Secrets To Getting In Front Of Your Best Prospects

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Secrets To Getting In Front Of Your Best Prospects

By: Michael O'Reilly

As a salesperson, your ultimate goal, of course, is to make that sale. But the process begins with selecting your best prospect. The objective is to spend more time with your best prospects and less time with suspects.

In order to do that, there are three 'secrets' or keys to getting in front of your best prospects:

  • Define or identify who your best prospect is.
  • Be active. The primary reason sales people fail is lack of activity and/or focus.
  • Be persistant. Follow up with clients. Be there when they need you.

Who, then, is your best or ideal prospect? The obvious answer is anyone who has a need, can write a check or make a decision. If you were to pursue that avenue, however, you would be reaching out to nearly everyone. Remember, you're not interested in any prospect, you need to identify your best prospect.

For example, if you asked a successful realty agent who their best clients are, they would say someone who is renting but looking to buy, or a homeowner who wants to sell. That makes sense, but it's too ambiguous. The next logical question would be "What is your primary source of income?" The answer: Listings - a realty agent's best prospect is someone who wants to sell their home, because that's where the money is.

You have narrowed the field, but need to take it a step further. Your next question, then, is "Who is most likely to sell their home?" We posed this question to Paradigm Associate real estate clients.

After careful thought, consideration and research, they identified three target groups who would be most likely to sell their home in the Metro New York area. They include households that no longer have children in the school system, therefore, they do not want to pay exorbitant property taxes associated with large single family homes; households impacted by consolidations and layoffs in banking, finance and advertising - many have decided they no longer can afford or need the proximity to New York City; and homeowners employed by international companies where employees are likely to be transferred every few years, because often, they are responsible for buying/selling their own homes.

Based on that information, it would make sense to devise a selling strategy that focuses on reaching out to these three specific market segments as opposed to reaching out to everyone who may or may not move in the next two years.

Therefore, when defining who your best prospect is:

  • Review your prior sales records and activity logs and compile a list of why your customers purchased from you in the past.
  • Next, confirm that these are, in fact, the reasons they selected your firm. The most effective way to do this is to call your customers.
  • Ask your clients the following questions - What was the major benefit you received by working with our organization? Why did you select us and not our competition? What advice do you have for us? That is, what should we be doing more/less of? What should we be doing differently?

The first two questions remind both you and your clients about your strengths, your capabilities and they reaffirm the things you do well. It's much easier to reach your best prospects when you are clear about what distinguishes you from your competition. The third question allows you to develop a close relationship with your customer. Not only will you discover future needs, but it presents an opportunity to become a trusted advisor. More often than not, the best prospects in your market will buy from those they trust.

Once you have identified your best prospect, remain active. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I have a list of 25 decision makers I can contact each day?
  • Do I see at least one key decision maker each day and have an agenda prepared for them?
  • Do I have a clear picture of how my product or service can benefit my future client?
  • Do I have goals in place for each of my customers?
  • Do I have a follow-up system in place?

That last question leads to my final point - You need to be persistant. In my more than 18 years of sales training, what I have found in tracking results is that our clients work with us not because of our good looks, best jokes or tee times, but because we follow up.

The best and most successful firms are those whose sales people are persistant. I recently had a discussion with Lew Hoff, Founder and CEO of Bartizan Data Systems. He told me about his firm's first client which he signed on in 1970 and who remains with him today. Through the years, this client has provided Bartizan with more than $1.) 5 million in revenue. After all these years, Lew asked his customer why they chose Bartizan over the four more experienced providers. His client's response was, "Because you were the only one who followed up."

About The Author

Michael W. O'Reilly is a Senior Business Development Director for Paradigm Associates, LLC, an executive leadership development firm based in Cranford, NJ. He specializes in working with privately held companies that are focused on succession planning or assuring optimal value as a takeover target. His primary focus is helping organizations implement strategies to double their business, strengthen systems and gain easier access to capital. Recognized as a former salesperson, trainer and franchisee for Dale Carnegie Training, O'Reilly and his instructional and sales teams have worked with more than 3,000 business people from 200 different companies. He is a recognized speaker on the subjects of sales strategies and business development. Visit www.ParadigmAssociates.US.


Tony H 05.11.2007. 23:11

How do you iron and starch a shirt like the professionals? I would like to know how you get the quality ironing look with a medium starch that the dry cleaners give you.

Tony H

Admin 05.11.2007. 23:11

here's a helpful article:
How to Iron a Shirt like a Pro

If the prospect of ironing a shirt has you bewildered, just follow these instructions and before you know it you?ll have a perfectly ironed one that would make your mama proud.

The first thing to do is choose a well-lighted area with a clean floor to set up the ironing board. In other words, you don?t want to be ironing next to the dog dish where you might accidentally drag a sleeve through. Place the ironing board so that the wide end is to your right, if you?re right handed, and near an electrical plug. Most ironing boards are adjustable for height. Set yours so that it is about waist level for you.

If the shirt you will be ironing is linen or is very wrinkled from the wash, spray the shirt lightly with water using a spray bottle. Roll the shirt up and wrap it in a towel for five to ten minutes. This will allow the moisture to distribute evenly. You want it to be only slightly damp when you iron it.

