Recycling Online Junk As New Products

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If you are marketing on the internet for a while, you may know that there are so much of software and ebooks available as bundles, with reseller rights. Sometimes you can buy a big software bundle for a minimal price and at other times, you can download individual software or even bundles for free, somewhere on the internet. All of these come with master reprint rights, which means you can sell it for any price once you buy it, including the option of giving it away for free.

Some of these are high quality information products and are worth several dollars. Then why I call these 'online junk'? It's because now these software are available everywhere on the internet and nobody even care about them. These 'once great' software later becomes available common place - you can understand why, if you think in terms of reseller rights. When some people offer these as freebies when a lead signs up for their newsletter, the competition usually follows it. This results in the product being common place. The problem is, if you sell one of these to your customers at the recommended price and if they find it for free somewhere else on the net, they might feel you have done some injustice on them.

But what if you can create new products out of these old products? For example, consider this. If your target market is ezine readers, you can put some ezine related info products together and call the new package 'Ezine Empire' or 'Ezine Blackbox' or any other attractive name you see fit. Remember that a bundle like this must address many needs (if not virtually all) of the target customer. He should be able to find answers to questions like, "How to start and ezine?","How to advertise in an ezine?", tips for increasing the subscriber rate, about building good rapport with ezine readers and almost any question you can think of, that the target customer might benefit from.

Your next step is writing a good sales copy. You must read all of the webpages of the products in the bundle, jot down the power points of them and re-write a good sales letter. You must also have a good cover for your package, Google search for free ebook covers or if you have a big reseller ebook package, you may find one there too. Now this is a new product, with a new sales letter, with a good targeted audience. How much more can an original new product do? This idea can be highly beneficial if you implement it correctly.

About the Author

Fazly Mohamed publishes the ebook 'Magic of Reseller Rights' and it shows you never-heard magical ways of supercharging your online business in very easy steps and yield extra profits for life, using just reseller junk! Get it for free by mailing to


snowbunny 26.08.2008. 18:42

What can a 15 1/2 -year-old do to help the environment? I really want to do something to help the environment, but all the 'How to be Eco friendly' tips online are for adults, it seems. What can I do?

Also, one thing that I'm going to do is plant a tree. Is there a specific type of tree that will absorb more carbon than other types of trees? Thanks.


Admin 26.08.2008. 18:42

-Ask for recycled products in your school supplies
-Use more eco-friendly hygiene/beauty products
-Shop at 2nd hand stores
-Donate/sell things you are done with (clothes, old toys, books, etc.)
-Reduce electronics turnover - use cell phones, computers, gaming systems, etc. a little while longer before replacing
-Take your own bag when you do go shopping
-Re-use items - organize your room with food containers instead of new products. You can decorate these with old wrapping paper or clothing to make them all yours.
-When food is your choice avoid fast food and packaged junk food - go for fruits, fresh veggies, and local foods instead
-Turn off lights, TVs, etc. Unplug electronics and chargers when not in use.
-Reduce water consumption - shorter shower, turn faucet off when brushing teeth, etc.

Tip for planting trees - go with a local native. It will be best suited for water, climate, and soil in your area and won't create an invasive species problem.


jenifer 06.09.2007. 02:41

Is there a legit spyware/adware product that I can download and have it scan AND remove those spyware/adwares? I have alot of hijackers and virus on my computer that I really need to get rid of. I have norton anti virus but it wont pick them up. I had to download spydoctor, but it only scans, it wont remove unless I buy the product online. Any ideas?! I really need to get this taken care of because my computer is running really slow, and its messing up my computer otherwise. Thanks all! I need as much help as I can get!


Admin 06.09.2007. 02:41

you asked for it !!

this is a realll P.I.A. !!!

run anti-virus program
run anti spyware program
shut down System Restore
clear cookies
clear temp files
clear history
clear pre-fetch folder
clear out ALL emails starting at 2-3 days ago or when you 1st knew you were infected in:
ALL folders

bookmarks or favorites folder in I.E. or Firefox

as you can see,there's QUITE a bit of work ahead of you.

shut down System Restore:
virus/spyware can hide in your system restore points so we shall delete all previous restore links hiding places by turning system restore OFF.
later,when we finish,we'll turn it back on,set up a new [ CLEAN ] restore to work from in the future.
hopefully,lol,you'll never need it !

