Monday Morning Mindfulness

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Monday Morning Mindfulness

By: Sandra Schrift

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Table of Contents:

On Special Offers and Invitations

On Generous Spirit

On Short-Term Stress

On Adding Punch to Your Humor

On Time

On Useful Web Sites and Announcements

Welcome to Monday Morning Mindfulness ... to my Clients, Colleagues and Friends. Join me every other Monday in getting motivated and inspired to act/think/feel something differently.

1.) On Special Offers and Invitations

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2.) On Generous Spirit

In dwelling, be close to the land. In meditation, go deep in the heart. In dealing with others, be gentle and kind. In speech, be true. In ruling, be just. In daily life, be competent. In action, be aware of the time and the season. No fight. No blame. - from Tao Te Ching

The Coach thinksit is helpful (but challenging) to think about my life being in perfect harmony with the way things are. And you?

3.) On Short Term Stress

Psychologists Gregory Miller and Suzanne Segerstrom state that when test subjects were asked to speak in public or do mental math in the lab, the tasks tended to mobilize their fast-acting immune response the bodys all- purpose defense system for stopping our infections and healing our wounds. What they found, compared to controls, was that people subjected to short-term stresses had up to twice as many natural killer cells in their blood ready to fight the early stages of infection.

The Coach thinks Jerry Seinfeld may be wrong ... He said , most people would rather be in the casket than give the eulogy.

4.) On Adding Punch To Your Humor

John Kinde, humor specialist offers us five tips to add punch to your platform humor. Make humor a natural part of your daily life. The key to creating humor is awareness of relationships. Find connections between things previously thought unrelated. The pause drives home your punch lines. Pausing emphasizes the punch lines. Pausing builds the tension. Pausing magnifies your physical delivery. Master the power of observational humor. Be focused on your surroundings and what is happening just before you are introduced. Look for connections. Practice observational humor at meetings. A Toastmasters meeting is ideal. At the end of the meeting, weave an item of observational humor into your closing remarks.

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5.) On Time

Theres an old Irish saying, When God made time, he made plenty of it. Yes, we all have the same 24 hours each day, 168 hours each week and 8736 hours a year. It may be the most democratic element in our lives. So how come it doesnt feel that way? How come we often feel we are out of time? How come some people accomplish hundreds of complex tasks and others lay buried under a sea of papers and... laundry? Thats the paradox.

The Coach sez I dont have time to think about this anymore. (What are your p & qs for managing your time?)

6.) On Useful Websites and Announcements

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About The Author

Sandra Schrift 13 year speaker bureau owner and now career coach to emerging and veteran public speakers who want to "grow" a profitable speaking business. I also work with business professionals and organizations who want to master their presentations.

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Livvy 20.06.2013. 10:32

Why am I freaking out? So, I've just recently been hired at McDonald's, and I also volunteer on Monday -Thursday morning 9-11:30. But, recently, my stomach and head have been killing me at, and before, work. And now, I'm just laying on my couch, just FREAKING out! For some reason, my mind keeps on jumping back to the fact that I do have a job, and it scares me... For some reason, I feel like my job is going to control my life. I just don't know how to calm down! Also, if you have ANY helpful advice on why my stomach constantly hurts, this started in February and it is June, I'd be so grateful!


Admin 20.06.2013. 10:32

The stomachache is most likely the result of anxiety. And anxiety itself is a reaction to perception of losing control, which you have yourself pointed out. You can try some relaxation techniques before work, such as mindfulness meditation, and see if it helps you to reduce your anxiety. When you will have worked there for a while, though, your anxiety should decrease. If it doesn't, you should consider talking to a psychologist as you might need a bit more guidance in how to get through this.


Aaron 07.11.2010. 06:19

Insomnia + School. Why me? I've been taking Xanax XR 2mg since last tuesday and it's been giving me crraaazzzyyy insomnia. I've been up 4am or greater every night since I've been taking it. I was up until 10am this morning! Next monday I'm going back to school and I don't know how I can handle it without sleep.

I mean don't get me wrong here, the xanax xr works really well. It calms me down and relaxes me, and gets rid of my anxiety. But it doesn't make me sleepy, nor does it give me energy. I just can't sleep while taking it.

I'm afraid I'm going to be up until 10am again. It's almost 11:30 pm right now. And tonight is daylights saving time where I live (I'm pretty sure), so thats mean it's another hour I have to endure!


