Yesterday's Hero

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Yesterday's Hero

By: Linda Matias

Wonder Woman makes it looks so easy. She gets up every morning, fights the good fight, calls it a day, and starts the whole process all over again. This is the way most of us begin our workday. We work hard, accomplish lots, and get up in the morning for an encore presentation. From childhood we were told that if we put 110% into our careers that we will be shoo-ins for promotions and raises. It sounded like an excellent plan and one that you easily bought into-hard work equals a big return on investment. Good deal.

Then one day you walk into your office only to discover that your position has been eliminated. Not through any fault of your own, but because the powers-that-be made an executive decision to reduce costs. At that moment, you quickly realize that not everything comes from hard work, and you are reluctantly thrown into the job search.


To your surprise, a search that you were convinced would take only a few weeks turned into a year-long process. You quickly realized that no matter how many awards you received and no matter how impressive your career progression, the old adage is true: "You're only as good as your last sale." And if you have been unemployed for a while, hiring managers may view your experience as being out of date.

Since the resume is the first meeting between you and a prospective employer, the way you position your skills is critically important. This is especially true if you want the reader to overlook your unemployment gap and focus their attention on your successes.

If your resume fails to cleverly tackle red flags, the reader will eliminate your candidacy within seconds. With today's job market, it is rare to find a jobseeker who has a flawless work history, and a traditional resume doesn't always properly address the immediate concerns jobseekers are facing today.


This is the reason why professional resume writers recommend a combination resume for those a) who have been unemployed for over a year who want to deemphasize an unemployment gap and b) those considering a career change who wish to highlight relevant marketable and/or transferable skills.

A combination resume integrates the best features of the functional and chronological resume formats. Similar to the functional resume, the combination resume emphasizes skills; and just like the chronological resume, the combination resume sequentially showcases your professional history.


The most basic format for a combination resume includes the following sections: Introduction, Accomplishments, Professional Experience, and Education. Below is a breakdown of each section.

Introduction The opening of a resume serves as a teaser and is called a Career Summary, Professional Profile, or Summary of Qualifications. Whatever term you decide to use, the end result must sum up your value to the hiring organization. Let's take a look at an example:

Goal-driven, tenacious sales and management professional demonstrating award-winning sales record in highly competitive industries. Strong leader and team player; excellent motivational skills to build and sustain forward growth momentum while motivating peak individual performance from members. Experience in managing all aspects of sales development cycle, from prospecting and cold calling through detailed presentations and negotiation to closing follow-up activities.

Notice that the example above provides the reader with a checklist of the candidate's qualifications. From the onset, the reader has a feel for what the candidate can bring to the table.

Accomplishments Since this section appears immediately after the introduction, it must keep the momentum going. This is your opportunity to showcase the fact that your experience is still relevant, you're still in the game, and you are a serious candidate. Let's look at a couple of accomplishment- based statements.

* Ranked consistently in top 5 company-wide for sales production among staff of 600+ brokers, bringing in $3.) 5 million in gross commissions during tenure.

* Contributed to success of supervised brokers through hands-on training and mentoring; led team that generated $13 million in commissions.

Notice that the statements are specific and target key achievements the candidate is most proud of.

Professional Experience This section provides a chronological history of your experience along with a brief summation of your responsibilities. Here's an example of how your professional history can appear.

Vice President, Bay Shore Financial, New York, NY, 2000-2004

Supervised team of 12 brokers in account prospecting and development activities. Conducted in-depth research on stocks and related topics to provide best recommendations for clients. Mentored team members and provided assistance with complex and escalated client issues. Authorized sign- off on large transactions.

Education The education section can include your college background, technical training, and/or professional development.

Bachelor of Arts, Accounting-LONG ISLAND UNIVERSITY, Brooklyn, NY


A combination resume will allow you to highlight your impressive accomplishments and grab the reader's interest right at the beginning while also providing the chronological work history employers are looking for. Now get out there and knock that employer's socks off!

