Preparing For Your Success

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Preparing For Your Success

By: Lorraine Pirihi

When is the best time to prepare for your success in life?

What's that you say? " I have to actually have to prepare for it? Doesn't success just happen?"

No. It doesn't. If you want to improve your life you have to take the action.

An article by Jim Rohn who is a well-known motivational speaker said:

"Here's the great challenge of life. You can have more than you've got because you can become more than you are.

I have found that income seldom will exceed your own personal development. Once in a while income takes a lucky jump, but unless you grow out to where it is, it will go back to where you are.

Somebody once said if you take all the money in the world and divided it among everyone equally, it would soon be back in the same pockets.

However, you can have more because you can become more. Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got.

In order to have more, you have to become more."

Are You Prepared To Take A Risk?

Doing things you haven't done before can be risky, however if you don't take any risks you will live a very unfulfilling life.

My Friend Mike

Mike has worked 12 years for a large corporation. Very secure, lots of perks and he received a reasonable income. He had a job for life.

The only drawback, after a few years - it was boring. He was miserable. He was wasting his life away. The organisation was big enough that he could transfer to different positions within the company - which he did do so. However, the culture of the company was the same wherever he transferred to. The environment wasn't stimulating and Mike found he was not stretching himself. He was existing and not living. He was too comfortable.

Mike was a reader of self-help books and also attended numerous personal development courses, so he knew he could enhance his life dramatically if he would just make a decision and take action.

The Company Package

Mike finally took the plunge last year and left. He ended up becoming a partner in his friend's restaurant.

With no experience in this field he embarked on a huge learning curve.

He went from a boring yet very cushy 9.) 00 - 5.) 00 p.m. job with a regular income to working 9.) 00 a.m. - 9.) 00 p.m. seven days a week with barely any income. However, Mike was on fire. He was excited. He was living life (or so he thought). That was 10 months ago.

I caught up with him this week and he told me he is selling his share of the partnership. He realised that there was more to running a business of your own than working for someone else. The pressure on him had taken it's toll. He had been getting heart palpitations and couldn't sleep. The stress of it all was too much.

The Moral To The Story

Mike had leapt out of his comfort zone and took a risk.

Although in this instance, he found out it was too big a price to pay, he wouldn't have known whether or not this was going to work out until he tried it. Of course he had done all his due diligence beforehand, however that's still no guarantee that he had made the right decision.

What Mike has learned from his experience, is that there is a world of opportunity out there and sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But you'll never know unless you give it a go.

He's still excited about the possibilities for his future and is grateful that he had the guts to take action.

The Final Word

If you want to become more or do more with your life this year, what investment are you prepared to make in your own self?

What resources, courses, support do you need so that you can be excited about getting out of bed in the morning?

Are you healthy enough to jump out of bed in the morning? Are you healthy enough to cope with your life?

If you want to change then make sure you take action today!

About The Author

Lorraine specialises in working with businesspeople showing them how to dramatically boost their productivity, reduce the stress and the mess in their lives and have more time for enjoying their life.


Elizabeth 07.04.2011. 08:02

What 1 key resource would help you prepare for success in your business? I am preparing an e-book and would like to know want would help you prepare for success in business? What are you missing?

Creative answers are welcome. No grumps.


Admin 07.04.2011. 08:02

Your team is your resource, for ultimate success in business you must bring people around you. These people need to be passionate about your business venture and need to have great interest in your long term business interest.

Entrepreneurs can spend great time and resources on finding that one pill for success, but with out having a team it will eventually crumble or not grow to its full potential. Take Starbucks for example, sure their coffee tastes good and they have a nice atmosphere but without that team member behind the counter, with Starbucks best interests in hand, they would not be the company they are today.


Tommiecat 24.07.2007. 17:39

How can I help my 15 year old daughter prepare? My daughter is 15 years old and she is really doing well in High School. She is taking all the AP courses. I have bought her a laptop and the programs that prepare to take the ACT.
My question is what extra materials can I get her to help her prepare for success in getting into a top University?


