The Network Within

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The Network Within

By: Rita Fisher

When you hear the word "networking", what comes to your mind first?

You probably think about going to a job fair or asking all of your friends, family members and acquaintances for jobs.

But if you are currently employed, you might very well have easy access to one of the best networks you can have.

Let me introduce you to a different networking concept - that of "inside" networking, "inside" meaning: within your current company or organization.

68% of large U.S. companies have some kind of employee networks, according to the Diversity Best Practices group.

Lots of these corporate networking groups are divided into functional categories, like sales, public relations, etc.

You might ask: "but how will I benefit from joining a networking group within my company? Why will this help my career?"

Here are 7 reasons why joining one of your company's networking group, like the "Advertising Leadership Team" will give a huge boost to your career

1, You will have access to company leaders you otherwise wouldn't through interaction within the group and through delivering presentations, and joining in on projects.

2, Active involvement in company decision making process. For example: if you are an integral part of your company's "Advertising Leadership Team" you will have insight into how decisions are made and you will also have responsibility for the success of projects involving that team.

3, You will have access to a huge network of like-minded professionals who are also interested in advancing their career, participating in special projects and learning new skills.

4, Being part of the networking group and being involved with special projects also means that you will also a pulse on the big picture, more specifically: the corporate-wide happenings.

5, You will also gain insights into industry happenings through your regular contact with decision-makers, like-minded peers and training opportunities.

6, Because these networks are there to support not only their members (you) but mainly the parent organization (your company), your involvement in a successful network project will lead to recognition and consequently, advancement opportunities.

7, Education and advancement. Company networks regularly offer skill-building opportunities through seminars, professional training sessions, and mentor relationships. Take advantage of all of them to advance your career and expand your knowledge base!

Here are a couple of tips to make the most of your network participation

How to find the RIGHT networking group?

Join one that not only has an active agenda but also boasts the endorsement and personal involvement of a senior manager you respect and want to learn from.

One more tip in closing:

Before you join a networking group, make sure that you create a plan and in it define what it is that you want out of your network participation and contribute to your network accordingly.

Good luck networking WITHIN your company! Because internal company networks work with basically every level of corporate hierarchy, you will get exposure to and contact with major decision-makers within the company.

These networks serve as bridges connecting a variety of professionals from all levels within an organization. By becoming a member of such networks, you will gain an incredible career advantage and will develop friendship, professional contacts, expand your knowledge base and, ultimately, benefit your career for a long time to come.

About The Author

Rita Fisher, a Certified Professional Resume Writer, writes professional resumes for job seekers. She has received publicity for her work with job seekers on the Oprah Winfrey Show, in McCall's magazine and in many other media sources. Her professional resume writing work has been featured in "Gallery of Best Resumes" a book by Jist Publishing. You can reach her at


mark 25.02.2010. 13:11

What term is used to refer to a private network within a single organisation using Internet standards to ...? What term is used to refer to a private network within a single organisation using Internet standards to enable employees to share information in the form of web pages?


Admin 25.02.2010. 13:11



"Intra" meaning "inside"


Evie 30.05.2012. 12:48

How can you network with music industry professionals within London? I am a performer and want to network within london with professionals, are there any upcoming events?


Admin 30.05.2012. 12:48

London Music Producers: June 10, 2012; Check out Their Facebook group as well:

London Songwriters: Unsure of next meeting.

Artists, Writers, Musicians Group:

Social Networking for Musicians:


john 30.09.2011. 10:00

how to set-up a network within a school department with including its laboratory,student society, classrooms? good day to everyone. i just want to ask some help from you guys if you know how to set-up a network within a school department including its laboratory, classrooms, student society room and its network laboratory room. thank you for your answers. it will be appreciated.


Admin 30.09.2011. 10:00

You should have a technical department at you school that will help you./


Jimmy 15.07.2010. 17:30

Will the new Droid X work on Verizon's 4g network when, if ever, it becomes available? I want a droid x, but i know that verizon will be using their 4g network within the next few months, at least i hope. If i buy the droid x, will it work on the new verizon 4g network or will i need to get another phone?


