Show Your Customers You Care

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Show Your Customers You Care

By: Ed Sykes

I recently went to a major computer/electronics store to buy an expensive software package. I felt good that I was able to find the software at a substantial discount. But by the time I was through paying for my purchase I never wanted to come back to the store again.

What happened?

What is happening in many organizations in these economics times? They invest more money to bring in the best products, create great store displays, and bring in the best computer systems to manage inventory and process orders. But they invest little time or money making sure that the customer has an enjoyable experience at the "moment of truth." Plenty of "high-tech," not much "high-touch."

What happened while checking out was that the cashier was so indifferent to my existence that I could have been Osama Bin Laden and she still wouldn't have noticed. No eye contact, bad body language, no interaction with me besides saying "$312.) 64, credit card or cash?" Have you ever experienced this before?

The Forum Corporation did a survey where they asked people why they stop doing business with a company. Sixty-eight percent said they left because of the indifference by the organization they were doing business with.

How much money are you losing because of indifference by your employees? Or a better question, how many customers or how much money can you afford to lose in these competitive times? Not one I hope. But it happens everyday.

How do you stop this title wave of customers from leaving your organization? Whether you are a manager, an employee or an owner of an organization that deals with customers (and who doesn't) in person or over the telephone here are three "common-sense" customer service techniques that will grow your customer base:

1.) Implement a "common-sense" customer service policy from the top down.

Develop a mission statement that clearly explains how to treat customers, how customers should feel dealing with your organization, and what the organization will do to guarantee an enjoyable experience for the customer. Very important, involve all employees in the defining process to come up with ideas, challenges to the mission, and what they will do to guarantee success of the mission. This way everyone takes "ownership" in the solution.

2.) Support Your Mission with Effective Training.

It's not enough to create a mission statement that sits in the darkest regions of the organization. Provide ongoing training so that "common-sense" customer service becomes a part of the mission statement and your organization gives the customer an outstanding customer experience. In my situation at the store, that was a situation that would have never happened if the cashier had the correct training on how to interact with the customer. Also discuss the mission statement at staff and employee meetings and coachings. If you have the option, videotape your employees interacting with your customers.

3.) Motivate for More of the Same.

Make every effort to "catch" your employees or co-workers doing something good. This means at the earliest moment you see or hear about anyone in your organization, make sure you reward or acknowledge him or her for their efforts. Preferably in public. This could be a "great job" sticker, a discount coupon to a restaurant or store or a simple "thank- you for a job well done." Remember, the key is to reward individuals as soon as possible after the action you want to see.

These are three "common-sense" customer service ideas that you can implement today to keep your customers coming back and grow your business.

Copyright 2004 Ed Sykes. All rights reserved

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Ed Sykes is a professional speaker, author, and success coach in the areas of leadership, motivation, stress management, customer service, and team building. You can e-mail him at, or call him at (757) 427-7032.) Goto his web site,, and signup for the newsletter, OnPoint, and receive the free ebook, "Empowerment and Stress Secrets for the Busy Professional."


Deb S (SFECU) pray4revival 19.09.2008. 02:28

Is it right to take 10 points if customer care declines an appeal? If Customer Care declines your appeal
10 points will be deducted from your account.

I have never had an appeal granted even when I am in the right. I'm wondering if anyone is really doing any homework into the questions and answers that are being reported. I have seen so many get reported, mine and others, that are not violating community guidelines. So I'm wondering if someone is truthfully doing their homework here.

Deb S (SFECU) pray4revival

Admin 19.09.2008. 02:28

Dear Deb,

I had an appeal granted yesterday and I received an apology from Customer Care. I do know that a human being (Lars) read my appeal.
Here is the link to the question.;_ylt=AoAP2o4T7I9SzceIDSQDPW_ty6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080912212225AAfOJys&show=7#profile-info-qEu3NK9uaa

I think that the reporting process does need to be revamped to prevent real abuse from being done. If the reporting process were not being violated then it would be okay to deduct the 10 points to discourage misuse of Y!A.

Since it only takes 2 reports to get a question or answer deleted there is a minority of people with numerous accounts wreaking havoc on those they dislike. Or else they are just doing it for point gaming purposes. I think that the person who asks a question should be given a say in determining whether or not reported answers should be deleted.

As Nina BaC had suggested some months ago, always file an appeal. When I filed mine this week I made sure I followed the directions of pasting the material in question in the appeal. I hadn't even noticed that in the past. I also made sure to state that I had read the TOS and that I didn't see where I was in violation.

