Virus Spreaders

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Virus Spreaders

By: Ed Williams

Sometimes I wonder just what the world's coming to...

For some among y'all out there who read this column each week, you might've noticed a little while back that it didn't run for a week or so. As a result, I've had some people write and/or call and ask me just what was going on? Some thought I had decided to stop writing the column, some speculated that I had signed some kind of deal with " a big city newspaper " which meant that I couldn't write for my current ones anymore, and one person asked if I'd just " had enough? " For the record, the answer to each of those questions is a definitive " no. "

I have a great time writing this column each week. It allows me to write about almost anything that pops into my mind, and I love having that kind of freedom. As a result, I seldom have a clue each week as to what I'm going to write about until I sit down in my chair and get to work. So, with that having been said, let me get right into the reason that " Free Wheelin' " went missing for a week or so. It vanished for a while due to the fact that some sweetheart out there in internet land sent me a virus.

That's right, a computer virus. One of those malicious little programs that's designed to wreak havoc on your computer. Viruses cost businesses and individuals tons of money each year, and for what? It makes no sense at all unless I give some thought as to just what type person sends out these viruses. It must be some super sloppy, maladjusted eighteen year old haint times three computer whiz whose closest contact with a woman comes through the serving line at his school's cafeteria, or some super-nerdy, pocket protector wearing geek who's mad at world because he doesn't yet possess a working personality. And, because these people would rather be anti-social than take a good, long look in the mirror we all have to pay for it. No one ever said that life would be fair, huh?

Fortunately, I'm pleased to report that I got out of my situation without too much damage. I did have to pay someone to reformat my hard drive, but I kept back-up copies of most of my stuff so I really didn't get hurt too badly. I also went out and bought some better anti-virus software, which hopefully will screen most of these cyber pests in the future. In the end, though, almost anyone can get nailed with a computer virus, and I've been far luckier than most - the people that fixed my computer told me that a lady brought in one a week earlier that had over two thousand viruses on it! It's a wonder that the " On " switch on her computer even worked with all that mischief lurking around on her hard drive.

In the end, I guess there are just some people out there who are sort of like walking cases of jock itch, they contribute nothing to the world and try and tear down those of us that do. People like the woman who walked up to my son recently at his job as a cashier at a well-known supermarket chain and presented him with over six hundred dollars worth of live lobsters and steaks. And what did she attempt to pay for all that food with? Food stamps. I kid you not, food stamps. Fortunately, the two food stamp cards she presented for payment had both expired, but, even with that happening, she proceeded to put down a dollar and some change in the hope that Will would be stupid enough to accept that for full payment. He politely told the lady that she was about six hundred some odd dollars short, to which she replied, " Well, I'll go someplace else and check my luck there. "

So, for all you deadbeats, virus spreaders, bad check writers, child support non-payers, and the like, if I had my way I'd put you all in jail cells with Perry Como music playing in the background twenty four hours a day, serve you Spam sandwiches for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and then assign guards to sit outside your cells who've just eaten large Mexican dinners. And that's just for starters - don't even ask me what y'alls daily recreational program would consist of. The way I see it, every dog has his day, and it's more than time for some of you bottom feeders out there to stop having yours...

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Ed's latest book, " Rough As A Cob, " can be ordered by calling River City Publishing toll-free at: 877-408-7078. He's also a popular after dinner speaker, and his column runs in a number of Southeastern publications. You can contact him via email at:, or through his web site address at:


bdough15 08.08.2008. 15:24

Best way to report a person that is trying to spread a virus through Answers If you see Kellery C answer any questions with a Link do not click on it, it is a virus that the person is trying to spread.

What do you think the best way to report a person who does something like this is? Should Yahoo have a way to just report a user as a spammer or virus spreader that is easier to use than just going from question to question and reporting the same person?


Admin 08.08.2008. 15:24

There's a bunch of those today, with a whole slew of account names.

Click on the "Illegal" option and write in the explanation box the words "link to virus" for YA's fastest attention.


Rubina 21.10.2010. 14:23

Why is their an increase in bots/clones on this site? Most of them just go to random answers and copy paste some random/fake url mentioning the answer is there. I have witnessed these most in the religion section. Are these virus spreaders?, surely they are bots. why aren't they getting banned?


Admin 21.10.2010. 14:23

Yes most of those are spam and should be reported as spam. There is a malware attack happening now and if you see Google links with 77 /8 in them report them as malware. You can also add profile links on the The OFFICIAL SPAMMER BATTLE THREAD
SPAM and REPORTING -- FAQ and answers


justgoodfolk 16.08.2006. 18:59

Why does someone spread VIRUSES on this site? Watch out for justgoodfolk,level one.He's an imposter and a virus spreader


Admin 16.08.2006. 18:59

Thanks I have already taken care of him by posting this in all his questions :)

WARNING: Do not click the link above. It will install a virus in your Windows system :)

There will be some more postings of these kind. Report all postings like this one and let everyone know immediately not to click the link.

Thanks for your support and be careful :)



TMS in California 29.12.2011. 00:14

Is the Facebook account for Amy Allen, actually known hacker, Monica Pullen? That is what is being posted on Facebook. Also warnings about the name Jason Allen, Jason Lee and Linda Smith are allegedly certified by Facebook as virus spreaders. DO NOT ACCEPT A FRIEND REQUEST FROM THEM!
Please add your credentials to show some validity to your answers.

