Network Marketing Is Fun And Profitable

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Network Marketing Is Fun And Profitable

By: Terry Nicholls

Network Marketing, also called MLM or Multi-Level Marketing, can be one of the most fun and rewarding businesses today.

Robert Kiyosaki said:

"If I had to do it all over again, rather than build an old style type of business, I would have started building a network marketing business."

More and more companies are offering products and services that the average person uses, and making them available in a MLM format. Products such as nutritional products, water filtration systems, communication services, and internet access are all sold through Multi-Level Marketing.

MLM has gotten a bad reputation over the years due to the fact that, originally, many companies were set up to make money only for the founders, leaving those who got in later with nothing but empty promises -- and pockets!

Even today, when most Network Marketing companies are legitimate, many people don't like anything to do with MLM. People will turn their backs on a great opportunity simply because it involves Multi-Level Marketing. They can't seem to forget the past.

What Is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a business about helping people. These are non-traditional businesses, generally worked from home (exactly what you're looking for, right?).

Many business opportunities are actually network marketing companies but, because of the bad reputation mentioned earlier, they don't call themselves that.

Some of the advantages are:

  • low overhead
  • no employees
  • no office to rent
  • no commuting back and forth to work

For the most part, MLM companies offer reasonably priced products and services that people consume in a short time. That's one mark of a good company. The product or service offered must be renewed (re-ordered) on a regular basis.

As the business owner, you get a commission from the sales of these products and services every time your customer re-orders them. This is called a residual income. In effect:

Sell Once, Get Paid Forever!

As with Affiliate Programs, others can join the MLM program under you, giving you an override commission (a percentage of their sales).

Compensation, products, number of people on your team (your downline) will all vary from company to company.

Make sure you know exactly how things work before you get involved.

Remember one important point about Network Marketing:

You must be actually buying a product or service to make it legal.

For a more detailed explanation of Network Marketing/MLM, and more great advice for your home-based business, please visit My Home-Based Business Advisor.

Terry Nicholls

My Home-Based Business Advisor

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Summer 10.03.2006. 22:37

Can anyone share their experiences working in network marketing - both positives and negatives? I'm investigating getting into networking marketing with a company that has an anti-aging line of skin care (plus other health/beauty lines) and am wondering if it can be profitable and fun. It seems like something I would enjoy, but want to make sure it isn't a long-shot type of business or sounding better than it can be in the long run.


Admin 10.03.2006. 22:37

You usually have to invest, then they have you start a web site in your own name as your business. You have to make sure you cover all taxes at the end of the year yourself out of all your sales. You have to expect someone may have an allergy to the product and seen as you are the owner of the business you are then liable. you have to recruit other people to work under you and keep up a certain quota in order to start making money. etc,etc, I didn't like it. You can devote yourself and your time to it but if the people you recruit don't follow through you find yourself back at the bottom again and just the fat cat fills the pockets.


Allyson Ferrell 17.03.2011. 15:53

What is the simplest and most profitable job to do at home? I'm a stay at home mom and only about to be 19 so I was looking for a simple job to do from my home. Ive heard of people doing Avon and other make up products, but I wasn't sure how reliable they were. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. :)

Allyson Ferrell

Admin 17.03.2011. 15:53


I think many of the answers here are putting you on the right track. Network Marketing is a great way to make a good income, while working it into your life, rather than your life around your work.

When reviewing companies to start your business with, I hope you will also take a look at Arbonne. Look at a few companies, they are all a little different and you want to be sure to pick the one that fits you best.

With all companies you will need to sell, but some more than others. My Arbonne team all work together and we have a lot of fun. We don't really do home parties or brochure sales. We just work our business in the nooks and crannies of our day, building a network of shoppers. I buy from my own online store and I teach others to buy from their own online store. $29.00 dollars to start and no keeping inventory or delivery to clients.

Please email me me though my profile here you would like a little more information and then you can pick the company best for you.