XP Home:

all programs
system tools
system restore
drive [c]
check the OFF link


control panel
performance and information tools
open disk clean up
select o.s. [c]
select more options
select system restore and shadow copies
select clean up

XP Home & Vista:
control panel
internet options
clear cookies
clear temp files
clear history
and set history days to keep to 0

clear temp files
not all your temp files will be removed so easily,so we need to do this manually as well.
my computer [ or just computer in Vista ]
click each file and delete

Clear Pre-Fetch Files
my computer [ or just computer in Vista ]
select all
press delete key on keyboard

empty recycle bin

run anti-virus and anti-spyware programs again

when your protection programs find any pirates,DELETE them,do NOT quarantine !!

should you NOT have ANY protection programs installed:
AD Aware--anti-spyware
Spyware Blaster--anti-spyware blocker
Rootkit Revealer--anti-rootkit
PC Tools Firewall--firewall to replace MS's deficient firewall [ turn that sucker OFF ! ] and replace with above.

replace windows firewall with PC Tools firewall
install Arovax protection and choose protection for internet explorer if you use it,firefox if you use that or opera if you use that
install spyware blaster and set for internet explorer and/or firefox protection

should you choose to install Firefox web browser [ and you SHOULD ]
here are some Firefox Security Extensions to install
CallingID Link Advisor
Finjan Secure Web Browsing
No Script
Dr. Web

now it's time to set up your new [ clean ] restore point

XP Home:

all programs
system tools
system restore
drive [c]
check the ON link

control panel
back up and restore center
create restore point
create restore points on selected disks
select drive
click create
apply and ok



NEVER !! :

open an email from:
anyone you do NOT know/trust
anyone purporting to be/from:

your bank
your creditors
your government
your financial company/ies
even your lawyer/s or church UNLESS you have a prior agreement with them
online petition
contains attachment/s


open options link on your email page
select spam
Spam Protection

Choose the tools you'll use to protect your mail account from spam. Not sure what tools you need? Take a look at our Setup Guide for help.
Spam Filter
SpamGuard is ON

For messages SpamGuard identifies as Spam:
Immediately delete these messages upon receipt. (Note: If you choose this option, you will not be able to review the messages before they are deleted.)
When I mark a message as Spam, in addition to deleting the message:
Add the sender's email address to my blocked addresses list
Image Blocking
Block images in messages that SpamGuard thinks are spam
[ possible but 1 or the other ]
Block all images until I've had a chance to look it over

Block Addresses

Block addresses from which you don't want to receive mail.
Add Block
Enter email address (or domain) to block:

Gmail has an EXCELLENT spam filter,learn to trust it.
Spam Filtering is automatic,unlike Yahoo.
Gmail offers a second way to protect your inbox by using filters.
1st,you need to create labels [ folders ] to store your filtered email in.
then create the label filter.

Create a new filter
Create a Filter
Choose search criteria - Specify the criteria you'd like to use for determining what to do with a message as it arrives. Use "Test Search" to see which messages would have been filtered using these criteria.
From: Has the words:
To: Doesn't have:
Subject: Has attachment

after you fill the above out,you go to label [ folder ] selection.


on your email page,select options then more options
Junk e-mail
Filters and reporting
Safe and blocked senders

choose from these choices:
Safe and blocked senders
Safe senders
Manage who is allowed to send you e-mail. Messages from safe senders will not be sent to the junk e-mail folder.

Safe mailing lists
Manage which mailing lists are sent to your account. Messages to safe mailing lists will not be sent to the junk e-mail folder.

Blocked senders
Manage who is blocked from sending you e-mail. Messages from blocked senders are automatically deleted.

