Packaging Success

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If success and achievement came in a package or a bottle, what would it look like? Would it be wrapped in satin and tied with a 14-carat ribbon? Would the bottle that contained achievement be as deep as a ruby or as clear as an emerald?

Picture yourself as having the task of packaging these two aspects of life so that everyone would stop and pick them off a shelf. Are you up to this type of task or would the very opportunity of facing success and achievement make you feel inadequate and unable to perform this feat?

Well, there it is - right there before you every single day!

The offer is a standing offer - you are the person chosen to do this monumental marketing strategy. If you look over your shoulder, there doesn't seem to be anyone else in line, but you feel this just can't be so. The thoughts race through your mind - if the world leaves this job to me, what if I mess it up or my ideas are just not right? You are given free reign in deciding how to market success and achievement. There is a time limit in increments of 24 hours and no apparent deadlines. Grab your best pencil, a piece of paper, and start planning. Surely you jest, is right now forming on your lips.

No, there is no lighthearted note here. It is serious and it is vital. If you don't place the concept of success and achievement in the right package and bottle, it will lie dormant and collect dust on shelves across the world. If you ever thought it would not be so far-reaching, just touch the keys on your computer and you can reach individuals who have never stepped foot on the land you live in or do not understand a word you say for they do not speak your language.

The package containing success and achievement must resemble an ability to keep going albeit the odds, to glow in the small steps it takes to reach the top as well as the spotlight at the mountain peak, and it must resemble an open invitation to everyone else to add to your quest, give advice, and benefit from the results. Your striving for excellence, whether or not to actually touch it, is the glimmer and shimmer of the product. When you can treasure the petals of a flower as well as a jewel-studded pin, if you can have heartfelt respect for someone with age that has struggled and traveled on the road you now trek as well as marvel at a small child taking their first steps, and when you cry as deeply at the hurt of another as you do your own pain, then the opulent packaging of success and achievement is coming into reality.

The old saying, "Does a falling tree make a sound if no one is there to listen?" is relevant to the question, "Are you successful if you are in a dark room, with no contact to any other individual, and you do not share your knowledge, expertise, and valuable advice learned from the hardest teacher of all - experience?

Success and achievement is a birth-right. You have the same right to it as every other person in the entire universe. There is no manual, except the one you write and there are no directions, only the ones you take. The shell of the product lies in our hearts and souls and all the details are up to each one of us. We add the color, the amenities, and the packaging. The store of life is filled with shelves that contain dank, dusty bottles and gaudy, torn packages, but the customers flock to the bright, tempting, diamond-clear flasks and the artfully prepared containers. They hunger for the expertise, the imagination, creativity, counsel, and the experiences that these precious packages contain. They must speak a universal language and be priced so that only the richest, poorest, and everyone in between can afford them.

You may place your success and achievement wherever you choose, as its entirely up to you.
CopyrightArleen M. Kaptur 2002 August

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Elliott P 29.07.2013. 03:13

what happens if the post office delivers your package to the wrong person and are unable to get it back? USPS gave my package ($125 value) to the wrong person who actually went into the post office and signed for it. They have his name and address AND his package he was supposed to pick up. This happened over a week ago and they have attempted several times to retrieve the package without success. It was a birthday gift for my wife and I am very frustrated because I can't figure out what to do next. I have gone into the post office every day last week and all they said was they are attempting to retrieve and will call me. There has got to be a next step instead of letting my blood pressure boil.

Elliott P

Every epsilon > 0 26.09.2011. 02:57

What hair loss product have you had success with? I am 27 and my hairline has started to creep back just a little. Currently I am still single, so I would really like to keep my hair.

A lot of review sites have recommended Procerin or Provillus.

I am wondering what products you any of you have had success with?

Every epsilon > 0

Admin 26.09.2011. 02:57

I don't know about Procerin or Provillus, but lots of my friends in Asia has try Bawang Anti-fall and Renewal Shampoo. A number of them told me it prevents hairs from falling and makes the hair thicker.

I have also seen the following video from YouTube. The product looks quite promising, but the testimony is from a gril.

My Hair Loss Story + Hair Care Routine

The product contains Chinese herbs extracts which can restrain and balance the sebum, nourish hair follicles, strengthen the hair root to make hair stronger and prevent hair loss. Bawang is not available in all countries. You can find it at the ebay or Amazon.


RLP 16.02.2009. 02:06

Why do the liberals want a Government that punishes success and rewards failure? Welfare rewards failure.

High taxes on working America punishes success.
** generational welfare...NOT a temporary helping hand to those in need.


Admin 16.02.2009. 02:06

And it's answers like realevent that push it to the extreme... Basic economics is lost on most Libs. That's because they want to survive on handouts and entitlement programs.

RLP said nowhere that we all should not pay taxes. But, the Libs think that a "fair share" is what? 70% like in the Carter administration? Said it before and I'll say it again... Thank God for Rush, Sean, Laura, Glenn and many others - without them, we'd only have the Liberally slanted mainstream media to "listen" to.

What is totally being lost on this (and CNN, FOX and MSNBC - two of which are liberally biased) have ALL BLOWN THE WHISTLE ON THE PORKULUS PACKAGE!!!! The more the people see what's in a 1000 page bill that was rammed thru in the middle of the night, the more that it doesn't pass the smell test.