Fill the water reservoir of your iron to the full line with cool water. Some irons recommend distilled water, which is a good idea if your tap water is hard. Minerals from the water will build up in the iron over time and cause the steam function not to work properly. Also a mineral buildup can cause the iron to spit and even leave rust-like stains on your garments.

Plug in the iron and set the temperature gauge to the setting specified for the fabric of your shirt. If you?re unsure, check the label on the shirt. Set the iron on its end point up or on a stand while it heats and during ironing when you need both hands to adjust the garment on the ironing board. Set the iron on the square end of the ironing board.

When the iron is hot, turn on the steam feature. Unroll the damp shirt and face the ironing board with the square end and the iron to your right. Hold the shirt by the collar right side of the shirt facing you and spread the collar out on the ironing board. You will be ironing the underside of the collar first. Press the collar from the point edges to the middle. Turn the collar over and press the other side in the same way. Sometimes the collar will have ?ease? that allows it to be smooth when it is curved around your neck. Ironing the collar toward the center will prevent you from ironing the extra ?ease? fabric into a little crease where the collar is topstitched. If you notice ?ease? fabric, just let it run in front of your iron to the center without making a crease. If you like, you can fold the collar down as it will be worn and lightly press it so that the fold is more distinct and the collar lies flatter against your neck.

Next take the shirt and pull it onto the tapered end of the ironing board so that the back yoke is flat on the board and the board extends a little into one sleeve. Press half of the yoke. Turn the shirt around and place it on the board so that the un-ironed half of the yoke is on the board. Smooth the yoke out with your hands so that it is flat and then press it with the iron. If the entire yoke will lie flat, you can iron it without changing its position.

Sleeves can be a little tricky, but the secret is to take your time and be sure the fabric is flat with no big wrinkles before you apply the iron. First flatten one cuff on the ironing board and iron it. Then take that sleeve by the seam and lay the whole sleeve flat on the ironing board. If you can see the crease on the top of the sleeve from previous ironing, try to match it again so that you have a single crease line on the sleeve. Start at the top where the sleeve is sewn onto the shirt and work your way down to the cuff. The placket may need to be held with your free hand as you iron it, but be careful not to burn your fingers. The steam coming out of the iron can be scalding. Turn the sleeve over and iron the other side. Repeat the process with the other sleeve.

Now you?re ready to iron the body of the shirt. With the collar to your left, place the left side of the shirt on your ironing board. On a man?s shirt, this will be the side with the buttonholes. It may be easier to iron the upper portion by turning the shirt slightly so that the tapered part of the ironing board slips into the sleeve a little. Iron around the collar carefully as it is easy to cause a wrinkle here. Pull the shirt flat on the ironing board again and iron the placket and the rest of the front left side. Rotate the shirt toward you so that half of the back is on the ironing board. Smooth it out with your hands and iron it. Keep rotating, smoothing, and ironing until you come to the right front of the shirt. Iron the top section first then the rest of it.

You can now put it on a hanger. Make sure it is hanging straight and that the sleeves are flat and folded softly toward the front. Buttoning the collar button and the first button or two will help the shirt keep its shape. Button the collar buttons on button-down shirts. Hang it in the closet with space around it so that other clothes do not crush your freshly ironed shirt.

Nine Tips for Professional Results:

Make sure your iron is hot enough for your fabric but not hotter. A too cool iron will not remove all the wrinkles, and one that is too hot can scorch or otherwise damage your fabric. Delicate fabrics may need to be ironed using a press cloth. A clean white flour-sack dishtowel will work.
Use spray starch for extra crispness, but be aware that a heavily starched shirt may wrinkle more when worn and be uncomfortable as well. Use a light touch with spray starch for best results.

Take your time. Hurrying can cause you to make mistakes.
Keep a spray bottle of water handy. If you accidentally iron in a big wrinkle, lightly spray it with water, wait a minute or so and iron the area again.

Keep the iron moving every few seconds when it?s on the fabric. You don?t want to scorch or burn a hole in your shirt.
Don?t press a shirt that is not clean. Ironing a stain may set it in.

Use the tip of the iron to work around buttons and the placket on the sleeves.

When you?re finished ironing, empty the water from your iron while the iron is hot. This will reduce the moisture that remains in the water compartment. Allow the iron to cool before you put it away.

Keep your ironing board pad clean and in good condition. Damage to the pad may transfer to your garments.

By Linda Nelson
©2005 All Rights Reserved.


Precilla 31.03.2012. 01:46

How can I be more outspoken and more outgoing? I lack self confidence, got low self esteem and when I see those successful outgoing kids, i feel intimidated. My day always gets ruined because of such feelings. I find it hard to even have good time with my close ones in public.


Admin 31.03.2012. 01:46

Here are some tips:

Adopt an outgoing person as your role model. According to Keith Ferrazzi, the author of "Never Eat Alone: And Other Secrets to Success, One Relationship at a Time," you can learn a lot from paying attention to the behavior of someone who exudes the confidence you wish to have. Listen to how he talks to and how he behaves around others to get pointers on how to become more outgoing in social settings. Realize that your role model is only human ? just as you are; so, if he can do it, you can do it as well ? with practice and determination.

Enroll in a public speaking course. The class will provide you with ample opportunities to get in front of other people and speak in a risk-free, supportive environment. With time, you will develop confidence in your abilities to put yourself out there socially.