JUNK E-mail
safe list only
permanently delete suspected junk e-mail

Safe Senders:
add e-mail addresses to your safe list here
also trust my Windows Contacts
automatically add people i e-mail to the safe senders list

Blocked Senders:
add senders addresses here to create a blocked address list


Blocked Encoding List:

choose the language pack you do NOT want downloaded into your inbox here


protect me from potential Phishing emails
move phishing emails to junk
apply & ok

Windows Live Mail has 2 other options:
message rules
where you choose:
content and more

junk e-mail
add to:
safe senders
blocked senders

Web Browsers:

Internet Explorer:
XP Home & Vista:

control panel
internet options
clear history
set days to keep to 0

First-party Cookies:
Always allow session cookies
Third-party [ spyware ] Cookies

content advisor
set content you do NOT want permitted

Approved Sites:
add websites that ARE allowed ALWAYS here

apply & ok

Phishing Filter

for Internet--Trusted Sites--Restricted Sites
Enable Protected Mode
Custom Level:
XP Home:
Active X:
uncheck each active x control marked:

be sure Active X controls and plugins is marked disable
as well as Automatic prompting for Active X controls
and download unsigned Active X controls
and Initialize and script Active X controls not marked as safe


Access data sources across domains-disable
Allow scripting of Internet Explorer web browser control

Allow script-initiated windows without size or position

Allow websites to open windows without address or status bars

Don't prompt for client certificate selection when none exist

Navigate sub-frames across different domains

Use Phishing filter

Allow status bar updates via script

now for your Restricted Zone,EVERYTHING should be disabled EXCEPT:
Pop up blocker
Phishing Filter

download signed-PROMPT
binary & script-ENABLE
download UNsigned-DISABLE
download UNsafe-DISABLE
run active x-ENABLE
download SAFE -ENABLE

Spy Sites

Stop Web Sites from installing Spyware, Sleazeware and Cookies on your PC

SpySites includes a database of over 4,600
known Spy/Sleaze sites and guides you
through the simple process of including them in
Internet Explorer's Restricted Zone and setting policies
to prevent them from performing intrusive acts on your PC.
By setting the policies for the Restricted
sites zone to a very high level of security,
you can be assured that any web sites added
to the Restricted sites zone cannot do
certain things which could compromise your privacy
and security such as installing and/or running:

Pre-Fetch File Cleaning

pre-fetch files are "cached" or stored copies of files/websites you visit each session
after a period of time,these files hog up a LOT of disk space
for this reason,i advocate the deletion weekly of those space hogs
some claim that windows will automatically remove files older than 7 days
I have found MY pc does NOT perform this task so I do it manually
what happens is,when you go to a website,your pc looks into your pre-fetch file/folder
to see if that website is "cached",stored there FIRST
this gives you a faster website load,BUT,you get the "cached" version and NOT the NEWEST version
unless you have "check for newest version" checked in internet options
it may take that website 1/2 a second longer to load
but,you'll get the newest version loading each time

as added security,spyware removers often miss these files,so delete them manually.

My Computer,disk drive [c],windows,pre-fetch,view,select... all,select delete

same situation with Temp files:
Temp File Folder

i use Disk Clean to clean up extraneous files i no longer need
however,every time i use Disk Clean,it DOESN'T clean out Temp Files!
My Computer,local disk drive [c],windows,temp
you can safely delete each temp file there.
i leave the most current [that day] alone.
also,do not delete any FOLDER there
folders have a folder icon,leave alone
[ Vista,it's Computer ]

Firefox Web Browser:
check block pop ups

load images automatically:
enter those websites addresses that show up on pop ups that appear AFTER you close a browser window
also add those same urls to

there are a number of kewl Security add on firefox extensions i use and they are:
CallingID link advisor
Dr. Web [ link checker ]
Finjan Secure Web Browsing
No Script

IF you follow all the above suggestions,you'll not have the Fort Knox of computers,but Dammed close !


Professional-User 23.11.2010. 11:29

What are the best foods to eat to help you lose weight? What foods are the best to eat to lose a major amount of weight shopping at wal-mart and only spending 200 dollars a month?
Please name product names cost and how I could lose 50 pounds in 90 days
Could a person Live off of V-8 and V-8 fruit juice without eating meat?


Admin 23.11.2010. 11:29

V8? That is so nasty (avoid cans) and full of sodium, even the low sodium kind (330mg and 140mg). Hello! Water retention and gaining huge amount of water gain and getting bloated?you?d be better off just eating a tomato?and yes, you can eat a tomato, just like you eat an apple (preferably an organic apple so you can eat the fiber/vitamin rich skin, not waxed and shinny). You can eat a tomato just like that, because tomatoes are fruits (but sometimes cooked and used like veggies, especially in sauces, so they crossed over to the veggie section). Still, tomatoes are botanically fruits (and culinary veggies).
When I was growing up (in France), I needed a snack, I would eat an apple or a tomato. If I needed a big snack (while doing a 100kms - 62 miles bike ride) I would also eat a hardboiled egg or some bread and cheese or some bread and chocolate.

