You can work at home and love it!

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What are you passionate about?
What do you believe in?

Is there a product or service that you find yourself just raving about with friends and family!

Share your talents, experiences, and beliefs through a home business.

Choosing a work at home business is rewarding.

  • Earn extra money - meet your savings and debt reduction goals faster!

  • Have Flexible Hours - schedule your work around other duties or your household duties around your work. Either way, you set the schedule.
    Set your own goals - You decide what is enough.

  • Provide a creative outlet to do something you love to do. You might feel motivated to work at home because you need a little extra money. Perhaps you just need a creative outlet.

  • Maybe you've become so good at your household management skills that you just have too much time on your hands.
    With the many challenges of family and household management I congratulate you if the latter is the case! Give yourself a pat on the back!

    You know we learn our most valuable lessons from our failures and successes. Hopefully, Right!

    I have learned one undeniable truth in my work experience.If you love it and have a passion for it, you WILL be successful.

    There is nothing easier than doing what you love to do. This is an undisputable fact of human nature. We all know this instinctively, but somehow fall away from the idea.

    If you can incorporate what you love to do, are passionate about and truly believe in, into your work at home business you will find success!

    You can choose to live your work or work to live. The decision to live your work can only be successful. It just makes sense!

    Until you find your niche in life you are just trudging along doing the necessary steps to survive.

    It's when you find and work your passion in life that you begin to live.
    Your work naturally becomes your life.

    No, I'm not talking about being all about work 24/7.) I'm talking about bringing something you are passionate about in life into your work at home business.

    There's a huge difference.

    That being said, you need to really analyze what it is you like to do. Think about something productive or creative that you love to do in your spare time.


    You may instantly know what your "thing" is or it could take you several days to figure it out. You may not have been able to do what you love for so long that you have forgotten what it actually is you love to do.
    Unfortunately, this happens to a lot of us.

    For example, through all my experiences I found nothing that excites me more than what I am doing right now! Bringing my family back to basics, getting my financial goals back on track and teaching my children to be financially responsible and successful.

    When I started looking for an extra income I tried so many things that just seemed to be out of character for me.

    I accepted offers only to discover that the program either required me to sell something (which I determined early in life was definitely not my thing), or required me to do something that I had no clue how to do. Like building a website or internet marketing.

    I was shot down from the start and couldn't even get motivated to try.

    I learned that you don't always get what you expect when you accept a work at home offer. You have to be careful to read everything.

    Make sure you know what you're getting!
    If you choose an internet business and you're a "newbie", make sure you will be provided with all the educational and technical tools you need.

    Internet marketing and website building is very technical. If you have no knowledge of .......
  • writing HTML text

  • Search Engine Optimization - click and pay hits - search engine spiders?

  • Keyword brainstorming

  • affiliates - associate programs

  • Well, you can see it's another college degree it seems. At the very least it would involve a great deal of reading, studying, and trial by error to create a website much less be successful at it.

    You need a step-by-step program to help you through. Some programs can leave you in a sea of confusion! Where do I start? What's that mean? How do I promote it? Build a website? Advertise with search engines? You will be defeated before you've even begun if not careful.

    If you've bought into any of these informational offers and still feel lost on how to get started on your work at home venture, you know exactly what I mean.

    So, if you're not internet savvy, or a webmaster, be sure the program offers the assistance that you need to be successful!

    Perhaps a work at home internet business is just not your cup of tea. There are lots of other wonderful ideas for generating a home based income.

    Child Care, crafts, and cleaning services are just to name a few. And, yes, there are people out there that do love to clean! Just remember - Do what you love to do to be successful!

    Find something that interests you or adapt an idea to suit your interests. You'll be meeting your goals in no time! No matter what it is you love to do, you can find a way to use it to make extra money.

    The best part is you'll love doing it if you love the work!

    If you chose to include a work at home business to strengthen you family's foundation, I wish you the best of luck.

    Remember, if you pursue what you love and are passionate about, YOU WILL BE SUCCESSFUL!

    About the Author

    Cheryl Johnson is a mother of four helping herself and others become, and remain, debt free. Simple Debt Free Living is a self-help plan for personal financial independence including home business ideasto earn extra income.


