Long Distance and Local Phone Service Alternative

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Long distance phone service carriers for years have charged per minute for long distance service. Many who make long distance phone calls can really feel the squeeze at the end of the month when the bill comes in. That is all about to change with one alternative to long distance LAN service.

Internet phone service. It is hot it's cheap and becoming very popular. If you have a high speed connection you can route all your calls through your internet connection instead of through your local phone service. Generally the cost is between $20-35 per month and includes local and unlimited long distance within the USA. Not to mention extremely low rates internationally.

The one drawback to this service is quality. Sometimes if your internet connection slows the quality of the phone call will suffer. At times clicks or chirps might be heard on the call. So the quality falls somewhere between a regular phone connection and a cell phone. But in this cell phone age rarely do we use the home phone any longer so saving you a few extra bucks can be in your best interest.

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