Managers Need Basic PR

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Managers Need Basic PR

By: Robert A. Kelly

True, because department, division or subsidiary managers for a business, non-profit or association really DO need a dynamic yet workable blueprint for reaching those key outside groups of people who have a big say about how successful those managers are going to be.

Unfortunately, a primary emphasis on communications tactics does not take the place of a well thought-out public relations plan for persuading your most important external audiences to your way of thinking, then moving them to take actions that lead to your success.

For example, a basic public relations blueprint like this one: people act on their own perception of the facts before them, which leads to predictable behaviors about which something can be done. When we create, change or reinforce that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving- to-desired-action the very people whose behaviors affect the organization the most, the public relations mission is accomplished.

Save the communications tactics for later when you need something to carry your message to the right external audience.

For now, think about an impactful public relations plan that can deliver the behavior results you want. I'm thinking of behaviors that produce real increases in capital gifts, new inquiries concerning joint ventures or strategic alliances, new waves of prospects or, especially, repeat purchases.

First step on this journey is one of discovery - just how do those key, outside audiences perceive your operation? This is vital, of course, because perceptions often morph into hurtful behaviors. Which suggests that you and the PR team assigned to you begin by interacting with members of those audiences, then prioritize them according to the impacts on your unit.

Here, you have a choice: you and your PR team can personally handle the perception monitoring and data gathering for your target audience because your PR folks are already in the perception and behavior business. Or, a large budget permitting, you can retain the services of a professional survey firm to do the job.

Once you decide who monitors and gathers the perception data, you need to ask the right questions of your audience members. "How much do you know about us, if anything? Do you have an opinion about our services or people. Have you ever had a problem with our operation?"

Stay on the lookout for negative responses such as misconcep- tions, rumors and false assumptions. And especially for inaccur- acies that could do damage because of the hurtful behaviors they can produce.

Now, with such perception data in hand, you're ready to set your public relations goal. And this can be as direct as "clear up that misconception, neutralize the rumor, or fix that inaccuracy."

Reaching that goal, however, requires just the right strategy. Since this is a matter of perception/opinion, you have only three choices: change existing perception, create it where none exists, or reinforce that existing opinion/perception.

Now, tap your best writer because you need to prepare a message effective enough to alter negative perceptions among members of your target audience. The message should be multifaceted if it is to do the job. It must be clearly written and fact-based as well as believable and thus, persuasive. Hopefully, it also will be compelling in its tone.

The challenge of delivering your message to the right ears and eyes falls to your communications tactics, and there are a ton of them. Everything from electronic magazines, consumer presentations, speeches and press releases to media interviews, newsletters, brochures and personal contacts. But make sure that each tactic you choose displays a track record of reaching folks similar to those you are trying to reach.

How will you know when you're making progress? By going back to the field and re-monitoring the perceptions of members of that target audience. But there's a new wrinkle the second time around. Your antennae will be up to capture signs of change in the offending perception - has that untruth, false assumption, hurtful misconception or damaging rumor been adequately addressed by your message and communications tactics? In other words, is perception among members of your target audience moving in your direction, thus signaling success?

Luckily, you can always speed up the process with additional communications tactics, and by increasing their frequencies.

By this point, what you will have done, of course, is put in place precisely the well thought-out public relations plan you need to persuade your most important external audiences to your way of thinking, then move them to take actions that lead to your success as a manager.


About The Author

Bob Kelly counsels, writes and speaks to business, non-profit and association managers about using the fundamental premise of public relations to achieve their operating objectives. He has been DPR, Pepsi-Cola Co.; AGM-PR, Texaco Inc.; VP-PR, Olin Corp.; VP-PR, Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.; director of communications, U.S. Department of the Interior, and deputy assistant press secretary, The White House. Visit:


T-CAT 14.10.2010. 15:13

How would I write a business profile for myself? I have to write a profile about myself to include in a PR pitch document. I have just graduated, while everyone else in the team has years of experience...any advice?


Admin 14.10.2010. 15:13

Bio sheets should include education, basic personal information, relevant previous employment and information on your current position with the company. You can also included a photo.
Some other ideas:
Professional affiliations and memberships
Relevant volunteer work
Media appearances
What/where you've published
Speeches and presentations to professional groups, etc.
Important clients
A (brief) client testimonial

A very simple sample could read:

Jon McKinley is general manager for Envirotest Systems Corp.?s Colorado operations. As such, he is responsible for management of the Air Care Colorado I/M 240 emissions testing system in the 7-county Denver metropolitan area, and also for the RapidScreen program in Larimer and Weld counties.

