PR: Let's Cut to the Chase

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PR: Let's Cut to the Chase

If your key - that's KEY - outside audiences don't exhibit the kind of behaviors that lead to results like these, you need to take a closer look at your public relations effort.

Results like fresh proposals for strategic alliances and joint ventures; rising membership applications, customers starting to make repeat purchases creating bounces in show room visits; prospects starting to do business with you; community leaders beginning to seek you out; new approaches by capital givers and specifying sources, not to mention politicians and legislators viewing you as a key member of the business, non-profit or association communities.

Do you agree that you need behavior change among your most important outside audiences that leads directly to achieving your managerial objectives? And that you then need to persuade those key external stakeholders with the greatest impacts on your organization to your way of thinking, and help move them to take actions that allow your department, division or subsidiary to succeed?

In other words, you may need public relations activity that can deliver results far beyond publicity tactics. And a public relations premise like this one can show the way: people act on their own perception of the facts before them, which leads to predictable behaviors about which something can be done. When we create, change or reinforce that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving- to-desired-action the very people whose behaviors affect the organization the most, the public relations mission is accomplished.

But how should you, as a manager, position your public relations to do this? First, you had best be sure every member of your PR team agrees that it's awfully important to know how your outside audiences perceive your operations, products or services. Stay at it until you're certain they REALLY accept the reality that perceptions almost always lead to behaviors that can damage your operation.

Then it's time to start working the PR blueprint by monitoring and gathering perceptions through questioning members of your most important outside audience. Ask questions like these: how much do you know about our organization? Have you had prior contact with us and were you pleased with the interchange? How much do you know about our services or products and employees? Have you experienced problems with our people or procedures?

Here's some good fortune! Your PR folks are already in the perception and behavior business, so they can be of real use for this opinion monitoring project. Yes, professional survey firms can be brought in to handle the opinion monitoring chore, but that can cost you a lot of money. So whether it's your people or a survey firm who asks the questions, your objective is the same: identify untruths, false assumptions, unfounded rumors, inaccuracies, and misconceptions.

The question now is this: which of the above aberrations is serious enough that it should become your corrective public relations goal? Clarify the misconception? Spike that rumor? Correct the false assumption? Fix those inaccuracies? Or yet another offensive perception that could lead to negative results?

You can assure you'll achieve your public relations goal by selecting the right strategy from the three choices available to you. In brief, change existing perception, create perception where there may be none, or reinforce it. But be sure your new strategy naturally compliments your new public relations goal.

Just what will your message emphasize when you address your key stakeholder audience to help persuade them to your way of thinking?

That's why you must select your best writer to prepare the message because s/he must put together some very special, corrective language. Persuasive and believable words that are not only compelling, but clear and factual so they can shift perception/opinion towards your point of view and lead to the behaviors you have in mind.

Lucky for all of us, the next step is easy. Pick communications tactics to carry your message to the attention of your target audience. Making certain that the tactics you select have a record of reaching folks like your audience members, you can pick from dozens that are available. From speeches, facility tours, emails and brochures to consumer briefings, media interviews, newsletters, personal meetings and many others.

It's useful to remember that HOW one communicates often affects the credibility of the message, so you may wish to deliver it in small getogethers like meetings and presentations rather than through a higher-profile media announcement.

Folks will soon be looking for signs of progress. And that will lead to a second perception monitoring session with members of your external audience. Employing many of the same questions used in the first benchmark session, you will now be watching carefully for signs that the offending perception is being altered in your direction.

Should the program start to slow, you can always accelerate matters by putting on more communications tactics as well as increasing their frequencies.

Yes, this is the chase we cut to - an aggressive blueprint that leaves you little choice but to deal promptly and effectively with those perceptions by doing what is necessary to reach and move your key external stakeholders to action. In that way, you create the behavior change you need leading directly to achieving your managerial objectives.