Arrange a list of conversation topics before you leave the house. Many people are hesitant to be outgoing because they fear being entrapped in awkward situations. Equipped with a list of topics to bring up in the event of an awkward silence, you will seem more confident, and you will send outgoing vibes to those around you.

Attend parties and other social gatherings. Before heading out the door, make a goal to introduce yourself to a certain number of people before the end of the night. Increase this number every time you go out until you are able to interact easily with others without a fear of being judged. If introducing yourself to others is too much of a terrifying prospect at first, begin by making yourself approachable to others. Make eye contact when you are approached and introduce yourself with a warm and inviting smile. More people will wish to interact with you when they realize that you are an inviting person, and you will be making friends before you know it.

Recognize that every attempt you make at being more outgoing is an accomplishment. Many reserved people make the mistake of getting discouraged after they try to be outgoing; consequently, they fail. Instead, congratulate yourself on having the courage to put yourself out there. Remember, you are coming from a place where you would not even try to behave in an outgoing manner; so, every small step you take is indicative of progress.


SavvySue 12.10.2008. 12:12

How did the movie Rebecca with Sir Laurence Olivier end? It was on TCM last night. I had to go to work and missed the ending.


Admin 12.10.2008. 12:12

Courtesy of Wikipedia:
Trying to act more like the perfect wife, Mrs. de Winter suggests to Maxim that they host a costume party. Maxim reluctantly consents. Mrs. de Winter excitedly plans her own costume in secret, but Mrs. Danvers suggests that she copy Caroline de Winter, an ancestor, whose portrait hangs in the upstairs hallway. On the night of the party, Mrs. de Winter reveals her costume to Maxim, who is both surprised and angry at her, shouting at her to change her costume. Mrs. de Winter rushes upstairs, sees Mrs. Danvers go into Rebecca's room and follows her. There she confronts Mrs. Danvers about her knowing that Rebecca had worn the same costume the previous year. Mrs. Danvers retaliates by saying that she will never take Rebecca's place and almost convinces Mrs. de Winter to commit suicide. But Mrs. de Winter snaps out of her trance when a sudden commotion starts downstairs ? a ship has been spotted foundering off the coast.

Mrs. de Winter (after changing her outfit) rushes downstairs to the front lawn, where she hears news that a sunken boat has been found off the coast - with Rebecca's body in it. She spots a distant glow from the cottage on the shore and enters to find Maxim. Maxim admits to his new wife that he had misidentified another body as Rebecca's in order to prevent discovery of the truth. From almost the beginning of their marriage, he and Rebecca had hated one another. They had agreed to "keep up appearances" of a real marriage for the sake of the family honor. Rebecca, however, began to get "careless" after a while, for example disappearing for days on end and then returning as though nothing were wrong. Maxim was also aware of Rebecca's ongoing affair with Jack. One night, suspecting to find Rebecca and Jack together, Maxim came down to the cottage. Rebecca had been expecting Jack, but he had never come, she told Maxim that she was pregnant with Jack's child. During the argument, she fell, hit her head, and died. Maxim took the body out in a boat which he then scuttled.

In the ensuing police investigation, officials question whether the damage to the boat indicates that Rebecca may have committed suicide. Jack quickly provides evidence, a letter from Rebecca, that strongly suggests that she was not suicidal (he even tries to blackmail Maxim with it). Maxim comes under suspicion of murder; and the second Mrs. de Winter must face the prospect of losing her husband. The investigation focuses on Rebecca's secret visits to a London doctor (Leo G. Carroll); visits which the audience presumes were due to her illicit pregnancies, i.e. that the doctor performs illegal abortions. However, an interview with the doctor reveals that Rebecca was, in fact, suffering from cancer, and would have died very shortly. She was not pregnant: she had lied to Maxim, apparently trying to goad him into killing her ? as an (indirect) means of suicide.

As Maxim returns home to Manderley, he finds it on fire, set alight by the deranged Mrs. Danvers, who dies in the flames.
I wasn't certain how much you missed.


Cammie 29.06.2013. 05:42

What do you think of my writing in these paragraphs? It's about my character Nora and her struggles in life.

?The best scars,? he whispered, closing the space between them, his face just inches from hers. She knew not to flinch or show her fear, because that only made him smile more. Made him happy. He hurt her when he was happy. She needed remember that. It was better when he was angry. When he was angry he left her alone, but he was very happy right now. ?are like tattoos. They?re small and hidden?? He kept talking?he loved talking about scars, showing off every one as if it were a trophy, a prize gained through pain, ?You?ll have ones just like these,? he had confided to her once, smiling like it was some great secret?but she had learned to block it out?the noise, the pain, everything. It was easier that way, to go somewhere, anywhere, anywhere but this place, this room, these four walls that held so much fear and so much pain.

She took a deep breath, listening for any noise that would suggest he was close. Nothing. Carefully, she unclipped the beret from one of her blonde pigtails, remembering with disgust when he?d given them to her, telling her how pretty they would look in her hair when he took her out with his friends. She cringed at the thought, slowly shaking her head, telling herself to focus. If he knew what she was doing, he would probably smile. He loved the prospect of adding to her scar collection and getting the chance once again to admire his work. She wouldn?t give him the satisfaction. She couldn't. Not after?she found out. This was important and she needed to focus.