Admin 24.07.2007. 17:39

It's great that you want to help her prepare. But be careful and not to push her too hard.

What is her opinion on wanting to go to a top University? Does she want to go to one? Does she want to stay closer to home for college?
I really believe you should ask her what she wants to acheive, and HELP her wishes, rather than pushing her to YOUR own expectations. Doing that is only going to make her resent going to college because it's YOUR decision, not her's.

Once you both are on the same page, my only suggestion is to look up information together. Don't look up everything yourself, let her exert herself. She is the one who will have to be doing that when she goes to college, so it's good to start now.


Georgia 21.09.2009. 19:19

What is exactly is my teacher asking? I know this may be simple but I dont know? (this is for an online class)

* Why is flexibility important to preparing for success? Explain what this is and how to use it in your own life.

What does he mean by that first sentence?? What exaclty is he asking


Admin 21.09.2009. 19:19

Perhaps he means, "Work smart, not hard." Be willing and able to learn new things, to compromise when needed, to think outside of the box.


Praveen Pradeep 02.02.2009. 09:46

Why are people giving Phelps such a hard time about the weed pipe? Sure it is against the law and sets a bad example, but I know plenty of people who smoked weed who went on to be very successful (current and former presidents for starters). He simply did what a lot of college students do and never have to apologize for. It is not like he is a pothead (potheads don't spend 10 hours+ in a pool each day preparing for success). BTW, why in the world is marijuana illegal? Should we be also banning fastfood, tobacco, alcohol etc?

Praveen Pradeep

Admin 02.02.2009. 09:46

I'm not surprised. He's a kid, and he was at a college party. I don't know if you've ever been to a college party, but they're all kind of wild. However, it's hard to believe that nobody -- not his parents, not his agents, not his managers -- not a single person warned him that for the rest of his life, everything he does will be disproportionately scrutinized. Well, chalk it up to youth and bad judgment.

To me, the real jerk in this scenario is the person who took the photo and sold it. You mean he didn't know he could ruin Phelps? Did he think he was performing some sort of civic duty? Did he fancy that a statue would be erected in his honor, or that a street would be named after him, as a way of thanking him for helping to protect society from Big Bad Michael Phelps?

There should be a law against maliciously destroying someone's life like that. Celebrities who "get caught" doing this or that should be able to sue the person taking the photo. These days, any A-hole with a cellphone can use it as a weapon or a tool to hurt someone. I think society has more to fear from people who are self-righteous, malicious, and vindictive, than from people who smoke marijuana.


jz14 05.06.2010. 20:37

How to prepare over the summer for two AP courses in my Junior Year? Hello, everyone. Next year I will be taking two AP courses. History and English. I would like to know how I can prepare for future success in these classes. I am not good with time management please give me some tips to improve on that. I really want my junior year to be memorable, thus, I am willing to work hard. I just need direction. Any tips on how to have a succesful and fun Junior Year?

Thanks Everyone


Admin 05.06.2010. 20:37

Enjoy your summer first of all. Don't stress about your classes for next year. I would personally get a planner and schedule out my days and try to stick to that plan. (It will greatly help you in college.) 8 hours for sleep, the time you have for classes, and then the extra things you do after school. But remember to at least study about an hour a night for each AP course. Even if you don't have a test coming up, review the material. You will have to remember it for the AP test. Make sure you also exercise regularly to create higher blood flow to your brain for better memory. Also, eat healthy. Skip the cokes and junk foods. Stay natural with tea or water to drink and fresh fruits and vegetables. You will notice a great difference in your overall health, which will bring up your performance at school.

I just finished my junior year, and honestly my best advice to you is just take a day at a time. Take every opportunity that is given to you that is FUN and will give you a new experience. Meet new people. Explore relationships. Be ready to have your heart broken. And just be young, because you're only young once. :)


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