About the Author

Bob Kelly counsels, writes and speaks to managers about using the fundamental premise of public relations to achieve their operating objectives. He has been DPR, Pepsi-Cola Co.; AGM-PR, Texaco Inc.; VP-PR, Olin Corp.; VP-PR, Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.; director of communi- cations, U.S. Department of the Interior, and deputy assistant press secretary, The White House. Visit:


??????? Jkd ??????? 26.01.2009. 04:02

What is the movie The Lost Boys 2 about? i know its about vampires and stuff and my parents won't let me see it, so dont tell me to watch it yourself and find out yourself. so tell me the beginning through the end plz!

???????  Jkd  ???????

Admin 26.01.2009. 04:02

well in this movie it is abt. t. yrs. later and th. are on lake but the local police dept. doesnt like them bcs. there is
much misunderst. and trb.
t. vmpr. is tricking them to bec. 1. then there is mot. w/Nc. Pol. dpt. is v. suspici. about this and they are fn.!!! the vampires are v. angry at ea/o. and there is fight over Chr. because the tribe is short on p.!!! cut to fr. wood cutt.
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Pickle Smoocher 30.08.2009. 15:12

what is a good starter acoustic guitar? I don't know anything about guitars but I would like to learn to play. I don't want my first guitar to be uber expensive but I also don't want junk either. So if you speak in any guitar terms lol could you please evaluate because i'm a beginner and just trying to learn thanks a lot :)

Pickle Smoocher

Admin 30.08.2009. 15:12

Lets cut to the chase.....

The best deal for your money is the Takamine jasmine guitar. The finish, the sound, the quality of the wood and the ease of play is very hard to beat.
Not that the others like Yamaha , Fender, Epiphone ar enot good, but for the buck and reliability, Takamine is your choice.

Here is a good link

The fun part about this guitar is that it has a cutaway which will allow you ease of acces to play on the higher registers, sooner or later.

or this one with a natural satin (non-glossy) finish which has a very warm tone.

or the nice black model

and if you need started lessons for free that will teach you the basics, how to hold the pick, fingering, etc.... At least it will get you started :)

Good Luck !!!


Tristan Northman 21.01.2013. 00:59

How to deal with life's problems? So here's the deal, most of my teenage years I was an outcast,kind of a loser that didnt get the chance to party or have sex. Now that im getting closer beeing 20 I menaged somehow have a better life(hanging out with people more often,being less shy,finding the right hair style in the worst case scenarios,cut my hair more often,use tons of lotion for my face,always tring to look my best,more hot girls looking at me), but each time I do it, a god*mn prblem gets in my way.Recently I got a new job thinking that it could help me cover all the expenses for a trip ,my clothing,my chilling times.And then my mom comes and tells me that I have to stop working cuz shes aint gonna be able get welfare from the goverment(the money they pay her since im staying with her)And im like what the hell mom, during 6 months ''youv been critisizing me telling me that im a no good lazy pr*ck just like my dad and now you're telling me to stop working''..Now im hearing all these people having fun,going to parties living the young life while Im deep in the slump.I don't want to wait till im 40 to start ''living''.Hell I got so discouraged that I stoped handing in my college projects, and I just don't seem to care if I fail my semester and maybe ill drop out (my program is a drag full of old boring people) my boss is acting like a first class jackass, being mad at me for stuff he didnt explain me.And im not sure he'll let me keep my job wich is a big problem cuz then without that money my mom wouldn have enough to pay the rent and stuff if she declares to the goverment that im working (cuz if she declares she gets no money from the goverment cuz their paying her for my staying in her family).Its like everybody is up my ass and dosent want to come out of it.If i summarise it,id say that im being SOCIALLY F*CKED.So please help me,iv been stuck in the same motherfu*king enviroment,.Its like whenever something good happen, Im suppose to suck ever inch of this great momen tfor weeks or a month. What would yall do in my situation?Thanks