TMS in California

Admin 29.12.2011. 00:14

No this is just Facebook noise. Pay no attention to these warning. You cannot get a virus and people can't tunnel into your computer through Facebook.


alea_iacta_est 15.10.2009. 16:47

What is the best way to build-up immunity (flu shot question)? So, one would think getting seasonal flu shots would be the best way to build immunity to flu. But being injected with the dead virus engenders a weaker response by your immune system than actually getting sick does. In fact, people sometimes still get sick with the flu that that they were immunized against.

To build up long-term immunity, is it better to get the seasonal flu vaccine or not to get the seasonal flu vaccine?


Admin 15.10.2009. 16:47

It is probably better to eat vegetables to build up your immunity rather than looking for an easier way, but if it helps it does, if it doesn't it won't, and for me it won't help and the same with others if they are just scared of getting poked with needles, the truth is getting fresh air and water should help, so if you happen to be near an area someone else has been at (basically a public and any place) then washing your hands and taking showers can help, but also your body builds it's immune system anyway, but also get some fresh air and water and vegetables and so on, the best way to not get the flu is to not put up to bodily harm to yourself and others, basically wash hands and/or rinse them because if your hands are dry, then they won't get contaminated probably and it is better to believe the flu you build immunity to also because if you get sick then you may get immune, but it is either because you are dirty and/or your food is dirty.

Meat products tend to be recalled and/or expired because they aren't healthy and sometimes the internet is a myth/rumor/mistake/lesson spreader and then there may be some misunderstandings and/or misinterpretations and/or frustrations probably.


justgoodfolk 18.08.2006. 16:42

Hey justgoodfgolk never spread viruses!Do you have a minute? I tried hard to get any virus spreader removed and therefor one of them took my nick and is currently destroying my name using two accounts.One is teentramp2007,other is cowboysteve.Read my best answers please,specially the PC related.Who would give me best answer for a virus?Give me a chance.I'm level four.I am prepared to take any consequenses but I am not gonna let someone destroy my reputation.


Admin 18.08.2006. 16:42

Big Nasty Trucker has a few ID's
Big nasty Trucker is a whimp that spreads viruses in his questions by links.
Big Nasty Trucker ID has been discontinued. He now has taken the ID's...

Just good folk (2 ID)-discontinued level 1
Yahoo administration
Not suitable for yahoo
NoName- this one has been discontinued (just found out)
cowboysteve- out bashing justgoodfolk name by posting lies on everyone's Q&A
Jesse D

These are the ID's i have so far....he is creating new screen names to harm the real justgoodfolk and other people who is on to his game. look at all of teentramp2007 and cowboysteve Q&A. He answers his own questions and build up points so no one will suspect it's really him and so yahoo won't suspend his account. All of his ID's are at level one and just created.

the real justgoodfolk is at level 4 and he has been avid in bringing big nasty trucker down. if you look, he uses "just good folk" as two ID's and answers his own questions. you will know the fake justgoodfolk because he is at level 1. he is crazy and really needs psychiatric help. he responds to questions about himself and makes you click on a link to get rid of his own virus, but the link is still a virus. he gets pleasure out of this and loves the attention


joezen777 26.03.2008. 05:31

Who are your typical people on message boards and chat rooms? These are the archetypes I can think of:
secret gusher
how to catch a predator poser
gossip girl
mob leader - mob followers
the braggart
the nerd WoW raid leader
sex mania girl
porn addicted guy
backdoor guy friend
worry mom
pot smoking granny
bible basher
secret lover friend
hoax/virus spreader

Did I miss anything?


Admin 26.03.2008. 05:31

Well you forget the lot of radicals who is always demanding that you take their side.


hoyfilipinoboy 06.06.2009. 11:58

How can you put the Keyboard Cat on your own video? Well I was planning on making a video that included the keyboard cat. If you dont know what that is, look it up on youtube. Well I want to take that clip (i think originally form youtube) and want to put it in my own video. Im not trying to copyright it, i just wanna put it in my video so when my friends watch, they get an inside joke.


Admin 06.06.2009. 11:58

hey im dont know the answer but if anyone is reading this dont go to the website below me it is a virus spreader
i am serious


justgoodfolk 18.08.2006. 21:22

Is it clear to everyone I never spread viruses? Big Nasty trucker,the known virus spreader took my nick and spreaded viruses with it.He did this cos I was extreme in going after him.Currently he uses the names teentramp2007 and cowboysteve and is actively destroying my name.I'm well aware that I'm in violation here like I was every time I warned about viruses but the truth has its rights.I can not longer really enjoy this site.Please read my best answers.You'll see fast enough I am ligit.
I am innocent!!!Wait till it happens to you.See if it's a joke then.
I come back cos I'm not giving in to that creep.


Admin 18.08.2006. 21:22

i've not had any problem with you and yours....good luck.


migamw 17.02.2007. 20:12

How do I get rid of a spyware warning balloon? It pops up in the corner of my screen constantly!Says system alert also spyware has been detected and to click on the balloon to download a removal program.I already have a program,and this wont go away!!
Thanks in advance!!!!


Admin 17.02.2007. 20:12

Never click on the baloon when it alerts you! thats just what it wants.. it wants you to trick you in confirming to activate a virus spreader tool... it says its an anti- virus or spyware but its not....
[ANTI-VIRUS] AVG..... >>
download, install and scan
....your computer will be back to normal..


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