Something From Nothing, With Something To Share

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Something From Nothing, With Something To Share

By: Gregory Scott Reid

Betrayal, it can hit you like a load of bricks falling from the sky, leaving you with a pit in your stomach that no pill can cure.

Starting your own business is hard enough, however when your inside people are working against you as well, it can make the toughest of souls weak at the knees.

Let me take you back a few years, and share a little story with you.

There I was, a fledgling in the corporate world, I had just quit my (steady) job and sold everything I had to venture out into entrepreneur life, when "it never could happen to me" happened.

My closest friend and business partner wiped out our bank account balance, leaving me with debt up to my eyeballs, and a lesson to be learned.

I come from one of those attitudes that believe that everything happens for a reason, so what could this reason be, I pondered?

It was tough; let me tell you - faced with the biggest crossroad of my life.

A failing business with no cash to save me, a close friend's betrayal, and two roads leading into separate directions.

One, Go after the person who did me wrong, obviously having a slam dunk case and would win in any court, or Two, use that same precious time and energy to focus in a more positive manner on rebuilding what I once had, and learn from the experience, if nothing else, what I would never tolerate again.

What would you do?

For myself, I chose the second of the two, knowing darned well, that by wasting my (thoughts and energy) on ways to get back at this person, and how I could make them suffer as I, there would be little left to focus on what really mattered most.

Creating the business model and dream that I had began on in the first place.

What made me take this route, you ask?

There is an old saying that goes 'many receive good advice, yet few actually profit from it.'

Since I chose to succeed, I went back and listen to all my old motivational tapes, thumbed through the books, and messages, got my focus back and quickly realized that we are all dealt obstacles in this world.

I mean, there will always be stumbling blocks in our lives, that's just part of life itself.

It's our "Attitude" toward these events that show the world who we are as a person.

For, it's been said: we learn more about someone on one bad day, then on all their good days put together.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to always have drama in their lives, while others simply go with the flow? Or why one group of people are happy and content most the time, while some seem to only attract anger and chaos into their lives?

I believe it's because what we feel and how we see ourselves on the inside is the direct reflection on how we feel and see the world around us.

Someone once said to me, "we can't control our circumstances all the time, but we can control our attitude toward them." A true statement I know, but come on - I was stuck in a tight spot here.

So, there I was - with a BIG decision to make and decided to take on this challenge as just that.

A challenge.

I figured, if I could overcome this situation that seemed so grave at the time, and not only make it through it, but actually grew from it, perhaps, maybe - just maybe my business partner didn't fail me after all.

Here's what I did.

I moved on, and buried the past. I went into the office the next day, changed the locks on the door, rolled up my sleeves and never looked back.

It's amazing what a new coat of paint can do to a dreary old room, and that's what I did for my business and attitude toward it. Out with the old, and in with the new.

When I called all my customers and explained what had happened, you wouldn't believe the response. It was like a brotherhood of business people. Each person I spoke with having more advice that the last. It was strange how I felt all-alone, and ashamed for letting someone take advantage of me, while others saw me as a new start up, and simply green behind the ears. Remember, we all make mistakes.

There were many lessons learned that month, and I took the advice given to me by these people, by hiring the best accounting person I could find, and then one of the best of Tax firms to oversee their numbers as well.

By doing so, guess what happened?

My business rose to the highest of dimensions, allowing me to set my sights on growth rather than setbacks, and on the future rather than the past.

That was many, many years ago, the company became a corporation, and eventually the corporation was sold to another.

Now I find myself here, writing this story as if it were yesterday, remembering one of the greatest lessons I've learned.

In life - things will happen, both for the good and the bad. It's the way we handle these situations that make us who we are.

It's all right to feel anger; it's OK to sense pain, but in the end, when the story is written, which path will you have chosen?

Live in the past, or live FOR the future.

Best wishes, and what ever you do....

Keep smilin'.........

About The Author

Gregory Scott Reid, The Millionaire Mentor, Inc.