Tristan Northman

Admin 21.01.2013. 00:59

I don't even know where to begin.
I don't have the experience to tell you what to do, but I can just say that you're just focusing so much on your social life that you don't stop and think about what you want from life.
Straight out of high school I felt the same way you did, my family wasn't doing very well and I weighed 330lbs. Things turned around after my families business took off and I took up mixed martial arts.
Since 2009 all I did was work, train. and go party every weekend. Since I didn't have that social experience, I craved it right after high school.
Until I decided that what I want from life.
Now it's 2013 and for the past year my MMA training has come to another level and my family is doing very well. I lost 110lbs and I am a 5-0 amateur fighter. Every day I train hard and focus on myself. I know what i want from life and I know how much how excruciating the work is, but i also know that i have what it takes to take my training to anther level.
I can count on one hand the times Ive had a drink in the past 16 months, because my dreams are greater than myself.
You need to get your proprieties straight and chase something you are passionate it. You need a hobby that you can develop to second nature. Try something new and remember that life gets better the older you get.


Brandon Guisti 27.08.2010. 00:28

i would like to breed my bettas they are both ready but all the do is fight any help? if you can help i will give u my email then my number
I know they are boy and girl

Brandon Guisti

Admin 27.08.2010. 00:28

Then they are either not ready, not conditioned, or not compatible. Here's how to breed them properly.

You can't just put them in together. And they might not be compatible - it's a hit or miss. You should have more than one pair to try breeding. Here's how to breed them:

Due to the high start up and supply costs, it is very difficult to make a profit breeding bettas, so this should not be your goal for some time.

Set up your permanent tanks. Be sure to cycle the water in both tanks before bringing home any fish.

Obtain a breeding pair. Bettas breed best when they are young. Make sure the male and female are about the same size, and consider getting two pairs in case the first pairing doesn't work out.

Let them settle in. It's best to have your bettas for a few months before you start breeding to allow them to adapt to their environment. Remember, however, that males breed best when they are no more than 14 months old. Once you introduce the male and female, you will need to devote at least a few hours every single day for more than 2 months to caring for the pair and their young.

Set up your breeding tank. The breeding tank should be 5-10 gallons and set up with a removable divider, a few hiding places, an adjustable filter + around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Never add gravel or other substrate to the breeding tank, the eggs will get lost when they fall to the bottom. Only fill this tank with 5-6" of water, and set it up where there are few distractions, such as other fish, bright colors, and human activity.

Start feeding live food when you are ready to breed them. Live brine shrimp or blood worms are the best bet, but other worms, crickets, roaches, and other insects (cut up) will also work.

Microworms are probably the best food for fry, but some prefer infusoria or vinegar eels. Baby brine shrimp can also be fed, but only in moderation alongside, as too much may cause swim bladder disorder.

Introduce the pair. The male will swim around, displaying his fins, flaring and generally showing off. The female will display vertical bars on her body and will angle her head down submissively. Some aggressive displays are normal, but if they are flaring and trying to attack one another through the divider, do not put them together.

Remove the divider. Once your male is ready to breed, he will build a large bubble nest. When this happens, turn off the filter and release the female into the tank, but be sure to keep an eye on the pair. The male will probably bully her some, nipping at fins and chasing her around. This is ok as long as neither fish's life is in danger. This courtship may last several hours or even days. Be sure there are plenty of hiding places for the female to escape the bullying, and check on the pair regularly to prevent serious injuries.

The male will finally get the female under his bubble nest and they will embrace. It may take a few embraces to produce eggs. Then the female will go into a 'zombie-like' state while the white eggs fall to the ground from her little white ovipositor. The male will swim down and scoop them up, putting them one by one into the nest. Some females will help with this once they recover, but others will eat the eggs, so watch carefully and remove her if she is eating them.

Remove the female betta. Once the female is done releasing eggs, the male will bully her again, and she will hide. Gently scoop her out and put her into her own tank. Treat her tank with Maroxy to help her fins heal. It is a good idea to treat the breeding tank with Maroxy too, to prevent fungus from killing the eggs.