Using the bed post for support and her other arm as an anchor, she carefully began unscrewing the cover from her bedroom light switch. She made sure not to let the screws fall on the concrete floor, for fear of being heard. After the pieces were safely secured under her pillow and the clip back in her hair, she gently eased the old sock from its hiding place?careful not to let its contents shift?a hollow behind the useless light switch, which, luckily for her, he never wasted time getting fixed. What was the point of having light in room that wasn?t supposed to exist in the first place. She did have a room upstairs, but that was only for when he had company. He was also supposedly homeschooling her, but that was another matter entirely.
With her back to the door and one last glance over her shoulder, she extracted her precious coins and began to count. After four years, she had managed to save nearly thirty dollars worth of change, storing away every odd nickel and dime she been able to find the outings he had treated her with, which had become more frequent as time progressed.

As she stepped onto the bus, a protective hand went to her stomach. No, she thought sadly, quickly reminding herself that she was just another thirteen year old getting on a bus. She tried to blend in with the family in front of her, but couldn?t help taking another glance over her shoulder. ?Can I sit here?? she whispered urgently to the oldest child, a girl not much younger than herself. To her relief, the girl gave her an odd look, but quietly scooted over, leaving the window seat for the older girl. She nodded her thanks, and plopped down causally as the bus started to move, leaving behind everything she had ever known.

Let me know what you think. I have more but wanted to get your opinion on this first because her pasted has shaped the way she is in the present (but not in a pathetic way where she exploits how awful her past was, etc. Sorry if the format got a bit screwed up when I pasted it). Thanks:)
She shifted, setting own her book as the shuffling of people filtered in from the library above. Now that she was in Philadelphia she felt safer then she had been in a long time. She felt at ease, like she could finally start living again after all this time, but most of all, she felt free. Free to do whatever she wanted and what she wanted more right now more than anything was to take care of the new life that had been created. The new life that it was her job to raise. That was why she felt safe, safer than she?d ever been, and that was why she had known she had had to leave. For her own safety and soon for his.

After getting to the city, she had been relieved when she?d found the room under the library. The librarian had agreed to let her stay there for free as long as she would help out around the library and clean up after herself. The woman had also agreed not to report her after learning why she had run away in the first place. More than anything, she agreed, because of the fe this young girl had of what would happen if the man did find her. Between the two, the choice had been an easy one.

Now as she sat on her bed reading a book, her usual pass time, considering she didn?t go to school?couldn?t?she pondered a topic she?d been thinking about quite a bit recently. The book was titled 1,001 Names For Your Baby, which claimed success in helping you find the perfect name, but so far she hadn?t found this to be very accurate. What she had found, however, was that books were and still are a great place to find names?just not always in the way you expect. And that was where she had discovered her perfect name?Simon Marshall?for her favorite character from a more resent find. Since that was finally settled, it was time to think about more important questions: How was she going to feed if she could barely even feed herself? Where would they live? Would she be able to stay here or would they have to move? She had yet to tell the librarian, an issue which she
...had temporarily solved with extra layers of clothing, but that the woman would realize eventually? What would she do? Would she report her or?this was a lot for the thirteen year to worry about.

Of the books she had borrowed, some had been literature, but the majority had been science books. Chemistry, Physics, but especially anything she could find on Forensics and Criminology. The man had had a lot of those?most likely for his own benefit?but whenever possible, she had read them, during times when he had left for the store or had gone out. While reading them, she had imagined what it would be like using what she found against him. Taking the information obtained for protection and throwing it right back in his face. Stuck in that room, she could do nothing but dream, but now she could do more.

The woman had taken notice, and with the girl?s usual stack of new books had included a half sheet of paper as a bookmark. Back in the archives, once situated on her bed, she slipped the s
...heet from its place between the pages. It was a flyer titled National Conference of Forensics and Criminology, which, according the information section printed beneath the title, was being held in Philadelphia this year. She notice a familiar name among the guest speakers: Special Agent John Marshall Hayes. He had been mentioned a few times in some articles she had found along with the books in his office. From what she had read, Special Agent Hayes was the lead agent of the Violent Crimes Unit, part of the Federal Bureau of Criminal Affairs, located in Philadelphia, that is among the best in the country.
She stood in front of the convention center, dressed in blue jeans and a baggy grey hoodie. If she was lucky, nobody would notice her swelling stomach. That?s what she was counting on. As she approached the door, she rehearsed in her mind what she would say, changing her mind every couple of minutes.

From her seat near the back of the lecture-hall styled room, she listened as the current presenter introduced the next speaker.
Special Agent John Marshall walked into the main conference hall. ?Sir, do you have a minute?? Special Agent Hayes turned around to find a young girl wearing jeans and a loose fitting sweat shirt.
?How can I help you??
?Sir my name is Eleanor Sharpe. Is there somewhere we can talk??
The man nodded, leading her down to one of the many conference rooms along the back wall.
Not until the door was closed and they were seated at the conference table did she speaking, slowly at first, but the words started to pour out and she was unable and unwilling to stop it. ?I?ve
...been in and out of foster care since my parents died when I was four. For the most part, I?ve been with good families, but a little four years ago I was put in a very different home. In the beginning, he was nice to me. I had my own room and I was given whatever I wanted, but something was off. After I had been there about a year, I woke up in a room with no windows and a locked door. That?s when he?? She stopped, trying to force back the tears. A hand went to her sleeve, quickly covering the scars on her arm. He never spoke, but put a reassuring hand on her hand. She was shaking, bad. She wrapped her arms around herself, unable to look him in the eye. At that moment he noticed her swollen stomach, for the first time fully realizing the severity of her situation.

