Seven Tips For Work-At-Home Motivation

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Seven Tips For Work-At-Home Motivation

By: Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

Considering a work-from-home business? Clients often say their biggest fear is loss of momentum. Here are ten tips to keep yourself motivated and productive.

(1) Build structure into your day.

Create a schedule and To Do list every evening for the next day, before you sign off for the day. (And yes - it is important to sign off, even if you return later to complete a project.) Include breaks and email reading time.

(2) Define goals by numbers ("write 1000 words") instead of time ("2 hours on Mega account"). One of the joys of working at home is you get to quit when you're finished ahead of schedule.

(2) Train friends and neighbors to respect your working hours.

Clients tell me about neighbors who say things like, "I told the UPS truck to leave the package at your house since you're always home." Discourage phone calls with a prepared response, like "I will call you after four o'clock today." You will be tested. Prepare to hang tough.

(3) Get the family on board.

Deal with their concerns before you start and be prepared to show how you are creating a win-win situation. Clarify what counts as an emergency - a valid reason to interrupt while you are working - and what can wait till dinnertime.

(4) Build breaks into your schedule.

When I started my own business, I was warned, "Plan to get out of the house! Otherwise you'll never leave your desk."

Frankly, I didn't get it.

Why wouldn't I take breaks? Now as I find myself answering just one more email, or adding two more paragraphs to an article, I see the clock move and realize I must stop if I want to get to the gym or the store before closing time.

Bonus Tip: A dog will force you to get moving, no matter what else is going on in your life.

(5) Make promises you will be motivated to keep.

My weekly ezine motivates me to write at least one article a week. You may be energized by company and client deadlines.

As your responsibilities grow, you will tend to accumulate more and more "real" deadlines and it's easier to stay motivated. But in the early stages, you're isolated, you're working hard and results don't appear immediately. That's why some people hire coaches and consultants to create accountability.

(7) Give yourself time to test your commitment.

Not everyone enjoys the work-at-home option. My clients tell me they need six to twelve months to decide how they are responding to this arrangement. You may decide to return to a workplace where you can see real people everyday. Or you may get hooked on having a dog-friendly, gossip-free workplace where you can open the windows all year round.

About The Author

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., is an author, speaker and career/business consultant, helping midlife professionals take their First step to a Second Career.

"Ten secrets of mastering a major life change"

Contact: 505-534-4294


nass 26.01.2008. 15:39

After a child is potty trained, what is the best way to get them to wake up at night to go to the bathroom? My daughter is 2 1/2 and doesn't have accidents during the day but at night she still needs a pull- up. How can I ween her off of this and get her to wake up. I tried regular panties and she only wakes up once she is saturated. Any ideas?


Admin 26.01.2008. 15:39

Self-Care at Home

Here are some tips for helping your child stop wetting the bed. These are techniques that are most often successful.

* Reduce evening fluid intake. The child should try to not take any fluids, chocolate, caffeine, carbonation, or citrus after 3 p.m.

* The child should urinate in the toilet before bedtime.

* Set a goal for the child of getting up at night to use the toilet. Instead of focusing on making it through the night dry, help the child understand that it is more important to wake up every night to use the toilet.

* A system of sticker charts and rewards works for some children. The child gets a sticker on the chart for every night of remaining dry. Collecting a certain number of stickers earns a reward.

* Make sure the child has easy access to the toilet. Clear the path from his or her bed to the toilet and install night-lights. Provide a portable toilet if necessary.

* Some believe that you should avoid using diapers or pull-ups at home because they can interfere with the motivation to wake up and use the toilet. Others argue that pull-ups help the child feel more independent and confident. Many parents limit their use to camping trips or sleepovers.

The parents' attitude toward the bedwetting is all-important in motivating the child.

* Focus on the problem: bedwetting. Avoid blaming or punishing the child. The child cannot control the bedwetting, and blaming and punishing just make the problem worse.

* Be patient and supportive. Reassure and encourage the child often. Do not make an issue out the bedwetting each time it happens.

* Enforce a "no teasing" rule in the family. No one is allowed to tease the child about the bedwetting, including those outside the immediate family. Do not discuss the bedwetting in front of other family members.

* Help the child understand that the responsibility for being dry is his or hers and not that of the parents. Reassure the child that you want to help him or her overcome the problem.

* The child should be included in the clean-up process.

To increase comfort and reduce damage, use washable absorbent sheets, waterproof bed covers, and room deodorizers.