I wish you the best and keep on this track. Network marketing is a great career to go after.

Live Happy,


Sean R 31.12.2009. 04:41

I am going to start an Concierge Business? I am starting an Concierge Business and I have an few questions fell free to answer them.
1) What kind of services would you like to see?
2) What kind of price point would you pay?
3) What would you recomend as an advertisement media?
4) What sources of infomation that you would find usefull to my line of work.

Sean R

Admin 31.12.2009. 04:41

Starting a concierge service is a great way to become your own boss and take command of your financial future. A growing number of people believe that self-employment is part of the American Dream and offers the best job security a person can hope for in these uncertain times. Therefore, while not for everyone, a concierge service can be a fun and profitable way to make a living as the rest of us slave away in offices doing the weekly grind. Here is some useful information for anyone thinking about starting a concierge service and living the American Dream.

Estimated start-up costs and pricing guidelines:
Actually, most of us already have almost everything we need to start a concierge service. On the list of essential equipment is: cell phone, computer (preferably a laptop), fax machine, printer, and perhaps a color copier. All told, you might be out $2000 if you had to buy everything from scratch.

The amount you charge really depends on your time investment and the services you are providing. A lot of concierge services charge a monthly membership fee where a person is allotted a specified number of errands. Others charge by the hour while some by the errand. Generally speaking, starting a concierge service will net you any where from $24-125 per hour.

Recommended experience, skills, and training:
Starting a concierge service certainly does not require any college degree but it wouldn?t hurt. A background in sales is probably best for anyone serious about succeeding with a concierge service. Since your entire professional life revolves around making good contacts and selling yourself and your services on a daily basis, a sales background comes in very handy. Any training involving general business and sales or marketing is also valuable.

Marketing tips:
Any successful concierge service will have to effectively network and find the best deals on the products or services their clients are wanting. Targeting airports and hotels where large numbers of strangers enter your town every day are great places to concentrate marketing efforts as they are filled with people in need of services in your area. A company website is another great idea as your target market will most likely consist of white collar people who are Internet savvy. Be sure to have your content list your location consistently so that you come up in searches performed on your area.

Financing sources:
Banks tend to view a concierge service as a high risk business due to its unpredictable nature. There just are no reliable business models to use and they depend upon the charisma and determination of the owner in order to succeed. Thus, financing options are limited to friends and family. But, fortunately the start-up and operational costs are relatively low so financing should not be too great of an obstacle for most.

Income Potential:
Starting a concierge service may be a fairly large risk in the eyes of a bank, but it has above average income potential for those with the determination to make it work. On average, a personal concierge makes $40,000 to $60,000 per year. But, many concierges make extra money from stores and contractors who pay them a commission for sending business their way. It is not uncommon for a personal concierge to charge annual membership fees of $1000-1500 to an individual and average $5,000 in annual dues from corporate clients.

Starting a Concierge Service may just be the escape from the rat race that you have been looking for. With low start-up costs and above average income potential, the prospect of getting paid good money to run errands never looked so good. If you are ready to start living your American Dream, then think about Starting a Concierge Service today and begin living that dream!

I recommended you Concierge Services by Conciant ( ).This site will give you more info.


Rockers Delight 13.03.2009. 04:44

What does a Internet Marketing Manager do? What is required for this job? I'd like to know as much as I need to know about this job. Muchas Gracias. :)

Rockers Delight

Admin 13.03.2009. 04:44

its most likely network marketing. Which is an opportunity to run your own business online.
Be careful though, alot are scams.

I work for a great company that is completely legit. You would enjoy it.
Its fun, and profitable.
Message me if you would like to hear about it.


Penfold 12.07.2009. 22:03

Are there any self made millionaires out there willing to tell me how they made it? Would be grateful for your knowledge - please email me if you prefer.