The little boy shrieked from his crib in the spare bedroom. Ellie looked confused as she went to investigate the new show. Hayes? voice carried down the hallway. ?That?s a hungry cry.?
She cradled him in her arms. ?How d
...o you know??
?You never forget that sound.?


Admin 29.06.2013. 05:42

The story sounds really interesting and your style of writing would easily draw in readers if you wanted to publish this. Not that I need to say this, but keep on writing!


Jaime Diaz 21.03.2009. 23:46

Recommended Manga that are sold at Barnes and Noble? I really need to start reading some new manga series, but I want ones that are sold at Barnes and Noble because I REALLY dont like reading manga online, it just dont feel any of the emotions. And if you can, please give some details about the different manga series, THANK YOU!

Jaime Diaz

Admin 21.03.2009. 23:46

These are just a few of my favorites. I hope you find something you enjoy. A couple of them I use to get ahead of the animes.


BLEACH (My favorite! sooooo cool!!!!!! I read it online EVERY Friday online)
Ichigo Kurosaki has always been able to see ghosts, but this ability doesn't change his life nearly as much as his close encounter with Rukia Kuchiki, a Soul Reaper and member of the mysterious Soul Society. While fighting a Hollow, an evil spirit that preys on humans who display psychic energy, Rukia attempts to lend Ichigo some of her powers so that he can save his family; but much to her surprise, Ichigo absorbs every last drop of her energy. Now a full-fledged Soul Reaper himself, Ichigo quickly learns that the world he inhabits is one full of dangerous spirits and, along with Rukia--who is slowly regaining her powers--it's Ichigo's job to protect the innocent from Hollows and help the spirits themselves find peace.

Cross Academy is attended by two groups of students: the Day Class and the Night Class. At twilight, when the students of the Day Class return to their dorm, they cross paths with the Night Class on their way to school. Yuki Cross and Zero Kiryu are the Guardians of the school, there to protect the Day Class from the Academy's dark secret: the Night Class is full of vampires.

Renton is a 14-year-old boy who occasionally helps out his grandfather as a mechanic. But his feelings of dissatisfaction and frustration grows as his mundane and routine work clouds his visions for his future and he dreams of flying around the world. It isn't until one day, a large human-like mech, a LFO (Light Finding Operation), falls from the sky in front of Renton and appearing from the depths of the machine is a beautiful young girl named Eureka. And as she asks the dumbfounded Renton for repairs, the two will embark upon a fantastic journey into the unknown.

INUYASHA (It was just completed a few months ago--a nice ending)
Kagome is a modern Japanese high school girl. Never the type to believe in myths and legends, her world view dramatically changes when, one day, she's pulled out of her own time and into another! There, in Japan's ancient past, Kagome discovers more than a few of those dusty old legends are true, and that her destiny is linked to one legendary creature in particular--the dog-like half-demon called Inuyasha! That same trick of fate also ties them both to the Shikon Jewel, or "Jewel of Four Souls." But demons beware...the smallest shard of the Shikon Jewel can give the user unimaginable power.


Light Yagami is an ace student with great prospects--and he's bored out of his mind. But all that changes when he finds the Death Note, a notebook dropped by a rogue Shinigami death god. Any human whose name is written in the notebook dies, and now Light has vowed to use the power of the Death Note to rid the world of evil. But when criminals begin dropping dead, the authorities send the legendary detective L to track down the killer. With L hot on his heels, will Light lose sight of his noble goal... or his life?

In a medieval world, villages are being attacked by the youma, demons that can take the appearance of their victim. The only people who can stop them are the Claymore, a group of young women named for the swords they use. They are half-human, half-demons who, mostly unwillingly, became Claymore.

"Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something in return. To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of equivalent exchange. In those days we really believed that to be the world's one and only truth."

Trouble always seems to follow the beautiful and sassy, Kaname Chidori. Though she is only a high-school student, Kaname is constantly the target of terrorism. Lucky for her though, the dreamy Sosuke, an undercover agent from Mithril, is one step behind her, ready to protect her at any cost. But will he be able to save her from harm every time she is in trouble?

Seeking to be the greatest pirate in the world, young Monkey D. Luffy, endowed with stretching powers from the legendary "Gomu Gomu" Devil's fruit, travels towards the Grand Line in search of One Piece, the greatest treasure in the world.

GURREN LAGANN (L-O-V-E-D the anime!)
In the distant future, people build their homes and raise domestic animals in subterranean caverns. As a result, they live in fear of the occasional earthquake and cave-in, and have been for hundreds of years. Jeeha is one such village.

One day, a boy named Simon happens to find a small, shiny drill whilst digging to expand the village. At the same time, Kamina, a guy who believes that there is another land above the village, persuades a gangster to break through the ceiling in order to leave the cavern. Suddenly, an earthquake occurs and the ceiling collapses, followed by a big robot breaking through the ceiling.

