The Easy Days

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The Easy Days

By: Sylvia White

The easy days are gone when you could build your website and two or three months later see it heading for the top of the searches in Google.

Now you must be prepared to wait six to nine months to even see your website in the searches. Why has this happened ?

The main problem was that so many people joined affiliate programs, they built a website expecting to be successful and making money in a couple of months. When this didn't happen they were simply abandoning their websites leaving them floating around in space until they disappeared, or people were building them for short term profits or scam programs.

If you are really interested in your business and you are prepared to wait and work on your website to see it appear in the searches then go ahead and build it. Otherwise don't waste your time or money.

The only way to climb the mountain is to put on your climbing boots and using various implements, take it slow but sure.

Build your link pages by contacting other webmasters and asking for reciprocal link exchanges, don't join link farms, and if you want to keep your traffic don't join webrings. Do it the old fashioned way and watch your website do the same as that mountaineer and climb slowly up.

Ad content to your website, new pages for articles, there are loads of sites out there willing to let you print their articles for free. Pick a subject you are interested in and make it into a page that will interest the people who are looking around your website. This could mean you will have visitors returning to see what else you have added.

Optimise your website using keywords and meta tags, and keep your site tidy. Don't use colours that glare out and send your visitors scuttling off.

If you only have short periods of time to spend on your website, then use it wisely. While at work relieve your boredom by thinking up projects and ideas, this will save time. Instead of sitting in front of your PC wondering what to do it will be there in your head all ready to get going.

And last but not least, Write articles yourself, submit them to websites and ezines, get yourself known.

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Author Sylvia White, Owner of Business websites


troop36dragon 29.08.2010. 00:31

What should I do for an easy day in 300m hurdles training? I am a hurdler at a small school, and as a result I get very little guidance in hurdling. I run cross country to stay in shape, and I know that distance runners take at least every other day and do easy mileage. I was wondering what the equivalent to those easy days in hurdle training, or if I just need to go hard for 5 days a week. I am trying to plan ahead for November when cross country ends and I start training.


Admin 29.08.2010. 00:31

since youre doing cross country now, you are going to be in pretty good shape. i suggest that once you start training by yourself for these hurdels, your easy days not be as easy as cross countrys easy days are. cross countrys easy days work out to be often because we still get milage in. my school had 6 excellent 300metter hurdlers, and as their occasional easy day, they did a 4 mile run or a few sprints, and/or practicing your form.
good luck in track and cross country!


Abby M 30.12.2009. 19:20

What is the hardest and easiest day for a single person to have sex?!? What in your opinion is the hardest and easier day of the year? Is the easiest New Years or Halloween or something else? Is the hardest Thanksgiving or Easter?

Abby M

Admin 30.12.2009. 19:20

Spring Break is the easiest! So Easter is actually very friendly!

New Years should be friendly as well because of all the booze and parties going around!

Halloween, maybe because of the all the girls wearing their very revealing outfits!

The worst would probably be Christmas. Everyone just wants to be with their family.


Lorrin D 22.06.2009. 21:31

What is the easiest day to take a flight? not the cheapiest, but the easiest day and time. when it won't be too hectic and all that.

Lorrin D

Admin 22.06.2009. 21:31

usually Wednesdays are the easiest followed by Tuesdays and Thursdays. Forget Mondays and Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are hit and miss it would really depend on the season and your departure and arrival places.


James 18.09.2010. 20:14

Can someone help me with a hard/easy day schedule? Ok soooo I am an unattached runner so I dont have set track practices.
I have soccer practices on mondays and wednesdays and a game on sundays
I have PE on Mondays, Thursdays, and Fridays
When should I have my hard training days and easy days? And what should I do on my easy days?


Admin 18.09.2010. 20:14

Sunday you have a game and right after it seems like Monday is already a hard day with soccer and PE. After those two days, back to back, Tuesday is a logical easy day as does Saturday, the day before the game and only other easy day you could have. You don't say what you do in PE. If you are suggesting track workouts in addition to what you are already doing, it sounds like you are doing too much. What until soccer is over to train for track, or make a choice about what you want to do, soccer or track.


zenith01 28.11.2008. 04:48

What percent of people work the day after Thanksgiving? I chose to go to work tomorrow with the intention that it'll be an extremely easy day and I can basically screw around and get paid.

I work in an office - no customers or anything like that. So what percentage of employees for this situation usually come in?

Honestly part of me wants to go in naked.


Admin 28.11.2008. 04:48

i saw this figure awhile back and across the country only 18% of the work force has it off!!!


Aloisia 25.12.2010. 20:35

How often should you do interval training? Please answer. I have a few questions. I planned out my interval trainnig workout. How many times should i do it a week? On the same days that i do the interval training, should i also do weight training? Or, should i do interval training days. Then, do easy days with wegiht traigin? should i take any days off? I want to lose 2 pounds a week for four weeks. (8 pounds in 4 weeks) I am 14 year old girl 5'6 and 120 pounds.