Self-awakening programs are designed for children who are capable of getting up at night to use the toilet, but do not seem to understand its importance.

* One technique is to have the child rehearse the sequence of events involved in getting up from bed to use the toilet during the night prior to going to bed each night.

* Another strategy is daytime rehearsal. When the child feels the urge to urinate, he or she should go to bed and pretend he or she is sleeping. He or she should then wait a few minutes and get out of bed to use the toilet.

Parent-awakening programs can be used if self-awakening programs fail. These programs should only be used at the child's request.

* The parent should awaken the child, typically at the parents' bedtime.

* The child must then locate the bathroom on his or her own for this to be productive. The child needs to be gradually conditioned to awaken easily with sound only.

* When this is done for seven nights in a row, the child is either cured or ready for self-awakening programs or alarms.

Bedwetting alarms have become the mainstay of treatment.

* Up to 70% of children stop bedwetting after using these alarms for 12-16 weeks.

* About 20-30% start wetting the bed again later (relapse), but with persistence, this method works for 50-70% in the long run.

* These alarms take time to work. The child should use the alarm for a few weeks or even months before considering it a failure.

* There are two types of alarms: audio and tactile (buzzing) alarms.

* The principle is that the wetness of the urine bridges a gap in the sensor, which in turn sets off the alarm.

* The child then awakens, shuts off the alarm, finishes urinating in the toilet, returns to the bedroom, changes clothes and the bedding, wipes down the sensor, resets the alarm, and returns to sleep.

* Alarms are preferred to medications for children because they have no side effects.

* It is generally believed that all children 7 years and older should be given a trial of an alarm.

* For the alarm to be effective, the child must desire to use it. Both the child and parents need to be highly motivated.

Beware of devices or other treatments that promise a quick "cure" for bedwetting. There really is no such thing. Stopping bedwetting is, for most children, a matter of patience, motivation, and time.


Justin Credible 23.03.2013. 05:50

How do I go back to being a vegan? I'm already overwieght and I was a vegan for 7 months, I did not lose anything. Perhaps it was because I would eat whole cups of white rice or perhaps a whole bag of potato chips even though I only eat chips every once a month. Or soda. But for the most I ate veggies and fruits. Over sized portions. Now I'm sneaking meat and diary and I'm afraid I'll gain weight. I had a good exercise routine going on but I screwed it up.

How can I get back to eating clean again. I don't want to hear lame answers like "just don't eat it". It's not that simple with temptations. I just want to eat veggies and sweet potatoes. That is all I want to eat and nothing else. but how do I also get a good workout routine in. I don't have a crap about weight lifting I just want cardio. I go to the gym to burn off some serious calories but I get bored off my bunghole and then I go home. It's not that I can't do it. It just takes soo freaking long to burn off 700 calories I get so bored looking at the calorie counter thinking" When, When will I reach seven hundred.
So I guess the question here I would like to ask is. How can I also not get bored going to the gym. I also need to eat clean foods. It's hard to work out after you just ate greasy ass meat or brownies or oreos. There is a reason why the olympic runners, assuming they are not takeing drugs to enhance performance. Don't eat oreos and burger before they race. They eat fruits. My motivation just goes and it has been going on for years and years and years I fell like I'll NEVER lose weight. Why is it so damn hard. Also, I'm 17 and I just landed a job working as a cart boy at a store. Will pushing carts help me burn some calories if I'm forced to work 4 to 8 hours? Please give me some tips. I feel like hope is lost. I just feel like I'll never lose weight since I have been struggling to lose since I was nine. I also will be making my own money so that I can buy my own food. My mom is a shit eating. Shey buys crappy foods that make you fat and shy buys foods that make the body feel crappy. She thinks just because you eat it in little ammount per day it's not bad when it clearly is bad. Eating poison won't kill you as long as it's in moderation, right? any way. Thanks and I can not wait to hear and see what you guys have to say.
Durian Riders is annoying the raw foods diet does not work for me. The only raw food youtuber who I CAN stand is okraw. That guy is awesome and I like how he makes long videos.