Admin 07.11.2010. 06:19

Exercise, preferably 6 hours before, but not within 2 hours of bedtime. Have a warm bath, or shower, an hour before bedtime, then a glass of very warm milk, possibly with Horlicks, or one of the herbal teas, below, and use dimmer lighting. Your bedroom should be very dark, with the lights out, and a good sleeping temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit, or 19 degrees Centigrade. Put your mind in a position where it wants to shut itself off, and sleep. View The progressive muscle relaxation, is very easily learned; guided imagery, or mindfulness breathing is known to be effective, or Give the EFT a tryout. It is free via the searchbar at "EFT" & "EFT therapists" or (13 free videos). Repeat to yourself: "Even though I currently have a sleep disorder, I deeply and completely accept myself." (or choose your own wording) while you use the acupressure massage/tapping. Find out which works best for you, in the daylight hours, so you will be prepared, come bedtime. For many people, a good idea is to develop a set "wind down" routine for the last hour before bedtime, so your subconscious mind learns that it is time to put thinking aside, and prepare for mindfulness, (awareness, without cogitation/purposeful thought) or the EFT, in preparation for sleep.

The idea with mindfulness is to not even think about sleeping: just drift off, naturally, during exercising those techniques. Avoid TV, computer, or anything exciting in this hour, although reading a BORING! book is a good idea. Experiment, to find which combination works best for you. No coffee, tea, or other caffeine within 6 hrs of bedtime! Try a cup of chamomile herbal tea, an hour before bedtime. Others may prefer Sleepytime, by Celestial Seasonings, Relax, Be Sleepy, or valerian root (valerian "hangovers" possible), etc., from supermarket tea, or health food aisles. Milk, or cream should not be used with herbal tea. Get up and do something, like read a book, if you can't sleep within 20 mns. Personally, I prefer to use word/phrase repetition for a short time, changing over to mindfulness breathing; however, you may well find another method more effective. The following EMDR variant came from a book on treating insomnia for the depressed; I use it every night, and it is well worth trying. It seems to reduce distractions during the mindfulness relaxation methods, so I use it first. Keeping your head still, move your eyes first to the far left, then far right, and repeat this another 19 times. Each full sweep should take around a second. If you like, you can either subvocalise, or repeat: "one one thousand, two one thousand, three one thousand ... up to twenty.

After this, allow your body to go limp, and relax for a short time. Then repeat the whole exercise, limpness, and relaxation twice. This may well be all you need. Others may require another round of the above. Before beginning the EMDR variant, I take a whiff of lavender essential oil in both nostrils; some people prefer a drop, or two on their pillow. This provides a strong cue to the subconscious mind to prepare for sleep. Get bright light, soon after arising, to reset your circadian rhythm. Stabilise your sleep habits. You could try melatonin (pharmacies) for a few nights only; more can interfere with the brain's natural production of it. Hypnosis is merely a heightened state of suggestibility, in which you are better able to communicate with your subconscious mind. 85% of people are suggestible, to some extent, so consider professional hypnotherapy, or more alternatives along such lines are at and see pages 1, & i about anxiety and wean off xanax in accordance with


gutterflower. 30.11.2007. 02:34

Managing Stress? I am about to turn 16, but I have been extremly stressed. mom some of it is Seasonal Affective Disorder, because I life in Alaska and we have about 4.5 hours of Daylight right now. I have been sittiin front of a SUN BOX every morning, and getting good sleep, so far.

How can I manage my stress? Theraphy is not an option right now, but I am so upset because I get frustrated easier then I used to (it started when we moved in with my whiny/needy grandma and her stupid dog). Everything bothers me right now, and I want to be able to cope. I have a lot of responsibillity (and privleges, too), but I babysit and do chores and help out a LOT, which i cant get away from because mom & dad need the help.

i went to a friends house monday just to calm down and have some peace, and she let me know later that I sighed- a lot. and i DO sigh a lot. I felt really good yesterday, after going to a friends house (alone) but tonight I feel like just crying.

what can I do?


Admin 30.11.2007. 02:34

See stress treatments, at on page 42. Practice daily, one of the relaxation techniques on pages 2, 11, 2c, or 2i; whichever works best for you, but the mindfulness breathing for 15 - 20 mns is ideal. Employ the EFT version for use in public, for which you can reasonably claim that you have a headache, as you massage your temples. Pages 3.c at * and 2, 2.q and 2.o refer. You can also multitask, using the gazing technique, as you walk/jog or exercise, by focusing on a distant object, noting any thoughts which flash accross your mind, without pursuing any particular train of thought, just gently redirect your focus to the gazing. Take 4 Omega 3 fish oil supplements, daily, replacing 2 of them with cod liver oil, in the winter months, and eat healthily, in accordance with your "nutritional type" as determined at TASKBAR. S.A.D. is addressed in section 2.


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