Why Not Juice-Up Your PR?

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Why Not Juice-Up Your PR?

By: Robert A. Kelly

Say, from tactics like special events, brochures and press releases to a public relations effort more in keeping with the challenges you face as a business, non-profit or association manager?

I speak of public relations that alters individual perception and leads to changed behaviors among those key outside audiences of yours.

Public relations that does something positive about the behaviors of those key external "publics" that MOST affect your operation. Then helps persuade those important outside audiences to your way of thinking, helping move them to take actions that allow your department, division or subsidiary to succeed.

Fact is, this approach CAN juice up your public relations by creating the kind of stakeholder behavior change that leads directly to achieving your managerial objectives.

Consider this short but pithy blueprint: people act on their own perception of the facts before them, which leads to predictable behaviors about which something can be done. When we create, change or reinforce that opinion by reaching, persuading and moving-to-desired-action the very people whose behaviors affect the organization the most, the public relations mission is accomplished.

Where can this go? Try results like community leaders beginning to seek you out; membership applications on the rise; customers starting to make repeat purchases; fresh proposals for strategic alliances and joint ventures; prospects starting to do business with you; welcome bounces in show room visits; higher employee retention rates, capital givers or specifying sources beginning to look your way, and even politicians and legislators starting to view you as a key member of the business, non-profit or association communities.

How sure are you that your PR team really buys into the blueprint outlined above, and shows commitment to its implementation, starting with key audience perception monitoring? Luckily, your PR people are already in the perception and behavior business, so they should be of real use for this initial opinion monitoring project. Be certain that they really accept why it's SO important to know how your most important outside audiences perceive your operations, products or services. Make sure they believe that perceptions almost always result in behaviors that can help or hurt your operation.

Take them into your confidence and discuss your game plan for monitoring and gathering perceptions by questioning members of your most important outside audiences. Questions along these lines: how much do you know about our organization? Have you had prior contact with us and were you pleased with the interchange? Are you familiar with our services or products and employees? Have you experienced problems with our people or procedures?

Be ready to lay out some real cash if you retain a professional survey firm to do the opinion monitoring work, you may wish to use those PR folks of yours in that capacity since, as noted, they're already in the perception and persuasion business. But, whether it's your people or a survey firm asking the questions, the objective remains the same: identify untruths, false assumptions, unfounded rumors, inaccuracies, misconceptions and any other negative perception that might translate into hurtful behaviors.

Here, what you need is a PR goal that does something about the most serious distortions you discover during your key audience perception monitoring. Will it be to straighten out that dangerous misconception? Correct that gross inaccuracy? Or, stop that potentially painful rumor cold?

However, in the absence of the right strategy to tell you how to proceed, you won't get there at all. So keep in mind that there are just three strategic options available when it comes to doing something about perception and opinion. Change existing perception, create perception where there may be none, or reinforce it. The wrong strategy pick will taste like butterscotch sauce on your fishcakes, so be sure your new strategy fits well with your new public relations goal. You wouldn't want to select "change" when the facts dictate a strategy of reinforcement.

A well-written message is badly needed here to send to members of your target audience. It's always a challenge to create an actionable message that will help persuade any audience to your way of thinking. You'll need your strongest writers because s/he must build some very special, corrective language. Words that are not merely compelling, persuasive and believable, but clear and factual if they are to shift perception/opinion towards your point of view and lead to the behaviors you have in mind.

Once your PR team has ok'd the draft copy of your message, you come face-to-face with your "beasts of burden" - the communications tactics most likely to carry your message to the attention of your target audience. There are scores that are available. From speeches, facility tours, emails and brochures to consumer briefings, media interviews, newsletters, personal meetings and many others. But you must be certain that the tactics you pick are known to reach folks like your audience members.

Because the credibility of any message is always on the table, you may wish to avoid too loud a voice with this kind of message and unveil it before smaller meetings and presentations rather than using higher-profile news releases,

Here's where you'll probably start getting requests for progress reports, which tells you and your PR team to begin a second perception monitoring session with members of your external audience. You'll want to use many of the same questions used in the first benchmark session. But now, you will be on red alert for signs that the bad news perception is being altered in your direction.

