Work From Home and Make More Money

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Work From Home and Make More Money

By: Lorraine Pirihi

Why do you work from home? Hopefully you enjoy what you do and want to enjoy the lifestyle being at home can offer you, however is it because you want to make money so that you can have, be and do more in your life?

When you work from home you have so many advantages over many traditional businesses. You have more flexibility so when you do have to put in the extra hours, at least you're at home and don't have to spend long hours off-site.

However, just because you work from home doesn't mean you shelter yourself from doing what any successful business owner would do. They recognise that their customers feed them.

Who pays you? Your clients do and never forget that. Unfortunately many people do. They take your money and then vanish off the face of the earth. And if you do hear from them you know they are only trying to sell something or business is not going well. The silly thing is, if you look after the hand that feeds you, they will look after you.

Keep in regular contact with your clients, particularly the top 20% (both current and past) who have provided you with the most income.

Still keep in touch with the others via newsletters etc. However the top 20% of very special clients need extra attention.

A monthly "how's things?" call. Find out how life is treating them, without expecting to sell anything.

Send the occasional gift ...a book, tape, movie tickets. Thank them for their business. When special times of the year occur send them a Christmas Hamper, New Year's Calendar, Easter eggs at Easter. Little things which show you care.

When you get referrals, reward the referee with a thank you card or gift.

Do what most people in business don't do. You will be amazed that if you consistently (that is the key word here) make the extra effort, you will continue to get repeat business or more referrals.

My Story

For the past two years, I had engaged the services of two separate property managers to look after our investment properties. The property manager of company no. 1 was never pro-active. The only time he spoke with me was when I initiated contact because I had a query or was unhappy about their services. Company no. 2 was exactly the same except that they kept in touch via a newsletter which really was of no use to me as it didn't mention anything about property management. Mostly the information was about properties being sold.

It was very interesting that both property managers contacted me only when they had been notified by my new property management company that their services were no longer required. In fact, both of them were very upset. They were upset? I'm the one who was paying them, not the other way around. They both wanted to know why I was changing and I certainly told them.

When the new property manager did an inspection on one of the properties, the tenants were home. They told my new property manager that the old company provided very poor service and they were very slow following up any problems they had. I told that to the old company and the manager replied "tenants always say that".

Anyhow the point of this story is to spell out that because people don't say anything, doesn't mean they are happy with your services. Also as a business person you need to be on the ball. Be pro-active, not re-active.

And to do all of this you need to learn how to get organised, manage your time and yourself as effectively as possible. These are not skills most people are born with. They need to be learned. When you work from home it is vital that you circulate in the real world and grow your mind.

The Final Word

There is plenty of business around, however most people spend heaps of time chasing it, take the money and run off to the next person. Yet it would be so much easier to look after what you already have. (And the same applies to your personal life.)

About The Author

Lorraine Pirihi is Australia's Personal Productivity Specialist and Leading Life Coach. Her business The Office Organiser specialises in showing small business owners and managers, how to get organised at work so they can have a life! Lorraine is also a dynamic speaker and has produced many products including "How to Survive and Thrive at Work!"

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just_curious 17.10.2009. 02:55

what is the best online work at home money maker? I am looking for an on line work at home money maker that does not cost over $100. Can anybody direct me to a sight that is connected to the BBB.


Admin 17.10.2009. 02:55

There are real work at home businesses, but they usually do not come packaged with a slick advertisement that promises a beach house, fast, car, etc. Everybody I know who runs a home based business works a lot, takes time to develop skills, and takes some risks. Decide what you want to do, and then research that!

On the other hand, being a business owner is not for everybody. There are also legitimate companies who hire home office workers for a variety of jobs like customer service and office assistants. And many highly skilled workers, like writers and computer programmers, can telecommute these days.

You can find a home worker community below that should help you find real answers and spot scams.


Abbey 30.07.2009. 00:41

If you marry jin in harvest moon for wii will he bring home money? Im close to getting the 4th heart and I wanted to know if he will bring home money, or if I get stuff for free at the clinic?


Admin 30.07.2009. 00:41

Nope, sorry... xD Harvest Moon spouses (at least in Tree of Tranquility) don't contribute to the household - or get you discounts, haha.

The benefit of marriage is simply in the ability to have a child later, and of course the companionship of your favorite character at your house each day.

Also, husbands will prepare you a boxed lunch each morning, which you can either eat for stamina during the day or ship for extra profit. That's actually kind of a nice bonus that you learn to rely on - and, hey, it's more than spouses do in some other HM games!

Good luck with the marriage. You've got a 4-heart date, 5-heart request, 5-heart gift, and 6-heart confession as your remaining heart events to fulfill, and then he'll become eligible to wed at 8 hearts.


GOD 19.09.2012. 06:20

Feminist, What is it like to have a MAN who brings home money so you can buy clothes? MEN bring home money so you women can waste it all on stupid clothes...WHY?


Admin 19.09.2012. 06:20

Couldn't tell you. I make more than my boyfriend right now and have never been dependent on my partner for money. Don't worry, someday (if you drop the bitter, angry attitude) you might find a girlfriend and then you can have these kinds of experiences yourself!


Dinosaurpal 21.05.2009. 00:44

What will be the take home money if salary scale is Rs:5000-20200? I am applying for the SSC DEO exam 2009.They stated that the salary scale is 5000-20200/- per month.I wanted to know that at the beginning what will be the take home money per month in this salary scale??
Thanks in advance.


