayans also never predicted ANY doomsday, let alone one in 2012.

Or as Bill O'Reilly would say, "The tides come in, the tides go out, never a miscommunication. You can't explain that."


Jesse Pinkman - Western Women! Wah! 30.12.2012. 08:12

How come liberals think the fact there are more guns than people in our country? Just might have something to do with the fact we have more firearms deaths per capita than any other civilized, first world country on the planet?

Can you believe this? I guess this is "liberal logic."

Jesse Pinkman - Western Women! Wah!

Admin 30.12.2012. 08:12

I'm conservative and I think this is most likely the cause. You are really making a leap if you say it is definitely the cause since there are obvious cultural differences between countries as well.


Aaron 02.07.2012. 15:51

Is it possible for humans to leap out of the water like a dolphin? That would be so much fun...

I know a guy can jump out of a pool, but can you swim and leap up out of the water like a dolphin?



Admin 02.07.2012. 15:51

I have tried in the past and found myself unable to. The best I was ever able to do was give a good sharp kick and get the center of mass up onto the dock or boat or whatever, but could never really get most of my legs out. We humans do not appear to have the strength and hydrodynamic structure that allows the total jump out of water. I know for a fact that this particular human (me) does not.


water_skipper 13.02.2009. 18:32

Is there ever the opposite of a leap year or leap second? Is there ever the opposite of a leap year or leap second? Instead of putting in an extra day or second, do they ever take out an extra day or second? Why or why not?


Admin 13.02.2009. 18:32

The Julian calendar, with a leap year every 4 years, is slightly too long so it could have been adjusted by missing out some leap years, rather than actually taking out a day. In fact, the error was taken into account by changing to the Gregorian calendar which has slightly fewer leap years (97 every 400). You could say that the change from Julian to Gregorian where several days were missed out, was a somewhat different example to what you are suggesting.
There is provision for a negative leap second, where the time 23:59:58 is followed by 0:00:00 instead of 23:59:59, but it has never been necessary to use it because the accumulated error in the Earth's rotation speed over a year has always meant that it's been 'slow' when compared against Atomic Time. Having said that, it did speed up for short periods between 1999 and 2005 and there was a day in 2003 when it zapped around in 86,399.999 seconds, compared with the standard length of day of 86,400 seconds.


Raga 13.02.2012. 13:24

What is the meaning of great leap forward? i want to know about the great leap forward....its background and also its effects,causes......and also death toll if any.


Admin 13.02.2012. 13:24

The Great Leap Forward (simplified Chinese: ???; traditional Chinese: ???; pinyin: D yu jn) of the People's Republic of China (PRC) was an economic and social campaign of the Communist Party of China (CPC), reflected in planning decisions from 1958 to 1961, which aimed to use China's vast population to rapidly transform the country from an agrarian economy into a modern communist society through the process of rapid industrialization, and collectivization. Mao Zedong led the campaign based on the Theory of Productive Forces, and intensified it after being informed of the impending disaster from grain shortages.

Chief changes in the lives of rural Chinese included the introduction of a mandatory process of agricultural collectivization, which was introduced incrementally. Private farming was prohibited, and those engaged in it were labeled as counter revolutionaries and persecuted. Restrictions on rural people were enforced through public struggle sessions, and social pressure. Rural industrialization, officially a priority of the campaign, saw "its development ? aborted by the mistakes of the Great Leap Forward."

The Great Leap ended in catastrophe, resulting in tens of millions of excess deaths. Estimates of the death toll range from 18 to at least 45 million,with estimates by demographic specialists ranging from 18 to 32.5 million. Historian Frank Diktter asserts that "coercion, terror, and systematic violence were the very foundation of the Great Leap Forward" and it "motivated one of the most deadly mass killings of human history."

The years of the Great Leap Forward in fact saw economic regression, with 1958 through 1961 being the only years between 1953 and 1983 in which China's economy saw negative growth. Political economist Dwight Perkins argues, "enormous amounts of investment produced only modest increases in production or none at all. ? In short, the Great Leap was a very expensive disaster."