Justin Credible

Admin 23.03.2013. 05:50

One thing that may be contributing to your lack of weight-loss is stress, you need to relax when dieting. Something to do when limiting what's in your diet is plan a week's worth of meals and cook when you have free time and stock up your fridge and freezer so you can have your food ready to go or just needing a microwave. As for exercise to help your weight-loss it isn't going to help that much if you put more calories into you per day than you work off per day. Yes pushing trolleys all day will help to loose weight, clean the house would also do the same. As for your gym discipline you just have to push through the cardio and maybe add some muscle building stuff, higher muscle percentage means a higher metabolic rate. And maybe thinking about not the calories of fat but the centimetres your loosing is a better plan as when you're running on a tread-mill you're legs will gain muscle and so on.


shmick_chicky 03.07.2006. 12:45

Does anyone know some good activities for kids with Sensory Intergration Disorder? I'm going to be spending a lot of time with a little girl (5) who has SID and I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips...


Admin 03.07.2006. 12:45

My daughter had SID, and many other things which caused her to act out. First thing is to keep the energy level down. No TV or music in the background while doing a task. I don't know how intense her situation is and if she can go from one place to another without trouble. My own child couldn't take going from home to car, or from inside to outside very well. Not knowing her I can only tell you what I did. If this is a theapy time also you can get different feeling nurf balls, these balls with different textures they are cheap at say Wal Mart and gives her different sensory motivation, play games with them. Swinging was the best for my daughter she was always the most relaxed when swinging, to this day when she is upset she calms herself by swinging. Plus calming music such as harp music. Dr. Andrew Weil has a CD that is healing to the internal senses he even has a whole set of cd's called the mindbody box kit. Which Calms them down when things seem to get too much. Make sure you make time to calm them time of just relaxing if only for fifteen minutes. Going to the beach is a wonderful thing, you have different textures and things on the beach from sand to water to shells, stones, sticks,etc. Plus is a calming place to be. Building a sand castle. These children if not totally afraid of water find the water peaceful. Just holding them and letting them float in your arms, or swaying her through water. Coloring was another thing that she loved. She didn't like crayons the paper bothered her so I got colored pencils. We would sit and talk about what was bothering her by coloring on the floor. Please make sure that you are never rushed these children can't handle fast changes so make sure you pace your time carefully. Plus don't demand if she can't sit down to eat, my daughter didn't sit on a chair to eat she stood til she was seven. Plus certain food didn't feel right nor did utensils she ate with her hands. You need to decide what you want to accomplish with your time. If this is just a job in which you are watching the child for the parents ask them what they are trying to achieve at this time. Don't pick many things, take one thing that she cannot deal with or has trouble with and work on that and that only. I had to transition from home to car etc, but if I didn't have to go somewhere I just didn't go to go someplace that is asking to much. If you have to go somewhere give yourself enough time to make the transition, this you will be able to understand with time. It took my daughter 2 hours to make it out the door. So I knew I had to build that into when I needed to get somewhere, plus she hated to be buckled into anything, she said it was painful. Only because she had just been moved from inside to out now I was into a car and the car seat was a must, but that was so hard for her. So I had to do it slowly but I had to insist on this, it was hard at times but she needs to know that this is a step in life that she can accomplish. Have something that she likes as a treat for making that transition which is difficult. If she gets really upset make sure to make her look at you and not away, get her attention away from what has caused her to get upset. Sometimes that means being able to change what you are doing and rethinking. My daughter is now older and I did this all without medication but time and patience, you would never know she had all these problems. Her Sensory problems have turned to OCD problems but each year we still pick one thing to overcome. For the last three years we take a plane trip. The first time she had to go on a plane she was unable to walk, they thought she might have bone cancer, she lost 20 lbs in one week, seriously she couldn't stand the whole trip she was in a wheel chair but we went. I knew it was her only being overwhelmed with the noise and changes, that she wasn't familar with. The following year she vomitted but walked on and even passed out on the plane. This year she held my hand, her hands got sweaty but nothing else. She still doesn't like the noise but she can deal with it. These children all have different needs so you need to just understand her needs. My daughter loved me to read to her and I had the Leap Frog, Phonics Board which had the letters and then you put a card that had the word in, so she was able to hold the letter hear the machine say the letter and when she put it into the card, the sound that the letter made was told to her by the machine. She loved in time doing this herself, with all her problems she learned to read and it is one of her OCD problems, but I find it a good problem she reads 300 to 500 books a year. Reading became something we enjoyed together then and still do now. When we travel in the car we always have a book on cd along with the book and she reads as we drive. She still would prefer to stay at home but knows we have things to do. My daughter wouldn't walk in the grocery store, something about the pattern of the floor, so until she was 11 she rode in a cart. So I always had to have one of my other children push her in a cart. These are some things that I can only tell you about that I did and we dealt with and what we did when she was five. I don't know this child, I don't know what she can and cannot do. Hope this is of some help, or any help.