Admin 15.07.2010. 17:30


Unfortunately, the Droid X is a 3G only device. Once the Verizon 4G rolls out, it won't be available in all markets. Well, at first, anyway. It will be available/tested in a few of the major markets in the beginning, then will slowly be rolled out nationwide a few markets at a time. So, if you live in a smaller area, like me, it could possibly take another year or two for it to actually reach us. However, if you live in a major market (such as San Fran, CA), you may want to wait out and get a 4G phone instead, whenever they are available.

So, in answer to your question - if you get a Droid X now, you will need to get a new phone when the 4G network is released in order to take advantage of true 4G. However, when this happens, your Droid X will still be fully functional. The 4G will just be "optional" with the right device. :)

Hope that helps!


Boston 04.02.2009. 17:40

How do you avoid wireless network interference from neighbors? Five of my neighbors have wireless networks within range of my house. I think the interference is affecting my signal strength on my own wireless network. How can I fix it?
I use WPA and MAC address filtering to keep people off my network. I just wondered if it was possible that interference was weakening my signal strength because there are so many wifi networks in my area.


Admin 04.02.2009. 17:40

Change the channels that your router is on. If I remember default is 11, change it to 3 or 6 and see if it fixes the issue.


Bralucas 24.02.2012. 07:17

What are reliable resources and good questions for research on effects of social networking in conflict? I have to write an essay describing the effects of social networking within conflicts.
As a topic area i chose the effects of social networking in the middle east however i haven't been able to find any reliable website (preferably .org, .edu or .gov) or scholarly article about the topic.
Also i have to conduct primary research so i would appreciate some ideas for question to put into a survey.
Thanks in advance.


Admin 24.02.2012. 07:17

Try to dig deeper into academic sources, try Google Scholar.


whitetagged 28.12.2012. 22:12

starting a wifi mesh network in the city a good idea? Hello, is it a good business idea to start a wifi mesh network within a dense metropolitan? Where the services are completely mobile, even with highspeed travel within cars, unlimited downloads, relatively fast bandwidth and applications that serve; gamers, business users and home users.

Is this a good idea? What do you think hoenstly give me your input.
(*)P.S i already know that cost to set up 6 wifi multi radio mesh units is about 150k per year.
Just let me know if itsa good idea for a business?


Admin 28.12.2012. 22:12

Let me put it this way, nearly every company that has tried doesn't appear to be in business anymore. Most cities that setup "metro wifi" are losing money. 6 radios? You won't cover much. I know of a fairly small metro system that when finished used 142 radios and still has dead spots! With 3g and 4g cellular available and thousands of towers in place why wifi? The answer is what other services and at what cost are available. No one traveling high speed needs wifi, they need to be driving.


Nameless New Jersey 24.01.2009. 22:20

Can I use two wireless Networks on one internet connection to get faster UL/DL speeds? Let's say, hypothetically of course, that I use an unsecured wireless network to connect to the internet. In addition to that, my neighbor also has an unsecured wireless network within range. Could I connect to both at the same time to get a faster internet connection?
What about applications like utorrent, or games, (such as counterstrike and America's Army?)

Nameless New Jersey

Admin 24.01.2009. 22:20

I don't think you can anymore.
Internet explorer can only use one router at a time.
Netscape used to have a option to use two,
But it's been defunct for some years now.


rebekka646 06.10.2007. 00:37

What is the best way to look for a new job without letting my current employers on? I would like to network within my field for a new job. The problem is it's a small field and I'm afraid it will get back to my current company. Even though I'm unhappy in my current postion, I want to be tactful to both my current and any potiential employers.


Admin 06.10.2007. 00:37

I work for a very large head-hunting corporation. Here's what you should not do: If you are still employed, don't post your resume on the internet. Your boss or one of your coworkers could see it.

Choose the companies that you would like to apply to, and only send those companies your resume. Get an assurance from those companies that your resume will be held in the strictest of confidence. Don't try to take interview calls at work. If you are interrupted, it could be very awkward. It's better to give out your cell phone number to prospective employers. Work with a recruiting firm. They are professionals and know how to present you in the very best way. Employers pay the fees, not applicants. They have huge data banks of positions all over the country, too. They could help you find your dream job. We do it every day.


KE.N 31.08.2009. 16:50

How does one become an online content developer? I am changing careers and considering how I can use my finance career to establish a network within the tech industry. Typical background and experience along with who typically hires this position and what an average day entails. Thank you.


Admin 31.08.2009. 16:50

I would guess that they have to have some experience in the field of which they are going to be producing content for and experience in English writing.


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