Leave the male in the tank until the fry can swim around (about three days after hatching). Remove the male from the tank.

Feed the fry. As soon as you remove the male, feed the fry a small portion of live microworms. Feed twice a day, and watch closely to see how much is eaten. Keep the fry warm at 80F and cover the tank to prevent drafts and evaporation. Continue to feed increasing amounts of food. When the fry are two weeks old, begin performing small (10%) water changes every few days to keep the tank clean and free of dead food, but use a gentle siphon or turkey baster to prevent injuring the fry, and add clean water very slowly.

Wean the fry off live food. When the fry are about a month old you can gradually start switching the fry to frozen and then freeze-dried and flake or pellet food.

Separate males. When the male fry begin fighting (anywhere from 5-8 weeks of age), it is time to remove them from the tank.

Decide the future of your spawn.

Good luck, and make sure you know EVERYTHING about it before embarking on this.

PS. No don't want your number and email.


Banana Chicken Head 23.08.2009. 01:39

Could I say my dead Grandfather is the Messiah? And when you tell me that he hasn't fulfilled all the prophecies, I will simply say, He's not finished yet?

How much money could I make off this religion if I have a PR guy like Paul?
I said he'd have a PR guy like Paul.

Banana Chicken Head

Admin 23.08.2009. 01:39

Sure, you could say it.
The problem would be getting anyone to believe it.
To get a PR guy like Paul, the first thing you need to do is to get the government to persecute and kill everyone who believes in your dead grandpa. You know...stone them, whip them to death, cut them in pieces, throw them to hungry lions, douse them with oil and use them for patio lights...that sort of thing.
Then, assuming that your religion keeps growing, you hire a hitman to chase them down and drag them in.
Then, get Grandpa to knock him down while he is busy hunting, talk to him about how he's going to be an ambassador for the new faith, and then, after blinding him, let him up, with instructions to get to a Grandpa believer who can restore his sight.

After all that, you'll have to wait around a bit for everyone to write their experiences down...and then, maybe, in five or six hundred years, you can start raking in the dough.

Good luck!!


Aaron 01.03.2009. 08:20

I Am Trying To Do Chace Crawfords Hairstyle I Have Three Questions That Need To Be Answered? 1. Does Chace Crawford flat iron just his bangs or all the hair on his head? PIC -¤t=chase-crawford-the-hunting-party-ne.jpg

2. Does Chace Crawford have his hair cut short around the sides and back? PIC -¤t=250px-Chace_Crawford.jpg

3. Is this the right flat iron that I can Use on My hair once it grows out..



Admin 01.03.2009. 08:20


1. My brother has hair nearly identical to this cut, and from looking at the pics I'd say he - like my bro - doesn't straighten his hair at all. But I don't know who Chace Crawford is so I might be wrong.

If you've got wavy hair, I would say straighten it but only do each section once. I'm going to guess you don't usually straighten your hair so I'll say straighten it by separating your hair into sections that are about the same width as the flat-iron you choose and are about half your finger-width thick. If you have VERY curly hair or you want to have your hair totally straight, you would flat-iron each section 2-3 times (letting your hair cool a little in between each ironing - it can still be warm, just not still steaming, so it won't burn) but if you've only got wavy hair, to get a similar look to Chace I'd say straighten each section once only, and instead of pulling it straight down when you flat iron it, pull it to the side (aka, pull the hair and flat-iron in the direction you want the hair to fall when it is straightened).

2. Nope. From this pic you can see that the sides are long and the back is medium short. If you're going to ask a barber/hairdresser to style/cut your hair for you, be careful not to ask for a short back and sides because you will end up with a military buzz cut. Take the barber this picture and say that's what you want.

