Why would anyone collect Thimbles?

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There are thimble
collectors worldwide. Thimbles have been utilized in just about every known
civilization. Thimbles have

been fashioned from a wide
variety of materials; stone, bone, ivory, leather, porcelain, and most every
variation of metals

and metal alloys.style="mso-spacerun: yes" It is these variations that captivate
collectors who search out these elusive thimbles anywhere they can.

Thimbles can be found online at
auctions and internet sites; perhaps a local garage sale, flea market, or estate
sale might

unveil a thimbleful of delight
for a collector. Travelers often find commemorative thimbles in gift shops
worldwide. Thimbles

are small and therefore easy to
fit into your luggage.

Practical uses of the thimble
changed dramatically with the advent of the sewing machine.style="mso-spacerun: yes" The first American patent for the

sewing machine was issued to
Elias Howe in 1846 but his machine proved to be too costly to be within economic
reach of

the consumer.style="mso-spacerun: yes" In 1850 Isaac Singer built the first
commercial version of the sewing machine.
Thimbles are still utilized by those

that do hand needlework and
quilting, some even having thimbles custom designed and fitted specifically for
their use.

Thimble collectors are very
passionate about their hobby. If
you have been hiding your passion for thimbles and would like

to find others interested
in this hobby you might want to start your search for information with the
Thimble Collectors

International (href="http://www.thimblecollectors.com/" http://www.thimblecollectors.com).

About the author: Connie Lyn is a
freelance author. For more information on thimbles check out href="http://www.jvoo.com/thimbles" http://www.jvoo.com/thimbles. style="mso-spacerun: yes"


Eileen A 19.06.2008. 21:59

Anyone know of any thimble collecting groups or associations/boards? I have just started collecting thimbles and have not got much idea where to start. Am looking for a group that would welcome newbies

Eileen A

Admin 19.06.2008. 21:59

Here you go.

This is where I found it. You might see something pertinent to your area on it.



cygnwulf 09.01.2013. 05:07

Where in Portland, OR can I buy a souvenir thimble? My wife and I collect souvenir thimbles from each state we visit. We have been in Portland for a week now, but we have not been able to locate an Oregon thimble. We have checked and several gift stores and not found anything. Fred Meyer came close having Oregon themed trinkets, but did not have any thimbles. Anyone local who knows, for sure, where we could possibly buy one?


Admin 09.01.2013. 05:07

Have you tried the made in Oregon store? I am pretty sure they have some there.


Cookie 04.09.2007. 14:07

I collect silver thimbles and wonder what is the best way to care for them? Most of them have darkened so should I use silver polish or something like that or will it decrease their value? It's hard to see the design that's etched on them.

Thank you!


Admin 04.09.2007. 14:07

You can clean them without there value going down. You can find good cleaners at most supermarkets and drug stores. You might also try coin dealers in your area. There are many different types of display cases made for thimble, spoon, coin, and other collectibles. You can find these mostly at you local craft stores. I have a pin collection which I display.


ninedemonsgod 25.01.2007. 19:05

Should I turn one of my bedroom into a cabinet of curiosities? I have a couple items of curiosities. I would like to start collect more. So I was wondering if it would be a good idea to have a "mini museum" room full with collctions of curiosities? Would that be cool?


Admin 25.01.2007. 19:05

I don't see why not. Many people turn individual room, or sometimes their whole homes into mini-museums. I have seen collectors homes featured on various TV shows. These programs seem to turn up on all kinds of channels and programs. I saw a program where a guy filled his house with Star Wars collectibles over a period of years. I have seen other programs featuring collections everything from thimbles to rock-n-roll memoribilia. If you enjoy your collectibles, I think it would be very cool to dedicate space for their display.

Good luck with your collecting.


Pamela 23.07.2013. 18:21

Where can i buy ancient thimbles collection? It's my hobby to collect ancient things. I heard lots of about the ancient thimbles. I have some collection of ancient thimbles but i want to add more ancient in my collection. Please anyone suggest me the best website for ancient thimbles.


Admin 23.07.2013. 18:21

Your question (what people see first) says you want to buy an entire collection. Your detail says you just want to buy some. Ancient also means considerably older than antique and a lot less available and more expensive - be sure of asking for the right thing.
The easiest way to keep track of thimbles for sale is to put a search in on eBay so you are notified every time one is added to the sales list.
You can search as I did https://www.google.com/search?q=thimbles+collectors+guild&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&aq=t&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a


Brigitte 12.06.2010. 05:28

What are good travel souvenirs that I can collect? When I visit a new state or country, what is a cool souvenir I can get that will grow into a nice collection?


Admin 12.06.2010. 05:28

Personally, I collect stamps (some are so beautiful and you can frame them and even make them into jewelry) and foreign currency (not hard to find when you enter the foreign country.)

I know a lot of people who collect shot glasses, thimbles, post cards, playing cards...

My mom collects pillow covers. Seems every country has its pillow covers....


rainbow_ice22 09.07.2009. 00:38

What is a good thing to collect? I collect magazines, but what do you all collect?


Admin 09.07.2009. 00:38

i Like to collect books that i read thats a series. I also collect thimbles, and magazines and anything with eagles and penguins and unicorns, lots of things.hot pads, and jewelry and coins


X-Ball 12.08.2009. 02:46

How can I display antiques with out spending a lot of money? I am developing quite a collection now, and I want to figure out a way to display everything, and have plenty of room for development. Any suggestions?


Admin 12.08.2009. 02:46

Not knowing what type of antiques you are collecting I can only give you suggestions. I have two display cases. I collect thimbles so I have a case that hangs on my wall with two doors that are clear. I would also suggest a shelf or if you have a window you can always put a shelf up above it to make it look like the curtain is coming out from under it and put your collection there. Then as you build on the collection think of ways you can hang another shelf or two.Try putting up corner shelves. You can always go to a thrift store and look at shelving units or display case for sale. You might have to refinish them but the cost is way less than buy a new one.This is what you could do in a bedroom or guest room. In a living room try putting out items on a table or putting up a mantle type shelf. If you are talking big piece incorporate them into your room as fixtures. Kitchens-if you have space between the ceiling and the cabinets use it to display you items. But items that steam or grease will not harm. I have a wall that is on the other side of the stove and sink area and use it to hang pictures. The shelving can be cheap if you use you head. Look for scraps of wood or drift wood at local beaches.Go to lumber yard and ask for scrap wood. then you can sand it,and paint or varnish it for a great look. Good luck


tpmike2004 30.04.2008. 06:26

What's something neat you could collect as a traveler? Im looking to travel the states and i've been to about 12. I have been getting shot glasses and losing lotto tickets

Any other ideas?


Admin 30.04.2008. 06:26

I collected shot glasses as well...now I am into spoons or thimbles...but always a postcard to put in the memory book...


Kimberly 18.02.2009. 14:59

Should I collect cow and elephants or just 1 or the other.. i start to collect cow 3 days ago,? but u see more elephants out everywhere what would you do?


Admin 18.02.2009. 14:59

My mother in law gave me her elephant collection and my mother her cow collection. There were a few sheep so now I have a huge collection of them too. My own collection is thimbles!

And in general I have a huge collection of salt and pepper sets and sugar and creamer sets.

Go for the Gold! have several options open for your friends to give gifts to you. This way they multiply faster!

My granddaughter always gives me humming bird related stuff!


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