McKinley has been with Envirotest Systems, and its parent company, Environmental Systems Products Inc., of E. Granby, Connecticut, for three years. Prior to this appointment, he had been the acting general manager in Colorado for four months. Before that, McKinley worked with the company?s centralized emissions programs in Illinois, Maryland and Ohio/Kentucky in positions of increasing responsibility and authority. Most recently he served as general manager for the northern Kentucky program and simultaneously as operations manager for the southern portion of the Ohio emissions program.

In his current role, McKinley oversees the operations of a 15-station emissions testing network in the Denver-Boulder area, with more than 300 employees and approximately one million vehicle tests annually; and the RapidScreen clean screening emissions program in Weld and Larimer counties.

Prior to joining Envirotest Systems, McKinley was an executive recruiter, specializing in the fields of engineering and information technology. He grew up in Des Moines, Iowa.


George Allan 10.12.2010. 20:00

What are the qualifications to teach in Singapore? My wife was promoted to a hotel manager in Singapore. I currently live in New York City, United States. I am fluent in the English, Malay, and Mandarin Chinese Languages. What are the qualifications to teach in Singapore?

George Allan

Admin 10.12.2010. 20:00

check the following website... Ministry of education .. Singapore...

you should also check this information about Teaching English in Singapore...

job forum for foreign teachers in Singapore...

I could not give you specific answers because you did not give your qualifications and what level you can teach ... school/college etc
But I hope the information provided will be of some use....

Some basic information below...

Trained Foreign Teachers

Successful applicants who are Non-Singapore Citizens / Non-Singapore Permanent Residents (PR) may be offered employment on contract terms.
Contract Terms

Successful applicants will be awarded an initial teaching contract period of 1 to 3 years.

Trained foreign teachers will receive a salary based on their teaching experiences and academic qualifications.

In addition to the monthly salary, the annual remuneration package will include the following:

* A variable Non-Pensionable Annual Allowance (NPAA) equivalent to 1-month?s gross salary,
* An Annual Variable Component (AVC) at the end of the year, subject to Singapore?s overall economic performance, and
* A Performance Bonus, subject to the officer?s performance.

Contract gratuity is paid upon successful completion of the contract. This contract gratuity is paid in lieu of CPF contributions.
Allowances for those residing overseas

The following are provided to foreign teachers who are residing overseas:

* Inbound economy air passage on first appointment, and return economy air passage on completion of your contract.
* Relocation allowance.
* Home Leave upon contract renewal.



hiiihiii 05.04.2013. 03:37

What are the best schools for Public Relations? I would like to go into the field of Public Relations/Image Management. I believe this would be the beset major choice because I want to pursue a career as a PR Manager, Marketing Manager, or Advertising Manager. I live in NJ so I would love to work in NYC therefore staying on the east coast is a must. It would be the best if you guys could recommend good schools in NJ and NY. Also should I look into other majors for these careers? What other job opportunities can I expect from a PR degree?


Admin 05.04.2013. 03:37

You should do some basic research. Good PR programs exist at Ithaca, Syracuse, Quinnipiac, and other colleges with strong communications programs.


T P 28.04.2009. 02:19

My dad got killed by a drunk driver. Is it possible to file a claim for pain & suffering? My dad got killed by a drunk driver. Is it possible to file a claim for pain & suffering against the insurance company?

Is there mandatory PIP coverage in North Carolina.?

Is there a survivor benefit on the bare basic insurance policy in North Carolina?

Any other help is appreciated.
My dad's policy is with Allstate & the drunk driver's policy is with Integon.

I'm getting poor response from both companies.


Admin 28.04.2009. 02:19

NC is not a PIP state. However, NC does have Medical Payments coverage. It is an optional coverage. So your dad's policy may not have it. If your dad's policy has this coverage, it will pay toward a funeral bill (if your dad passed away prior to any medical treatment - so no medical bills were incurred).

The estate would have a claim for pain/suffering, wrongful death etc. Any other actions would be sub-actions of the estates claim. They would not be separate actions in their own right.

NC state minimum limits are 30-60-25. Limits always read as a fraction. The first number is the max amount payable to any 1 person for bodily injury (regardless of severity). The second number is the max payable for all injuries arising out of the accident. The last number is for all property damage in the wreck.