About The Author

Recognized as a career expert, Linda Matias brings a wealth of experience to the career services field. She has been sought out for her knowledge of the employment market, outplacement, job search strategies, interview preparation, and resume writing, quoted a number of times in The Wall Street Journal, New York Newsday, Newsweek, and HR- She is President of CareerStrides and the National Resume Writers' Association. Visit her website at or email her at


Matt D 30.06.2011. 08:42

How do you play Guitar Hero without a Microphone? Hello Everyone!
Yesterday, i brought Guitar Hero 6: Warriors of Rock for PS3. I have a guitar to use, but when i go through to the quick play, or quest mode, it says that i need to connect a microphone, But i only want to play guitar, not sing! Does anyone know a way around this, or is it compulsory to use a microphone? Any help would be appreciated!
Thank You!

Matt D

Admin 30.06.2011. 08:42

When you are on quickplay and you are choosing your character. Make sure your instrument is set to guitar or bass.


Steph 05.11.2009. 00:22

How do you play as Taylor Swift on Band Hero? I got the new band hero yesterday and cannot figure out how to play as Taylor Swift. I've played her songs on here but not as her. Can anyone please help?


Admin 05.11.2009. 00:22

After you play the song love story and pass it


Aaron 28.05.2009. 18:23

How can I set up an actual band (of my own characters) on Guitar Hero World Tour? Yesterday I got Guitar Hero World TOur, and so today my friends and I have been setting up rockers to represent ourselves. How can I set those characters to come up be default when I'm just playing solo?
Or can I at all?
Thanks for the help!


Admin 28.05.2009. 18:23

I have tried to do the same thing but the game randomly chooses characters. Try and go to the options for your band and maybe you can change the characters in your band.


Chuck Norris 11.04.2009. 19:41

How do I fix a sybol that doesn't respond on guitar hero drums? My yellow symbol was working fine yesterday, but now you have to slam on it to make it respond. I putting tape on the sensor and that helped a little. What can I do make it respond?

Chuck Norris

Admin 11.04.2009. 19:41

Well, in my opinion, the Guitar Hero drums are crap. They need a lot more sensitivity. The same thing that happened to you happened to me. Maybe you could return your drums to where you got them? My friend had a squeaky controller and they let him trade it for a new one.


DDR 13.05.2010. 05:20

How would you consider Paul McCartney a hero? I'm doing this project in my European History Class and I have to choose a hero and write a report on him. I really want to do Paul McCartney because he's a really big inspiration in my music playing, but i need a premise to go off that would fit Paul in the hero category.

How would you consider him a hero? I need like a message he gave to the world or something that benefited people, so please help me.