Kamina is now sure that there is a world above them. Recklessly, he begins to fight against the robot. At that moment, another person appears from the land above. It is a girl by the name of Yoko. With a rifle in hand, she had been tracking the robot. However, all she could do was distract it. Then, Simon shows what he had found to Kamina and Yoko. It's a mysterious robot whose head is also its body.


Lucas 07.04.2013. 22:16

What are some animes like Ano Natsu de Matteru? I just finished this show and i really liked it, however it was too short so now i am sad. Can someone recommend me a show like it?

Stuff that i have already seen and how i liked it:


Admin 07.04.2013. 22:16

Asobi ni Iku yo! --- The story revolves around Kakazu Kio, an ordinary high school freshman living in Okinawa. A girl with cat ears appears before him during a memorial service for one of his family ancestors. The girl calls herself Eris and claims she is an alien. Before long, fanatical alien worshipers and a mysterious government agency are in hot pursuit of Eris, but Kio's childhood friend Manami?who wants to follow in her father's footsteps in the CIA?captures Eris. Kio finds himself having to protect Eris from everyone.

To LOVE-Ru --- The story is about Rito Yuuki, a high-school boy who cannot confess to the girl of his dreams, Haruna Sairenji. One day when coming home and sulking in the bath-tub a mysterious, nude girl, appears out of nowhere. Her name is Lala and she comes from the planet Deviluke, where she is the heir to the throne. Her father wants her to return to her home planet so she can marry one of the husband candidates, but she decides that she wants to marry Rito in order to stay on Earth.

Tsuritama --- You can't catch fish if you don't go fishing, and you can't make friends if you don't at least try.
Which is how relationship-challenged student Yuki finds himself on a fishing trip to a tiny island with three other boys he barely knows. Well, two other boys and Haru, who claims that he's an alien. Not that constantly stewing Natsuki or mysterious Akira are any more likely as prospects for good companionship.
But there's something about fishing that makes it unlike any other pastime, and maybe that quiet sense of companionship and hopeful expectation is just what Yuki needs to start charting the unfamiliar waters of personal connections. Or maybe it will turn out that Haru's right and they're going to have to save the entire planet.
There are lots of different kinds of fish stories, from the "ones that got away" to the "best catches ever," but whichever way the currents of life take them, for four young men, this trip may turn out to be the biggest whopper ever!

Sankarea --- Furuya's not interested in the living, he's got zombies on the brain! When Furuya's cat dies, he decides he's going to try and bring it back to life. In the process, he stumbles across a girl who is involved in an accident and turns into a real zombie! What's Furuya going to do now that the thing he loves the most is right in front of his eyes?

Air --- Yukito Kunisaki is on a journey in search of the Winged Maiden who was bound to the sky centuries ago, after hearing an old childhood tale from his mother. As Yukito shows his puppet show to people in an attempt to make some money, he finds himself in a small town in which he did not expect to stay very long. However, when he meets an unusual girl named Misuzu, things take a drastic turn as he is invited to stay with her.
By staying in the quaint town, Yukito soon becomes friends with the locals. As he gets to know them better, he learns of their problems and decides to help, putting his search for the Winged Maiden on hold. With his search on hold, and his growing attachment to Misuzu and the small town, will Yukito ever find the Winged Maiden, or is she closer than he thought?

Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo --- The school romantic comedy revolves around a second-year high school student named Sorata Kanda who lives in Sakurasou, the dormitory for problem children at Sorata's school. One day, Mashiro Shiina?a cute girl who happens to be also a cosmopolitan, brilliant artist?moves into Sakurasou.
Sorata thinks to himself that he should protect Mashiro from the weirdos at Sakurasou, but Mashiro has a surprising secret: she has no idea how to take care of herself. She gets lost if she goes out, and her room is a complete mess. Sorata's dorm mates designate him as the "master" of Mashiro, and thus, an ordinary boy and a brilliant girl must live like "a master and his pet."

and more here


sammie715 23.11.2009. 19:53

What is the plot for Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis? I need to know the exposition, climax, and resolution for the book. PLEASE!


Admin 23.11.2009. 19:53

The story begins with Dr. Elwin Ransom, a professor of philology at a college of the University of Cambridge, on a hiking trip in the English Midlands. Being refused lodging in the village of Nadderby he must travel into the night the six miles to Sterk. He comes to a small, isolated cottage, the home of a woman and her mentally challenged son, Harry. The anxious woman thinks Ransom is Harry and runs into him as he comes toward the cottage. She implicitly declines to accommodate Ransom, but tells him about where Harry works, the Rise, the small estate of Professor Weston. She also speaks of a gentleman from London staying there, Mr. Devine, whom Ransom discovers to be his former schoolfellow, a person whom he "cordially disliked." Despite the woman's doubt that Ransom would find lodging, he decides to go there anyway, assuring the woman that he will see to it that Harry is sent home.

When he gets to the front door of the Rise, Ransom hears shouting and struggling inside. When he goes around back, he sees Weston and Devine trying to force Harry to go with them on an interplanetary spaceflight to Malacandra (Mars). Ransom intervenes in the struggle, and Devine sees him as a better prospect than Harry for what he and Weston have in mind. With Weston's grudging consent Devine offers Ransom a drink and accommodations.