Admin 12.07.2009. 22:03

stay away from those other two above mine. There is no testimony or get rich quick. Those are for desperate people who will just loose more money. Hard work and never give up. No excuses what so ever. I loved it when I first started my business. I was told i would fail. Almost did but kept on trying. U need to do what you love. Follow your dreams and the money will eventually catch up. And dreams I mean real business ideas not some Hobie that is fun but not profitable. Don't be scared to gamble a little with your first idea. You might loose but the experience is where it is at. Depends on the business and your experience level and your passion. I started at 19 so I winged it all the way. E-mail if you need real help. I am not going to push you on my idea just stay away from pyramids and network marketing. Only invest in your ideas not someone else's.


Taylor 20.02.2013. 02:32

Looking for photography contest ideas? I'm a photographer. I do newborns, children, family, engagement, wedding, and senior photos. I've been running my own little business for quite sometime. But I'm ready to step it up. I'm looking for any "photo contest" ideas. You know, giveaways and things. Does anyone have any ideas?


Admin 20.02.2013. 02:32

It really depends on the type of client you want to attract. What type of photography is most profitable and fun for you? Choose a contest around that idea.

A contest will only work if you already have a very active social media network OR unless you have access to someone else who does. Otherwise, your contest simply won't get notice.

Other tips:
- Make it super easy to enter unless you have a huge audience. Otherwise, no one will bother.
- Check out Rafflecopter for a super easy, free way to host a contest.
- Do guest blog posts in your local market to spread the word.
- Submit press releases and contact your local paper to get more free promotion.
- Consider partnering with other vendors to create a package that has more value and gets more visibility.

If you can combine your contest idea with something quirky or a charitable cause, it will be easier to get promotion.


Wedding photos for military
Free wedding photos for fanatical pet couple (raise awareness for SPCA)
Free portrait for pet-owner look alikes
Free family portraits for family in need
Free portrait for biggest zombie fan


no me odies por ser bonita 19.07.2010. 20:09

Somebody knows exactly what is this about: Work At Home Mom Makes $8,795/Month Part-Time? I would like somebody tell me what exactly is what people do on this "job" and if it is really profitable, as long as you have to pay the monthly fee.

Thank you.

no me odies por ser bonita

Admin 19.07.2010. 20:09

this work at home mom, is definetely involved with a network marketing company, it is not a "job", it is a business, except has low cost = $100-500 to join, it is one of the best way to leverage your time,efforts,and create a real long lasting wealth.the income potential is unlimited, it is up to you, because you are your own boss, you choose when you wanna work, how hard you want to work, etc. the work required to become a successful network marketer, like this stay at home mom is treat it like a REAL business, say you put out $350 to join, make sure you treat it like a $350,000 business, and what this "job" entails you to do is, build a sales organization, sell products, basically your going to be promoting your business with articles, youtube videos, adsense, a website with lead capture page, following up with prospects, business meetings with prospects, creating a blog, providing value, its really fun, and you will meet some outstanding people in network marketing, i know someone personally that was flat broke, but decided they wanted to change their lives, joined a company, and in 8 months they were in the top 3% of earners in the company, she just got back from a trip that the company paid for all inclusive, and there were 500 people on the webinar, and 125 people signed up with her, $12,000 in one night, in a matter of 2 hrs, im not currently in a company, so this is not a sales pitch, but i love directing people to this wonderful industry. if you want to know more, please feel free to email me at


KK 20.05.2012. 22:46

How to start a small record label? I'm only 13, I know that I can't open one now, but later. Some people I know have AMAZING voices so I'm just wondering.

(I need more answers so this is my first time reporting this)


Admin 20.05.2012. 22:46

Below given tips will help you.