$200 a month is like $50 a week (you shop weekly?right? or you need to freeze your milk and your bananas won?t last that long). If you don?t drink alcohol and don?t regularly eat expensive meats (ossobuco or lobster tails?) it?s a big budget for only one person. Eggs and pastas are so cheap and so full of nutrients and calories.

Use coupons?with the recession, most stores now accept any online printed coupons with bar codes. They used to deny them (it?s not my store?s coupons?) but now any coupon is accepted anywhere because all the stores are fighting for customers.
My neighbors don?t use coupons because it?s a time consuming endeavor, so their Sunday newspaper coupons goes in their recycle bin, but I told them I was interested in getting them and now they all give me their Sunday newspaper coupons and it?s like their throwing money at me.

I made a bet once that I could go grocery shopping and actually get money from my shopping. I earned like $3 something (I won my bet), spending $100 but only using double coupons?I could not buy milk/dairies or meat or fruits/veggies (they don?t have much coupons on those?I came back later for those) but I stocked up on cleaning supplies, new products, junk food in boxes, cans or frozen?and some stuff, you can buy them and then get your money back because it?s a new cleaning product and they?ll give you your money back if you give your opinion of it (companies are always aching for your customer?s opinion).
I give my opinion and I get 3 months of free cleaning products to clean my toilets (and I have 3 full bathrooms).

Losing 50 pounds in 90 days?!?
The best weight loss is half a pound of fat reserves a week, doing 1,750 calories of exercising, like 350 calories a day (one hour) for 5 days a week with 2 rest days.
90 days is only 3 months or about 12 weeks?so the right weight loss would be 6 pounds of fat reserves (half a pound of fat reserves a week) that you would want to lose?and you?re talking about 50 pounds?!? In 90 days?!?

That a HUGE leap to go from 6 pounds to 50 pounds.

Gosh, get real, eat a tomato, avoid V8 and use coupons.


Bancy 20.11.2010. 07:57

hi explain in details various effective ways to reduce the excess co2 today? What methods of reducing excess co2 can every man do to curb the emission of carbon starting from home to manufacturing plants.


Admin 20.11.2010. 07:57

- Use less energy in your home
- Get solar panels
- Buy things locally
- Weather strip your home to reduce energy use
- Double paned windows for reduced energy use
- Better curtains/blinds also to reduce energy use
- Buy CFLs to light your home with to reduce energy use
- Use power strips for your appliances and turn them off when they are not in use
- Don't heat your home as much when you are at work (same for cooling)
- Find ways to get less junk mail
- Recycle
- Buy products that do not have excessive amounts of packaging
- Get a car with better gas mileage or is a hybrid
- Walk or use a bike as much as possible
- Use energy star appliances
- Don't buy things that you don't need
- Support companies that are trying to reduce their carbon footprint
- Use less water in your home. The more water you use the more water the waste water treatment plants have to treat which uses a lot of energy because water is VERY heavy.
- Sign up for online bill pay and automatic deposit to limit the amount of paper needed.


Cindy H 31.07.2008. 21:06

How can I make my house stay clean? I'm tired of spending my days off doing endless cleaning! No one seems to ever pick up after their selves or put anything anyway but me. So by the time my day off arrives I spend countless hours cleaning. Any good ideas?

Cindy H

Admin 31.07.2008. 21:06

This is a GREAT question! I'm a SAHM of 2 toddlers and I have a large breed dog that sheds.... So, I'm constantly cleaning something! The best thing I can tell you is you need to DELEGATE responsibilities to a spouse/children etc... Also having a basic routine is KEY to keeping a clean house!

For starters- *Have a place for EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING in it's PLACE. So, get organized. Take one room at a time and declutter, junk and get rid of anything that you don't need/use.... If you don't want to throw it away try giving it a new home by DONATING, SELLING there's GREAT recycle groups online try FREECYCLE.ORG and someone will take the item or items away for FREE. If you have lots of books, go through them and re-selll them to Half Price Books where others can enjoy them and you can get a little $$$$... Same with CD's, DVD's etc... Donate magazines to doc. offices, retirement homes, friends etc....

