What Does It Take To "Have It All" In Life?

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What Does It Take To "Have It All" In Life?

Many people have asked me why I wrote my book, 'The Street Kid's Guide to Having it All', and I realized that some people simply do not believe that it is possible to 'have it all'. Well, I am here as an ambassador to dispel that rumor once and for all.

If you are serious about learning what it takes, then read on and I'll take you on a short journey.

Let's suppose that at some point in the past, for whatever reason, by whichever means, there was a big bang, or there was not. It doesn't really matter. All we know is somehow, our universe, solar system, galaxies, planets and specifically our planet is here, and that's where I'll begin.

The number being thrown around right now is that our universe is at least 12.) 5 billion years old. (Not that I comprehend what that means). The reason for the prelude is to set the stage for some thought and greater understanding.

While you and I do what we do everyday, there are others who study what and how the universe is what it is, what the galaxies are and do, and even closer to home, what and how our planets do what they do. How this occurred is irrelevant at this point. It just is. After all, they (the planets and galaxies, that is) were all here before us, we think.

Instead, I like to think of our universe and planet Earth as our 'playing field', and our body and mind as 'the vehicles' we have been given to play on the field. So here we are, on this field, and we now have two choices:

- One is to play on the field
- Two is to be a spectator.

Either way, the game is on, and you must choose whether you are going to play or watch. If you have chosen to play, let me explain to you that that there are people who study the playing field every day. They have discovered very specific natural laws that govern our universe, galaxies and planet.

If you are a serious player, knowing these laws, and understanding them would have a serious impact on how well you play the game, don't you think?

There is one Great Law that suggests that everything we see and can't see, is made up of energy. There are also seven other major natural laws that work synergistically, and they allow the playing field to do what it does with such ease and perfection. Unfortunately, we have never been taught how to be in harmony with these laws.

It's time we raise our awareness and begin playing at a higher level...

Let's leave the laws alone for a moment, and discuss our body and mind.

For the most part, the physical body is easy to understand. We have studied it for over 6,000 years, and have learned a couple of tricks to keep it going faster and longer. We have five physical senses to help us decipher and understand the stimuli around us or on us.

The mind, however, is a little bit more complex. Scientists and theologians have discovered that we have six intellectual functions that are part of our conscious mind, and we also have three subconscious functions that assist us with much more complex issues and needs.

So here we are, playing the game, and I ask you this question, 'How well do you understand the basic natural laws of the playing field, and how well do you understand the functions of the body and mind?'

For many people the answer is the same. Not very well. The reason we do not know the answers, is because we have never been taught to look at the whole picture. Very few people have studied and understood how to connect the whole deal in a way that it is easy to understand and apply.

I will suggest that in order to 'Have it All', you must first understand the basics for making it possible. Look around you and observe the perfection and precision in everything. There are no accidents. It all operates by exact order.
If you choose not to learn how all of it works, that is totally up to you. You are then choosing to play at a mediocre level, and not at the level you are capable of.

As I mentioned before, you make the decisions on whether to play or watch, and then, how well you want to play. Learning the playing field and how you function makes the game so much fun!

Not knowing the basic laws is like not understanding gravity. Not understanding yourself is like a pilot who doesn't know exactly how all her plane's instruments work. Would YOU get on that plane?

Even once we understand the playing field, and the optimum way to use our body and mind, we still need to learn the rules relating to the 5 different games being played...those games are called health, wealth, relationships, career, and spirituality.

The games are complex, especially if we aren't taught the rules, angles and ways to win. Once again, if we choose to learn, the games become much more fun and easier to play.

I have invested over 20 years into this exact research and have discovered the fastest and simplest way to have what I want. My deepest desire is that you discover a few things to make your journey outstanding.

All you must do is be open to learn how to play, and grow again like you did when you were a child.

Remember to create a masterpiece. It is your choice!