Admin 25.12.2010. 20:35

You can do HIIT on the same day you weight train however I would either do the weights first then the cardio OR spread it out to where you do the intervals in the morining and then do the weights evening time3-4 cardio days a week are plenty. 3-4 weight days a week are plenty. Take a couple days a week off for sure. Your weight days shouldnt be easy days. Hit it hard. If you arent pushing yourself you are wasting your time. You must eat properly as well. 5-6 small meals per day with lean protein in each one, cut out the junk food and processed food. Eat at a slight deficit but not so little your body thinks its starving.


Ethereal 11.02.2011. 22:15

What is the best body cleanse to lose those last few pounds? So I am a month away from a vacation and I want to lose those last few pounds. I work out 6 days a week (not crazy though 3 hard days mixed with easy days and yoga) , I have a balanced diet, protein shakes, and take vitamins. I want to do it in a healthy way but I wanted to see if anyone had a suggestion for a good cleanse. Thank you!!!


Admin 11.02.2011. 22:15

Cleansing has absolutely no medical benefit and is in fact harmful to the digestive tract.
There is no "build up" of bad plaque or sludge in a normal system. If this was the case we would have people dying left and right from malnutrition since their bodies couldn't absorb nutrients.
Since we reabsorb most of the water in our food and drink through the large intestine, If it was coated with "mucoid plaque", we would all be sloshing around like sponges yes?
We "cleanse and detox" 24 hours a day through respiration, sweat, liver, and kidneys.
We can help by eating a healthy diet with minimal added sugar and salt. Lots of fresh fruit, vegetables, whole grain foods, beans, peas, and brown rice keep a system as healthy as it can be.
Minimal alcohol, caffeine, soda.
Read food labels. If you can't pronounce it, don't put it in your body.
Cleanses actually flush out the beneficial bacteria and enzymes in the digestive system.
A high fiber diet works every time.
Spend your money in the produce department instead of giving it away.


asdfg 15.04.2009. 23:04

What are some positives and negatives about your day today? Here's mine

+Easy day at school
+No make up work from being gone yesterday
+I actually know whats going on in Julius Caesar for english
+My Mom gets off early Wednesdays so she picked me up

-Had to do a speech in 5th
-Both my best friends were absent
-I've been tired all day
-I have cramps and I'm bloated right now

Your turn


Admin 15.04.2009. 23:04

+Saw my little cousin

-had to bury my grandpa
-it hasn't stopped raining since saturday (the day my grandpa died)
-i'm exhausted


PackersFan 18.10.2010. 22:27

Should I start doing two a day cross country practices? Right now I have races on Saturdays, long runs or rest days on Sundays, and during the week I have two speedwork days (usually 3-4 miles worth of intervals), two 5 mile runs, and an easy day on the Friday before a race. Should I start doing two a day practices, and if so how often? I want to get better but I don't want to burn out (although districts are in 3 weeks so as long as I don't burn out until AFTER districts...).


Admin 18.10.2010. 22:27

Don't start doing two a day practices now. Wait until after the season is completed. And for the amount of running you are doing now, it would be much wiser to get your total mileage higher doing once a day running, build your long run into the double digits miles wise.

The way physiological cycles work, you won't see much benefit in three weeks until your district meet, just really get tired. After the XC season is completed, then focus on getting your mileage up before track season. The real work for a season gets done months in advance, and then racing sharpens it. 3 weeks isn't enough time, better to feel good in races now.

I would say try making your non easy days longer, then once that feels comfortable, throwing in two double days or 3-4 miles to shake out legs and get some more miles would be plenty. But wait til after districts.


Carolina 22.11.2012. 10:23

Is horse riding a good exercise for weight loss? I'm a competitive horse rider, and I practice jumping for one hour four times a week. I'm 17, 5'2' tall and I weigh 115 pounds right now...I want to lose 10 pounds though. So I'm doing this diet where I alternate between normal eating days (1400 - 1600 calories) and "fasting" days (500 calories maximum).

Am I going to lose those 10 pounds by doing this? In addition to horse riding practice, I have fitness class at my school, where we do moderate to hard exercises two or three times a week. On easy days we burn around 300-400 calories, and 500-600 on hard days.


Admin 22.11.2012. 10:23

In answer to your question-- in general, no. In your case it's just an extra ab and leg workout on top of all the other exercise you're doing. You're already at a very good weight, it's going to be tough for those last 10. In my opinion your best bet is to stop counting the calories and start counting our carbs. I have ridden my whole life but until I started lifting and not eating carbs I could never get past the last 10. I'm 5'8 and with low-carb and weights I can get down to 130 pretty quick. At least it's a thought worth checking into.
Good luck


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