After enjoying what he thinks is his nightcap, Ransom loses consciousness. When he awakens shortly thereafter he realizes that he has been drugged. He tries to escape but is subdued by Weston and Devine. When he again regains consciousness he finds himself in a metallic spherical spacecraft en route to Malacandra. The wonder and excitement of such a prospect relieves his anguish at being kidnapped, but Ransom is put on his guard when he overhears Weston and Devine deliberating whether they will again drug him or keep him conscious when they turn him over to the inhabitants of Malacandra, the "sorns", as a sacrifice. Ransom, who has been put to work as cook and scullion, secrets a knife and plans to escape when he gets the chance.

Soon after the three land on the strange planet, Ransom gets his chance to run off into the unknown landscape. He wanders around, finding many differences between Earth and Malacandra, in that all the lakes, streams, and rivers are warm; the gravity is significantly less; and the plants and mountains are strangely tall and thin.

Ransom later meets a civilized native of Malacandra, a hross named Hyoi. He becomes a guest for several months at Hyoi's village, where he uses his philological skills to learn the language of the hrossa and learns their culture. In the process he discovers that gold, known to the hrossa as "sun's blood", is plentiful on Malacandra, and thus is able to discern Devine's motivation for making the voyage thither. Weston's motives are shown to be more complex; he is bent on expanding humanity through the universe, abandoning each planet and star system as it becomes uninhabitable.

The hrossa honor Ransom greatly by asking him to join them in a hunt for a hnakra (plural hnéraki), a fierce water-creature which seems to be the only dangerous predator on the planet, resembling both a shark and a crocodile. While hunting, Ransom is told by an eldil, an almost invisible creature reminiscent of a spirit or ghost, that he must meet Oyarsa, the eldil who is ruler of the planet. He refuses the summons, as he wishes to proceed with the hunt. Hyoi, after killing the hnakra with Ransom's help, is shot dead by Devine and Weston, who are trying to find Ransom. Ransom is told by Hyoi's friend (another hross named Whin) that this is the consequence of disobeying Oyarsa, and that Ransom must now cross the mountains to escape Weston and Devine and fulfil his orders. On his journey, Ransom finally meets a sorn, as he long feared he might. He finds, however, that the séroni are peaceful and kind. Augray (the sorn) explains to him the nature of Oyarsa's body, and that of all eldils. The next day, carrying the human on his back, Augray takes Ransom to Oyarsa.

After a stop at the dwelling place of an esteemed sorn scientist, wherein Ransom is questioned thoroughly about all manner of facts about Earth, Ransom finally makes it to Meldilorn, the home of Oyarsa. In Meldilorn, Ransom meets a pfifltrigg who tells Ransom of the beautiful houses and artwork his race make in their native forests. Ransom then is led to Oyarsa and long awaited conversation begins. Through the conversation Ransom finds out that there are Oyéresu (the plural) for each of the planets in our solar system; in the four inner planets, which have organic life (intelligent and non-intelligent), the local Oyarsa is responsible for that life. The Oyarsa of Earth, called Thulcandra ("the silent planet") by the Malacandrans, has turned evil and has been restricted to Thulcandra by Maleldil, the ruler of the universe. Ransom is ashamed at how little he can tell Oyarsa about Earth and how foolish he


Y S 28.02.2011. 07:32

what is your top 10 picks in the NFL draft? 1.Carolina (2-14)
2.Denver (4-12)
3.Buffalo (4-12)
4.Cincinnati (4-12)
5.Arizona (5-11)
6.Cleveland (5-11)
7.San Francisco (6-10)
8.Tennessee (6-10)
9.Dallas (6-10)
10.Washington (6-10)

I hope niners get the cb from LSU..peterson


Admin 28.02.2011. 07:32

DE Da'Quan Bowers: The best all around DE available will be the #1 pick and try to fill the void left by the departure of Julius Peppers.

DT Nick Fairley: After signing Champ Bailey to an extension, the Broncos can focus this pick on another part of their defense. John Fox is bringing back the 4-3 to Denver so they draft a stud DT to fill a big void.

DT Marcell Dareus: I know everyone thinks it'll be Newton but the Bills have much bigger needs than QB. They had a horrible run defense and have a chance to fill a hole with an elite player.

WR AJ Green: Its no secret that Ocho and TO are on their ways out. The Bengals will draft possibly the best prospect in the draft. QB is a consideration but Green has much more value than any QBs available this year.

OLB Robert Quinn: The Cards let Calvin Pace and Karlos Dansby both walk in free agency and the loss of their presence has hurt the team badly. The Cards take the scariest edge rusher available to help revive the pass rush.

OLB/DE Von Miller: The Browns are switching to the 4-3 and Miller would fit perfectly at DE. He proved in the senior bowl that he can not only provide a good passrush but can set the edge to stuff the run.

San Francisco-
CB Patrick Peterson: The 49ers are in luck this year. They have a glaring need at CB and will end up with either Peterson or Amukamara. Peterson has the talent to go sooner but with so many quality front seven players available, he drops to the 49ers much like Patrick Willis did to then a few years ago.
QB Cam Newton: The Titans need a new QB. Newton fits the mold of the type of player Bud Adams loves. Athletic with a big arm and most of all a winner. Sadly, Newton is the best available in a very very weak QB class.

CB Prince Amukamara: Prince is the whole package. He can play just about any scheme well and mirrors WRs in coverage. The Cowboys pick the best player available and he's definately it.