So, if the drunk driver had minimum limits - the max that could be paid on your dad's claim is 30,000.

Although 30-60-25 is the minimum, higher limits can be purchased. Your agent will be able to tell you what your dad has on his policy.

Then your dad's estate would file an Under-Insured motorist claim against Dad's policy. In NC - UIM coverage does not stack. So you can only get to the UIM coverage that is on the car Dad was driving. The estate would be able to recover for any amount above the drunk drivers liability coverage.

So-- If your dad had UIM coverage of 50-100 and the drunk driver had liability coverage of 30-60 - then your dad's estate could get 30K from the drunk driver + 20K from the UIM for a total of 50K.

If the drunk driver had liability limits of 30-60 and your dad had UIM limits of 30-60 - the liability would pay 30K and the UIM would pay nothing. (remember it pays only above the liability limits).

There could be a couple of things affecting the insurance company responses:

1. if you or the estate has hired an attorney - the adjusters can't talk to you. They are not allowed to talk to you with out the attorneys permission. As such, if you call them - and you have an attorney - the adjuster will not call you back.

2. several people are calling on your family's behalf. The adjuster is not going to go over the same information with 3 different family members. And when too many family members try to handle the claim - it just mucks it up. The left hand and the right hand don't know what the other is doing. So if more than one person is calling - the adjuster will probably not call all of you back. Pick 1 person - a family spokes person- the person who will be the Personal Representative of the Estate to be the family contact. Have just 1 person calling the insurance companies.

3. Has a personal Representative been named for the estate? If not, contact probate court and get that done. The insurance company can't do anything - can't issue any payments with out a raised seal copy of the PR paperwork. The folks down at probate court can tell you how to set up the estate and the PR.

If you need more help - have the family spokes person go to Dad's agents office and sit down with them. A good insurance agent will be able to help you with the Allstate end of the claim. If they can't explain how the coverages work - then the agent should be able to get in contact with an adjuster or manager in the claims department that can.

I'm sorry for your loss.


Aaron 12.05.2010. 23:47

What should I get for my first hamster? Hi, I'm getting a hamster this weekend, and I'm so excited. I just need to know one thing, what should I buy? I have a 5-7 gallon aquarium, so I don't need a cage. The hamster I am getting is a Robo Dwarf hamster.


Admin 12.05.2010. 23:47

You will need:
- A wheel (Not one with wires, a solid floor one)
- A hanging water bottle (ask store manager for Hanging hamster bottle)
- Food dish
- Food
- Aspen bedding

Here is some advice I give first time hamster owners, like you!

How to tame:

1.) Hold your hamster for about 5 minutes, the next day, 10, then 15, etc.
2.) When your hamster is in your hands, pet him, talk in whispers, or give him a treat.

Taming is how you can get your hamster to not bite your hands and to be your pal. Some hamsters may bite if your hands smell like food or lotion.

My basic tips:

Cage Cleaning:
- To clean a cage, you need to put your hamster in a safe separate cage or bucket, away from any other pets.
(Here is a pen:
- Remove all bedding from the bottom of the cage.
- Clean out the bottom of the cage with dishwasher soap and water.
- Put in new, clean bedding into the cage. (Aspen bedding is recommended) Make sure there is at least 3 inches.

Food and Water:
Your hamster should have a hanging water bottle, such as this one:
You should change the water every day or every other day.

Your hamster should have a Food Dish, such as this one:
Your hamster should have food in his dish at all times, changed weekly. Fiesta? and Kaytee? brand foods are recommended.

Do not feed your hamster:
- Rhubarb
- Onions
- Citrus Fruits
- Iceberg Lettuce

Never feed your hamster too many fruits or veggies, because it will cause Wet Tail Disease. Wet Tail is also caused by poor living conditions.

Your cage should have at least 2 stories, like this one:

It is never good to wash your hamster in water, due to stress levels. Giving your pet a dust bath with Chinchilla sand is good to do once a week.
You can hold the Dust Bath in a ceramic Pot:

Chew Toys:
Hamsters are part of the rodent family, so they have rapidly growing incisors (front teeth). They need something to chew on so they can wear their teeth down (otherwise, they'll grow too long and cause health issues later on) Never put hot sauce on the cage bars.

If you need anymore information, please contact me via e-mail!



Rob W 14.01.2009. 16:53

Has anyone ever heard of Keller Solutions? Is this a legitamite company? I found a job posting for this company and need more information on it.

