Success And Communication

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Success And Communication

By: David Bell

Everything we do in life requires communication. Personal and business success often hinges on how well we understand others and how well they can understand us. If one of the objectives of communication is achieving a shared understanding, what can you do to become more effective when communicating?

Here are few tips that will help you become a more effective communicator:

Do you make eye contact when speaking or listening?

Yes, this is simple suggestion. Take a moment to think about how you feel when someone connects with you in this way. Do you feel really listened to? Does it seem that the person is focused on you and the message you want to convey? Adding a couple of head nods will also demonstrate to the speaker you are really listening and interested in what s/he is saying. Making these simple adjustments in your behavior will help improve your communication.

Do you keep from interrupting and the let person finish what s/he is saying?

One way to enhance your listening skills is to spend more time listening. One of the challenges inherent in listening is that we speak at an estimated rate of 125 to 150 words per minute and we think at the rate of an estimated 500 words per minute. That leaves a lot of time for a listener to wander off into his or her own thoughts, jump to conclusions or formulate a response before the speaker has finished saying what they want to say. One way you can stay focused and present in a conversation is by "listening" for the speaker's non-verbal communication. One estimate has it that 75% of all communication is non-verbal. So, with the extra 350 or so words of thinking time you have available when you are listening, focus on the speaker and what they are communicating non-verbally.

Do your words and actions match?

Since communication occurs both verbally and non-verbally, it is important to make the message consistent. Send one message, not two. For example, have you ever found your posture rigid or tense while saying: "I'm fine, everything is just great." There are two messages being sent. The body is sending one message and the words are sending another. Another example of this is a feeling you can get that someone isn't telling you the whole story. Next time you have this sensation in a business or personal interaction, look at the person's body language and/or facial expression. Are the non-verbal cues in alignment with the words being spoken? When verbal and non-verbal communication is in sync, the message is perceived as genuine.

Does your vocal tone and inflexion match the words you are saying?

How you say the words of your message is as important as the words you use when expressing yourself. Think of the phrase, "Thank you" and the variety of ways it can be spoken. Depending on how the words are emphasized it will change the meaning. The same phrase can mean authentic gratitude or sarcasm. Think about the phrase, "Come here". A parent speaking to a misbehaving child will have a different vocal tone than someone in a business context using the same phrase. Even the word "yes", can have many meanings depending on how it is emphasized. A soft "yes" has a different meaning than a "YES" that is enthusiastic and forceful. Matching your intonation and inflexion to the message you intend to convey will increase your effectiveness when you communicate.

Are you aware of your barriers and filters?

Everyone has a point of view and at times it will affect how one communicates. Just think about the last time you were having a conversation with your spouse or significant other and then somehow, in a split second, you found yourself in the middle of an argument. How did things shift so quickly? One of you hit a trigger in the other, that's how things can change so quickly. We all have triggers and in order to communicate responsibly in personal and business relationships it is imperative to know what they are. Everyone has an opinion and is a result of his/her background; the challenge when communicating is to become aware of how these two factors can shut down the communication process.

In the communication process the speaker AND the listener are equally responsible for the success of the interaction. And, because communication is a process, the roles are constantly shifting during a conversation. The speaker becomes the listener who becomes the speaker and so on.

These tips are just a few of the ways you can become more effective in your role as a speaker or listener. Remember, one of the primary needs that communication fulfills is the need to connect with other people. Incorporating any of these suggestions will give you greater access to connection, as well as personal and business success.

I hope this helps in your future marketing decisions.

About The Author

David Bell

Advertising research and development center


BUNguyenI 08.04.2009. 20:23

How do you measure success in marriage? I don't want any anecdotal evidence, I want actual concrete conclusive evidence. I don't think divorce rates are a good measure because sometimes couples stay together because they are forced to, threatened, and they are still unhappy. What is a good measure for success? Intactness? Communication levels? Financial handling? The happiness of children?


Admin 08.04.2009. 20:23

Success is measured in happiness. Are you where you want to be? Do you wish that you were somewhere else? Couples that are poor are sometimes the happiest and the most in love. Do you understand and love each other? This are the important questions to ask.


(: 20.06.2009. 22:39

What school supplies does a Freshman need? Unfortunately, the high school I'm going to doesn't have a specific supply list but here are 'general' classes that I might be taking this year.

Here are my guesses on what subjects I'll be taking throughout the years-

AVID - Advancement Via Individual Determination, which prepares students in the academic middle for four-year college eligibility and success.,

Communication Arts



Fine Arts

Social Studies

Physical Education



Admin 20.06.2009. 22:39

Writing Utensils
Gym Clothes (A shirt and shorts. Also, you might need to buy a lock.)
Notebooks/BInders (Buy the notebooks after the first day of school so that you know how many subject ones you'll need.)
A bookbag

All in all, there isn't much you need for high school.


Aaron 14.10.2010. 03:21

What is the communication process for the thalamus? I have to do a project for psychology on the thalamus, and I need to know the communication process of the thalamus, the functions, and dysfunctions. Please be descriptive and understandable. Thank you so much!


Admin 14.10.2010. 03:21

Right up until a few minutes ago, I was talking about the same thing with some friends.
When, however, come into play the contrast between scientific, physically documented, and the value of thought, it is difficult to find a universally accepted answer.
I think your question reflects the characteristics of encouraging a discussion rather than a solution.
And... let answer on mathematics...
Best wishes and success in life


Billy Bob 30.09.2012. 17:37

How is communication important to marketing? Please explain how communication is important to marketing. I have to write a speech on it. Thanks!