Bob 18.05.2009. 01:09

How to become "un lazy"? your smart you just don't apply yourself well i really want to get good grades but i just cant apply myself any tips on how to? i don't really study for tests and 3/4 of the time i do my homework


Admin 18.05.2009. 01:09

i am just like you, i really hope this helps so here it goes!!

ONE my motivation to get good grades is, if i don't my parents will KILL me, i will get a curfew and no friends till i bring my grade up

two, when your given time to work in class USE IT, TRUST ME you will definitely regret it when you come home with a pile of homework to do

three, if you do get homework do it right when you get home that way you will have the rest of the day to look forward to and you wont have to worry about finishing it

four, try to get your teacher to play a review game of jeopardy or some other game to help you review that always helps my classes and i seem to remember things better for the tests

five, when your studying take breaks not long one but like 5 or 10 minutes also try using note cards or just reread your materials, and if your good at not getting caught copy of someone smart

six, if you really have a hard time come early to class or stay after an get help from your teacher, think about it this way if you get help from your teacher you get the right answers

seven, one thing i learned while talking with my teacher and actually seeing it is that when you get a zero on a worksheet it DROPS your grad BIG TIME, i had an 87% in math and i alway do my hw, i asked him wat would happen if i got a zero and he showed me i when from an 87% to a 65% So its your choice

SO i hope this helps


Sarah 18.01.2010. 02:27

I need to lose some weight but exercise seems so hard...? I am 17 165 lbs and 5' 7''..i started my diet a week ago and i feel like i lost some weight. i cant check my weight cuz i dont have a scale. i use a ski machine at home ..but its so hard for me to exercise, my legs get so tired that i'm losing all my motivation. please help?


Admin 18.01.2010. 02:27

There are more tips and info.
How to lose weight naturally has been in debate for years.

Some say low carb. Some say high carb. Some say it's how much food. Some say it's how much exercise. But none of these covers the whole picture.

How to lose weight naturally is not rocket science. It just takes accepting the facts of these seven natural laws of weight loss, plus good old-fashioned stick-to-itiveness.

Seven Laws of How to Lose Weight Naturally

1. Make a commitment to whatever it takes.
2. Start from a foundation of happiness.
3. Design your own healthy diet plan.
4. Manage your emotions.
5. Find a way to exercise daily.
6. Keep a Journal.
7. Be persistent.

- Healthy life every day!


Lydier 14.12.2012. 12:50

Am I Going To Regret This? I moved to Hawaii from Mississippi almost three months ago to live with my mom and her boyfriend. They have been here longer than I have, almost seven months. But ever since I've moved here, I've felt miserable and I miss all my friends and family. I know that's normal, but its to the point where I just don't want to do anything anymore. I don't want to go outside, or even be awake. My mom is letting me move back to Mississippi with my grandparents this Christmas, which I'm completely thankful for! Its just that every time I look at my mom when she speaks of me leaving, I feel like crap because her facial expressions are obviously hiding sadness... I'm 14 and love my mom, and should be still depending on her... though I'd rather live with my grandparents in Mississippi than her. Her boyfriend tells me that I'll regret leaving, and eventually want to come back. I protested by saying the only thing I'd regret was leaving my mom. Its confusing. I'm dead set on going back, and completely excited! I've even gotten a little of my motivation back. Though all of that plummets down when I see how my mom looks at me when I mention going home. Its like I crushed all her hopes and dreams into nothing. Still though, I've got my plane ticket bought already, and I just wanted to know through someone else's eyes if I were to regret this decision.


Admin 14.12.2012. 12:50

We all need what we need Lydier, if you want to come day I'm sure your mom will allow it, go now back home and see if that's what you need truly. Your mom probably is sad, her hiding it some shows her love for you. Respect this, and yes there will be some guilt, we feel bad when we feel we let someone down we love, its normal but don't beat yourself up your 14, mom.has her life, you are not as functional as you need to be in Hawaii, and if the beauty of Hawaii does not tip the scale you probably should go home. Talk to your honesty and with immense detail explain it to her. She'll understand. She knows you love her. Good luck!!


Heretoask Q 19.09.2008. 07:00

My heart is broken, I am losing motivation, and I feel empty. I need help...? I opened up to a friend of mine, revealing my feelings for her after knowing her after seven months or so. We are really close, but she told me she didn't want to ruin the friendship. Me being a closed-off person I am, I was devastated. I know I have to move one, I just want help with advice on how to get moving on. I was really left hurt and beaten down. I just want some tips and advice on what I can do at home and words of motivation because I have never opened up and this feeling of opening up hurts. It seems so much easier to hate.