* If you have people in the home that don't put their things away.... It's time to take the items away for a specified amount of time... .1 day, 1 week etc... I have 2 toddlers and they understand that if the toys aren't picked up BEFORE bedtime that they go into a bin and put in the basement for the next day!

*My husband would constantly leave his dirty yucky socks in the livingroom so every night I would collect them and FINALLY when he ran out of socks he got the hint! They now go into the hamper as soon as they are taken off! If the husband/kids don't put dirty clothing IN the hamper it doesn't get washed!

Also, depending on the age of your child/children- it's time to DELEGATE simple household tasks... Ditto for husbands... Instead of getting angry or upset.. Tell your husband.. " I washed 4 baskets of laundry can you PLEASE fold it and put it away BEFORE I come home?"

*Note: You will have to show him where it goes acouple times and DON'T expect it to be exactly how you do it! I labeled my childrens drawers so he could put things back where they belong!

*Small or school age children can vacuum, fold laundry, load dishwasher, dust, sweep etc....

I have a list on the fridge with what gets done on a daily, weekly basis.. I also have a routine I follow daily.... This helps keep my weekends FREE for fun!

Also, be sure that you have the proper cleaning supplies handy Husbands/children are GREAT at "I couldn't find the xyz cleaning supply!" Keep a bucket under each sink with cleaning cloths, and supplies. Show husband/children how to clean with specific products..

good luck


??F.I.A.M.O 10.12.2009. 01:21

what small things can i do to contribute to earth's well being and the environment? Things like recycling and such. i want to help out as much as i can and help others become more aware, thanks!



Admin 10.12.2009. 01:21

carpool or walk to destinations
recycle glass, plastic, glass, paper, etc.
Use a re-usable bag when grocery shopping
cut down on meat consumption
buy organic or free-trade foods whenever possible
buy foods locally from a farmers market, or find a local produce exchange. The less food has to travel to get to you the better
drink only shade grown coffee
use florescent lightbulbs in your home..saves energy and money
turn off lights when you leave the room
take shorter showers
turn off electronics when not in use
plant native plants in your yard or garden
supply habitat for wildlife in your garden, even if it is just birdhouses, birdbaths or bird feeders
cut down on receiving junk mail. You can search online for places to write to get off junk mail lists.
Receive bills online and pay online to avoid paper waste
Don't buy overpackaged products
Participate in local park/ beach trash clean ups


~CoUnTrY~ 09.06.2009. 04:26

What are some ways we can help the earth by "Going Green"? Array


Admin 09.06.2009. 04:26

Spread the word -- get involved in your local community -- start something with the town committee board addressing the changes that can be made in the town to go green, and informing residents and businesses about changes they can make.
When you get people together -- great ideas come about and are more easily put into action.
Organize a meeting -- form a club, send out flyers with tips.

In addition:
Plant trees
Use reusable bags that are canvas (you can get them online)
Drive less, walk/bike more
Only run the dishwasher when it's full
Recycle all cardboard and plastic, and find where to recycle electronics
Donate or sell used clothing and shoes, decor/furniture, or "recycle" them into something else you can use them for
Learn to sew - mend your own clothes, make your own pillows and curtains
Don't consume more than you need (the addiction to shopping/buying - break the habit)
Buy local/ organic
Organize more "earth hours" of no electricity
Use non-toxic water-based paints
Be careful not to use products that give off harmful chemicals, such as vertical blinds and treated carpets, etc.
Don't waste energy by cranking the heat too high in the winter or overusing the AC in the summer
Don't always use the big oven for cooking -- conserve by using a crockpot, microwave and toaster oven or toaster, or just cooking on the stovetop.
Go paperless with your bills
Cancel any junk mail and magazine subscriptions
Don't buy books, DVDs and CDs - use the library and other sources
Eat less meat
Take shorter showers
Change your cleaning products
Use natural loofah for washing dishes, in shower, etc.
Grow your own veggies and fruits and herbs
Wear natural fibers
Work with what you have, don't waste unnecessarily
Insulate your home
When you do buy a new car, buy small and green
Research the sources of pollution in your area, and take action


AusNikes 07.12.2008. 10:43

I need a product to sell? I need something to tell online my own website that I havnt made yet. Something that I make like 10$ profit on. Something now that expensive that I could make my self from factories in china or buy already many by wholesale! i need a really good idea


Admin 07.12.2008. 10:43

You don't need a good idea, or a profitable product line. Instead, do the most popular thing. Send me $5 and I'll make you rich!