For His glory,


Sweet Pinki 15.05.2012. 08:52

When you call customer care, why the option of talking with customer care person is not easily available ? Most of the time you are not interested in recorder information, you need to talk to a human being at other end to get resolution to your problem quickly.

Why customer care centers do not understand this ?

Sweet Pinki

Admin 15.05.2012. 08:52

I think u r not understanding them ..
let's take eg. of INDIA as u r an Indian
outta the population of 1.21 billion, they would be hardly having 1.21 million persons on their company who talks with u while u call customer care that simply shows thr a hell lot of difference btwn what we think, every single customer care assistance has to answer atleast a million customer while chances makes it less as we all don't get prob. at the same time..

Now, to be specific as u have understood the scenario- So, THEY WANT US TO WAIT JUZ COZ TILL THAT TIME THEY CAN SOLVE SOMEONE ELSE'S PROBLEM..


Andre 05.11.2011. 03:08

How can I thank my local bike shop? My local bike shop has been outstanding to me and my bike. They always go out of their way to do that extra and really show their customers they care. What would be a cool gift to give to show that I appreciate their work? Coffee? Beer?


Admin 05.11.2011. 03:08

The best way to thank that shop is to visit frequently, even if you don't buy something every time you go in. If you like the people in the shop, your attitude will be obvious. Get to know all the salespeople as well as the guys in the workshop. Learn about them as individuals. It is a very nice thing to show up with cofees and perhaps a small snack, but I wouldn't buy beer. Not that I am against beer, but some of the employees may not drink. You are their best gift: a good customer


Ezenwa 12.12.2012. 11:24

How long does it take typically for Yahoo Customer Care to respond on a case of "I cannot login" ? I tried to log into my account with the right username and password, but the system started asking me security questions, whose answers I could not remember. It then asked me to receive a code through my hotmail account which I have also forgotten. I therefore contacted customer care of Yahoo as the problem persisted. How soon can I hear from them or what should I do?


Admin 12.12.2012. 11:24

If you don't hear within 24 hours, try this link:;_ylt=AvyI2Qg4yle7o5cAaBPr8N7yPXpG?last_url=

If you wait a few seconds, a "Live Chat" button should show up there. Sometimes, it is active; other times it is busy. Just keep trying until you get an active button.


Jay 22.04.2013. 03:05

How do I stop my kids email home page from showing news headlines? I have a Yahoo Family account and both of my kids are still on Yahoo Classic Mail. When I try to upgrade to the new Yahoo Mail it says it is not available for me yet (although I have it on my account).

When they go to their email account it defaults to the page showing news headlines, which I would rather my 6 and 8 year olds not see. I can not seem to find a way to disable this and get them directly to their emails.

Any help is appreciated. I also can't find a way to email Yahoo Customer Care about this. I keep getting stuck in FAQ land.



Admin 22.04.2013. 03:05

There is no way around having the home show headlines, but instead, you can set up favourites or bookmarks leading directly to their inboxes. You could name each favourite (kid's name)'s mail and have them click on that. I don't know much about family accounts, but if both tour kid's email accounts are linked up to one, then I don't think that you will be prompted for a password, but if you are asked for one, it will bring you directly into the inbox when you sign in, bypassing the news highlights.
Hope this helps.


Joel 16.11.2012. 00:00

How do I get yahoo to synch a group that I moderate? I added a member who does not show up in the member list? I have tried going to customer care, but I don't see anywhere to make a request about a specific group that is not a public comment.


Admin 16.11.2012. 00:00

Hi Joel,

Sorry to hear that a new member is not appearing in your group's Members list. If you'd like, you can edit your question with the group name, and I will be happy to resynch your group for you.

If you'd prefer not to post your group name here, you can submit a Help request to Customer Care at:

On the form, select Groups as the product, Notices and errors as the category, and errors when approving new members as the subcategory.

For the fastest possible resolution to the issue, please include in your request:

- A detailed description of the issue

- The exact name of the group

- The email address of a user who is an active member (based on Memberships logs), but does not appear in the Members list

I hope this info helps! Please let me know either way!


Tyler Frost 22.02.2013. 21:35

When I make a call, my number shows up withheld. How do I fix this permanently? I recently bought a Uniden DECT 6.0 handheld phone with answering machine, the model number is D1484-2. When I make a call to any land line or cell phone, it shows that my number is withheld, unknown or blocked. I have called Windstream, my telephone provider, over this issue and the first representative stated to wait a few days for the number to register since I am a new customer. I have waited 5 days and called back, and the second representative said it was because I am unlisted in the phone book and removed that feature. But my number still shows withheld. I called again, and the third representative said I needed to press *82 on my phone and it would disable the feature. When I pressed *82, I got an error message. When I pressed *82 and dialed my cell phone, I got another error message. When I regularly called my cell phone without *82 it STILL shows withheld! I have checked the manual throughout and found nothing regarding this issue. I have tried the Customer Care phone number provided, which is 2 different numbers, and both do not connect do to "unforeseen issues" on their end. How do I fix this issue so I can make a normal phone call and my number shows on the other end? I don't want to have to press extra buttons just to call someone. Thanks in advance, 10 points if you can help me fix it!