Well, I for one, LOVE the fact that Obama's legacy will be defined by this "bi-partisan" attempt at. The GOP was blocking NOTHING. They simply realize that the term BILLION, actually means something. Let's look at the damn thing and make sure it's the right thing to do. Apparently, that miniscule amount means nothing to entitlement expecting, generational welfare needing, Liberals.

Barack railed against Bush when he used the "Politics of fear" in October when Bush said we needed to act fast and pass the TARP. Now, he's using even harsher language than Bush did, and what do we do? Give him a free pass. After all, you don't question the Messiah.


Ryan R 10.01.2007. 16:26

What is the best software for a PC to teach Algebra and Calculus? I have a package called "Math Success" by Topics which covers Algebra and geometry but I don't think it is a good program. Any other recommendations?

Ryan R

Admin 10.01.2007. 16:26

The Algebra Helper software can help you with your homework. It makes your homework faster to do and easier to learn...

Calclus Software:


Class of 2012 29.08.2011. 22:37

How should I ask my boyfriend to Homecoming (using a care package)? My boyfriend is going to college 350 miles away, but is coming back for my senior homecoming in October. I want to ask him in a cute way using a care package. I also have contact with his roommate, if that helps at all. All ideas welcome!

Class of 2012

Admin 29.08.2011. 22:37

There are two rules for success: 1.) Don't tell all you know.


1 Corinthians 9:26b-27 06.02.2012. 19:59

What do you normally put in a care package for a soldier? I'm at a loss for what to put in a care package for women soldiers. Any creative ideas? Thanks!

1 Corinthians 9:26b-27

Admin 06.02.2012. 19:59

Anything they cannot get where they are located. It's sad how many care packages are discarded bc they are full of things everyone already has too much of.
If you have a form of contact, asking them is your best bet. I will say, home baked goods and treats are always a big success.


? 18.11.2008. 01:52

What is the probability she will get a package of cupcakes? The odds that a child entering a convenience store with her parents will not get a package of cupcakes are 1 to 10.

a) 0.1111

b) 0.0909

c) 0.9091

d) 0.1000

e) 0.0111

f) None of the above.


Admin 18.11.2008. 01:52

10 to 1 means that for every eleven trials, 1 is a success and 10 are failures.

Since you are looking for the odds of her NOT getting cupcakes, this would be 10/11 or c) 0.9091


Jack 09.11.2009. 01:42

Do colleges give more academic financial aid according to their students academic success? For example, if if i had a 3.4 and the school average was 3.0 would i get a better package?


Admin 09.11.2009. 01:42

Technically, financial aid is purely need-based, whereas scholarships are awarded on merit (academic or otherwise), so no. If you've also got other things going for you, you may, however, be eligible for an academic scholarship from the school, your state (if you're going to school in your state of residency) and/or organizations that give out scholarships. But in terms of financial aid, the only connection with grades is that if they fall too low (like below 2.0), you can lose it.

If you are currently applying for colleges, you will probably be automatically considered for scholarships from that school, and when you get your offer, they'll break it down into what they'll offer you in scholarships, aid, work study, loans, etc. Even if your consideration for scholarships is not automatic, your application materials should give you more information about how to apply for the school's main scholarship(s). In this respect, your overall package may be better for your higher GPA or it might not depending on how much they have to give away in scholarships and how you rank among applicants.

If you're already in college and hoping that your grades will boost your aid for next year, sorry, but they won't. However, some schools do offer one-year scholarships that you can apply to (or be nominated for) for your sophomore, junior or senior year. These might be major-specific or handed out by the honors program or a prize for an essay contest or some such.


davester 14.08.2007. 12:01

Please help: traveling with herbal supplements through SE Asian customs. How can I ensure success? I'll be going on a 3-month backpacking trip to Singapore and other SE Asian destinations, and I need to bring with me a large supply of herbal dietary supplements for health maintenance (no, not THOSE herbs).

I'm concerned about two things: 1) the large quantity I'll be bringing (6 bags of about 360 count 1,000 mg capsules) and

2) the fact that they will be in clear zip-lock bags with no labels identifying the contents (there is no original packaging with labeling because my nutritionist receives these herbs in bulk, and then passes them on to me).

The Singapore customs Web site states a person can bring a 3-month supply of "medicines" without declaring anything or getting special permission, as long as they aren't controlled substances (mine aren't). But he or she must have accompanying documents, such as "a physician's note and/or prescription" (I can get a note but obviously not a prescription since they are natural herbs).

But, will a note be enough? Suggestions?


Admin 14.08.2007. 12:01

Check in the luggage.


tot 12.06.2013. 22:45

Is it illegal for packaged foods to have high calories? I am aware that 2% of America is trying to gain weight. I would like to provide package food meals with high, but HEALTHY calories. Is it illegal?


Admin 12.06.2013. 22:45

It is perfectly legal. The only reason packaged foods have a high calorie count is because both fats and sugar taste good. However, it would be an interesting challenge to provide packaged foods without high calories, healthy and good tasting. I wish you success.


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