Rob W

Admin 14.01.2009. 16:53

I too received this from them. I bet it is a scam....

On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 11:19 AM, Keller Solutions wrote:

Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

Dear Barbara!
Representative manager Job Description
Thank you for your interest in our job posting. Most our representatives r=
ealize this is a excellent part time opportunity. Please review the follow=
ing information thoroughly so that you understand the full scope of what th=
e position entails.
About Us:
Keller Solutions, is committed to your success. We make it our business to =
know you well enough to improve your wealth, tax position, capital position=
, business structure and benefits packages. We are a fee based only firm, a=
nd earn our fees by adding value to your asset base. We have learned a grea=
t deal in this business since beginning in 1971. And we are ready to apply =
this knowledge to enhance your growth and success.
We currently have vacancies in USA, nationwide
- Male or Female
- Has a good negotiation skill.
-Age: 22||70 (we have representatives even older =96 72)=20
-Mobile phone (and also home phone)
-Working hours per day: 3 (three)
-Bank account.

Keller Solutions is searching for hardworking and executive people, i am gl=
ad to inform you about new international job vacancy, this post is client s=
ervice management, the vacancy in financial service branch in USA! You wil=
l get basic knowledge and instructions in job duties. =20
Every week our managers would contact you in case if our USA client has no =
ability to send payment to one of our international offices. You phone shou=
ld be able to receive call. All information about transfer amount and order=
number you can get by e mail and phone number. This is your prime job =93w=
eapon=94 and =93friends=94. Your successful promotion depends from your ban=
k choice. You should open new account or use your favorite bank branch. Aft=
er the transfer completed you should be able to visit the bank and transfer=
money to Riga, Milan, Toronto branch by traditional transfer system (Weste=
rn Union, Money Gram, Travel Check, Personal Check), branch address you wil=
l see in order-processing cart, email notice. Necessary conditions for star=
ting work as manager in our company are the following:
-- Check e-mail 3 times per day, in the morning and about 6 PM.
-- Check your bank account, and confirm received payment. Just the payment =
received, send email notification to head manager.
-- First few months you will get payment to your checking account as this =
will simplify our salary calculations paid from received amount,
Every order will be charged for 8 automatically. [Example: 5000 USD transfe=
r=3D 400 USD your salary per DAY]. If you will become our constant represen=
tative we will use corporative account.

This is not easy money! You will wake up in the morning and turn on your co=
mputer, enter your mail server and find my email about completed transfer t=
o your bank account, then you will hear your cell phone, I will inform you =
about this transfer and you will tell me that you did receive my email.
Than you will enter your e-bank, and see that transfer is already here, you=
should visit bank branch and ask bank cashier to receive this payment.

This opportunity is for executive people (man or woman is not important, on=
practice woman are more executive, but this is only my point of view) and =
400 USD is good salary for this time. We are modern company and we care abo=
ut our workers, and one year before the salary was about 5, we decide to pr=
ovide higher salary for our manager, because on practice:
- it is possible that bank is situated on other side of city, and you sho=
uld use taxi or your car ( this money we have decided to pay from our funds)
- we want to provide more work for you , and you will see that it is bes=
t proposition on job market for today.
- maybe you want to use this opportunity as part time job, and we can u=
nderstand this, about 40 of managers combine this work with their full time=
employment, and on practice after 2-3 months people decide to work only wi=
th us, and not spend time in their prime work=20
*** since this moment their salary starts from 2000 USD/week t=
ill 4000 USD/week.
4.The company will provide not less than 11 000 USD commissions per one mo=
5.Manager should:
-check email 3 times per day
-always hang up mobile phone during 9.00 AM- 7.00 PM
- execute all instructions of head manager
Dear partner, fill this info in next form and send in next e mail text, ans=


mtong2004 04.12.2006. 03:04

advice on an entry level, college grad resume? I am graduating in June 2007, with a BA in Business Economics. I would like to some advice on creating a well-versed and extremely professional resume. I have almost three years of professional experience in marketing, pr, administrative, minor accounting, and sales experience from working in various offices during college. I would like to find out more about creating an appropriate and impressive entry-level resume. I am interested in seeking careers in the finance sector, so any advice or suggestions of positions that I can apply for, would also be helpful. If anyone is willing to help, I would glady email you my current resume for critiquing. Thanks in advance.


Admin 04.12.2006. 03:04

Does your school have a career services/placement office? They should have counselors who can help you look over your resume and may even know of local organizations who are hiring!