Heretoask Q

Admin 19.09.2008. 07:00

i'm sorry... things will get better soon, you'll see. in the meantime, try to spend more time with your friends. you'll get over it eventually.


Princessx51. 29.04.2012. 01:20

Any helpful tips and/or study habits for me to improve my grades to high 80s-90s? Hi! I am in grade 11 and attend a self-directed, non-semestered secondary school. For the past two years of my high school career I've been constantly getting 82-83% total average for taking 8 courses. I feel like getting an 83% at the end of the school year is my limit. However, I want to improve and get at least an 85+% average by the end of the school year with seven courses I currently take: chem: 88%, bio: 89%, physics: 94, functions: 78%, world religions: 89%, gr. 12 english: 81% and band: 90%. However, I feel as though I'm never going to get 85%+ total average by the end of the year. D:

For grade 12 I am going to take: Band, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Religious Education (mandatory). I want to apply and attend UofT's Chemical Engineering program soo badly or Ryerson's Nursing program (a bit easier-- parents' decision). However, it would be a dream come true if I could become a Chem. Engineer because I get to use Chemistry, Physics and math in practical ways to create products from raw materials such as cleansers, soaps, etc., that you see at Shoppers Drug Mart or work at a Water Plant to maintain safety drinking water! Therefore, I have a purpose to do the mathematical calculations that many students wonder if they're ever going to use these formulas in the future.

My parents want me to stay within the area of Toronto due to financial reasons and other factors. However, in order to be considered by competitive schools such as University of Toronto I have to get at least a 90% average for my top 6 (next year), and I feel like it is impossible D: I'm not the brightest crayon in the crayola box but I'm desperately willing to achieve the grades.

Additionally, I'm planning to get a tutor for calculus and adv. functions next year (40/hour!?) by finding a job to save up, but can someone please give me some advice on how to excel in each course? As well as how to study for tests and exams? Ahhh, I'm terrible at tests and I usually try to do well on the assignments but for tests I mostly get 60s-80s.

Thank you so much!!


Admin 29.04.2012. 01:20

I'm a student myself & I have high expectations for myself, from others. I hold a 94% average right now, and to be honest you seem to be doing great! You have goals and clear motivation which in itself will get you so far. Here are some tips and tricks I use/do to help me maintain my average.

i'll list the tips then explain after in a paragraph
A/ Staying Organized
B/ Studying
C/ Teacher Help
D/ Get Involved
E/ Your Health

A/ staying organized is my #1 tip to success. By staying organized, you lessen the stress you put on yourself, and allow more time to be put into the effort in your work. Dividers are great for organization. labelling them can help you stay organized. depending on the course you can separate your papers several ways with dividers. I personally label them as follows: notes, class work, handouts, homework, tests&assignments (this way I find more beneficial to finding what i'm looking for &staying organized). I personally also carry one specific office type folder with me that has built in dividers in it. I use this for assignments and homework that I will work on that night so I do not have to bring my entire binder, and I can remember what I need to work on. I categorize them by class. When I'm done working on them at home, I put them back into the folder &check them off my planner. I put these papers back into their divider section at the beginning of each class.

next, get a planner and a washable big calendar for your desk or wall. This will help you schedule things, and remember dates &things. Youtube has great tips for organizing your planner! I personally use sticky notes, coloured pens and am in love with it! It's a life saver.

B/ using your time wisely, and studying is a great way to improve your grades. look over your notes daily (possibly during your lunch or something) to ensure you understand and process the lesson. This will help you retain the information easier, and for longer than cramming! Have a friend or family member quiz you, or do random textbook questions in your class readings. Do things that help you understand and remember! A helpful thing i do, is learning by association! associate concepts with your interests or things you already know!

C/ talk to your teacher about their expectations to make sure you are always doing what you can in every assignment. never be scared to ask for extra credit or help if you need it. I have made it very clear to all my teachers how much my grades mean to me, and therefore they tend to help push me to achieve this. I regularly go in once a week to each class to talk to the teacher about my understand of specific concepts. If they do not give extra credit, ask for extra work just to concrete your understanding.