One piece of luck: such matters usually can be accelerated simply by adding more communications tactics as well as increasing their frequencies.

OK, as a manager, your goal is to show a profit for your business unit, or meet certain expectations of your association membership, or achieve your non-profit's operating objective. In each case, you'll need public relations activity that creates behavior change among your key outside audiences. Behavior change that leads directly to achieving your managerial objectives.

And a darn good way to juice-up your public relations.


Please feel free to publish this article and resource box in your ezine, newsletter, offline publication or website. A copy would be appreciated at mailto:bobkelly@TNI.net. Word count is 1120 including guidelines and resource box.

Robert A. Kelly Copyright 2005.)

About The Author

Bob Kelly counsels, writes and speaks to business, non-profit and association managers about using the fundamental premise of public relations to achieve their operating objectives. He has been DPR, Pepsi-Cola Co.; AGM-PR, Texaco Inc.; VP-PR, Olin Corp.; VP-PR, Newport News Shipbuilding & Drydock Co.; director of communi- cations, U.S. Department of the Interior, and deputy assistant press secretary, The White House. He holds a bachelor of science degree from Columbia University, major in public relations.


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Admin 05.05.2013. 07:45

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yari139 11.07.2008. 00:23

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Admin 11.07.2008. 00:23

well first of all u cut the parchas, u take out the seeds with all and slimy guts, put it in a bowl.

then take a colador(im not sure how its called in english), its the net thing that u squeeze the juice out but leave the seeds.

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the parcha gut has lots of juice and it can give u for a second round, but then u throw it away. unfortunately, there is no third round.


Peter San 09.11.2010. 07:36

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Peter San

Admin 09.11.2010. 07:36

no, grape juice may contain additives such as sorbate, asorbic acid is fine but if it has sorbate in it it wont work heres a easy method: http://www.wikihow.com/Make-Cheap-Wine
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colombiana 12.06.2012. 15:24

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Admin 12.06.2012. 15:24

It kinda depends... was that the only time you had any weed? Or were you smoking a lot leading up to 4/20? If that's all you did, you should be safe by now. Weed has a tendency to stick around longer than some other drugs, but after a month and a half, unless you're a very heavy smoker- you should be okay. Just keep drinking a lot of water, and have some cranberry juice when you can too.


Aaron 13.02.2012. 04:46

Does anyone know a website that can calculate the value of a backlink? The value of a backlink is basically the PR of the page the link is on divided by the number of other outbound links on it. Is there a website or calculator that does this automatically. Currently I would have to determine the PR through googles pr checker of the page and count the number of other OBLs (through backlinkwatch) and calculate it myself. I need a website to do that for me automatically. Anyone?


Admin 13.02.2012. 04:46

That's probably a bit of a simplification but does cover the key link juice factors, on page context, relevance, noFollow and anchor text would also have to be examined. I would not hitch my wagon to PR, which Google seems to be phasing down. One veteran SEO guy says he turns off pr display and goes by his gut evaluation of the value of a potential link source, to maintain a natural link profile low and high value backlinks must be included.

The now dead linkvoodoo.com once did that job

SEO Backlink Evaluation Tool

SEOmoz has their own Page Authority rating system, you can get a teaser sample with the free version of http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ (They give Google a domain authority of 100)


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Admin 30.04.2013. 17:49

I would suggest more jerking off. Try to get it up to 10 hours pr day

That will make you left handed.


colombiana 13.06.2012. 13:50

How long does weed brownies stay in your system ? I had 4 weed brownies on 4/20 i need to take a physical for soccer in college in a couple of days will i be ok or will it show up ? What can i drink pr eat to make it disappear faster ?
Before 4/20 i smoked only smoked 2 times before i dont know if that helps or not


Admin 13.06.2012. 13:50

THC stores up in the fat cells in your body, and can stay in there for up to 35 days. The more fat you have and the slower your metabolism is the longer it will stay in your system. While there isnt really anything you can do to make it get out of your system for sure, there are pills you can buy over the internet and sometimes in smoke shops that will flush it out of your system. Also cranberry juice is very effective as well or you could buy clean powdered pee on the net and mix it as long as its not a monitered UA and they dont temp it.


