"Planning" To Make a Decision?

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"Planning" To Make a Decision?

By: John Robertson

The longer I've been around companies the more I believe the words "Planning" and "Decision" are seldom used in the same sentence! And the business fallout because of poor planning when making decisions is staggering.

The effects of a decision gone bad tend to linger around for months or even years. It is a fact that most businesses fail not because they did not make decisions but because they did not make good decisions.

With so much riding on your ability to make the right decisions it is prudent to brush up on the technique of decision making and the process involved in planning to make them.

Planning allows a decision to be made on your terms and in a much more comfortable and intelligent way. It allows you the time to consider several options without the last minute rush.

There are four benefits to decision-making planning:

1.) PLANNING ALLOWS YOU TO SET THE GOALS YOU WANT. That means you are not so much focused on the external events that don't relate to what you are trying to accomplish. Many decisions are incorrectly made based on things that steer one's life rather than becoming proactive decision-makers.

2.) PLANNING PROVIDES A WAY TO MEASURE SUCCESS. The plan of action is your mirror to measure how close (or far) you are from accomplishing your goal. This measure is important because it can show you immediately when you are off course and need to make adjustments and corrections.

3.) PLANNING CHANGES THE "DO" TO THE "GET". Planning converts ideas, values and activities into action. Planning is not the end result; it is the tool to convert the idea into a specific action or actions. Planning helps you convert your company's goals into your individual goals and helps you get results. Remember most companies pay you for action NOT activity. It's not the "do" it is the "get" that makes the difference. A good plan is to keep what you are trying to accomplish in the focus at all times. Ask yourself is what you are "doing" now, "getting" the results you are responsible for?

4.) PLANNING HELPS ALLOCATE YOUR RESOURCES IN AN EFFICIENT MANNER. Few companies have unlimited resources. A good plan helps you maximize the resources you have. Remember that dollars are not your only resource. Recourse that you will need to manage includes people, tools, assets and company propriety information. By consulting you plan often, you can see concerns before they become problems and you can shift available resources to cover the unexpected issues.

Planning to make a decision is a perfect example of the Pareto principle - the idea that by doing 20% of work you can generate 80% of the advantage of doing the entire job. Pareto analysis is a formal technique for finding the changes that will give the biggest benefits. It is useful where many possible courses of action are competing for your attention.

Perhaps by spending the 20% of your time thoroughly planning you next decision can save you 80% of your time. Why not give it a try?

There are several methods you can use for planning. Words such as Strategic, Tactical, and Operational may come to mind. However, these are specific planning procedures. Each has their place in business

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idoltitle21 10.10.2011. 22:26

Can managers plan decisions to expand business? Can a manager plan decision in expanding business to other regions? And why do they need to plan this decision??


Admin 10.10.2011. 22:26

Can expand business.


Abhijit` K 28.09.2008. 08:19

planning and decision making are the two managerial activities that cannot be separated. ? Every stage of planning involves decision making . do you agree with this statement? explain, giving examples.

Abhijit` K

Admin 28.09.2008. 08:19

Not just planning, the entire process of reaching a desired result, of creating the future that you're aiming for.

Decisions are made about what it is that we want to achieve. Then decisions need to be made about what to do about it, there's also who will do it, when will we do it.

Planning isn't separate from decision making, decision making is involved with every personal and organizational activity. Just deciding to plan is exactly that a decision.

Often our choices center around options such as Should we plan now? or choosing between two things where one seems better than the other. True choice comes when we can generate a multitude of options...that is when we have true power to choose.

Decision making and planning can not be separated...actually decision making can't be taken out of anything!



come back to me my darling 19.10.2008. 09:39

What percent of the major decisions you've made so far have you left mostly to fate? (instead of careful planning.....decisions whose outcomes you didn't try to have much control over, or couldn't definitely predict)

come back to me my darling

Admin 19.10.2008. 09:39


101 percent!!

thats why ive resigned myself from planning! he3


stanwshura 29.12.2007. 08:55

How do I find a psych/neuro-doc in Boston area who SPECIALIZES in Executive Dysfunction in adults? Executive dysfunction, developing skills in organization, sequencing, planning, decision making, getting "unstuck", *procrastination*, anxiety...


Admin 29.12.2007. 08:55

Before going that route, you might check out David Allen's book, "The Art of Getting Things Done." I picked it up at a conference and while it takes time to implement his recommendations, the process really can work. Good Luck to you.


rickster18778 09.08.2007. 18:18

Who shhould pay for a judicial review>? If a parish council is asked by some of its parishioners to apply for a judicial review against a planning decision made on a local property by the borough council, and they lose, who should pay for it? The council or the parshioners who requested it?


Admin 09.08.2007. 18:18

If the church has an attorney on retainer, the attorney has been paid for and no other funds are required from the community.


help.me 02.10.2011. 21:50

have canadian interest rates increased or declined since the beginning of 2011? how would this influence my financial planning decisions?
What about consumer prices?