But wait!

Be among the first 50 emailers and I'll include 6 Ginsu knives. These knives are made of the finest recycled American gas hogs, so you're doing your part to save the planet.

And for those who join our elite list of repeat customers, we'll send you the new 2009 Calendar. This beautiful gift will remind you 365 days of your commitment to help us stay employed, even though we offer you junk, in exchange for your financial information.

Hurry, this offer won't last long. Operators are standing by, trying not to laugh.

Call now. 1 800 SCAM ME NOW


Marlee 07.07.2008. 01:23

How to recycle? I have a recycling bin but what do I throw into it?
I know that you can put
-plastic containers/bottles
-aluminum cans
am I missing anything?


Admin 07.07.2008. 01:23

I depends on your city. You'll need to go online or call the city recycling center and see what they will and won't take. Our city allows us to put almost anything in our recycling bins, but they won't take styrofoam, even though it has the little recycling mark on it. I've also heard that cardboard in the form of milk/juice cartons is not really recyclable in a practical way because of the chemicals in it. I kept finding styrofoam containers on the ground after recycling day pickup, because the guys just throw the unwanted stuff down.

I put in: glass, plastic, most paper and cardboard, metal cans (like vegetable cans). I take aluminum cans to a separate recycling facility to get cash for them, though the city will take them for sure, since that is what provides alot of the funds for the recycling programs in most cities. Check the bottoms of plastic containers for the little recycling triangle, and usually if it has one, you can put it in the bin. However, I did live in one city that only took numbers 1-5 or something like that--instead of all the numbers.

Here are some things you can probably put in your bins you might not otherwise think of:

sugar or flour bags (paper)
junk mail, coupon trimmings, scrap paper
cardboard backing from any kind of packaging
sometimes the plastic form from around products in their packaging (my daughter's hair straightener package had a recycling mark on it)
plastic plant pots you'd get plants in from garden centers
plastic rings from around soda or beer can 6-packs
boxes from any kind of boxed food for the most part (cereal, macaroni and cheese, and so on)


P.Y.T 17.04.2010. 14:09

I need a good persuasive speech topic...any suggestions? I have to do a persuasive speech Tuesday and I havent yet found a good, interesting topic. What do you suggest?


Admin 17.04.2010. 14:09

Here are numerous topics for persuasive speeches, Good luck.

Aliens Exist
Abolishing the Death Penalty
Action against Global Warming
Acupuncture as a valid medical technique
Age Discrimination
Animal Rights
Armed Conflicts
Artificial insemination
Atomic Energy
Avoiding Student Debt
Banning beauty contests
Banning Boxing
Non-medical cosmetic surgery
Banning unsolicited telephone calls
Becoming a Blood Donor
Bilingual Education
Body Piercing
Cap on sports salaries
Capital Punishment
Censoring the Internet
Chat Rooms
Coke vs. Pepsi
Corporate corruption
Curfews for teenagers
Destroying your Credit Card
Does Prison work?
Donating money to charity
E-mail SPAM
Learning foreign languages
Existence of Ghosts
Frivolous lawsuits
Gay marriages
Genetic Engineering
Gun Control
Home Education
Homosexuals in the military
Human Cloning
Intelligence Gathering
Internet dating
Internet standards
Is terrorism ever be justified?
Junk Food
Keeping animals in zoos
Labor unions
Legalize Prostitution
Making Hunting illegal
Making sex offenders names public
Minimum Wage
Missile Defence System
Mobile Phones
Online Gambling
Political correctness
Prayer in schools
Prison alternatives
Privacy rights
Public television
Racial Profiling
Religious Rights
School Uniforms
Selling babies
Selling human organs
Sex Education
Cell phones in school
Marijuana legalization
Single Parents
Space Exploration
Street gangs
Teen Pregnancy
Testing Products on Animals
Toll roads
UFOs exist
Use of Steroids
Video games
War in Iraq
Watching less TV
Wearing bike helmets
Wearing fur
Wearing Seatbelts
Women should be drafted along with men
Women's rights
Working Women
Women plumbers
Working Mothers


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