Write a comprehensive business plan. Work out what type of music you want to produce, how you will market that music and how you are going to make money from your new music production company. This last point is critical and one that people often overlook. Yes, running a record label is fun but it is also a business. The most profitable music to produce might not necessarily be the music you would listen to at home. Come up with a strategy that will convince artists and investors that you know where you want to take your record label.
2. Join a performance rights organization. The American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP), the Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC) and Broadcast Music Inc (BMI) are the three main performance rights organizations in the United States. One thing to bear in mind is that you can be an active member of only one of these organizations at any given time, so choose carefully. See resources section for links to websites.
3. Think about what you want your record label to be called. Make sure the name is professional, catchy and captures the vision you have for your label. Check with ASCAP, BMI and local government databases to make sure no one has registered your desired trading name. Have back-ups ready because chances are someone already might have taken your preference.
4. Register your music production company either as Sole Proprietor, General Partnership, Corporation or Doing Business As (DBA). This can be done when applying for a business license from local or state government. Do some research and work out which license is most suitable for your needs. If you have the money, discuss your options with a corporate lawyer.
5. Arrange meetings with potential investors to raise capital. If they say no, adjust your business plan accordingly. When you open a business bank account, inquire whether the bank does business loans. Cut production costs in your business plan if you are having difficulty raising finance. Release your new label's tracks online rather than pay to have CDs pressed. There are many ways to cut costs. Make your label work within budget.
6. Buy music equipment. Again, this depends on how much capital you have invested. You might rent out a high-end location and deck it out with the latest audio equipment. But as you are just starting out and looking to go small, it is advisable to buy a decent computer, music package, MIDI interface, mixer and microphone instead. These are the absolute essentials. You can always upgrade or buy equipment when your label starts making money.
7. Sign some artists. Now we're getting to the fun part. Keep an eye out for artists you think could make your label money. Websites like MySpace and Unsigned Band Review are popular with up-and-coming bands. Have a look and see if any decent ones live around your area. Put out ads on social networking sites and in the local press advertising your services. Hold a talent night for local bands and offer the winner a recording contract. There are many ways to attract talent. Once you have found some bands you like, get them in and record some material.
8. Release some tracks. You'll hear the fruits of your labor when your label has produced its first album. But don't kick back and relax quite yet. You still have to sell it. The first thing to consider is what format you want to release the album in. You might get a limited press of CDs done and market them through local record stores or online, but the best and most cost-effective way to release tracks is online, through sites such as iTunes. This will cut down on your production costs significantly. It is still worth getting a few CDs pressed to send off to local radio stations.


ladychristian 08.02.2007. 15:07

serious home business opportunities? I am looking for a serious and legitimate home business opportunity. It also needs to be something profitable that could work into my main income. It could be internet based, require phone usage or a small investment. Really I'm open to most things. Even if it required me to work outside the house some. What I'm looking for is flexibility and a little more control of my time.......Anyone know of any opportunities like this? Anyone know of any companies that send work home with people to be done?

Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!


Admin 08.02.2007. 15:07

Here are some resources to help you decide what home business to start. The books can be purchased new or used on Good Luck!

The Best Home Businesses for the 21st Century by Paul Edwards

203 Home-Based Businesses That Will Make You Rich : The Complete Guide to Financing and Running a Fabulously Successful Home-Based Business by Tyler G. Hicks

The 200 Best Home Businesses: Easy To Start, Fun To Run, Highly Profitable by Katina Z. Jones

Start Your Own Home-Based Business (Wiley Business Basics) by Gregory F. Kishel and Patricia Gunter Kishel

Best Home Businesses for People 50+ by Sarah Edwards and Paul Edwards

The Home Business Bible: Everything You Need to Know to Start and Run Your Successful Home-Based Business by David R. Eyler

Marketing For The Home-Based Business by Jeff Davidson

Getting business to come to you by Paul Edwards

If after starting you need a small infusion of cash under $35,000. A microenterprise organization is your answer.

About Microenterprise

Microenterprise Defined
AEO and its members have defined microenterprise as a business with five or fewer employees requiring $35,000* or less in start-up capital. AEO estimates that there are over 20 million U.S microenterprises, which represent 17% of all private employment in the U.S. In addition, microenterprise represents a path from poverty to financial security for many low-income individuals.

* Loans of $35,000 and under are known as microloans.