About the Author

By: John Assaraf, aka The Street Kid
New York Times & Wall Street Journal
Best-Selling Author, Trainer & Entrepreneur


shera 25.04.2006. 18:39

what is the best way to tell a real good friend to stop mooching, he never brings beer or cigs? he is 34 lives w/ his mommy, doesn't work, helps himself to beer, cigs, everything, & it's the begining of the beer drinking season, it's getting outta hand, & it's my boyfriends really good friend, but it's costing us around $200 extra just since baseball started. I'm trying not come off as the B...... Help me!


Admin 25.04.2006. 18:39

when he's coming over tell him to bring beer, if he shows up without it say "hey, wheres the beer?" works like a charm. God, i'm good.


Lone Dissenter again 29.01.2010. 11:19

Does God intercede to God for us whilst sitting at his own right hand? If Jesus is God does God intercede to God for us while sitting next to himself ?
Rom 8:34
34 Who is he that condemns? Christ Jesus, who died?more than that, who was raised to life?is at the right hand of God and is also interceding for us.

Lone Dissenter again

Admin 29.01.2010. 11:19

Yes good question why is Jesus at Gods right hand if he was God? Why must Jesus sit NEXT to God, if He is God? Consider also 1 Cor 11;3....''head of every man is the Christ, in turn the head of the woman is the man, in turn the head of the Christ is God''. So if Jesus is God, why does that scripture tell us that Christs head is God, if they were one and the same? Also Matt 24:36 states ''Concerning that day and hour nobody knows, neither the angels of the heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father''.......again if Jesus is God, how will He not know the day of the end? Jesus intercedes for us as He is the Son of God, and therefore the mediator between mankind and His Father.


gqbebejai 09.03.2010. 15:42

Would it be safer to put the car in neutral when the engine suddenly accelerate and the brakes won't work? Toyota cars had claimed 34 lives from this sudden acceleration problem since 2000. Driver cannot decelerate with merely stepping on the brake, but they had to pull the hand brake to slower the car and cut the engine.


Admin 09.03.2010. 15:42

Yes. The experts advise putting the car in neutral. If you should experience a runaway engine, you should:
First - Navigate. Watch where you are going. Steer to avoid obstacles. If there is a soft shoulder free of any obstacles you may want to see if you can slow down there.
Second - Apply firm pressure to the brakes. Don't pump the brakes! If you pump the brakes, the brake system's vacuum assist system may fail and you will have no brakes at all. You may also want to apply the emergency brake.
Third - Shift into neutral. This could possibly damage the transmission but that is the least of your worries at this point. If you have a hybrid with an electronic shift, you will have to place the gear shift in the neutral position and hold it there tightly for a second or so before it will shift.
Four - If you have a key type ignition switch you will want to avoid trying to shut off the engine. In a panic situation, you could turn it all the way to off and that will lock up your steering wheel. If you have a push button starter, you will have to hold it down tightly for a full three seconds before the engine will shut off.


Sophie 01.02.2009. 04:20

How do i become confident and go after things that i want? i am 34 and life has just passed me by. my job is beneath my abilities..i have never seriously dated anyone... etc. it's saturday night and i am home again...acting like an introverted hermit.

how can i change this? how do i become confident and go after things that i want -- i have always just been afraid and settled for mediocre. what can i do to change?


Admin 01.02.2009. 04:20

Sit down and write down all the things you would really want out of life. I am 31 and in a similar boat. I wrote all my things I want and discovered I need to build a better social life.

I also wrote down all the attributes in my life and creativity is one of them. Therefore I am looking to help develop that by doing a jewelery making class. I could also make new friends that way. I love the outdoors and I am very spiritual so I have just joined a walking group so that I do get to make friends and get to see some beautiful countryside.

I am doing a correspondence course that will help boost my career and move away from a detrimental job. Maybe you could do the same, something you would enjoy and help you move away from a job that is not challenging you.

If you are a kind, caring, giving and have other good attributes then you area decent human being and you DESERVE to be happy. Remind yourself that you are a good person. I know I am.


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