3. I'd say yeah. Any flat-iron with a recommended retail price of over $50 will probably do a decent job, but definately shop around looking for the best deal. GHD's are supposed to be the most high-end but I just use a $20 flat-iron that is the brand of my local pharmacy and it works for me (but I don't require my hair staying straight all day.).

If you want your hair to stick in that style all day I'd say this is what you've got to do;

If you have wavy/curly hair, straighten the front and sides using a good brand of flat iron (you should be able to google 'best flat-irons' and get a list from someone) and a GOOD HEAT PROTECTION SERUM. Again, google to find a list of the best - I'd give you a name but I'm in the UK and chances are they don't sell British brands over there. If your hair is very curly, run a straightening serum or anti-frizz through the hair while it's wet/before you straighten it. It'll keep it straighter for longer. Then take a hair jelly.. I don't know what they're called in the USA, but in the UK we call them Mess Constructors.. Again I'm not sure if you'll find the brand in the USA but Shockwaves Ultra Strong Mess Constructor is a great one - my bro uses it - and it's not too expensive (any brand that says you will get sexy-messy hair or beach hair or straight-out-of-bed hair will do great but DON'T get one that says it will make your hair shiny, it will just make your hair look greasy, particularly if it is this color). The most important thing with mess constructor is that you should be able to dip your finger into it, it should not be something you have to scrape out.. Should be the consistancy of pudding or custard or rediculously thick milkshake. Take a blob the size of two peas of this in the palm of your hand, rub your hands together so it warms up and spreads over both your hands then grab the front of your hair, the bangs, the top and the sides and scrunch them up like you're balling up a piece of paper. They should become very messy (like the picture) after a couple of scrunches. Then spray gel-spray over it to keep it held.. Just saying, gel-spray IS NOT HAIRSPRAY. It is hair-gel in a spray bottle, so you can use your hands to get the look but you don't have to move/touch your hair to fix it there. Use an ultra-strong hold gel-spray. Then for the back, use ultra strong hair wax (this you should have to scrape out of the tin and rub between your fingertips for it to get sticky. Brand recommendation is Dax Wax) to spike your hair up at the back like in the second picture you put up and again use gel-spray to fix. Don't be afraid to use lots of gel-spray as it's going to be the thing holding your hair up against sweat/wind/rain/snow etc. Also straighten the back of your hair (where you will spike) - but don't straighten each section downwards towards the floor, straighten it OUT towards the wall behind you at 90 degrees to the rest of your head so it's ready in the direction to spike.

This sounds like a lot but the spiking/scrunching/spraying part will take about 5 minutes. It's the straightening that will potentially take longer, but you could maybe have this hairstyle down in about 10-15 minutes once you get the hang of it.

Good luck.


MOD COD 14.09.2012. 20:36

This girl is being such a bi*ch to me!! Please help!! 10 Points and i'll answer urs too!!!? Yeah, so there is this girl that I sort of liked, but she has really hurt me n stuff, so i'm seriously considering not speaking to her again!!! Please tell me what u think and give your advice? Thanks.

Yeah, so a year ago, she said that she argued with her bf cause she said that she liked me, and ever since I have been chasing her. It honestly seems like I have just wasted a year chasing her.
She isn't the slu*ty type of girl before u start saying that. She doesn't ware hardly any makeup, but she seems to get attension from all the boys.
She flirts with me on and off, and gives all of the signs that she likes me. (That's the part that really gets at me)!!!
She gets more flirty with me than u can get in life, but then, when it gets to the next bf I get dropped and she doesn't bother flirting or anything.!!
Me and her have never 'Gone Out'. We flirt but thats it.!!
Anyway, I think she got herself a new bf now. Today she was in the class opposite me, and she completly ignored me, and was openly flirting with some polish di*ck who she told me she hated.!!!! :Z.
So, it was at that moment I was really hurt tbh. You know that feeling when u just feel like ur whole life has ended cause of one girl!! :'(
Anyway, I checked my Facebook b4, and she and him are openly flirting (A LOT)!!!
I'm not boasting or anything like that, but i'm a nice kind person, who would do anything to make a girl happy. But him, he's the most immature pr*ck of a guy u can ever meet. All he goes on about is fingering girls and how he's gonna bend one over and do em from behind!!! :S.
What she sees in him I don't know!!!