Microenterprise Development Industry
The estimated 600 microenterprise development organizations (MDOs) operating in the U.S. exist to support disadvantaged entrepreneurs as they start or expand their businesses. MDOs can increase the chance of business success by bridging the gap between disadvantaged individuals and the tools they need to start and grow successful businesses. With the help of AEO services, MDOs offer business training, technical assistance, access to capital, and other services to entrepreneurs to assist them in realizing their dream of business ownership. For many low-income entrepreneurs MDOs represent the only opportunity to access the capital and business tools necessary for business start-up.

Key Elements of Microenterprise Development

AEO has learned that comprehensive microenterprise development programming consists of four key elements: Training and Technical Assistance; Credit and Access to Credit; Access to Markets; and Economic Literacy and Asset Development.

Training and Technical Assistance
Microenterprise development practitioners agree that the quality and quantity of training and technical assistance provided to an entrepreneur can often be the biggest factor in whether the entrepreneur?s business succeeds of fails. Microenterprise trainers have the difficult task of teaching complex business skills to entrepreneurs with little formal training, limited time to engage in learning; and various levels of education.

Though training opportunities vary from organization to organization, typical microenterprise development training topics include: business plan development; integrating technology; bookkeeping and business management; and marketing. Training is offered through various settings including: classroom type lectures; one-on-one counseling; peer networking; and mentoring programs.

Credit and Access to Credit
A significant challenge for many microentrepreneurs is access to capital. Traditional lending sources do not find it profitable to lend $35,000 or less and choose not to. In addition many low-income individuals looking for a path out of poverty through self-employment, have poor (or no) credit history with no hope of receiving a bank loan.

Some microenterprise development organizations (MDOs) offer credit directly from an in-house loan fund, which typically lend amounts from $100 to $35,000 and when granting loan requests look at other factors in addition to the entrepreneur?s credit. Other MDOs partner with other organizations or institutions in the community to provide access to credit. Examples of these type of relationships include partnerships with banks, credit unions, or other financial intermediaries that offer loans and various other financial products.

Access to Markets
The goal of microenterprise development programs is not just to create marginal businesses, but to create successful ones. To help microentrepreneurs increase sales and profitability, many programs create specialized networks of their clients? businesses, especially in industries where microenterprises are flourishing. These industries, also referred to as sectors, include: specialty foods; jewelry; arts, crafts and gifts; clothing and textiles; furniture; computer technology; daycare; and environmental products and services such as recycling.

Access to market services include: sophisticated training on marketing and sales concepts; development and distribution of joint catalogs; Internet access and e-commerce; trade shows; and business incubators.

Economic Literacy and Asset Development
AEO has learned that low-income entrepreneurs can greatly benefit from increase knowledge of the benefits of banking and saving principals. Many entrepreneurs need to learn the importance of establishing checking accounts and savings accounts (i.e. Individual Development Accounts); the importance of establishing a credit rating, and in many instances, learning about credit rehabilitation. In addition many entrepreneurs need training in tax laws and regulatory issues, and sound accounting principles and types of insurance.


Kevin 21.05.2007. 08:13

What would you invest 2 K in today? The market opens in 5 hours...? I started with 500 bucks about one year ago. I have turned it into almost 2K just by buying and selling stocks on sharebuilder just as a hobby. Last week I sold all the stocks and made a profit in a pharmaceutical company. That $14.95 commission fee from sharebuilder really sucks though. I want to find a few to put it back into. Any ideas? I said it before and I will say it again: I take yahoo answers with a grain of salt but I love to know opinions..Throw them at me at I will check it out b4 the market opens. I am mostly interested in small cap stuff right now and I understand the risk. I am just having fun and trying to make a buck or two along the way.
"Sure"- That was lame...


Admin 21.05.2007. 08:13

I visited this company and took video
this week just got back Tuesday May 8 2007.