#1 best-selling author, speaker and Radio Personality.


vilcu m 10.05.2009. 06:51

How can I protect against unauthorized remote computer access? Someone is connecting to my computer through Internet! I could even acces his/her Shared Documents!!!

How is this possible? And how should I prevent it? Must I raise the security level of my Firewall?

What about shared folders? If I have nothing shared on any network, can somebody still access my files??

Thanks for any help.

vilcu m

Admin 10.05.2009. 06:51

Yes try zonealarm firewall
also u can try a similar free firewall (as good as zonealarm but free)
Its name is comodo ..
its one of the best free firewall and had tons of advanced options


ajit s 26.08.2008. 10:52

what sort of information should i collect befor start investing in share markit? i don't know nothing about share investing, what sort of information should i collect before investing in shares.

ajit s

Admin 26.08.2008. 10:52

I would read the following books:

1) The Intelligent Investor
2)Security Analysis (1996)
3) Accounting text book


Aaron 15.04.2013. 05:34

Are these good prices for 1 bedroom apartments in Tallahassee? First off, I'm 25, I'm moving to Tallahassee for school, I should be there for about a year and a half, and I'm living off of the GI Bill which covers tuition, books, and $1350/month living expenses. I joined the Army at 18, so I've only ever lived with my parents or in a barracks. Any advice is welcome, whether it directly relates to my question or not.

I'll list a few of the places I'm looking at below, please tell me what you think of them, or of other places you know of that might be good, or what you think a good price point for the area might be?
University Gardens is the one I'm looking at most strongly, maily because of the price.

Campus Gardens 309/m plus 20/m for furniture1 bed 1 bath in a 4 bedroom suite, shared kitchen and living room
Campus Walk 499/m 1bed 1bath price includes water/sewer/pest nothing shared
Colony Club-High Point 575/m 1 bed 1 bath, some utilities included, i don't know which yet
The Landing at Appleyard 399/m 1 bed 1 bath with a shared kitchen and living room


Admin 15.04.2013. 05:34

You would probably be the least happy in the places where you are just renting the bedroom and maybe all of these. Most of the residents are going to be 18 - 22 year olds. I would try to find a place that is away from the young college students. Unless you really want to be around a bunch of rowdy 18 year olds.


Fedz 15.01.2012. 16:39

how many shares does it take to take over a football club? I know nothing of shares, but I want to buy shares in a football club, how many does it take to takeover a football club?


Admin 15.01.2012. 16:39

51% The amount will vary depending on each individual company/club.


Nigel 10.01.2010. 16:03

How to be friendly with others? When I am in a group, I find that there is nothing to share. I keep listening - no talks - just nodding - smiling...... Why is this? I want to change this. I need to be more friendly. I can not find a topic for a flowing conversation. My PR is minus. a few friends. How to overcome this and how to be more friendly with others?


c k 22.07.2009. 15:51

Can my recently deseased ex's common law keep my kids personal effects? My kids dad recently passed away and his common law spouse will not let the kids retrive their personal belongings not even clothes, nothing. We shared joint custody 50/50 and the kids have stuff at both residences. As the other parent can I go and get their things or do I have to call the authorities to assist? I know she hates the kids but this is ridiculous, they are teenagers and are discusted by her actions.

c k

Admin 22.07.2009. 15:51

Call the police and explain the situation. Chances are they can escort you to the house to retrieve their possessions.


Hayedeh 28.07.2012. 06:23

How can I get a divorce in Calgary, AB? My husband and I came to a conclusion that there's no way to go on in this relationship and we both agree to get a divorce. But we have no idea about the steps and the rules. We have nothing to share (no property, no child) so It's easier, I guess. I appreciate anyone who can help us with this problem b/c we don't want to pay a lawyer and want to do it ASAP!



Admin 28.07.2012. 06:23

Call Lawyer Referral:

You get a free half-hour consult (usually over the phone) with a lawyer. When you call, they will ask you what kind of legal advice you want. Tell them you want a divorce (Family Law). They will give you the names of lawyers you can call, and get "starting advice" from.