In subsequent conferences in 1960 and 1962, the negative effects of the Great Leap Forward were studied by the CPC, and Mao was criticized in the party conferences. Moderate Party members like Liu Shaoqi and Deng Xiaoping rose to power, and Mao was marginalized within the party, leading him to initiate the Cultural Revolution in 1966.


The Legend 45 29.07.2008. 23:13

Will 1000 calf lifts and 500 squats a day for the next month help improve my vertical leap? I'm really trying hard to increase my vertical leap and my friends have told that this will help a lot. opinions will be greatly appreciated.
EDIT: I have decided to do this every day this week, then with weights every other day for two weeks, and then the explosive training flight #23 mentioned every other day for a week. will this help?

The Legend 45

Admin 29.07.2008. 23:13

It's a bit overkill. Especially if your gonna do it everyday. You need to give sufficient time for your muscles to rest so as to repair the muscle fibre. For example, if you do 1000 sit-ups everyday, you won't develop as good abs, as someone who does balanced, restful training.

Instead, the best training for improving leg strength and your vertical jump is called "explosive" training. Many NBA players use it and other Athletes who require leg strength. As the name suggests its a very fast paced movement.

Squat Jumps: Set yourself up for the basic squat position, lower yourself parallel to the floor, hold and then explode straight up leaving the floor and thrusting your arms upwards. As you land bend your knees back into the squat position and explode again. Continue for 3 sets of 8 repititions. (or what you are comfortable with)

Russian Lunge: (Essentially lunge jumps, similar to squat jumps but in the lunge position.) Place one foot 3 feet in front of the other and lower your body until your foward thigh is parallel to the floor. Quickly push yourself backup and spring off the floor, landing with the opposite leg foward. As soon as you land, lower yourself back into the lunge position. That's one rep. Then repeat. (This exercise is in fact used by Dwight Freeny of the Colts)

Once you find the exercises easy hold dumbells or wear a weight vest to increase the resistance.

Anything fast paced and explosive that causes stress in your leg muscles will aid in improving your leap. Other basic exercises like calf raises are also good.

Also, simple jumping exercises to improve futher is by doing a consecutive jumping drill. Begin by jumping as high as you can off both feet. Your hands should be above your head and rotating to help you jump high. As soon as you land, go right back up. Repeat this twenty-five times. Next, jump twenty-five times off your right foot, then twenty-five times off your left. Keep your hands up and go up as quickly as you can after landing. Next, jump twenty-five times bringing your knees to your chest. You can now bring your arms down in order to maintain balance, but continue jumping as quickly as possible. Then jump twenty-five times trying to kick your heals into your rear end. Finally, perform twenty-five Jerry Wests. A Jerry West is a jump in which you bend forward at the waist extending your arms at forty-five degree angles. Try to touch your fingertips to your toes.

Personally i don't like things like the leg press and other machines. though everything i just metioned and free weight exercises i find work the best but you won't really need weights for the exercises I mentioned until you really start to get stronger.

For further exercises for improving your jumping abilities I would advise you go to nike.com and follow the links for Nike SPARQ Training. It's in both the Basketball and Football sections. The training program is great, and the videos explain everything.


MrGenius 08.01.2008. 00:12

Should Ladanian Tomilson been given a touchdown yesterday when he made his leap in the fourth quarter? I really didn't care either way who won the game between San Diego and Tennesse. . . . However. . . . Why is it that on a play like that. . . an offensive player is always allowed to make a reach over the goal line. . . yet. . .if he would have fumbled after the initial mid air collision kept him short of the goal line. . . the officials would have ruled no fumble as forward progress was stopped? Admittedly I'm a defense oriented person. . . but I just think it is a lousy rule that protects the offense and allows them to make a second effort. I understand that the play was called the way it always is. . . I just think they need to at least change the rules so if an offensive player is struggling for extra yardage and they fumble. . . then it is a fumble and not waived off by the cheesey forward progress was stopped rule. What do you all think? And please. . . leave your team loyalties aside and just answer this on the principle and the facts.


Admin 08.01.2008. 00:12

yes, i think he does, in the book it says if the ball crosses the plain(the white line) at any length the end results in a touchdown, i hate L.T and i just don't like the chargers period, but a good call is a good call and i agree with the damn thing


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