I have 2 years research in PBLS .(Phoenix Associates)
(I Just came back from New Orleans visiting the company this Tuesday May 8th 2007)
@ .017 it is the best value in the market.
It is my "AMEX Stock in Penny Clothing"
They have more going than 90% of AMEX listed stocks
Put in a few days minimum research .
(yahoo stock financial page is not correct for PBLS)
The reason that this company is selling for less than .02 cents is because they have not filed in over 10 years..
They have PR'ed that they will file in the next 5 weeks.
This Company has a fuel network called "Best Aeronet"
They fuel business class jets in over 600 airport locations in Canada and the US.

They have a Natural Gas company "ProGas Inc" that does over 300 Million in Revenue per year (profitable)

They have a company that is called "BestJet Engines"'
has a multiyear multi million dollar contract with a company called Avail that is subsidiary of Boieng,
BestJet Engines is the "Only" certified GE (General Electric) partner that is authorized to perform the solid respooling of the J-85 and CJ-810 Jet engines used all over the world in 55 countries.(More than 10,000 engines still in service and GE supported till the year 2040)
A few months ago they puchased a test "CELL""platform for these motors costing millions
They have a company called "BestJet Airframes" That purchases Lear 20 and 25 series jets. do a 100% overhaul and install 21st century cockpit and sells them ( you can find the jets on respected Jet net sites selling for millions of dollars) see the news from March 28,2007

This company owns Oil directional drilling companies, oil downhole rig assemblies . WMD equipment, Oil operation inspection companies, has large leases in Wyoming and Nevada and has already pulled drilling permits for Wyoming.

The Company has an 820 acre gavel, sand and soil pit in close proximity to New Orleans and the Mississippi coast.
Over the last 10 months they have Purchased over 5 million dollars worth of equipment to increase production.
A few weeks ago they released that they have commited to 24/6 day a week production to keep up with demand.
They have contracts with the Corps of Engineers, Cherokee Environmental as well as other large contractors.
They say the pit will be depleted in 5 years instead of the original 25 years noted before Katrina
100,000,000 tons of raw sand, gravel and soil in 5 years
This will be over 60 million a year Revenue just from the pit.

They own a company called TCB Properties that just purchased land 01/2007 they acquired this property for $11 million, and borrowed $6.5 million from Madison Realty Capital of New York City to complete the purchase.
This project is located directly on the Tchefuncte River
It is a 12 acre Town Home project located in Madisonville, Louisiana
This project includes 32 Town Home units with boat slips that are to be converted from rental property to be sold as luxury Town Homes. The company expects to add another 32 to 35 Town Homes to the property, to be built by Phoenix?s construction company, 3-D Builders.

They own a few other companies also.
If you took the time to read this do some research !
Everything and more is verifiable through government and public websites also make phone calls and personal visits
This is what they had going last September 2006 and have doubled this !!!!

To top it off the company will give you .06 a share plus a 6% dividend today for the shares you pay .014 for - thats if you have certificate shares or if you can find them !?
10,000.00 div by .014 = 714,285 shares. (its at .0165 now but do the math)

714,285 shares x .06 = $42,857.00 on the share buyback and then lets compound the 6% interest $42,857.00 x 6% annual is equal to $2,571.00 per year times 5 =
$12,855.00 in dividends
So $42,857.00 plus $12,855.00 equals
$55,712.00 in 5 years from a $10,000.00 investment.

This is my stock for 2007
I ask everyone even skeptics to keep an eye on this company for the next few months. !
Even the lazy investment service purchasers will be amazed at what a little hard work and commitment will do.
I visited the company this week May 7th and 8th 2007
I have pictures of the pit, Townhomes and jets just email me @ and I will send them to you.
Here a couple of videos from that trip that I uploaded tonite. They are the first videos in the video list

I had to use an account on because the files are so large.894 MB+
They are filmed in HD/1000ISO/MPEG format
Titles "Visit to the PBLS pit" and other about BestJets
More videos being uploaded to this page


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