Aaron 19.12.2011. 13:26

How to transform an online directory into a Wordpress blog with directory listings? Hi, I'd like to turn a web-directory into a Wordpress-Blog that also has a Directory/possibility for web-listings. I am looking for a Wordpress Template for a blog Blog, in which the entries can be listed in categories (just like a directory) and that passes PR/link juice.
Does anyone has a good hint for me, which WP template I can use for this?

Thanks Anne


Admin 19.12.2011. 13:26

http://directorypress.com is great. Depending on what directory software you're currently using - you should be able to import your current listings.


Just BN Me 10.11.2009. 21:15

How is the real estate market in Puerto Rico? A friend of mine is an agent here in the States but of course things are pretty bad. Did the real estate crash hurt PR as bad and is it hard to get a license there?

Just BN Me

Admin 10.11.2009. 21:15

I have an apartment on the east coast and frequent it pretty much. Let me put it this way. When the United States has a cold, P.R. has the flu. There are more people living under the poverty level here than any state in the U.S.

The average home here starts at 70k plus. In the cities you can get a 2 bedroom condo for 100k. The disparity between the haves and the have-nots are amazing and corruption and pay 2 play seems the norm here. Don't get me started on the homicide count on a yearly basis.

But hey, its an awesome place to visit and tour the island. The food and beaches are great and if you want a cool night out you can't beat it.

You can actually research about getting a real estate license in the state of Georgia which can be used in P.R. but there are obviously residency laws.

My suggestion is to visit the island but try not to stay just in San Juan. You might just fall in love with the scenery like i have. We have the only rain forest in the U.S. and you can drive around the whole island in 6 hours. BUT believe me i start at 5am and rarely get back by midnight. I plan on being there mid December to the end of February and i just can't get enough of it.

Yep you got my juices running again.


Jonas 18.06.2013. 15:01

Any suggestions from a PR and Marketing person on how to find sponsors for a music launch event? I'm doing an event where we will be launching a music video and the event is only for news and print media.

I want to seek sponsors. Any suggestions and tips on anyone that is a PR or Marketing major that can give me tips and do's and don'ts?

I had an idea of seeking sponsors that focus on green initiatives and living/eating healthy--such as companies that support the environment and companies that promote eating well such as a juicing company. But I was told this was very limiting in case a Tobacco or alcohol company wanted to sponsor our event--but in my opinion a Tobacco or alcohol company goes against living/eating healthy and I thought it was more interesting to find a 'theme' for the type of sponsors we approached.

The thing is this is the first time we've done this, so I was told it wasn't good to limit the sponsors I would possibly get.

What do you guys think? suggestions? Thanks!


Admin 18.06.2013. 15:01

You could do a bit of your own footwork and begin contacting or at least creating an email lists that is focused on other eco-minded and relevant businesses for you to target. Those will help tons in the future but if you still need to build the list, you can try a few of these ideas.

You didn't mention whether or not the event will be in a specific geo-location or online, but if it has a physical location, make sure to visit a good classified ad site and post your needs in all relevant categories, though I'd definitely suggest unique ads. Post in the proper area, the categories, for yours you could post in:


I'll add my favorite site to use in sources. It's my favorite because it has smoothly functioning social sharing buttons, eliminating the need for me to do so manually. You'd be surprised how many classified ad sites these days do NOT have these. Use one that does to cut down on time spent.

Keyword searches. It may sound silly, but try a lot of keyword searches. You seriously never know which weird order of words might bring you to exactly what you need. I wouldn't be surprised to find a list out there somewhere for exactly this. But you aren't going to find it under 1,000,000 possible hits. Try other types of searches like Dmoz. I'll include that below too.

Last but not least. Search for blogs that are active and email or comment about what you are looking for. As long as they are relevant to the many categories you can market this under, you will have the right eyes on your posts. Google's blog search works really well for these purposes.

Don't forget. Save ALL of those emails you collect for future email lists and use a free service like Mailchimp.

Dedicating three or four hours per week to this should net decent results. It is always best to do this as far ahead as possible of course. In a pinch, you may want to dedicate more full time hours to your efforts.

I hope this helps.


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