I suggest you also research alumni from your school and see if they know anyone or perhaps work for a company you would like to work for. They can inform you about their work and the companies they work for and what they like/dislike.

To actually create the resume, google has many templates that you can use as a guide. Some hints include:

-Get a free email account with a "business" email. Typically these are your first name and last. "SkaterDude" or "HornyBoy4U" as email addresses won't help you being taken seriously!

-Tweak your resume to reflect the job that you want. List jobs, internships, volunteering activities, memberships all related to your field. You can add other extra curriculars not directly related under "additional experience"

-It can help if you create a specific Objective for what you're looking for. They can be vague as "Seeking entry level position at a management company" or as specific as "Seeking an administrative assistant position with X comapny".

-It seems to be a toss up as to whether or not you should go with 1 page or not. Typically 1 page is all that is required (and is all that is requested), but if you have a lot of experience, then 2 pages won't hurt.

-Omit "References on Request". This is a basic "no duh" sort of thing and a lot of time HR managers won't really care to contact them. (Try to keep a lit of references handy for interviews in case they ask.) If you do get indications that the interviewer will contact them or if you feel you have a good shot at the job, it's courteous to let your references know.

-Keep your options open. Check your local paper,,,,,, contact alumni, talk to your professors and instructors, friends, the career counselors, old places you've worked/volunteered. Most openings are never advertised because people are hired thorugh they know. It's maddening, but true.


danielabella06 01.02.2007. 21:30

What are the basic duties of a PR music manager? A good friend of mine is in a band. Really good music. They have a really good chance of getting signed to a Major Label. They are playing a Major venues such as : The Roxy,House of Blues etc.
I am now in charge of Public Relations for the Group. What are the basic duties PR entail?

Thanks a bunch!


Admin 01.02.2007. 21:30

You are basically their manager. You go around to every single place that plays live music and try to get a "tour" going even if the band doesn't go very far physically. You get every music critic to hear them. You get every radio station to play their music. You get every entertainment editor to write a column on the band. You also need to make a press kit with music on a CD, a photo of the band, a history and style of the band (no grammar or spelling errors!) and contact phone numbers so you can be reached. Maybe you can go to a radio station and pick up a press kit sent to them to get an idea how to do one.


hecksyess_iitstaylor 09.05.2008. 18:47

does anyone know a site that can tell me all the requirements someone would need to be a dance studio owner? Array


Admin 09.05.2008. 18:47

I don't know of a website. I have been a dance teacher for 10 years, and I formerly was the manager of a dance studio.

1) Good understanding of the dance styles you are planning to offer. You can't hire qualified teachers unless you have the knowledge to discern between a qualified and unqualified teacher. Even better would be the ability to teach a variety of classes yourself, as a new studio might not have the funds to pay staff at the beginning.

2) General knowledge of small business management. From working at small businesses and/or classes and workshops in this field. Basic understanding of recordkeeping, bookkeeping, financial management, human resources management, publicity, customer service, property management, etc. If you dont have the funds to hire support staff you might have to do it all at the beginning.

3) Experience as a student or employee at several different dance studios. Seeing and experiencing a variety of policies and organizational styles and structures is the best way to plan for your own business. You know what works and what doesnt.

4) $$$$$$$ A large savings or good enough credit to get a loan. A dance studio will require start up costs from basic office supplies, to dressing room lockers, to mirrors, barres, and dance floors, to brochures and PR supplies, etc. Monthly expenses such as rent, liability insurance, utilities, etc will need to be paid while the studio is getting off the ground. It may be serveral years before the studio has grown enough to completely financially support you.

5) As for any small business, you need to be self-modivated, a natural leader, a good desicion maker, and someone who is willing to make lifestyle sacrifices for the good of their business, Business ownership is not for everyone.


sanju 16.08.2011. 03:14

hi i am having 457 visa in customer service manager an i eligible to apply for pr? Array


Admin 16.08.2011. 03:14

Your occupation is not on the ENSOL so you cannot be sponsored for an 856 Employer Nomination Scheme permanent visa.

Your only chance for a permanent visa is if you can get sponsorship for and meet the requirements for a 119/857 Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) visa. The basic requirement is that the work must be in a regional area (i.e. NOT in Sydney, Newcastle, Wollongong, Greater Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne or Perth though it has been announced that employment in Perth will soon become eligible). See under Eligibility for further requirements


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