WR Julio Jones: With Santana Moss gone, the Redskins need a replacement. Jones is having a huge combine and his impressive forty speed propels him into the top 10. Im not sure he belongs here but this is who I see the Skins picking.


Sarah 02.11.2012. 04:43

What are some good pranks to play? Array


Admin 02.11.2012. 04:43

Here are some good one. you gonna love it...

MESSAGE - Change your phone message on April Fools Day: record your voice saying "Hello. (pause) Hello? (another pause) Is anyone there?? After another pause, finish it up with "APRIL FOOL!

PALMS DOWN - Tell a friend that you know a great trick. Put your hand palm-down on the table and balance a full glass of liquid) on the back of your hand. Bet your friend that they can?t balance a glass on both hands at once (help your friend to put them in place). As soon as you have the glasses balanced on the prospects hands, stand up and walk out. They will be trapped and will have to spill to escape.

BOILED - Take the eggs from someone?s refrigerator and hard-boil them. Then put them back where you found them. Can work well when camping, only do a few if you want breakfast!

SNAKE! - All you need is a rubber snake and some fishing line. Tie the fishing line around the snake and then attach the other end of the line to the inside of a cupboard or anything that opens and closes. Set it up so that when they open the door/cupboard the snake will jump out. Or simply set it up to drag across the lounge floor while everyone is watching TV!

WEIGHT ISSUE - If you can get the exact same clothes as the target except get them a size smaller - Swop with the original! Another favorite is to cut the cotton of the back seam in someone's jeans a few times for split pants! Be prepared to replace or FIX though!

OH DEAR - Fold the flat sheet on the bed double and tuck in securely on the sides, when the person get into bed they can't go further than half way!

SPRAY - Stick some duct tape on the nozzle of a kitchen sink or bathroom tap - leave a little gap towards the front where someone will stand! Old but it works every time!

DUAL REMOTE - Spend the money to get a second matching or dual remote. Change channels while they are watching. The secret to this prank is to not overuse it. If you use it in small doses you can carry this one on for months not just on April Fools Day.

FAKE CAKE - Take a round car-washing sponge, or a piece of craft foam, and decorate it with cake frosting, sprinkles, etc. Then try not to laugh when the victim struggles to cut themselves some cake. This one gets 5 STARS for Good Pranks!

EGGS - Try this prank on someone who drinks Guinness or any other beer that is difficult to see thru. All you have to do is crack open an egg (only the yellow part) and drop it in their drink when they aren't paying attention. Last sip... Thought these were Good PRANKS? We feel sick... enough said.


peterthegreekboy 25.02.2007. 01:16

I need help with applying quantum physics to life. If you know the secret, give me some advice.? Let me know your stories. How has the law of attraction helped you in your life? How have you explained quantum physics to all the ignorant people out there? How is God involved in all of this? I have many questions...please try to answer some of them and if you are an expert, give me your email so i can ask you more. I am a young guy thats hungry for more information about this phenomonen!


Admin 25.02.2007. 01:16

Well I can't claim to be an expert in quantum physics by any stretch, however I can tell you how the law of attraction has affected my life.

I tend to be a negative person. I was born that way. My first word was no! Throughout my life I would expect the worst and it would often happen. My negativity was a self-fulfilling prophecy. I would expect to be unhappy, expect boyfriends to leave me, etc & this would be the case. Now did that mean I was right or did it mean that I was attracting the negative because it's what I focused on?

Then a couple of years ago, something happened. I experimented with being positive. I thought about buying a house. It seemed an impossible prospect for a single gal like me. But I went to the bank to see if I could get approved for a mortgage. When I was pre-approved, it was very empowering. I experienced a mindshift. Suddenly the impossible was possible. I can do it! I thought. I can buy a house by myself! I don't need a man (before I always figured I'd leave home when I got married, then after wasting 9 years with a deadbeat I realized that this may not happen.) It's like my thoughts had an energy. They gathered momentum. I was planning to buy a townhouse. I couldn't find anything affordable in the town I had lived in. Then I made a new friend on a different shift at work. She lived in a small town about 45 minutes away. She said there were more affordable homes there. So I looked. I was able to purchase a new beautiful fully detached house! I was so excited. It was the scariest & most rewarding thing I've ever done. Moving here has changed my life. I got a new job making more money. It's a very artsy town & I've shown my paintings in art galleries & shows. I'm also a singer-songwriter & guitarist & play weekly at a local bar. It was there that I met my boyfriend, a fellow singer-songwriter. He's also a Taurus like me, very passionate. It was love at first sight. Now I've been on the radio, I'm working on a CD, I was on the front of my local paper. Wonderful things are happening but it's because I believed in myself. I expected good things to happen & attracted them to me.

Thoughts are powerful. They have an energy that radiates out & affects your life. What you believe, what you feel & think & say to yourself is what you attract, whether you realize it or not. Why do some people with low self-esteem seem to have such unhealthy abusive relationships? Why do they have problems? Because that's what they draw to themselves.

That's why it's so important to think positively. To believe the best.

When you help yourself, the universe (and God) helps you along. If you don't help yourself, if you hurt yourself then the universe & God will seem to turn on you.

Anyway, that's my impression of the law of attraction. Hope this helps.

Peace out!


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