Admin 13.05.2010. 05:20

A true legend: Paul McCartney
Being a manic Macca fan but yet to see him live, I could not have chosen a better occasion than Sunday?s Liverpool Sound concert at Anfield Stadium to witness the adulation and frenzy that a 65-year-old rocker ? with clearly his best years behind him is still able to generate among an audience spanning ages six to 60.
The crowd encouragingly cheered local lads the Zutons when they opened the show. Leeds rockers Kaiser Chiefs, who followed, didn?t fare badly either. But it was with the entry of James Paul McCartney (or Paul Mildred McCartney if you go with Peter Kay?s introduction) that the stadium came to its feet. Suddenly, the well dressed middle aged man next to me desperately trying to get into ?Ruby-ruby-ruby-rubeeey? so long (and failing) was up and screaming just as wildly as the teenager in the front row.
And Macca didn?t disappoint. There was something to excite the Fab Four follower, the Wings worshipper and even the heard-it-all-before ?expert? like me desperately hoping for surprises in the much recycled Hey Jude-Let It Be-Yesterday songlist.
The hits came thick and fast in the 30-song tight two-hour performance classics like Long And Winding Road, Eleanor Rigby and Blackbird from the Beatles era (imagine a whole stadium singing along to Blackbird!), chart toppers Band On The Run and My Love from the later Wings period and even a sampling from his latest album Memory Almost Full, the mandolin-charged Dance Tonight.
But it was the surprises that made the evening truly memorable for me. Surprise one: Dave Grohl. The Foo Fighters frontman, a self confessed fan of Sir Paul, joined his idol on Band On The Run (a track he recently released as a cover) and traded the guitar for drums on two more songs, including the closing song of the evening I Saw Her Standing There, the wide-eyed wonder never leaving his face. Surprise two: the Lennon tribute. Like he did with the Strawberry Fields Forever-Help-Give Peace A Chance medley during his 1990 Liverpool outing, Macca paid tribute to his late partner with a version of A Day In The Life making it the only time he has ever performed this song. The other surprise was In Liverpool, a gentle ballad evoking childhood memories of the city (I spent my early life in Liverpool/Something I?m not likely to forget/People blend with places/Faces that I know but never met). Let alone being performed, this song has never been officially released.
I could go on and on about how fantastic Macca was. But I won?t. All in all it was a grand evening with great atmosphere, fantastic music, and a once in a lifetime opportunity to see a true legend in his hometown (seriously, who knows when he?ll be there next). Icing on the cake next morning we even got back our umbrellas that were confiscated at the gates. Go Sir Paul!


Playstation 3 06.04.2010. 02:13

How do i play with guitar and drums on Band Hero PS3. . Read description please? I just bought Band Hero yesterday and I wanted 2 play the guitar while my brother is playing the drums in the practice mode place.

I need help so we can do it like a band.

Please any help will be appreciated and rewarded 10 points.

Thanx in advance

Playstation 3

Admin 06.04.2010. 02:13

well first just srdjasooogdl;fju eio wac


Guitarguy6 06.01.2011. 07:45

Can i connect to wifi with my laptop through the htc hero? I just got it yesterday and my uncle has a blackberry and he does but I don't know if I can.


Admin 06.01.2011. 07:45

You should have an app called 'wifi hotspot'
try that and see if it works :)


Guitarguy6 06.01.2011. 08:02

Can i connect to wifi with my laptop through the htc hero? I just got it yesterday and my uncle has a blackberry and he does but I don't know if I can.


Admin 06.01.2011. 08:02

First, go to to find out how to root your phone. Then, look for "Barnacle Wifi" on the Android Market. That app will allow you to route your phone's 3g internet through the wifi.


unlockedexplosives 27.10.2008. 04:34

Is a Guitar Hero 3 guitar compatible with GH World Tour if it's for the same system? I have Guitar Hero 3 for the Wii and I want to get Guitar Hero World Tour but I was just wondering if my Guitar Hero 3 guitar would work on World Tour if I just bought the game. If yes, source is much appreciated if you have the official confirmation that it can.

Thanks if you can help!


Admin 27.10.2008. 04:34

I just purchased Guitar Hero: World Tour for the Sony PlayStation 3 yesterday. I also own the Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Gibson Les Paul wireless controller for the PS3. And yes, you CAN use the GHIII wireless guitar in Guitar Hero: World Tour. It works flawlessly!


Tyson- BAZINGA 15.12.2011. 00:19

Do you have to read the Percy Jackson series in order to understand the Heros of Olympus series? I started the lost hero book yesterday but they mention Percy Jackson a lot. Do I have a to read the Percy Jackson series in order the understand this one?


Admin 15.12.2011. 00:19

I have not read the heros of olympus series yet, but i dont think so.
So basically all percy jackson is about is a half blood with a prophacy that when he turns 16, he will make a life changing decision. The evil titan Kronos is coming back to power. The half blood Luke betrays the others. In the end, Percy finds out that he is not the hero, Luke is and Luke who has been possesed by Kronos kills himself to save everybody. At the very end, the mortal Rachel decides to risk becoming the Oracle Delphi and succeeds. Then she predicts a new profacy. It is a good series to read though, I reccomend it.


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