Any way, tell me what u think please?
I really need ur help and advice on what to do please!!! Although we havent ever gone out, she's still managed to hurt me like I have just had my heart ripped out of my throat or something!!!
By the way, she isn't playing hard to get. Trust me, I know her!! :'(.!!!
Also, when I try and confront her about the way I feel, she denies that she ever said she likes me. So I asked her out anyway and she said "Nahh, There's someone out there 4 everyone. Don't worry :/"
We are both 15.
Also, if a guy isn't that attractive, can a girl fall in love with a guy cause he's nice and kind, or is that just some kind of a myth and u have to be hot to get a girl??? :'(

I'll answer as many of ur quesitons as u want me too!!! I promise!! Just let me know in your answer!!!



Admin 14.09.2012. 20:36

Well you have boy players..and you have girl players. Of course a girl can fall in love with a guy for his personality. Good guys do NOT finish last. You need to cut her out of your life and get over her. She does not deserve your time/effort if she makes you feel this way. Life is short and spending the time with people like this is pointless.


gymnastgrl4356 12.06.2009. 23:18

11 month old male beagle owner needs help? My puppy is on the verge of being given away. He bites, and gave my father a deep cut, and my brother a huge bruise that, a friend told us if he went to the hospital the dog would have to be put down. He also runs away and tends to chase animals and cars which is a terrible habit. We went to a trainer and she requested a electric training collar. Will that definitely help, and i want to know what else to do instead of the training collar.

He is fixed
oh and also he chews on everything!
Like blankets, shoes, clothes, couches, wood, benches, and plants

How can i stop this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
the dog gets a brisk walk in the morning and in afternoon and 45 minute walk at night.


Admin 12.06.2009. 23:18

Way too many people get dogs and do no training whatsoever. That's why these problems occur. He may have an issue with men. He needs to learn that he is not the Alpha dog but only by gentle, kind voice commands and treats. Pos. reinforcement and ignore bad behaviour. His chewing is frustration. Keep him in a limited area when you aren't with him (a roomy kennel) to curb chewing. If he goes into another room, follow to see hat he's up to. If it is chewing, into the kennel with only a calm voice saying, "No chewing". If you put tabasco sauce on something he chews and let him chew it, he'll feel the burn (Only mammals have taste buds for the burn). Dab a little on various places & things he's chewed and see if that helps. I think you realy need to spend lots of time on traiingl 15-20 pr session 2-3 per day.
In most counties, one bite from a dog isn't enough to have him put down but you don't want him biting anyone. Take no chances. A dog that you describe can change in the blink of an eye because of his habits that have been allowed to continue over time. The collar is cruel. Find another trainer. Sorry. Keep him on a long (retractable) leash. Get him a special harness they make that lifts the front legs up off the ground when the dog pulls on the leash. That curbs the urge to pull and run off. When you can walk by something he would chae and he doesn't try, reward time. Even if he hesitates and thinks about it for a couple seconds. Interrupt his thinking with, "Good boy!" & reward. I like to cut a hot dog into 6 long strips and then cut those into small (less than half-inch) sections for rewards. It's work but rewarding and will build trust and love and fun.

He chases because he is bored and full of energy. He needs more exercise and playtime. Perhaps a dog park nearby, but keep leash on him so you can grab it if he starts real trouble and don't take your eyes off him the whole time until he's better trained. Beagles ere bred for hunting so he's a natural chaser. Tire him out with play.

Remember, a dog cools itself by panting and if you use a muzzle it must be big enough to allow panting. They look like the big ones used at the Greyhound races.


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