Tyler Frost

Admin 22.02.2013. 21:35

*82 is supposed to unblock your caller ID on a PER CALL basis.. so you would have to call that every time you made a call and wanted to unblock your number... obviously you are having problems with this feature..

to permanently change the status of your outgoing caller ID (always show or always hide) you would need to call your phone service provider and get them to change this..

this has got absolutely NOTHING to do with if your number is unpublished or not.. whoever told you that is a complete idiot and should not be working in this industry.

sounds like your provider hasn't got their sh!t in order, unless you have a really great rate or are locked in with some kind of contract I would consider shopping around for a better provider.


survivor 06.05.2013. 14:09

Why are the attachments on incoming mail being automatically shown in the email body? Until last week all my incoming attachments would be shown as thumbnails, which I could view when clicking on them. Now all of a sudden, the thumbnails all have a generic photo and the actual attachments are being automatically downloaded in the body of the email. I haven't made any changes to my settings. Why is this happening and how do I stop the attachments from being automatically displayed in the body of the email?

Also, why can't we contact Yahoo Customer Care directly anymore? Used to be that you could send them an email with your problem and actually get a personal reply back.
UPDATE: Thanks, Jimmy for your info. However, that link merely takes you back to the links to search for your answer. When I fill in the form, it comes back as: "Sorry, no additional support options are available." There is no place where I can submit my question directly to Yahoo Support for an actual person to answer it!! Any other suggestions?


Admin 06.05.2013. 14:09

My attachments are still appearing as thumbnails, so I can not help you with that. But here is a link to email customer care.

Customer care


Dani L 09.12.2012. 23:12

Is it legal to be charged differently on a shipping confirmation than what an order confirmation showed? I ordered something online from Home Depot and wrote down the confirmed amount from the order confirmation email. I thought nothing more about it until I checked my account and found an overdraft charge where there shouldn't be one. Now I'm in a hassle with customer care to get back the difference of $3.85 plus the overdraft fee of $36 that they swindled me for in my order. The shipping charge was a "flat rate" charge. Are they allowed to change the total price of my order(including shipping) from what it was confirmed to be at a later date when it ships?!
Surely they could be charged with fraud and theft or some other criminal charge?

Dani L

Alan 30.12.2011. 19:05

Why is the Activity Log not being updated by yahoo? Upon reviewing my log-in activity,I show no activity after the date of Dec11th.I have e-mailed yahoo's customer care service three separate times with absolutely no response.I had my password compromised in the last seven days and I wanted to know if the two events were related but still no response from Yahoo. Not very good service!


Admin 30.12.2011. 19:05

This is a glitch suffered in both the Classic and the newest mail version recently. I assume Yahoo already knows about it and is working on it. (Mine shows the exact same date as yours, a new mail user was stuck at Dec. 9) WHY? I never understand the Why's of computers, but I can usually work around them - not with this glitch, though.

As for the compromised account ...
1. Check that the alternate e-mail address is still yours, under Options, Mail Options, Account Information, then change it! (so the hacker will not be notified of the change). Then change both your password AND your secret questions and answers. Make them unique and strong ones!
(*** Changing your password also deletes the cookie which apparently inserts that sly trojan address grabber. ***)
If you have a Yahoo! account, you can change your password at If you can no longer access your account, you can get a new password at If you still can?t access your account after going through the ?Forgot Your Password? process, you may contact the Customer Care team for assistance. Click Help, then Customer Care, then Live Chat - it make take a while, but a human answers! You will be asked several questions to verify that you are the owner of the account.
If you used this password for other accounts, change them too - make every one different. Make the password longer than 8 characters, with mixed symbols.
Usually, this is all you need to do, although mail will still be sent in the name of the old account for a while.

2. *** If spam mail was sent to any of your contacts, apologize, and notify all your contacts NOT to open short e-mails, especially those with no subject, and definitely not to click any links. Warn them to scan for malware too, just in case. Set up an alternate 'alias' account to use instead. This allows you to use a different address for sending, but still keep all saved mails and contacts and the first address active too for incoming mail. Your friends can trust this new address. (There is a choice of address in an arrow in the From: box.) (alternate address)



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