    LEO2007 10.08.2006. 18:51

    I just bought a new home - love the floor plan but not the kitchen. Need to remodel...any ideas? Hi,

    I just bought a new home - love the floor plan but not the kitchen. The previous owners have put granite floors, stone tiles for countertop, maple cabinets and white appliances. The ganite is black with brown spots like pattern - it is similar to the photos posted in the previous discussion named "Kitchens I have designed". The countertop is light brown with brown grout and the maple cabinets are the light colored kind. If you can imagine it - nothing goes together in the kitchen.

    I am not sure if I want to change the granite floors as that extends to the family room (open plan). Currently the walls are beige and I am planning on changing that to brown (not very dark but dark). What else should I change in the kitchen to make it look look beautiful? I am looking around in the forum and see very talented and creative people here - so, I am hoping to get some opinions about this. Please do let me know. I really appreciate it!

    Thank you!


    Admin 10.08.2006. 18:51

    as a contractor and without seeing the kitchen, here are my initial thoughts,leave the floor as is is the most expensive to change out. I would consider changing the countertops to a some what lighter color and going with a solid surface like cambria or corian. also change the wall color find a complimentary shade your idea for a lighter brown is good as thet are very popular colors right now. Ithink you should also change your white appliances out for stainless steel. lastly if they dont have them already find some nice pulls for your cabinet doors and drawer fronts .they add a lot ..good luck


    Winning Smile 04.09.2007. 23:51

    Looking for home base work-w/o upfront fees to begin? Everyone wants money to begin home base work. Looking for companies that pay for input and honest work from home. Love to type and enjoy being on the computer.

    Winning Smile

    Admin 04.09.2007. 23:51



    Dani 09.11.2007. 13:22

    Looking for work at home jobs that are "real" Im not looking to get rich but I'd like to know if there are any Like I said Im not looking for a get rich scheme. I'd really like to work from home though. Ive tried looking for information on dropshipping and selling through e-bay but Im not sure what to trust out there. Does anyone work from home love what they do and have some advice for me?


    Admin 09.11.2007. 13:22

    Yup, I love what I do! I've been doing in home spa parties since January and it's been really great for my family and I. Like you said, get rich schemes are not very realistic, and this is certainly a business you have to put some work into. I make an average of $400 or more if I put more time into it.

    The parties are FUN and take about 2 hours. I go to a home, set the spa experience up, and everyone gets to treat their hands and do a 4 step pedicure treatment. Everyone adores the parties and I have no troubles getting bookings that suit my schedule. Plus, because it is a small but quickly growing company, there isn't really any competition for what I do out there!

    If you're interested, check out the sites below and then email me at I can email you more info, no strings attached. :) I know what it's like to need the extra money, and because I actually really enjoy what I do I'd like to share the info! (And fyi, I have never ever considered any other company that does parties... I found this one and something told me to try it - it's been so fabulous for us!)


    i <3 my blonde hair 16.05.2008. 22:27

    Whats the best recipe for orange chicken? Trying to make it at home...
    love that stuff =)

    i <3 my blonde hair

    Admin 16.05.2008. 22:27

    go to home depot buy some spray paint paint hr cicken orange

    get the turkey ice cream


    Cookie On My Mind 30.05.2007. 20:02

    How do you go about buying a new home when you currently own a home? My husband (25) and myself (27) had bought our first home (a nice townhouse) about three years ago. The townhouses in my area are already selling for about $30,000 more than what we had bought ours for. We just found this really nice ranch home we love, right across the street from my hubby's grandmother's home and my hubby actually knows the man who is selling it pretty well. Anyway, we're really interested in going ahead and purchasing this home. What are the steps to go about getting a new home. I remember how stressful it was to buy our first home - and that was half as bad, because we were just in an apartment before. So I'm really anxious and have no idea where to begin. Any advice? Thanks!
    By the way, our townhouse is not yet on the market.
    I'm scared of going ahead and planning on buying another home and then having my home end up not selling, etc.