I advise this:
1. Once you know your rights and his rights, work out any terms of the divorce. There are no kids, no property ... but you both have cars? Furniture? Joint bank accounts? The more you two can agree on WITHOUT hiring two lawyers to fight it out, the cheaper it will be.

2. Hire a lawyer to do up the divorce papers and file them with the Courts (there will be a Court fee to pay). You want it done properly.

When my husband and I divorced some years ago (in Alberta), we had both kids AND a house. But we had no trouble working out what was fair in both our minds. Since there was not disagreement between us, we only paid one lawyer to do up the paperwork, and it didn't cost that much.

But FIRST you both need confirmation of what your legal rights and obligations are in this matter. You can't agree to something that is "against the law".


Quest 05.04.2008. 07:09

Is it harder for an attached home to be sold than a detached home? It is a single family home that is attached by a garage to another home. So 2 homes are put together but nothing is shared.


Admin 05.04.2008. 07:09

Maybe but what most people want is the best a a good price.. its what they can afford therefore they may have no choice of preference..


Damien 27.12.2008. 04:48

Is architecture a fulfilling degree and/or career to you? Alright architects, give me your feedback. How do you feel about your career as an architect? Do you enjoy it, or do you hate it? Was getting the degree the most stressful experience and now your stuck making nothing? Please share any opinions, experience you have developed as I am majorly considering this field.


Admin 27.12.2008. 04:48

It is a blast! Either you love it or you hate it. If you love it, you're practically giving your services away for free. Look at it this way, as an intern, you will be putting in so much uncompensated OT, you're lucky to make $11/hour. To put it into perspective, burger flippers at In and Out Burger will make more than you with a high school diploma. So in the beginning (first 3-5 years), the pay scale is dismal. It may or may not pick up depending on where you take your career, how much you've learned during those 3-5 years. Money will follow those who are good at what they do no matter the field of study, just look at the Madden football video players.
Getting the degree was not difficult, nor was taking the ARE. It takes a lot of hard work and you have to be willing to sacrifice. There's a lot to learn and school will not prepare you for the actual professional experience. You essentially have to learn everything on your own. If the field was easy, everyone will be doing it. You will realize that only a few from each class actually make it to registration. Not because it is hard, it's because most applicants are not willing to take the necessary steps to make it.


Anemone 10.11.2008. 03:59

What are some recent miracles that you have heard about or seen? The question is straight-forward enough.

Now, I'll give an example. A relative of mine was riding his bike at maybe 18-20 miles per hour, and he was riding around a marina.. and he ended up hitting a chain that was stretched straight across the road and broke it. He "landed" in a sitting position.. and felt perfectly fine at the time. Of course on the next day, he had some pain in his thighs, but nothing horrible.

Share, and star it. Lets see how many answers we can get.


Admin 10.11.2008. 03:59

A few days before Christmas I prayed to God, "Lord, I need some proof.... some evidence that you are there. I want to see you working in my life. I want a miracle"

On Christmas day I was going for a run through a town on the east coast of Australia. It had started to rain but I had to keep on running along, following the footpath. I eventually came to the pedestrian crossing where I had to cross the road. I looked both ways and noticed a car coming around a bend on my right, which I assumed had seen me. On my left was a 4x4 coming along the straight stretch of main road, so naturally I assumed it had seen me. So I was free to keep going across the road. I got half way across and I looked to my left. It suddenly clicked in my mind that the 4x4 wasn't slowing down. It must have been doing about 30mph and was about 15 meters away. So, my natural reaction was to start veering away from the direction it was coming, to get away from it. It came up to me, I jumped to the right and stopped, standing in the middle of the road, in the rain. By the time it had stopped it was about 10 inches away from my body.

I would consider that to be a miracle, because it was going pretty fast, and it was raining. I'm very surprised I wasn't hit by it. There was a big enough gap there for the angels to stop that car.

A few days later I read this in the Bible. "Jews demand miraculous signs and Greeks look for wisdom, but we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles" 1 Corinthians 1:22-23

It caused me to realize that so often I act like a Jew as Paul says, and demand for miracles but I so often forget about what Christ did for us - it, in itself was the best miracle ever.


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