Admin 02.10.2011. 21:50

Here's a chart of the Canadian interest rates since 2002.

Here is the CPI (Consumer Price Index) since 2007

Such small changes in the past year should not influence your financial planning at all.


skyblue 06.09.2007. 15:58

Does anyone agree that st james park is an eyesore? I live in Newcastle upon Tyne and it is percieved by many to be a very aesthetically pleasing city with its many fine bridges, grand buildings and green spaces. The planners have done a magnificant job on the quayside in recent years transforming it into a wonderful iconic image that has helped pull in the tourists and businessmen boosting the local economy. This is made even more remarkable by the fact that the city was a major player (some might say spawned) the industrial revolution, but somehow it hasn't been tainted as much by poor planning decisions that have blighted other British cities in recent decades. That was until the home of Newcastle United was allowed to develop into a super stadia in the 1990's. Newcastle fans may worship this place and the hallowed turf on which their team play, some may call it their favourite landmark on Tyneside. But for me its just too imposing and out of proportion with its surroundings.


Admin 06.09.2007. 15:58

All stadia with the possible exception of the new wembly are designed so that they loo good from the inside.
the supporting structure on the outside is rarely good looking, compare with most other 'flat pack' stadia around the country now. In general they have all been moved outside the inner city centre, Derby, Boro, Sunderland, Bolton.
The only reason Newcastle was never fully extended around the gallowgate and east stand was due to the neighboring listed buildings. A decision was taken in the early 90's not to reloated to byker, felling or the nearby Leazes park and just to develop the ground as much as they could.
I think this decision maded this ground unique and visiting fans have something to look forward to seeing.


patzky99 31.07.2007. 19:43

how can you persuade towns so eager for ANY growth to make wise choices when the opportunity to grow occurs? the time has come for my city to expand. they've been waiting for decades and it seems the time is right.. the time for sprawl, flooding, and squabbles due to planning decisions.

i appreciate the fact that tax revenues will rise, but are super walmarts and cookie cutter subdivisions that cause flooding elsewhere the best answer? what would you recommend as a viable and plausible alternative to handle explosive population growth instead?


Admin 31.07.2007. 19:43

I have relatives that live in a "Planned City", Columbia MD.

I've always thought it was a lovely town, twisty windy roads, rolling hills, lots of trees left in parking lots and road medians, lots of parks, many small but satisfying - some including lakes. Walking / biking trails.
Mixing apartment and townhomes with single family homes helping each subdivision seem diversified.

Some of those same aspects apply to another fav town, G'boro in NC, who at it's heart has the tree lined streets and curving gentle nieghborhood drives...

I'm not sure how one would discourage business parks, and lumps of commercial industry. Nor do I think it likely that the owners of future subdivisions will use up valuable acreage to make room for parks and playgrounds, or ponds/lakes, natural attractions.
In fact aside from griping about it in the local editorial column, the only thing a person can really do is not invest their real estate dollar in those unappealing housing sprawls - choosing instead pre-existing homes that have lots of large shade trees and gardens and flowers. Fixing up the vacated downtown areas, by renevating the homes already there, making them and consequently the surrounding space, neighborhood-style friendly again.

For those downtowns and citys with not even a quarter acre of undeveloped space remaining?... I beg of them to invest in rooftop gardens and converting what they can - back to greenery.
It would be healthier for all of us!!


divagirlydramaquuen 04.03.2008. 22:29

Are men or women in India more likely to be sterilized? Who are more likely to be sterilized in India, men or women, and why do you think this would be the prevailing trend? How does the government reward persons who cgoose to be sterilized? Does the United States government reward its citizens in comparable ways for family planning decisions? (hint: Income Tax)


Admin 04.03.2008. 22:29

Women are ALWAYS the most likely to be sterilized.

The Western World (except France) all keep fertility down through education, accessible birth control, and female control over female bodies. A plan that has worked very well.

They further lessen fertility through having taxes not reflective of actual numbers of people in any given family. France on the other hand allows income taxes to reflect the actual income split that happens in families.

Of course, we also have uncooperative fertility degradation by having foreign estrogen like compounds everywhere in our water, clothing, houses, and food that lessen male fertility. We hormone disruptors in our foods and our clothing, which impact women's fertility.


Harvey S 14.01.2013. 18:36

How long does somebody have to appeal against a planning decision? After taking advice on here regarding an illegally built car park on a sports field, I managed to get my local planning office involved and they refused to allow it and ordered it to be removed.

However the sports ground told the planning office on the 30th August 2012 that they would consider appealing is there a set time limit for this.

Many Thanks

Harvey S

Admin 14.01.2013. 18:36

Here you go, my friend : http://www.planningportal.gov.uk/planning/appeals/guidance/timelimits


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