    Cookie On My Mind

    Admin 30.05.2007. 20:02

    It is possible to acquire a loan to buy that ranch house even though you currently own a home. You can finance it as a second or vacation home as long as you qualify for the loan. If you have equity in your home and want to use it as a down payment, then a bridge loan might be the answer. A bridge loan allows you to pull equity out of your existing house for the purposes of buying another house. Usually, the payments are escrowed so there are no out of pocket payments for 6 to 9 months. After that period the loan is due in full. What I suggest you do is sell the townhouse first before entering into a purchase contract or at least have a qualified buyer commit to buy your townhouse. I have seen this dream turn into a nightmare for so many people. They find a house they want and buy it thinking that they will sell thier present property with no problem. Months later, they can't sell the house no matter what they do, and they are stuck making two mortgage payments that is crippling them financially. Unfortuantley its a scenario I see alot. I have one client that owns 6 properties that he can't sell. His wife left with the kids and she filed for divorce.

    Talk with a real estate professional that is familiar with the buying trends in your area. There are many real estate agents but most of them are just salemen that are looking for a commission and aren't worried about your financial future. If the real estate agent is honest, they will tell you how long it is taking for similar properties to sell in your area. I have seen properties stay on the market for over a year but that will depend on whats going on in your neck of the woods. I know you may want to jump on the house right away but having some emotional intelligence will be important. Think about what your current bills are and ask yourself if you could afford another mortgage payment and for how long. If you can't afford the worse case sceanrio, then you may want to make sure your townhouse sells before you get into that ranch house.

    Hope this helps.

    Mortgage and Finance Professional 8 years.


    RachelleK 30.09.2011. 02:38

    What would be the psychological effect of someone who was raised in abusive and loveless home? If they were raised in home without love, proper care, or attention and were told they were worthless how would it effect later in life?


    Admin 30.09.2011. 02:38

    They would probably get in trouble a lot , due to doing stupid things for attention. Maybe being a bully at school too.. No love or no attention would cause this.. They would also be teased at school if no proper care because they could have bad odor or when puberty hits there face will be covered in acne due to not enough money or attention from parents or siblings.. Or just no love. And When they are old enough for a job, they may not get a job because If no attention and bullies and being a bully caused them to get into fights or do stupid things,getting them many records, and they will have to live with parents, which is horribly embarrassing and humiliating. [: Hope this helped..


    RachelleK 30.09.2011. 02:42

    What would be the psychological effect of someone who was raised in abusive and loveless home? If they were raised in home without love, proper care, or attention and were told they were worthless how would it effect later in life?


    Admin 30.09.2011. 02:42

    There is a condition called reactive attachment disorder. It affects people who were not able to make a loving bond with another person as an infant or toddler. It is most seen in children who suffered severe abuse or neglect. It is characterized by an inability to make bonds with other people, which basically makes them sociopaths. They emotionally view people who should be dear to them (such as parents, siblings, significant others and friends) as no different than complete strangers, thus allowing them to lie, steal, cheat or injure those who should be close to them without feelings of remorse or guilt.


    Aaron 05.05.2009. 22:40

    Where shall I find people who are working from home and love dogs? I am looking for pet hosts/ pet sitters for my private dog boarding service. Where shall I advertise to reach out to people who are working from home and love animals?


    Admin 05.05.2009. 22:40

    Some of the ways you can advertise your business are:
    1. Post an article about your business on related blogs and get free visitors and back links
    2. Submitting to directories
    3. Free classifieds
    4. Forums

    Send an email with more information about your business to for free help on finding new customers and increasing sales.


    Mar 18.08.2012. 19:34

    What are some songs about missing home or leaving home? I have a dance choreo project and I need a song about missing or leaving home. I love the song Hometown Glory but have already used it before :( Any suggestions?


    Admin 18.08.2012. 19:34

    The house that built me- Miranda Lambert
    Mobile- Avril Lavigne
    Temporary home- Carrie Underwood


    Chloe 14.12.2008. 15:16

    What kind of job could I get in a nursing home? Hi, I want to work again and I know that I would love working in a nursing home. I love being with the elderly. They can be so sweet and loving and I know that they get lonely living in a nursing home. I would love to spend time with them and make them feel better and not feel so lonely. I am not a nurse so I am wondering what other positions would be available in a nursing home. Serious answers only please.


    Admin 14.12.2008. 15:16

    You could be a receptionist, server, or work in activities. There may be more positions open depending on the nursing home. But since you love the elderly I would look into getting a job in activities at a nursing home. You would get to have a lot of fun with the residents and also make them happy.


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