D/ extra curricular activities and volunteer work get you involved in your community, and can look great on applications if your marks aren't as high as you'd wished! the more you're involved in, they better you look to them! It's not only about grades, it's about you as a person and the heart you'll bring to their school! they don't just want academics, they want the entire package!

E/ trying this hard in academics can get really stressful and easily overwhelming. With a tutor, school work, extra curricular/volunteering and a job life can get really busy, and feel like your social life begins to lack or you have no time to relax. Make a once a week day to relax and do absolutely nothing. This is most likely to be friday or saturday nights. A couple hours to do anything you enjoy, hangout with friends and just relax will help you recoup from your busy schedule. Ensure you are eating properly and trying to get to bed by 11pm daily to make sure you have the energy needed to sustain your health to pursue all this. Keep yourself organized to lower your stress and use your planner and calendar to visually understand how your life is planning out.

NOTE: although these tips are great, make sure you enjoy yourself. you're only in high school once and you want to make the most of it- don't get to caught up on the future to miss the present.

hope all this helps, sorry for the novel, but it's great to be informed and have some different ideas and point of views:) good luck on your future, and believe in yourself- you'll get there.


KK 22.06.2010. 14:08

Junior Year- Tips on organization, motivation, and more? Im going to be a junior in high school in the upcoming school year. This past year (sophmore year), I did average. I feel like I can do way better, but sometimes I cant find the motivation. I'll bring my books home from school, say I'm going to do my homework, and just never do it. How can I find some motivation to not be lazy and push myself?

Also, what organization tips can you give me? I didn't have a system that I could stick to in the past year, and I think that may have been half the problem. What supplies will I need?

Thanks a lot.


Admin 22.06.2010. 14:08

I don't know what motivates you, exactly, so the only thing I can suggest is to do your homework immediately after you get home. Don't say "I'll do my homework after dinner" and spend the rest of the evening online, or something; start it as soon as you get home.

As for organization, in high school there isn't a lot of room for you to develop your own system because you've got seven teachers who each want you to organize your stuff a specific way for their class. But I can offer you general tips, the most important of which is this: make sure everything is where it should be. Don't just shove papers into your bag and say you'll put them in the right folder/binder later. Put returned assignments where they belong when you get them back. Most of your teachers will probably want you to use a binder with dividing tabs; the tabs will probably be labeled with some combination of "notes," "vocabulary," "homework," "returned assignments," "tests," "quizzes," et cetera. Make sure you keep all your papers sorted into the appropriate sections. Write the date on every sheet of paper you use so you can remember what you took notes on when. Train yourself to get in the habit of doing this - keep a checklist or something. And definitely start using a planner if you haven't gotten into that habit yet.


fourth generation 12.07.2010. 23:13

need some tips on great body(for (advance health expert)? i have nice arms ,shoulders,chest and back but with out shape belly and lower body.which is totally let me off.
and i can only exercise myself for only half hour and with medium intense workout.
i just cant afford expensive supplement,equipment etc. i have also lack of motivation.

so my main question is can you tell me the exercise which is effective for toning the lower body and
abs in less than one hour in home.
i have push up bars,skipping rope.
now i just want to tone my lower body and develop my abdominal muscles. or like bruce lee.
i dont want to be bulky and large but with strength , flexibility, and definition in muscles.
thanks and give suggestion.

fourth generation

Admin 12.07.2010. 23:13

A Simple Beginner's Routine

You will do 3 work outs per week on non consecutive days. The first work out is your heavy work out. The second work out is your medium work out, use 10% less weight for your work sets. The final work out for the week is your lite work out, use 20% less weight.

Do a lite warm up with 1/4 of your work sets weight. Do a medium warm up with 1/2 of your work sets weight. Do 2 work sets with the same weight. Choose a starting weight and start light.

These are the seven exercises you will be starting with.

Bench Presses
Bent-Over Rows
Overhead Barbell Presses
Stiff-Legged Deadlifts
Barbell Curls
Calf Raises

You will be running this program on a five week cycle as follows:
The first week do all 4 sets for 8 reps.
The second week do all 4 sets for 9 reps.
The third week do all 4 sets for 10 reps.
The fourth week do all 4 sets for 11 reps.
The fifth week do all 4 sets for 12 reps.
If you got all of the required reps on the fifth week then increase the weight by 10% and

repeat the cycle. If you didn't get all of the reps on the fifth week then repeat the cycle with the same weight. You shouldn't need more than one minute rest between the warm up sets and you shouldn't need more than one minute thirty seconds between the work sets.
Do some cardio and abs work on non weight training days.


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