Billy Bob

Admin 30.09.2012. 17:37

Here are some things you can note down:

> in order to market a product with success you need to be a good communicator:

To expand further:
? Communication put into simple words, or in raw terms - means, to put forth information to listeners in a clear and easily understood manner.

? In marketing, communication plays a sigificant role in how the audience/viewers react to an advertisement of a certain product - its important because if you communicate the points of the product you are selling - the significant/most noticable features of the product.

And you can communicate these points/features/areas of interest in a creative/stylish/memorable way.


Questions A 14.03.2011. 09:10

How to express my communication skills in a cover letter? Hi,

1. What means to have communication skills?
2. Could you give us some examples to express our communication skills in a cover letter?
- Is it the same to express communications skills in a cover letter for a position in a bank or a position in an international organization?
3. What are useful action verbs to express our communication skills?

This post could be very useful for a lot of us writing cover letters.

Thank you in advance.

Questions A

Admin 14.03.2011. 09:10

Think in terms of what you've achieved through applying communication skills. For example, did you build new client relationships? Liaise closely between multiple departments on projects? These are crucial elements which can definitely be included within a cover letter, and works much better than simply stating "honed communication skills" or similar.

FYI, a good format for cover letters is having:

1) An opening paragraph that clearly states the position you're applying for, as well as 3-4 key skills you possess that can be applied towards it.

2) A few bullets beneath this stating any relevant career successes. These can be taken directly from your resume.

3) A brief closing paragraph stating your availability for an interview, when you'll follow up, etc.


Aquarius 10.01.2010. 14:26

Why is it important for the NHS to have good information handling & communication skills amongst their staff? How important is good information handling, and good communication skills, for the NHS to achieve their mission statement and general objectives?
How important is customer feedback?


Admin 10.01.2010. 14:26

poor communication amongst staff is a no no in the NHS as it could lead to catastrophic chain of events that ultimately could cost lives.

Information accumilated, organised and shared is knowledge in the workplace - knowledge is power and is the driving force to decision making and success.

if u struggle handle information constructively and your communication skills are below average, you shouldn't anywhere near a health institution such as a hospital.

I'm fed up with the amount of times Ive walked into a hospital and asked a simple quesiton in straight forward english only for the moron on the other side of the desk to reply " sorry what was that ? "


and then im looked @ as if im being rude.

if youre deaf dont work behind ad esk you fool.

the NHS is actualy one big feckin circus act, half the ppl working in hospitals are on feckin drugs.


/ 14.10.2010. 14:53

How to become extremely successful while without talking, communication and generally being an ahole? Hi YA:

I have asperger's syndrome and I hate talking, humor and fun in general. People generally don't like me due to this.

Is it possible to become successful without having to talk to people and having a jackass personality?

Success = Money + Wanted by Women

How to achieve given the above conditions?


Admin 14.10.2010. 14:53


But it depends a great deal on your definition success and your particular skills & talents.

If you like to read, try The Big Short by Michael Lewis. Among others, it tells the story of Michael Burry.

The "trick," however, is that Mr. Burry was driven to be very, very good at something that earned him a fortune. Not everyone has the skill or the drive in high reward, high stakes fields.


babydollof4kids 26.09.2007. 10:22

What can be done to improve top-down, bottom-up and lateral communication? What can be done to improve top-down, bottom-up and lateral communication? What can we do to improve efficacy if our managers and employees won't take on an ownership role at work?


Admin 26.09.2007. 10:22

I believe that people should be placed in jobs that best utilize their strengths, rather than expose their weaknesses.

If employees occupy a job position with which they are comfortable, and are allowed to express their creativity and innovation skills without fear of admonishment and with full acceptance of unique thinking, they will thrive and feel that they have a personal stake in making a project a success.


boundbykarma 27.02.2009. 05:18

What books/workshops do you suggest to increase my Communication Skills in an informal setting? I want to increase my Communication Skills in an Informal Setting especially when with a large group of Friends,or with a distant Uncle. It is not that I am awful in dealing those kind of situations but I would like myself to be much more confident and more expressive.

Any books or Workshops or Videos idea are welcome.


Admin 27.02.2009. 05:18

I attended a workshop conducted my a gentleman named Michael Hargrove a few years back that proved to be very beneficial in the career I was working in. He conducted a 1-day workshop that covered not only verbal communication skills, but also body language, mannerisms, facial expressions & tone. His training seminar also touched on the ways that different personality types respond when speaking and processing their thoughts before responding to verbal prompts. Communication and human interaction is SO MUCH MORE involved than just a persons words. Although I was there for the benefit of my automotive sales career, I believe Mr. Hargrove conducts these success seminars for other vocational fields as well, if he doesn't he should! He is somebody I'd google up and look into....GOOD LUCK!


akarsh 27.09.2007. 11:00

What is the secret of success in business? I think planning meets opportunity is equal to success and put lot of efforts too in it. please send your views


Admin 27.09.2007. 11:00

BE detail oriented

Make sure you and your employees are happy

Set goals short/ and long term

Give good input to your people and customers

Follow up with FAQ- and team questions-

Be reachable to all and do not think you are above anyone who works for you-

Good communication
hard work
and positive in attitude


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