Admin 21.05.2009. 00:44

About 60% of gross.....give or take 5%...


shaqaldi 25.10.2010. 02:05

I need a legit at home money making business? Can someone let me in on a great legit internet home money making business? I really want to let my second job go, so I can be at home w/my family. I need something that can generate between $1500-$2000.00 per month. Don't send me any ignorant BS scams!!. Real honest people and opportunities, no time for games. No Selling or Cold Calling either.


Aaron 07.01.2010. 05:31

Where are legitimate online at home on my computer actual money making businesses? There are lots of scams on online at home do it yourself businesses, but where is good information on at home money making businesses with real opportunity. Like blogging, freelance writing, posting, ect.


Admin 07.01.2010. 05:31

I am 24 and work full time but I found a site last year a friend recommended for making extra spending money online. It was free to sign up and has paid me every 2 weeks to my paypal.Pays in good dollar amounts, Not pennies.Even pays you when you sign up. I get to pick and choose when and what surveys and things I want to do, and it is super easy. It doesn't spam you like some other lame sites I tried before. I suggest it to anyone I can. I posted the link below.


kimmielz1 17.09.2008. 17:34

Website to make money at home thats free and works? I am a stay at home money and was wondering if anybody knows any website or any way to make some extra money from home? A website or something and free. I don't think I should have to pay for either.


Admin 17.09.2008. 17:34

Okay, if you want something for free, what you will make is minimum waged income. You can't get a web site if you want to make a sufficient amount of income for free. Having a web site would be something for a business. With any type of business you venture in, there will be investment costs. I would look into telecommuting positions to be able to work from home. You won't have a web site of your own, but there are a lot of opportunities to work from home via web site, but again, the pay is minimum waged income. The bottom of the barrel type of income.


Angel 03.12.2011. 20:57

I need brochure holders that are not plastic but have home shape or money design for new mortgage company? I,ve searched online over & over for what I need and nothing comes close Need brochure holders to put in town that look like a home, money sign, something so the consumer will see them and I want them to be different. PLEASE HELP


Admin 03.12.2011. 20:57

Try a site like they have lots of accessories that you can customize and order.


yawlcome2000 16.09.2007. 19:17

What is the worry about sub-prime, if the home owner dont pay the home gets repossed.? I really can not understand why the worry about sub-prime, if you dont pay the bank or morgage company resposses house and they can sell it again and get their money back. They never lose nothing, but, perhaps high interest that they charged in the first place. It is only a paper loss not a dollar loss. All this fuss about hedge funds losses is only wall street cronies crying cause they did not get their over priced home money and interest on time, it is the rich crying that they did not make as much money as they wanted. They still got material holdings in that they hold title to foreclosed houses. Too much about nothing, but, the rich trying to get richer as usual circumstances in a few controling the wealth and the middle and poor suffering from the rich greed and incompetance.


Admin 16.09.2007. 19:17

Let us start with the things you said that are flat-out wrong:

1) It is only the rich who are hurt
The loans that were given were bundled together by the scores and the hundreds and turned into "Mortgage-Backed Securities" which were purchased by a wide-range of investment organizations. By the way - NO HEDGE FUNDS INVOLVED. These securities were bought by Mutual Funds, Investment Banks and Union Retirement and Pension Funds.

That means about 10million people have their retirement and pension monies at risk.

2) This isn't "real money"
Every one of these loans paid for a house, paid off a seller, paid for closing costs, taxes and fees. Every penny was real money paid to real people. We are talking about $1TRILLION in real money lost.

3) They (the banks) never lose nothing
I remember the 1980 S&L Debacle (yes, I'm that old) when hundreds of Savings and Loans went out of business because they were giving out inflated loans with creative terms like ARMS and balloon payments and the like, all from the surity that real estate prices would continue to rise so that if there was any problem you could always foreclose and sell the property to get your money back.

It cost the country $330billion dollars (in 1980 value dollars!) for the lost value. Mortgages became difficult to get and money became incredibly tight as losses mounted. Banks and S&Ls closed. People's savings and investment accounts were frozen for weeks and months while the mess was sorted out. The construction industry went bust and the country went into the worst recession since the Depression of the 1930s. The real estate market didn't recover for 5 years.

3) It is the rich crying
Since investors on wall street are no longer financing subprime loans, over 2million people who had gotten loans under the belief they could refinance no longer cannot. This also means that 20% of the people who could buy homes before - the SubPrime borrowers - can no longer buy so we have gone overnight from a sellers market - where sellers could sell there home for almost anyprice, to a buyer's market - where sellers can't sell their home at any price. Housing prices are dropping.

For the average family, their house is their largest and most important investment. To have their home decline in value is a danger and stress felt by 85million people in the USA. If they must sell now or in the next 24 months - due to change in job or other reason, they will lose thousands of dollars, which may well push them into bankruptcy.

The crying you here is not the rich, but the millions of families who will lose their homes, their savings, their credit and their future.

4) Rich get rich and the middle and poor suffer
Actually everybody, rich, poor middle, all suffer when something like this happens. The rich in $2million homes are getting foreclosed on the same way as a poor person in a $50k home.

It is all of our homes at risk. it is all of our jobs at risk (if this pushes us into a recession or a depression).


Spectre 28.07.2009. 18:42

Thinking about buying a heavy bag to practice on at home? what should I consider? I want something to practice my kicks and punches on at home. Money's getting tight for me and honestly I can't afford to keep training at a gym.

So right now I'm thinking about buying a Muay Thai bag so I can keep working my low kicks.

Does anyone have any suggestions about brands, materials (leather, synthetic leather, etc) or places to buy them from?



Admin 28.07.2009. 18:42

I currently have a freestanding bag at home and it's worked great for me.
I bought the optional thai pad for low kicks.


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